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Dec 29, 2017

Inuyashiki is a story with incredible depth and nuance. It starts out as this series that really rips and tugs at the heart with Inuyashiki dying because of cancer and wanting to never die. The show then shifts gears just as you know enough about him to focus on pretty much anyone else other than our titular character. Being 11 episodes I’m surprised at how deep the story went, you have these incredibly nuanced topics like; death, sacrifice, murder, but along with that we have hope. And hope is something I didn’t expect this series to have so well sprinkled throughout. Just when the series read more
Dec 14, 2017

From a story perspective MMO Junkie is a well paced one, it’s just 10 episodes too so it’s such a quick series to complete and get through. And because of its 10 episodes the story really nails down MoriMori pretty well. She’s our main character, and it’s about her really trying to find herself again, and take that next step to find love as well. MMO Junkie takes a bunch of genres like Romance and Slice of Life and somehow takes that and blends it into gaming and creates a romance anime with a modern twist to it. It’s unique because this kind of story read more
Dec 14, 2017

Sword Art Online is an anime that has stood the test of time surprisingly well, just 5 years after this anime came out it has spawned a sequel anime and a motion picture film which came out in 2017 called Ordinal Scale. The one thing I found about that film is that everyone liked it as well, which surprised me, since this anime… well the story isn’t so good. And immediately off the bat, the most noticeable problem with this anime is its random pacing. The series starts off pretty well, introducing you to the characters at a pace which is pretty normal for most read more
Nov 30, 2017
Shield Hero is one of those going in I wasn’t really sure what to expect since it was based off a Isekai Light Novel series. And at the time I had also just got done reading about 16 chapters Arifureta which was basically every Isekai trope ever. So I wasn’t too keen on reading yet another Isekai, but at the same time I was open minded enough to give it a shot, and also because Condifiction is pretty darn good at recommending me only the best Anime and Manga. But I do want to say right now that this is an incomplete review, the manga read more
Nov 23, 2017
To start off here, I hate to give this a score, I'm not really a Light Novel specialist. So this review score is an 8/10 because it's the Average on MAL.

Anyways, .hack//AI Buster is my first true fore into the ".hack//" series. Before reading this, it's been pretty much since 2002 (this year this came out) since I've experienced anything from this series. But I was glad to be recommended this, this is a FANTASTIC Novel. Mind you, I'm more talking about Vol 1. as that's the best part, but Vol 2. is okay as well, maybe not the best Novel ever though. The reason read more
Nov 20, 2017
Life isn’t easy, there are many things that get thrown at you whether you’re prepared or not. But you learn to move one and grow from each experience. Sometimes you find love in these moments life will either give you the worst, or if it works will you give you something that you should cherish forever. But life will keep throwing, and you have to keep catching or the love you have will be lost or even worse. This is what Natsu no Zenjitsu, or in english The Day Before Summer, tries to get across to its readers. It tells a story where a struggling read more
Nov 15, 2017
Clannad (Anime) add (All reviews)
Recommended to us by AnimeKoala on Twitter, Clannad is an anime I’ve been aware of for a long time, and for it’s Visual Novel even longer. Even when I wasn’t consuming anime, had heard about this anime, maybe not specifics like if it was good or bad, but just passing words here and there. And now some 7 years later, I was recommended the show and am now finally able to sit down and really view it and take it all in. To be honest, I had only heard amazing things from this show, it has an 8.2 on MAL, and it’s received critical acclaim read more
Nov 14, 2017
It’s not every day a subscriber or anyone recommends you a manga of this caliber. You see shortly before reading this manga I read the manga Oretama. But a subscriber has recommended me a manga that surely should be considered a Hentai… yet it is not a Hentai, it is in fact a normal manga with a story. That being said, do not read this if you’re under the age to do so it is incredibly graphic. But I will say this, if you do choose to read this, it’s a short manga that is pretty funny all things considered.


You Are Dirty, My Queen read more
Nov 13, 2017

Starting off with the characters we have Kobayashi, a 25 year old woman living with multiple dragons. She works a normal boring desk job and is friends with Saiyaka, an Otaku just like Kobayashi. Kobayashi also has had a sort of falling out with her family some time ago, not really talking about her family, or even her past. She seems to be melancholic, and a very lonely woman until Tohru comes around, who she immediately takes a liking to. Although Kobayashi does have a problem with expressing the way she truly feels emotionally, she does seem to be a good person at heart and read more
Nov 13, 2017
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid has easily been the most surprising series all around. From episode 1 I was hooked, and now that the series is over, I am very sad. You see, if I’m being honest here, this is one of the first new anime I’ve loved, truly loved since… I wanna say Attack on Titan which came out in 2013. Now I do want to say that this series may not be as good as a lot of anime out these days, but the fact that for me it came out of nowhere and told an incredible funny, entertaining, lighthearted story in just a read more