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Youjo Senki
Youjo Senki
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One Piece
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nyja-chan Dec 14, 12:15 AM
That sounds better as I was planning on reading the manga someday. Yeah, I realised why they decided to make it a little more light hearted; I didn't hate it, in the end I liked the show for what it was. it definitely felt more real than the western things as they tend to overdo it with the drama.
I thought the sister was actually a good character. It must have been hard on her to understand why her brother was like this. I really thought this part was well done.
Yess, I agree with your last sentence. It felt very real to me as I watched more episodes of this show. There isn't always need for an evil side; this wasn't that kind of show to begin with. The development was very good in this show, so I hope to find more of these kind of shows:D
mayoinnaisu Dec 10, 9:06 PM
tbh those top reviews really give me mixed feelings
while I consciously think they are written in a way that is meant to be critical and impartial, I can feel the emotion and bias toward the anime with those strong, sensational languages
of course, I do realize many of them are well informed (and yeah I can't deny some of them are plainly amusing and enjoyable to read through to pull off some laughters)
well, i wouldn't simply call it wrong if i come up with different conclusions/opinions that differ from theirs after my watchthrough
its pretty subject to one's attitude and mood when watching it and overall, how one percept or consume the anime as a collective piece of information and ideas/concepts
for isntance, i did went through the overwhelmingly positive reviews on gurren lagann and I was moved by their descriptions of its epicness and unconventional style and choice of music
but after all, i'm not impressed at all and i don't consider its style conventional at all
nothing stands out much to me individually and most of the ideas I got from the anime vastly contradicted to those reviewers'
this is the first anime that made me realize anime with a score higher than 8.5 is not necessarily liked by anyone
well, actually I'm not advocating for the disagree button but rather the latter I mentioned, which is to remove top reviews and replace them with one recent review, review done by critical reviewer, and a review done by person who has dropped the anime or whatever (here you get the diversity and you can get a sense of its direction more accurately and impartially imo)
or perhaps they should add other buttons onto it (such as i find this review hilarious, i think this review is rational and well informed, this review contains too much spoilers etc)
to make those reviews even more transparent
im not much of an expert of terminology but i think calling someone a normie is more of an insult; casual on the other hand sounds less denouncing
you are advertising it really well there
and with relatively smart use of vocabs
tell you what, i'm still considering it an average shounen but I would get it a try
ill probably watch it during christmas break when im bored since im running out of long running anime to satisfy my binge watching desire
and on another notion, I have to say im not a fan of its animation/art style
and visualization really influences my perception of an anime
I think it would take some time for me to get used to it
* I did remember you said you are a fan of trigger
I see you give gridman a straight 9 right there :O

mayoinnaisu Dec 8, 11:46 AM
hmm sounds interesting
well thats pretty intended since they are supposed to encourage viewers to become curious of the series
well, you can never trust anything completely unless you're lying to yourself telling it has to be true no matter what
trailers are mostly accurate content-wise to the story but it may be deceiving as to its execution (how they present the anime can be tricky while the story and characters remains authentic)
and I'm not talking about the rating system, but the way they intepret the anime/obtain their feelings from it
many users are rating an anime based on their personal enjoyment to be honest, and many words that are being used in their reviews are sensational and biased (words such as 'comfy', 'unique' or 'impactful' etc)
these might not apply to other viewers under normal circumstances because we are viewing an anime based on our own standards and emotional standpoint
well lol
actually I wanna take that back because its quite obvious that a score higher than 8 will make one thinks this show is of high quality and worth a watch while a score lower than 5 discourages one from watching it because it makes one thinks it has too many flaws and is of relatively poor quality
after talking than you, I really start to wonder what makes an anime 'horrible' or 'brilliant'
well, the labels such as 'bad' 'weird''profound''interesting''stylized' themselves are really biased and do not indicate anything that's true
but generally, I do think there is a norm within anime community because we do have common sense as you can tell from an anime's meanscore
well though I am not a fan of reviews, I do think popular reviews matter and represent viewers' opinions most likely than not despite some of them are pretty biased and rarely presenting their counterparts (negative reviews are mostly critisizing and positive reviews are mostly praising)
there is little balance and it's deceiving to be viewed by people who has never watched the anime themselves (here I gotta speak from my heart, I dislike how reviews cannot get 'I disagree with it' button, or in general they shouldn't enlist the top reviews onto the anime's profile because other reviews made by others are underminded)
dirty casual lol
you surely are soft with terminology
id call him a normie striaght up if he keeps insulting lain while glorifying attack on titans
I guess people really are opinionated thesedays and I don't mind to hear them out and think throughly of their ellaborations
and you might not like my thoughts on this but I really don't get the appeal of Bleach
whether it be the manga or the anime
I watched a decent amount of episodes when I was younger but ended up finding it boring
years later I thought I was mature enough to handle character devleopment and world builtup but it didn't workout
if I wrote a review of bleach, I'm sure it wouldn't look good to many bleach fans and I would list very few positives about the series because I couldn't find enough from my watchthroughs

Frosty- Dec 7, 11:02 PM
I don't agree with Ballon d'or rankings anyway, but well whatever. Never really cared for these awards in the first place.
Frosty- Dec 6, 7:49 PM
Yeah but after Fifa and Uefa best player awards, at least I expected this.
mayoinnaisu Dec 6, 6:14 PM
that's what trailers are for
they are supposed to let you to get an idea of what kind of anime it by presenting a part of content of the entire show
or why do you think trailers exist?
well reviews are created by viewers
while they are considered more reliable by many, they are also deceiving because viewer bias exists
and you don't know how they are rating them (based on ejoyment? depth? etc)
everyone has a different rating system and different taste in anime as well so measuring an anime by reading through reviews is less impartial than watchgin an official trailer
and I never said bad anime exists but those reviews with scores higher than 8 or lower than 5 are completely either in favor of the show or not in favor of the show
you can't determine whether or not you would like an anime based on other people's descriptions and their opinions on it
the same goes with movies,video games or anything that requires you to find it out yourself whether or not you would like it
their judgements are subjective and personal, thus reviews is not the best way to know whether or not an anime suits you before you watch it
* so yea, 8+/5- anime reviews are more likely to present you a biased idea of an anime that may not be true/apply to your standards, despite the reviews themselves can be very persuasive, well informed and accurate
I see
well I can understand how that works to most people since most people tend to associate terminology with overgeneralized statements
for instance, most people will consider harem anime to have no plot
obscure anime are edgy and deserve higher scores etc
honestly, whether or not an anime is horrible is really up to one's perception and understanding of the content
no matter how I try to convince one of my friends, he said he would always consider serial experiments lain a terribly executed anime with ambiguous plot and dialogues that make no sense
nyja-chan Dec 6, 11:16 AM
Hey, I finished Hourou Musuko. I really enjoyed the show. Of course I already loved the concept and the topics it handled, but I'm glad they handled it very nicely. I first thought that it was still a little too light hearted, since I know of people who went through this and were bullied by students and even parents. So, I'm glad it actually got to the bullying part to show how bad it can be if you are struggling with something other children don't understand.

I'm glad you recommended this to me:D
mayoinnaisu Dec 5, 7:50 PM
well most of the trailers aren't imo but they may contrain spoilers
reviews might be even more deceiving imo especially those with either a score above 8 or a score below 5
the best way to evaluate it I guess is to watch the first episode and get a sense of it's direction
oh! I know what you're talking about
I read punpun recently and I was amazed and bewildered at the same time as I finished it
its has a distictive reputation on its own
well both of them focus on exploring otaku culture so I guess they are pretty relatable
of couse I would else I wouldn't comment on your profile lol
and I agree with you
anime is often exaggerating and overstylized for the sake of embellishing reality
ironically, you did mention that words like 'deconstruction' and 'pretentious' are vague right? (as I recalled, you said only elitist wannabes use these words)
hmm I wonder why
is it because you think many people tend to associate these words vaguely with things they don't know much about or do you think they are overused/used incorrectly?

Frosty- Dec 5, 9:57 AM
yeah like I said before expected that

Manaban Dec 5, 9:09 AM
Thanks man, lol xP

Fudi probably lowkey said that in hopes people outside of H&E would pester me with that nickname xP
mayoinnaisu Dec 4, 2:50 PM
i rarely give any anime i've watched a score below 5 because i usually could get a sense of its quality from its trailer and some clips so i would sort out all the ones i potentially wouldn't like
i do play a lot of chess with my dad when iwas younger so your labels caught my attention
hmm those are some nice concepts! im impressed by your symbolic utilization of chess pieces on your personal rating
im taking about the one in your bio
i put that manga onto my ptw already
should have watched it long time ago but i kept forgetting the name and i don't know specifically about the plot since all i remeber was how the characters look
genshiken brings so much nostalgia to me
i watched it right after n.h.k
i read through your interview and i can tell you like to take time explaning things in details/hearing other's out with patience (i like to talk to ppl like you hah hah)
and at the end you mentioned that anime is a deconstruction of real life is kinda interesting
mayoinnaisu Dec 2, 5:51 PM
oh i see
you're leaning toward rationality more often than sheer enjoyment
then i see why you don't find kamichu as enjoyable as many other shows you've watched
your rating system is a lot lenient than mine (im going to come up with a new one soon with 6 being the bottom line) so I thought anything below 6 would be deemed as of low quality
my bad on that
those tags are really interesting ! do you play chess by any chance?
well kami nomi doesn't stand out much to me besides the characters
the narrative is too one-dimensional and predictable for me
unlike many other anime, i do think the sequels are actually better in taking these approaches
btw is the pic in your profile from honobono fuufu?
Im heard of the title a few times but almost forgot to put in onto my list lol

mayoinnaisu Nov 30, 5:48 PM
i can tell xd
and i'm surprised you actually wrote a detailed paragraph ellaborating your opinions! :salute:
I do agree and understand most of the things you've pointed out
well I don't know where to begin but this series just seems like magic to me
it starts off straight up without giving the audience much details on its backstory, and this method is oddly effective to get me right into the story
i do think this series is pretty episodic and it has little emphasis on an actual well developed plot
however, the aura it gives off is plainly magical and alluring
yurie's struggles with her personal problems is also a charm to me, as it is presented in a lighthearted manner yet im feeling like its carried out in a mature way
I do like kamichu's structure of progression a lot, as you are able to 'proxy' different feelings from yurie's experience as she traverses, on both physical and emotional levels if you really got into the story
another element of kamichu that captures my heart is the art probably: both the art style and the art direction
the art style is quite simple, though its not fashionable enough to be considered quirky
i do think it carries out enough details and gives off adorable and comfy vibes
the art direction is another notion here
the settings are really appealing so do the character designs (together, they build up another atmosphere for the show portraying the difference between the mystical realm and the generic/common world human live in)
overall i think the elements within kamichu (comedy, drama, subtle romance etc) are just too well incorporated, and together, they do bring up a lot of profound topics for me to think over
* and i agree with most of your scores, though i didn't understand why you give kami nomi zo shiru sekai
a 9 :o
hmm are you rating based on how much you enjoy and how much you can relate to the anime?

mayoinnaisu Nov 30, 11:43 AM
im from the anime discussion
saw your comment in the yuri/yaoi thread and find your opinion really interesting!
i couldn't agree more
you got pretty nice taste in anime!
and coincidentally i've watched Kamichu recently as well and im in love with the series
do you find it to be boring? or too generic? since you give it a relatively low score
nyja-chan Nov 27, 2:32 AM
Yess, of course:D