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gwendal738 Jul 4, 2016 1:55 AM
Oh my god, gogogogo! Don't worry, like I said, I know the situation you're in and I was expecting these absences since I know you have to go to the hospital and such. I'm glad you left me a note, but you really didn't need to do so, I totally understand! Now get to bed and have a good night and sweet dreams, hopefully your knee will be better in the next days. <3

Haha, I didn't know when I was gonna bring that up, but glad you did. And mine is Anna. :) Nice to formally meet you :p
gwendal738 Jul 1, 2016 10:35 AM
Not at all! I figured something like that happened. Don't worry, I completely understand! I was dying yesterday for an exam anyway and I couldn't possibly have replied even if I wanted to. I ended up staying until 3am and then waking up at 7am to review until the exam at 10am. I totally screwed up, but at least I managed to get over it with a flair and I just hope I pass! xD But damn, what happened to you was horrible. D: That bastard totally should pay for what he did. I hope he got the justice he deserves! It's horrible being in an accident like that, but I'm glad everything is fine and that there are no more other serious injuries. It's not too graphic at all, I am not a squeamish person. xD I am glad you told me, but now I am a bit worried lol. Take care of yourself! I hope you recover soon. You seem like a trooper so I am sure you will. :D

Unfortunately my school's wifi was stupid and I was stuck there today for 5 hours trying to download Stein;s Gate @@ But I am going to try again next week since I have thesis bootcamp (lolhelp) for 2 more weeks. To be honest, I am actually super hyped for it too! Since you're talking about it in such a positive light and I've seen nothing but overwhelmingly amazing reviews for it, I've really been wanting to delve into it. So even if it costs me an arm and leg I will be sure to download it lol. Unfortunately I don't have wifi at home and just use my phone data so I can't really watch HD full anime episodes; if I did, I would have binge-watched it a long time ago. Hahaha, thank you for that compliment! I was just basically bred on mystery and detective stories, so I kind of developed deductive reasoning. And I have a weird thing where I see the bad in people before I see the good (it's a bad trait I know, but it's a useful one too), so when he called child services I knew there was something suspicious. And the lollipops inside his car really did it in for me. I hope no one who has watched Erased actually reads our comments to each other, or else they will be spoiled! xD But yes, Kayo was very cute. I was kind of irked though that she got married to the girly guy (forget his name) at the end, because I really wanted her to end up with Satoru! But I guess 15 years is a bit too long to wait for him to wake up lol. I'm just glad he managed to save everyone in the end. I have still yet to watch more Studio Ghibli. But on top of me having no wifi and stuff, I can't find the time to download all the movies, especially now that it's summer vacation >.<

Stein;s Gate is definitely up there since it's my priority, but I will definitely try to download Kimi ni Todoke and Ore Monogatari!! along with Toradora as well. But if I am not able to download all of them, Stein;s Gate is definitely something that I must have. xD I need something to obsess about other than Madoka Magica anyway. I just hope I will like it a lot! And of course we would still be corresponding at that time! xD If you won't stop messaging me then I won't stop messaging back either lol. That's just the way I am- and we women gotta have the last word ;D Hahaha, kidding, kidding.

Oh, that is beautiful. Actually, I am not too fond of music myself- it's more of a 'if it's there I'll listen to it' for me. But when it comes to anime OSTs, I do die for them. There's just something different about them than any other forms of music. xD I don't know why. And I can't deny the feelings music do evoke in me. You play the piano? Wow, I bet you must be really good! Hahaha, you're totally sounding like the perfect man right now LOL.

Oh, I get you man. I am actually originally from the Philippines, but I've lived in Cambodia (which is a little country right next to Vietnam, I'm pretty sure you might be vaguely aware of where it is but 99% of the people I've talked to never heard of it, so just making sure lol) for pretty much 10 years for now and counting. So that's tropics and more tropics for you. There are only two seasons here: hot and very hot lol. Right now it's the hot season so it's somewhat 'bearable'. By that I mean it's in the cool 20s (60s? 70s? I never really did get how to use fahrenheit lol) because it's the rainy season. But if not then the average temperature is around 35-40 (95-104 fahrenheit I think). @@ I die for winter. Also, I went to about four states in the US when I visited- New York, Washington, Boston, and New Jersey. I absolutely LOVE the people. Americans are amongst the kindest people I have ever met! I love how everyone just seems to strike up a nice conversation, and serve with a smile, and are just super polite. The stereotypes aren't true at all. But I've always lived in a multicultural environment and have a friends from many different countries, including Americans, so I kind of always already knew that it wasn't like that. But because it's such a prevalent thing on the internet I would admit that I was a bit scared and intimidated at first, especially since the airport people weren't the most friendly (there are no airport people who are friendly. That is an oxymoron). But when I stepped into New York, and just went into shops and museums and walked around, everyone was just fantastic. It was a super great experience and I would like to proudly say that the stereotypes are unfounded and kind of unfair, really. I have never experienced such a helpful and friendly and polite service sector too, whether it be in stores or restaurants or museum curators. LIke seriously, you guys excel at the service sector I think. I've been to quite a few countries, including Hungary I've also been to most Southeast Asian countries and to Hong Kong; nothing beats America. Seriously.

I really love how open-minded you are! I really hope you get to travel around someday, because it is really very fun and I think you will be exposed to many experiences that I am sure you will enjoy. You more than anyone deserve to travel :) And with the US passport it's pretty easy to go anywhere since you don't need to go through visa process (coughHELLcough). And food... man, that is one interest I am sure we will get along VERY well with lol. I also love trying different cuisines from every country that I visit. If you ever come to this part of the world and I'm still here, you're very welcome to visit me too! xD I really hope your jaw heals too. Man it really sucks that had to happen to someone like you who least deserved it :( I just hope you'll recover well! Do you know how long it will take?

I never played Final Fantasy but I actually listen to a lot of the music because they are really inspiring when I want to invoke deep emotions within me- and also to coax some tears out lol. This is actually one of the ones I used to listen to and I didn't know the title so I lost it. Thanks for reintroducing me to it! It brings back nostalgic memories. This is one of the ones I really love. OH MY GOD INUYASHA. You're really making me feel nostalgic here lol. Do As Infinity and Inuyasha were a big part of my childhood. I still love this song. Also omg that song from Kimi no Todoke is really cute and beautiful <3 This is really the type I like. Sweet voice accompanied by really happy and upbeat instrumentals. And I AGREE ABOUT DEATH NOTE SO HARD. Death Note is one of my most absolute FAVORITES of all time. Although I am very much on the minority and say Light had the right ideologies but failed in the execution part lol. But that aside, I absolutely LOVE the music from Death Note. Everything was done superbly and matched the scenes and series in a spectacular way and every single note really invokes emotion. Death Note really uses music in the right way. Silence when it is needed (the silence during Light's death scene was actually super appropriate in my opinion, any kind of dramatic music would have ruined it). And that... Yotsuba Corporation? I don't remember the name now, they had their special background music too, that made me feel such animosity towards them lol. And the scenes that play when L and Light are 'facing' each other... argh seriously that anime just did everything perfectly. Though I have one complaint: it should have ended at episode 25. ;p because I am on the pro-Light side. Or at least, a bitter fight between Light and L to the end- I just thought the existence of Near was really intrusive.

Hahaha, well I am not busy now! I only have 2 weeks left of thesis bootcamp, then polishing, and then summer vacation! I will most likely be doing internships or volunteer work, but I will for sure have more free time than I do when it's school time. And I have a 3 month vacation from the whole of July to the whole of September! I start school on October again. There's a weird system here where the semester break for semester 1 is 3 months while for semester 2 is 2 weeks lol. I guess they really want their students to have time to do jobs or something, I don't know.

And nope, I didn't think that at all! I figured it was something doctor-related that kept you away. As long as you're taking care of yourself I don't mind waiting a bit between answers! Hopefully you recover soon!
gwendal738 Jun 29, 2016 8:16 AM
Since you are raving about Stein;s Gate so much, I will most definitely check it out! It's about time I get it out of my plan to watch list anyway. xD Although I really, REALLY cannot stand English dubs, no matter what. Even the Fullmetal Alchemist and Hellsing Ultimate ones, which were lauded to be among the best in the industry, I couldn't take. There's just something iffy and unnatural about English dubs to me. I want to enjoy it to the fullest, so I will watch it in Japanese dubs, if you don't mind. xD I pretty much know the Japanese cast anyway, and some of them are actually my favorites (don't be fooled by my favorite people list, Hiroshi Kamiya is the only one that's there because he is my number 1 favorite, but I have many, many, MANY other seiyuu favorites). I have only seen the first episode of DRRR!, but I got somewhat bored with it and haven't picked it up in a while. And I got halfway to Baccano before deciding to put it on hold. I don't know why, I am just very picky and have a short attention span when it comes to anime. XD But I will definitely pick them up sometime again. And I don't dabble in the mainstream shounen anime because I have zero patience for anything long running. Even Detective Conan, I think it is amazing and I rated it a 10 but I had to drop it mid-2005 because it was just getting ridiculous lol. Actually, the whole reason I don't like Brotherhood /is/ because they followed the manga. xD I love the somewhat tragic ending (at least for Edward and Winry) of the 2003 series/movie. I felt as though the manga catered only to fans and gave them what they want. It's also why I'm not too fond of the ending of Naruto either. I just felt like the 2003 one tackled it in a more realistic way, idk. I still do love the OSTs of Brotherhood though so I will keep listening to them, but I don't think I will ever pick up the series. Ore Monogatari!! is another one that's been on my PTW for the longest time (with the amount that's in there I'm pretty sure I have half the database of MAL on my PTW LOL). Since you recommend it so strongly, I will check it out too! This is actually pretty helpful since my large list gets overwhelming sometimes since I don't know what to watch first. But now that I have suggestions I can wade through them better! I have indeed watched Erased, and I absolutely loved it. Though I knew who the killer was from episode 2 (it was very predictable for me), I still enjoyed the ride and I thought the execution was beautiful. Though again, since it was very easy for me to guess who it was (I am an Arthur Conan Doyle / Sherlock Holmes (the 1800s books, not anything modernized) diehard hardcore fan, and I read A LOT of Nancy Drew when I was just a girl, plus I also used to follow Detective Conan religiously as a kid, so I was raised on mystery and thriller and detective things, and thus can really guess who the culprit is almost immediately in any detective anime like that), I only gave it a 9. But even with its predictability, I was still kept at the edge of my seat since the way the events unfolded was very well portrayed and it was really an enjoyable ride.

I am a huge fan of Asian Kung-Fu Generation as well, yes! And also L'Arc en Ciel, because of Fullmetal Alchemist. They make the best OSTs in my opinion. Though mpi, who sung Warcry for Koutetsujou no Kabaneri, isn't so shabby either. :D I have heard the opening of Erased so many times it isn't even funny, but I have to agree that it's pretty darn good. :D I love how the Stein;s Gate opening has a feel of mystery and sci-fi to it, but then also has those touching notes as well. It's a nice refreshing blend I must say. I have yet to watch Howl's Moving Castle, tbh. Actually, the only Studio Ghibli movie that I have seen and absolutely love is Castle in the Sky, but I haven't seen that since 2003. I need to rewatch it again sometime, and watch a lot more Studio Ghibli. Also, the Howl's Moving Castle song is the type I love- it has the Natsume Yuujinchou feel to it, and I feel touched whenever I hear it. And like I want to bawl, but in a good way lol. And you're right, the second opening of DRRR! is definitely my type! I listen to a lot of anime OSTs of this type. I just love that rock but not quite hard rock intro, and then a very simple and soothing melody, and then a heroic chorus. Ahhhhhhh I can't describe music very well but this is heaven to my ears <3

I am glad I have that kind of effect on you! But you have that kind of effect on me as well. I am happy listening to someone talk a lot about something they really love, and in such a passionate way too. I believe that you truly will reach far and will be able to fulfill your dreams. It wouldn't be a problem for you since you seem so hardworking and dedicated! Actually, my career interests aren't so clear-cut at this point, but I definitely want to get my PhD and work in the UN, specifically UNDP. And after my education, since I'll be working for the UN, I really wouldn't mind being a vagabond (but with a decent job attached to me lol!). I'm pretty sure I'll be moving from country to country a lot. But if I were to settle down, definitely somewhere in Northern Europe since the standard of living is good there and there's lots of snow and cold weather. Having lived in the tropics all my life I absolutely despise the hot and humid and sunny weather here. And I have been to Hungary 3 years ago from December-February and the US just last February of this year, so I know how winter (it was -14 in New York on the day I landed there oh my god it was glorious) feels and I am pretty sure I want that for the rest of my life lol.

It's really rare to find someone like you out there. Most of the guys who like anime (... and really just guys in general) that I've talked to on the internet really don't care about anything but, to be crude for a moment, getting laid. It's very refreshing that I have found someone like you who I can hold an intelligent conversation with, so don't ever think that these messages are like a chore or whatever to me. I truly enjoy them and look forward to your replies too! And they are not getting in the way at all, I actually have a break yesterday and today from studying since my exam isn't until Friday. It will be hell studying tomorrow though lol. And I don't mind you filling up my wall with wonderful messages, but it's also totally fine for me if you want to switch to PM! :D I'd probably be the weirdo leaving long messages on your wall too hahaha. And the thesis I'd been working on since 2014 actually, and I think once this summer's over I can breathe. My topic is very controversial- humanitarian intervention, namely, should countries intervene in another country whenever there is gross violation of human rights (coughSYRIAcough) and my view is that yes, one /should/. So it took me two years to try and prove that... hopefully I pass my defense. :p

And you have a great day too, hopefully you aren't going to be too bored for long! And I hope you won't stop talking to me either when you're not bored anymore hahaha ;) Music suggestions are always welcome!
gwendal738 Jun 28, 2016 10:42 AM
Oh don't worry! I like long conversations like this too :D Often I feel like I'm being a little bit TL;DR, but if you say you like it then I don't mind writing long replies either. Besides, you have indeed been interesting and entertaining. I'm getting so many awesome recommendations from you! And I love chatting about anything and everything with anyone who can hold an intelligent conversation. ^3^

I totally agree about your remarks about the general public though. I wouldn't be able to do what you do, because I am not patient with people AT ALL, so I commend you for that! And you are such a great son, supporting your father like that. There is so much to be admired about you :) And I don't mind that you talk about that at all, I am not as interested in botany as you are but I do love flowers (even if I couldn't name them correctly if it saved my life- I always refer to many flowers as "that (insert color here) one" lol). And it's so nice to meet someone who is so passionate about something. It's really good that you are able to go to university, I wish you all the best and I'm sure you'll rock it since you're doing something you love! As for me, I have wanted to study political science since I was a little kid. I had other dreams (being a scientist, geologist, doctor, all that likes) during the course of my childhood as all children do, but my heart has always been with anything political or historical or anything to do with world affairs. I don't want to be a politician though, more like going into the academic side of it and being a political analyst or even a political science professor or something along those lines. :p I am 23 right now but I'm turning 24 in November. So I'll be 25 when I finally get into my masters program somewhere in Europe. Hopefully I can get in!

Hmm... I might try Amagami SS then, since you recommended it. I've been iffy about it for the longest time so I haven't put it in my plan to watch, but since you've said you like it I will definitely be on the look out for it. The problem with me is that I almost can't stand anything longer than 12 episodes right now unless I am really super in love with the prospect from day one, so it's definitely not gonna be a priority lol. Also, I like sci-fi/mystery anime! One of my favorite genres, actually. I tend to like the more 'manly' genres, if you will- thriller, psychological, and even shounen. I've pretty much exhausted that tag out lol. Stein;s Gate has been on my plan to watch since 5EVER. But since I've gotten such a strong recommendation from you then I will definitely tackle that during summer. :) And I've put Kimi ni Todoke on my plan to watch list too. I'll give them a go and definitely tell you what I think! I love talking to you about anime too, so it would be awesome if we could have a common ground to discuss :D

By the way, I listened to the cover of the AnoHana ending song you sent me yesterday (or two days ago? Sorry, exams really cloud my sense of time lol). It's absolutely beautiful; even if I haven't gotten past episode 1 of the anime, I already teared up a little bit. I love songs like these that really get to my heart. If you ever get the chance to, listen to all the ending songs of Natsume Yuujinchou. Those really get me bawling, especially after a rather touching or sad episode. I have listened to the Noragami Aragoto one! But I actually think the Noragami first season one is just a tad better, mostly because it really grew on me, being my ringtone for the longest time. But I absolutely love the one for Aragoto too. Though I never did get around to watching Aragoto since I didn't like the first season so much. And as for that Bokurano piano cover... Ah, it's exquisite. It feels so heroic yet touching at the same time, you know what I mean? It's been on my plan to watch list for the longest time. But then again, almost everything has been on my plan to watch list for the longest time :p And I absolutely love the OST of Fullmetal Alchemist, both the 2003 (which is the adaptation I prefer) and Brotherhood, even if I've never watched it. And that Bakemonogatari song, as soon as I saw supercell I KNEW I was going to like it. I absolutely ADORE supercell. They make some of the best OSTs ever, and that ending is no exception <3

I am, actually! Hopefully I get good grades this semester too, I have a dream to fulfill. :p but yes, I am actually almost done with the thesis and I just need to do some really intense fine-tuning to it before my defense after the summer break right at the beginning of next semester. Hopefully it passes. xD And I am thankful that you are alright after that whole ordeal, too. If it had gone worse, I probably wouldn't have met someone as wonderful as you and we wouldn't be having this conversation! You have such big dreams to fulfill, this world definitely needs you. :)

I will! I am planning to download both of them along with Toradora! so that I can tackle them this summer. Hopefully I will end up liking them, but I have high hopes already!
OrangeMelon Jun 27, 2016 10:24 AM
Hi there ~
Saw your post bout the OPs you wanted to see (sadly they locked it) xP
Just wanted to drop some while I'm here ^^

If you want some other Songs (not only OPs) just tell me
gwendal738 Jun 27, 2016 7:48 AM
AH! I found two shoujo(ish?) movies on my favorites! Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo and Sakasama no Patema, check them out if you haven't already! Sorry if I wrote you a book length response too hahaha :D
gwendal738 Jun 27, 2016 7:45 AM
Oh, of course. I totally agree. And I am glad you aren't one of those guys! I find a guy who knows how to cry and not be all manly like "ohhh I'm a guy I need to punch a wall because I shed two tears" to be really cool, to be honest. :D Actually, I used to be a typical fangirl who turned up her nose at everything straight romance/shoujo and binge-watched pretty much every yaoi/shounen-ai/implied shounen-ai anime out there even if the plot wasn't as well executed or good. I really don't know what made me despise straight romance back then. I think it was because in my society cheesy dramas and just romance in general is really prevalent in the media, and it was kind of a protest against that order, I suppose. I'm a rebel apparently. :p but now, unless it's harem (I just really can't bring myself to like it. I can't.), I pretty much try every genre out there. Including shoujo. In fact I have Toradora! on my to watch list, maybe I should give that a go too, since you like it so much. :) I wish I could recommend you an awesome shoujo anime, but truth of the matter is I don't watch a lot of it and my favorites don't exactly cater to that genre. Though Natsume Yuujinchou is tagged as shoujo but it's not the romance type, I guess I could recommend that to you if you don't mind something not overly heavy with plot but yet relaxing and with awesome characters and character development in general.

Oh, this is great actually! I've been slowly rebuilding my anime songs playlist again because I lost all the data in my old computer around 4 years ago and there was a period of two years where I was completely not into manga or anime at all. So I've been rediscovering great music (and classic old ones!), and suggestions are always highly welcome. :D But since I am still crying over my exam right now I will let you know either tonight (... this dawn, I will most likely be staying up doing this stuff lol) or tomorrow how I find it. I will listen to it right after I do my exam- which is a take home one. :D And don't hesitate to suggest to me anything else that you think I should listen to, because again, I am trying to find good anime music and songs. :D

Oh please, I don't mind reading books, even if they happen to be replies ;) Reading is my life lol. If you ever need someone to have an intelligent conversation with, I am totally here. Kinda slow since I am in finals hell, but here. :D Thanks for the well wishes, by the way! I did well with my two exams this morning. By the way, I major in political science and international relations. I'm going to graduate in February, I have one semester left. :D May I ask what you do/your major if you're still in university? Also, the anime challenge is this one and my anime challenge list is this one. Let me know if you decide to join it, it's quite fun! It forces me to delve into genres that I otherwise wouldn't tackle so much if at all, and it's shown me some hidden gems that I otherwise wouldn't have discovered (Koi Kaze!!!).

But that aside, I hope you're alright! D: It's awesome that you have free time but I hope you rest well; I am just glad surgery went well. That bastard should totally pay. But I wish you a speedy and good recovery :D Be sure to take care of yourself well, and I hope you get better soon! <3
gwendal738 Jun 27, 2016 12:09 AM
Exam this morning went well! Just 2 more exams and my thesis to finish up and I'll be able to enjoy summer and watch more anime. Ano Hana is on top of my list :D

Ah, yes! I'm actually currently watching that for the anime challenge, which I will be finishing up over the summer. I am excited. I heard good things about it, and now that you recommended it too, I can't wait. :D

By the way, it is so refreshing to have a guy who likes shoujo stuff. Even though I'm a girl I'm not too fond of it myself (it's a guilty pleasure sometimes. And I'm not entirely averse to it since some of the anime in my favorites are marked/marketed as shoujo), but to see someone like you around is awesome. :D A man who knows how to cry is a strong man in my opinion. Don't be afraid to show your feelings :D
gwendal738 Jun 26, 2016 7:13 PM
You're welcome! Hopefully you'll like it as much as I do. :D I still need to get to finish watching AnoHana, but I am currently in the middle of exams. I'm already crying enough thinking of my grades. xDDD
gwendal738 Jun 26, 2016 11:17 AM
By the way, it's not an entirely similar plotline but there are similarities, and both are GUT-WRENCHINGLY TEAR JERKING UGH WHY LIFE, Hotarubi no Mori e is an anime I can recommend similar to AnoHana. It's one OVA with I think around 30-45 minutes of time. Totally worth it (it's by Yuki Midorikawa who created Natsume Yuujinchou, one of my favorite anime of all time).

Bonus points if you tell me how many buckets you filled with tears after watching it. :D
gwendal738 Jun 26, 2016 11:14 AM
Hahaha thanks! Glad you liked it. :D I absolutely love that song (and the anime, 3D CG and all), so I'm glad to have someone think so highly of it too. :D
Robokiller87 Jun 2, 2016 12:29 PM
Also got a sick ass list nice nice o7
MadScientess Jun 1, 2016 10:35 PM
Hey, you're welcome
MadScientess Jun 1, 2016 8:15 PM
You've seen more anime than me, so only have a few to recommend. You might like RIN: daughters of Mnemosyne. It's about two private detectives who don't age, or die. Each episode takes place in a different decade. Also, Eden of The East, which is like an anime version of the Bourne Identity. This guy wakes up naked holding a cellphone and a gun with no memory of who is and has to figure out his identity and what shady stuff he's gotten himself into. I just started watching Baccano which I really love. It's by the same people who made Durarara. It features interconnecting stories of 1930s Chicago crime families and how they become immortal. The writing is superb. Hopefully you like at least one of those.
DJAnime Jun 1, 2016 5:18 PM
Yo, sorry bout the reply speed dude

Ahh glad you like the picture man, been one of my favourite forum sets to use recently. Probably my favourite yuri ship lol.