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Apr 3, 2017
Hyouka: Motsubeki Mono wa is the short little side story which is exactly as you would generally expect.

Considering this is only a single episode, I will try to keep my review concise.

The story is rather simple, and it's your basic 'high-school club which goes to the pool episode', but with a little touch of Hyouka on the side. It manages to slip some mystery and discovery in there, something the original Hyouka was profound at doing.

The animation is still as good as you would expect, whilst the soundtrack is still quite forgettable.

Overall you will enjoy this one if you enjoyed the original Hyouka, just don't read more
Apr 3, 2017
This prologue of Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works doesn't really deserve to be it's own separate release. It's still as enjoyable as you would expect however.

Because this is only a single 'episode', I will try to keep this review concise.

The story is basically trying to be a somewhat short introduction to Unlimited Blade Works, and it does it's job just fine. It's nothing outstanding, but the story itself is enjoyable in it's own right.

The animation and sound are, again, incredibly impressive and they really carry this anime and all of it's different iterations to entirely different degree of 'epicness'. It improves the enjoyment by a read more
Apr 3, 2017
The Rikka Wars is a short and light-hearted little side-story happening as continuation of the last season of the anime.

Considering how only one episode doesn't really contain a whole lot of content, I will try to keep this review rather concise.

The story isn't really anything too interesting, though it managed to keep my attention. It has some progression throughout this single episode and the ending is satisfying enough.

The art is still as impressive as it was in the previous iterations. Similarly the soundtrack still lacks something memorable.

The characters are basically the same as you would expect them to be, which is a good thing read more
Apr 3, 2017
This short episode is the continuation of the first season of Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! and after watching it you start to wonder why it wasn't just included with the rest of the season.

Considering it's only one episode, I shall try to keep this review rather concise.

The story progresses a tad further than the original season did, although ultimately leaving you with the feeling you were wishing for more. The character development wasn't really apparent, but then again, nothing really happens in a single episode, so I can't be too harsh on such a matter.

The art is pretty impressive, and makes the overall experience read more
Apr 3, 2017
The continuation of Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru takes us further down the road of the struggles of our main character. Although it doesn't really provide anything new, it is still an enjoyable experience.

The story doesn't really progress a whole lot, which can be expected in an anime like this. Just like the first season, the plot is carried by the interesting characters. They are also basically the only reason this anime is worth a watch.

Other than that the art is pretty good and compliments the show rather well. The soundtrack is fairly forgetful however, although it does the job just fine.

If read more
Apr 3, 2017
The second iteration of Nisekoi supposedly brings us down further on the path of the harem, but in the end it really doesn't do anything at all.

As much as I wanted this anime to progress, it simply refused to do anything interesting in the slightest. This anime actually has some sort of story, making it already unique in the harem genre. The thing which annoys you the most though is the lack of progression. Every time something happens in this anime what could progress the story, it's as if the writers are too afraid to actually let it happen, and therefore find a way to read more
Apr 3, 2017
Though somewhat generic, Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru. manages to grip your attention regardless, and it proves to be an enjoyable experience, though not much more than that.

The story is as basic as it can be, with very little development overall. What makes the story interesting though, are the impressive cast of characters. Although they seem rather bland and generic at first, they actually go through some real development, making you wonder how it impacts their decisions. You can see our main character slowly breaking out of his shell, making an originally bland character actually pretty interesting.

The art is fairly good and read more
Apr 3, 2017
Toradora! is one of the staples in the romance category. And there's a good reason why.

The story in itself isn't too interesting, it's a fairly generic romantic high-school setting, with an ultimately very predictable plot line. This doesn't really matter a whole lot though, as the entire experience is carried by the amazing cast of characters. Both our main characters and the supporting cast have genuine personalities and they truly improve the story a whole lot. You can relate to them, feel with them, and in the end you genuinely care about the outcome of the story, if only for the characters themselves.

The sound and read more
Apr 3, 2017
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun is an interesting take on a romantic story, but ultimately quite forgetful.

The story is not very interesting and rather basic, it's the generic high-school setting which we see very often in the romantic genre. What really holds this story up are the interesting characters. Especially our main male love interest is a very comedic and intriguing person, making decisions which lead to hilarious outcomes, keeping the anime somewhat refreshing. The other characters are rather bland though, and our main female love interest isn't particularly revolutionary.

The sound and art are fine, but they aren't anything special, nor do they add to the experience. read more
Apr 3, 2017
This continuation of the somewhat promising first season of Tokyo Ghoul falls a bit short. I will try to explain why.

The story continues rather quickly, with the pacing going from fast to rushed, making it feel as if you're missing something. It really takes a bit hit in the latter part, it's as if they're just throwing stuff in there to mix the story up a little, which ultimately leaded to me enjoying the story a whole lot less.

The art and soundtrack are, similarly to the first season, rather impressive, and they improve the overall experience a lot.

The characters got worse this time around. Especially read more