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Harus Jul 13, 7:57 PM
Hahaha Ikr?
To be honest I was starting to log more often and then bam!... MALpocalipse (lol that name) it's like MAL didn't want me being more active again.
I've been watching more anime those days so I'm around here every now and then just to update the list.

How have you been?
Frostbytes Jul 13, 7:34 AM
Yeah just saw it lol, well it's more on the negative side but still I saw a few positive opinions elsewhere
metadata Jul 13, 3:24 AM
small kids can be "her"s too ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) yes

placebo songs tend to be nice. i should change it sometime but can't really mess with my profile right now
Norilla Jul 11, 10:22 AM
You're very welcome. ^_^
Luofpan Jul 9, 4:14 AM
Obrigada ^^
Illyricus Jul 9, 12:28 AM
Hmmm... I see, I see. Maybe I will give it a look later, since it looks liek an awesome show.
Cyborg_Dragon Jul 7, 8:26 AM
I beat the game and am on my second playthrough 180 hours overall.
Illyricus Jul 7, 3:00 AM
I haven't seen it, but the synopsis alone sounds 11/10.
Norilla Jul 6, 4:28 PM
Happy belated birthday.
Illyricus Jul 6, 11:12 AM
As long as they discover Onii-chan's greatness one day, they will be forgiven.
Maffy Jul 6, 8:57 AM
Hello! You aren't bothering me :) No, it will stay as completed. Generally, the tag doesn't change. If it's submitted as preliminary, it stays preliminary and if it's submitted as completed, it stays like that. But manga isn't as restricted as anime, exactly because chapters may appear suddenly and randomly, so you can edit the chapter count to match properly, unlike anime reviews that allow no episode editing once the review is submitted.

Thank you very much :D Have a great day yourself!
Cyborg_Dragon Jul 6, 1:23 AM
Well I have seen the ending and I did feel we had a bit of rush. Also I hate how there is attempt to make us feel sorry for Furuta near the end.

I liked the ending overall but here are my main issues with it.

I also have been playing Persona 5 right now.
Frostbytes Jul 6, 12:02 AM
Some grammatical/spelling errors, otherwise a pretty great review, especially since you expanded on topics like symbolism and presentations, or even the art, I really liked the points about the former.
brendennp1 Jul 5, 5:06 PM
Mate I'm just happy I found someone else that hated Tokyo Ghoul:re as much as me... the most overrated manga I can ever think of honestly.
Illyricus Jul 5, 3:38 PM
The mere thought of virgin otakus wasting their money in loli dakimakura shit instead in one of Onii-chan makes me disgusted.