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Illyricus Oct 17, 4:15 PM
Being able to play and clear multiple at the same time in seconds is indeed impressive, I will give him that :p
Amin-kun Oct 17, 11:29 AM
thanks so much, i dont need to invest my time reading tg;re then
Amin-kun Oct 16, 6:18 AM
hi, I came from your tokyou ghoul re review of the manga, i dropped tokyo ghoul (not TG:re) at chapter 40-ish. should i continue or just dont read it, i asked two fo my friends who finished tg:re and said something like it goes downhill later on
Harus Oct 12, 5:55 PM
I'm crazy.. thought i answered =x
sorry xD

I know what you mean, I'm on a place now that where all I have is the 'open tv' ... there isn't many options =s
guess that one of the reason many people (that can afford) goes to netflix (or other stream services).. at least there you can watch more decent stuff
Frostbytes Oct 11, 8:26 AM
alright thanks

Haha yeah that has become a characteristic of the series
_Ako_ Oct 10, 5:41 PM
>meme club
I was pretty busy with things on my side so I couldn't bother.

OreImo S1 did not delve too much on social constructionism, but I'll be lying if it I were to say OreImo attempted to delve into it. There's a difference in a the statement here, OreImo had the plot that almost instantaneously occur in the S2 whereas in S1 it's all just about "foreplay" euphemism to all the shitstorm that occur in S1; a "character going through shit" or something. Narrative doesn't play something here, not it is that unique for the most part that OreImo is in firs-person point of view therefore narrative doesn't occur though we as a viewer can interpret it as such which is vastly different from "narrative".

Character's ideals and beliefs are not their own archetype or we should say "cliches" just because Kirino is an imouto character, whose the embodiment of moe does not, and should never be equate to her being in love to his brother just because they're siblings. Though the ending had possibly one of the most memorable yet irredeemable thematically symbol that can possibly fit into 200 frames in anime but that is another issue I would say, by no means I would disagree though just highlight the inaccuracy of it due to a firm paradox that presented in OreImo. Kuroneko is not Kirino's antithesis, it is the other way around. There is a stigma around moe imouto archetype that we get to really see which is their lack of characterism; and their lack of characterism other than being moe is imouto themselves. It had been soften too many times in the anime that Kuroneko herself is the main character and the canon that should have if done right. In the S1 primarily that, is the main focus of Kuroneko's highlights, her appearance had bestowed and shed a light into the series that made the characters much more appealing, if not for Kuroneko, we wouldn't have OreImo as a series. Without Kuroneko, Kirino herself wouldn't acknowledge her love for her brother nor she will ever felt pain to even further delve from the social construct of moralism and degeneracy. Yet to turn it up-side-down is immorally not acceptable. Thoughout the intangible mess that moreso reflected Kirino's characterism, this undervalued Kuroneko's existence that should have been given to hers because Kirino will be as always another useless bullshit moeblob imouto character if not for Kuroneko, yet Kuroneko herself had been perfected far too perfected of a character to be a character thus viewers regards herself as something not of a character; S1 delve too much on her characterization, it had been symbolize by the Kirino's meeting wherein we see Kuroneko as something as a "chuuni" yet that is not the case, her appearance dazzled with much beauty and entice the whole characters... [omitted more of the symbolism for Kuroneko]

S2 had in fact, or should have been better than its preview S1 since the pattern ought to follow it: If S1 were the so-called "foreplay" then S2 would then ought to be the "eroge scene" that of course a lot of us would skip the former and just delve onto the latter. S2 had not sacrifed anybut but it is an allegory contradictory to its name of Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai and the what lies beyond that is the true that we know which is Kuroneko. We firmly believe that the MC is plainly just delusional that he himself love his imouto romantically for that itself is contradictory to the believe that imouto are the end of everything as what it is implied at the series, the wedding itself is the euphemism that is the ending of the characters, ending not in the most tragic way but in a self explained way; for it is mainly nothing dramatic and it is the most obvious in the entire world. Though one also could interpret it as such, not that I am in favour, but to align with morals which itself is screwed in the first place; that the wedding is a symbolism of MC's wanting to preserve his imouto's purity, as what the white dresses symbolizes, it is in fact the opposite of being "morally just" which constitute that humans themselves are rotten therefore it is just to do something as immoral for we are one as such. Yet to "preserve" someone's purity is as veil as it sounds, it is akin to preserve a food and not eat it or have multitude of body pillows and even use one of it to satisfy your sexual desires... [omitted more thematically analogies], yet the ending had one more significance to be enlightened why it is such a well done ending. If the wedding symbolizes the end yet the kiss at end end to Kirino can also be seen as the end of which is why it is even strongly emphasized at the end. So where will this lead to us? To of course, the cannon ship which is Kuroneko's arc which did not end at around S2 but; that shall exist within not the series itself but within the bounds of our reality in the pigment of our imagination; would you not call that the the romanticism of the purest among all of the romances portrayed in the series? Kuroneko's route itself continues on, even today, to my sleep; in the realm of my reality. Meanwhile, Kirino's route ended in the most vicious and ruthless way. Would you say that Kuroneko suffered more than Kirino? Not quite; it is the exact opposite of what it is; Kirino should and is still by today more pitiful than Kuroneko.

Now you're generalizing the value of a thing based on its physical appearance and not what's inside of that thing. I do agree that Eromanga-sensei is a copy of OreImo yet at the core of it; is not OreImo but is Eromanga-sensei; the name itself does not imply it is OreImo, but on the outer appearance it is but on the inside it is better. Why? Because it doesn't follow the narrative that OreImo; it is unique and more refined that OreImo. The latter satisfy itself; in which that fanservice is quite needed for it does revolve the term Ero for which if omitted then it is something as, we all know, not as it is but different from what it should be. Cliches within Eromanga is something not only the series suffers but a lot of series suffers; generally speaking it is the "pattern" to "characterization" yet quite can be literally seen as "scapegoat" for such argumentation; well not that I care. Eromanga features not the usual character troupe which quite seen to be refreshing, so in my eyes; it is quite the same yet at the same time different from Kirino; it is told that the latter preferred "moe" but anime but the exact opposite of what she is; meanwhile Sagiri not only is moe, she also is perverted but the gap moe here is when she constantly being in the awkward situations with her brother invoking lusts that seeps from within the bottom of viewer's pants. Yes, that is why Sagiri is a better character than Kirino. Not only that she's even of a better imouto archetype than Kirino,

the characters are a butch of one dimential walking stereotypes that are just there to be nude/semi-nude and be in uncomfortable situations with the mc

Because Eromanga is on the separate plane within the spectrum of anime if you place it with OreImo, necessarily mean that Eromanga-sensei is bad compared to OreImo. I have said it before, OreImo is bad compared to Eromanga-sensei who have flourished every ounce of cliche that OreImo even attempted; for instance, OreImo attempted to switch the perspective of the series for first person POV in S1 to 3rd person perspective on around latter half of the series. That in which, where the MC attempted to break-off the bonds with every single character; except Kuroneko, that format itself presents ambiguously everything but allows the viewer to interpret it as such using the symbolism presented in the series. Eromanga sensei though had a straigh narrative in which we see character interaction as if it's real and that itself proves to be what OreImo couldn't do better than Eromanga; the former attempted but failed.
nekocrimmy Oct 8, 8:12 PM
i already forgot tbh
Frostbytes Oct 8, 11:48 AM
>They can play aggressive if either a)the opposite team is not that strong or b)if they have enough strong players that can create a good level of pressure

Exactly, and they just did it in the second half of Newcastle match in accordance with the above two points, probably their best half of football in the entire season. The players were given more freedom to attack with the change in tactics, and it worked, though only because it was because the opponent is weak(since not every team will allow that much possession).
Same thing applies for the Derby match as evident from the last match, only difference is that they were leading that time. But it doesn't matter when you produce results like the previous match, would have been a convincing win otherwise if the same tactics were followed.

Frostbytes Oct 4, 10:06 PM
>I dont expect them to win a game by playing offensive up until they have a good lead when that will surely as hell not happen with the horrible defence United has.

And how do you have a good lead, or not even that, just score 3 or more goals? By building some sort of attacking identity, since sitting back and waiting for defensive mistakes won't take you far for that. When you build an attacking system, the team should defend as whole and thus covering up weaknesses in defense, this is entirely based on tactics.

Your initial suggestion of playing with a more defensive tactic with a 1-O lead just doesn't work in this case/team, especially considering how it failed in previous circumstances.
nekocrimmy Oct 4, 7:34 PM
lol ok
_Ako_ Oct 4, 6:07 PM
What? OreImo is a literal piece of crap, I would agree that it tries and attempt to show a very good imouto anime, its ending conclusion couldn't be more accurate just by looking at the title. But, it had... It had the potential to shine when Kuroneko's route aired, we have seen one of the purest scenes in anime to behold, to witness every week (to those who watched it as it aired) and see how Kuroneko isn't jus your typical side-character that just because she's close to Kuroneko, she's literal trash. She isn't, she started of as a typical elitist character and as we all know a chunni, as we slowly see her daring charm, especially her pouts and smugs, we have seen that her potential to be a waifu material is... Is fucking there, yet what did the author do? It fucking blew it.

Eromanga-sensei on the other hand attempted to deconstruct OreImo by showcasting a literal trash imouto but somehow have a very nice gap moe scenes. The series also attempted to further enhance Sagiri's character to instead be Kirino, made Sagiri a unique character on itself that does not need any screen-time; on the other hand, we see Elf-sensei whose the embodiment of Kuroneko. But she in fact symbolism not the outcome of her rejection but the beginning of the story; the beginning of how we as a viewer will see a very nicely put moeblob romance; yet it is quite incomplete. Incomplete in a sense that series like these tend to not go deeper but they stay quite shallow in a sense that imoutos are not just the symbolism of onaholes or the likes to be a fap material; it ought to be pure, imoutos are like that, we tend to ignore that reality we thought made imoutos quite wretched but that itself is a lie; imoutos are the embodiment of pureness. Imouto Sae Iibara is a classic deconstruction of your typical imouto series. But first we must define what constitute pureness... Is it the idea that is devoid of evilness or the idea that evil itself is presence therefore pureness it evilness? Imouto sae paints the latter in the embodiment of imouto... That evilness; well in this case, lust itself is pure. But why it is stated in such a paradoxical way? If pureness is white wouldn't lust be black and therefore evil? Which itself false; lust is naturally occurring within everyone therefore pure; and imoutos are pure... But why does Imouto Sae Iibara different from any other series? First of all, because imouto are outouto... Yes, the imouto is itself a trap. At least, should have been, and should have stayed as it is. That itself made the series shine on itself; not the parody of other LN creators struggling or it should have been portrayed.

OreImo is not literature or it should be; though I would be lying if I were to say that without OreImo, we wouldn't have Eromanga-Sensei and Imouto Sae; and for that I thank the existence of OreImo.... But the actual series on itself? No.
Frostbytes Oct 2, 10:11 PM
That's assuming that they have the same quality of defenders as those teams, or even good counter attacking teams like Atletico. For this, best way to win is to get a good or safe lead since their attack is actually better, but not having a cohesive system is the problem.
Frostbytes Oct 1, 4:37 PM
That's not really unlucky, but failing to take the chances and committing errors at the back. Nah more defensive with 1-0 means sitting back and inviting pressure, and I have seen what happens in those matches(draw or loss mostly), these tactics don't work anymore. Especially against an opponent which plays pressing football. Derby played well and deserved the result.
Frostbytes Oct 1, 10:17 AM
Nah check my interview, mentioned it there. Had it in my profile bio too

Unlucky? Not really, yes the first goal was slightly offside probably but doesn't matter, these tactics just don't work now. Back four is changing continuously(also not playing CB but a midfielder in that position), no proper cohesive system in attack, expected result. This defensive approach started in big games first, then more evident from the start of this year, especially that match against Sevilla. Now that the season has started, this hoofball tactics when the side is behind by a goal just doesn't work. And with all the internal issues, this doesn't look good really.
Either way we will see, who knows what will happen.
Frostbytes Sep 29, 9:40 PM
I am a City fan so I don't want that to happen. ;) but yeah probably until it's mathematically impossible for United to qualify for CL