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Sep 11, 2019
This is a sequel from my review in the first season, all of my considerations when watching the anime are mentioned there.

For this second season that cover the final part of the game trilogy, we can see it as the "dark side" of the story, while the first season which cover the first two of the trilogy being the "bright side".

Characters have been properly developed in the first season, so the second season have no problem putting everything into motion now. I can see our main character, Phoenix Wright has truly developed and matured in this season, its very cool to see how he acts read more
Sep 11, 2019
If you are a meticulous literature story/lore person and take everything seriously, this is not for you. Stay away from it. but if you want to find light and warm entertainment and not a very serious person, I HIGHLY SUGGEST YOU THIS SERIES!

For starters, I never play the game before, I don't know any single thing about whats Ace Attorney. The only thing I remember was around 8-10 years ago I occasionally saw thumbnails of the main character at youtube and several meme site.

Anyway, last week I came across the dvd dual audio and decided to watch the series, in English by the way. I read more
May 1, 2014
[zion] (Manga) add (All reviews)
This manga is pretty mediocre all in all.

I've just completed it...left me in very bad mood..well I try to write a review as polite as I can,
and compress everything into very simple review.

Story: 4/10
This manga consist of 3 volumes and the first volume is quite interesting which it able to captivate me to progress my read onto the sequel. It has a good starting. The climax is pretty much half-of-non-cliche. As it progress to the end however , it becoming something very horrible. HORRIBLE. Its sad for something potential as this story turns out to have atrocity-ending. You will be able to read more
Dec 21, 2012
Have you watch the anime of K-project? If you do , I really suggest you to read this manga!

This manga , 'K-Memory of red' is a prequel to the anime K-project and it revolves around the story of HOMRA (its obvious since the title is 'RED' :b)

The flow of this manga's story is well plotted and arranged,there even no cliffhanger at all! and the story is not really 'cliche'(I rarely found any when I read it) .I really like how they present the members of HOMRA past one by one but the story should have been inserted with a bit more detail in each read more
Oct 6, 2010
Alright Time For A Short Review !
(I don't know but i always sad when i watch anime's ending)

This is just a short review and please forgive me if my english went bad!

Story : As it drive you to the epicness , it shows and answered some of the questions
that was left behind on FSN series. Well, they use some of same scene a little from the series
but still EPIC. The story is all about ARCHER with his related ideals so named Shirou.What i'm trying
to say , the storyline is not same as the series.One more , sorry but i found out that was read more