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Dec 2, 2019
Disclaimer: I didn't read the manga and this review focuses on Season 1 only

So for starters, this anime has a lot of potential to be honest. It's my first time encountering the 'Koto' instrument so this anime was refreshing to watch. I was confused about the tags tho, should it be fall under the shounen? there are a lot of scenes that are shoujo-like so whenever I watched this I put shoujo in my mind so that the cheesy romantic moment won't be a shocker (mind you I didn't read the manga).

Then I'll start discussing the strong points of this anime.

I love it when read more
Nov 23, 2019
I know a lot of people hate this anime because of it's predictability in the plot and the typical shounen troupe. Yes, I also feel the same way but this first Fairy Tail era I actually enjoyed the show. I encountered this on Animax and because of it I was introduced to different anime when I was young. That's why this anime is kinda special but it still can't cover their shortcoming.

The plot is the typical shounen you can find anywhere. Friendship? Present Adventure? Present Characters having emotional scar? Present. Since this anime was aimed for young boys don't expect to have heavy and dark read more
Nov 13, 2019
This anime has a lot of potential, having a unique story of all men cheer dance. I have high expectations because I enjoy the first two episode of this anime. However, I found myself cringe at almost scene and just skip it. Aside from the first two episode, I enjoy the last two episode of the anime. The story was fast-paced and they skip a lot of details.

The characters were interesting enough but the story didn't give us deeper individuality of the members but instead it only focuses 3-4 characters.

It was painfully obvious that they don't have enough budget in making this anime. It read more