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Nov 20, 2020
The anime industry has a long and rich history filled with series, shorts and movies that mark generations and it’s audience in a particular time period. Suchs works were produced thanks to numerous creative minds that were passionate about animation and wanted to be a part of the creative process behind such works.
Despite the core fundamentals behind making animation remains the same, as years pass we see new different types of softwares and techniques being developed as well as adopted by different studios and companies. Within such companies there is “Cover Corp's” which is a company that focuses on developing new content that utilizes VR/AR read more
Jul 5, 2018
"Long time ago there was a man to which was given wings by his father in order to flee from their exile, warned however that he should never fly too close to the sun with them since such would result in the wings melting and ultimatly his dead. Despite the warning, drived by greed and feeling of empowerment he flew higher and higher wich was ultimalty his downfall.
The man name in greek mythology is Icarus; and in mordern time this tale can be applied to the author Ishida Sui whos wings represent his fallen series Tokyo Ghoul."

Before diving into the Tokyo Ghoul:Re manga, wich for read more
Mar 30, 2017
Kuzu no Honkai or Scum's Wish is a romance/drama anime described by many as the "dark side of the romance genre" due to how different it is from most conventional romances out there, given to how heavily focus around the concept of unrequited love and manipulation it is.
So is safe to say that i was rather interested, to say the least, in what this series had to offer. However as the story moved along i couldn’t look pass how much of a huge mess this show turn out to be for reasons that will be specifying below.

As you would probably expect this review may contain read more
Dec 9, 2016
- Ao Oni The Animation review -

For those who don't know, this animation series is base of the so popular horror RPG Ao Oni, which is a surprisingly good game filled with jumpscares and a creppy atmosphere. So when i first heard Studio Deen was planning on doing a anime adaptation of it i was pretty exited considering their track record with horror shows like Higurashi. That was until the first episode came out...

First of, if you are a fan of the game you will be very disappointed since this is more of a "comedy" than anything else. And i say the word "comedy" very read more