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Dec 22, 2017
Disclaimer: I have not seen the 2003 series.

Kino no Tabi, or Kino's Journey, is a one cour series about someone named Kino who travels between countries and experiences different cultures. It's episodic and adapts different independent stories from the Light Novel series it is adapting. It's a complete re-adaptation of the Light Novel series, and is entirely independent of the 2003 series.

The stories of each episode presented in Kino's Journey are quite interesting. Kino usually visits a country and stays for three days, and observes the odd customs and events the country has. Usually the stories present something normal at first glance, and then try read more
Dec 6, 2017
I didn't know about this manga or this short before, but after I caught up with the Fall 2017 anime I found out about it and became very interested in it. This is a promotional video made several years before the anime with a very different style.

1. Story- 5/10

Not bad honestly, and it couldn't help the extremely short time lenghth-the a of the story was decent. We were given a brief presentation of the atmosphere-mostly a mysterious drama with plenty of action, and bits of both comedic and tragic moments sprinkled within-but not much else. But yeah, there wasn't much there to learn read more