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RainyRai Jun 21, 6:42 AM
shocking information: flcl progressive is actually of the not very good variety
AngryAlchemist May 27, 12:05 PM
So I just finished it and I have to say ... I think the anime was kind of redeemed for me. It's still not as great as I was hoping by the first few episodes, but I really enjoyed it (6 is a good score for me). I loved the Twin's backstory when it was fleshed out - some things like how the girl became a barrier weren't explained well (or ... at all?) but the overall backstory of the Twins was pretty entertaining to view even if it wasn't that original. I don't know what it was but when they hinted at their backstory a few episodes ago the dialogue and acting felt too cliche, cheesy, and forced for me to like it. But when they actually dedicated a full video to it? Yeah, it was pretty good.

The last episode was a sensational overload. And I loved it precisely because of that. There were small things that annoyed me (those quick changes in tone in Shounen always make me really confused as to character's actions, like when Leonardo shouted to the sky and all the sudden the brother is just waiting on Leonardo, or when the sister wakes up but to the brother she looks like a ghost), but overall it was pretty fantastic. I'm a big sucker for those "I'm glad I have all my friends blaha blah blah" speeches and it felt appropriate that all of the members where helping Leonardo get to the watch tower, very cool, almost reminded me of how FLCL showed off all its characters on the last episode.

Overall it was a high 6, so it's a good show for sure.
AngryAlchemist May 26, 5:50 PM
I wouldn't even say I dislike it now mind you. I honestly thought it was surprisingly good at first (especially because I don't like Trigun .. lol). We'll see man, I think I'm just too cynical for my own good lol
AngryAlchemist May 23, 6:29 PM
So ... ANYWAYS, what I was going to say is ...

At first, Kekkai Sensen was impressing me. It executed things in such a way that even if it wasn't hugely original, it felt like a significant step up from other shounen. The first time the main character is in trouble - he's already fighting back and trying to be a valuable member of the team, and he doesn't make himself look like an ass while doing it. Just two episodes after he meets his love interest (which admittedly looks a hell of a lot younger than him) he is already making a move. The characters early on were fairly enjoyable as a whole and had designs that, while somewhat simplistic, were good and worked.

In particular, as an episodic series - it was pretty good thus far. It didn't do that thing that a lot of episodic shows do, where the first 7-8 minutes are just set up for the good stuff, and then the last 3-4 minutes feel like a contrived way of wrapping up the stories. It felt like it recognized that such a cycle wouldn't work in it's favor, so it just had one or two minutes of set up and then immediately went into the good stuff. What I like about this approach is that it builds the world without the need for exposition. I read a lot of comments on the episode were Klaus was playing the board game that basically went "I don't know what the fuck is going on". In fact, I read those comments on almost every episode of the show - and the entire time I cringed, because nothing in the show was even confusing but because it didn't slow itself down significantly people were somehow confused. Frankly, I really like the fact that they get into the good stuff pretty quickly, especially because none of the stories told are highly original or complex.

The animation, art, and music is all pretty great too. Especially the amount of detail they put in the show, almost feels like an OPM before OPM set the standard for that kind of stuff (too bad the action scenes and directing aren't nearly as good though). I think the music is a bit too .... hollow? Especially when compared to it's contemporary jazz tracks, but it's nice to have a soundtrack that resembles Baccano! in a shounen New York setting. As I hinted at earlier, the setting is also pretty praise worthy. I like the concept a lot of basically a battle royal city and it's nice to have episodes like the burger one that really flesh out what it's like for ordinary citizens.

..That's ... about where my praise ends ...

I feel like I have this way too often with series, a turning point of sorts that makes me start to despise the series. I don't really think this got "bad" per say, but it sure as hell got boring and a little too generic. The last few episodes just haven't been that good - the one about the boxing in particular was probably the worst episode in the series, because it was anti-climatic and didn't make a unique dent in the series at all. It felt like the obligatory fighting ring episode that every show has to have ... for some reason. The episode after that was pretty funny (i'll get to this later). The episode after that ... where they unveil the backstory of the two twins ... was utter shit. Like seriously, I almost visibly cringed at how bad the dialogue was during the flashback scene. It's the kind of thing that someone would write if they were completely new to anime and wanted to start a series.

It's sad because I thought the girl was ok ... decent waifu for the main character i guess. But adding the brother in the equation just made shit way too edgy. The main group of enemies seem so weak and poorly thought out that I have no interest in where the series is going. None of this would matter except the problem is there was already one or two weak episodes in the first half. And when I really look back on it, a lot of the enjoyment from the series is jokes that while funny probably won't hold up upon rewatch, or especially knowing where the series is going. So that means that episodes like the one where Zapp only destroys the monster because he wants to have sex with a girl, now feel completely worthless. Especially when there's like two jokes in the entire episode. When you rely on paper thin entertainment to make a series special, you have to make sure what's surrounding it doesn't burst like a bubble ... is what I guess I'm trying to say?

I don't know, maybe I'm too cynical but I'm pretty disappointed ... maybe the last three episodes will turn it around though!

AngryAlchemist May 23, 3:29 PM
Im on mobile and I was writing a hige detailed comment avout Kekkai only to have my phone fuck up and erase it.
AngryAlchemist May 23, 12:41 PM
I've seen both shows, lol. I didn't like the ending of Samurai either.
AngryAlchemist May 23, 10:28 AM
How is Samurai Champloo holding up to Bebop?
Shaking807 May 23, 10:24 AM
Hey! So honored to be thought of as the big S;G fan!

So I actually played the S;G0 VN when it came out so I know what to expect and I while I had more problems with S;G0's VN than S;G, I'm enjoying the anime adaptation so far. I think they're doing a good job of combining the routes to make it into one cohesive story that doesn't really feel super VN-ish. I really like the darker tone and how it shows the psychological trauma Okabe is suffering from due to the events of OG S;G. I'm also appreciating how Mayuri is getting more subtle characterization in her attempts to take care of Okabe without him realizing it. I can definitely see the production value/character design complaints but I don't think the story isn't engaging due to lack of time-traveling at all especially since we've had very intense scenes happen from the start and now we're at a really thrilling part at the end of episode 6.

So it's different than the OG series for sure but I think it's starting off really well far and I'm really enjoying it!

I'm SO bad at keeping up with airings but I'm loving this season a lot! Along with Steins;Gate 0, I'm really loving Wotakoi (probably my AOTS and new favorite romance)! I'm also really enjoying Golden Kamuy, Megalo Box, and new LotGH! I'm currently catching up on Hinamatsuri too which has been pretty fun!

What do you think of it so far?
cnolteanime May 22, 11:27 AM
You're welcome and yeah Hinamatsuri freaking hilarious.
SuperStarfox64 May 22, 10:25 AM
Ippo seems very hype from what i've heard about different fights in the show, but if i'm being honest I can't wait to watch them both because Megalo Box has been so good this season.

> Think I'm gonna start GLT tonight, been hearing good things and I think I'm in the perfect mindset for it right now.

I've said it before and i'll say it again I hope you have fun with learning about an ancient way of life and civilization from your potato tour guides :)
SuperStarfox64 May 21, 5:05 PM
I thought I had it on my ptw when I added Ippo, but just added. I probably wont start it too soon due to a large queue of shows added up, but I have loved a lot of the older shows that I have seen(and this seasons Megalo box) so I can't wait to start on it!!

> Whoa Joe from Megalo Box is on your favorites list already

There is technically a reason for that, but regardless he has been a very enjoyable protagonist this season and Megalo Box has been a very fun show to watch. Just want to say thanks for the Recc!
Smurf May 21, 3:00 PM
Mainly because I didn't care about most of the characters (Guts and Casca were the only good ones), and it was far too slow, taking forever to do anything.
RainyRai May 18, 1:28 PM
because I'm reading the manga
also because the 70s anime does have some good bits (I watched a later episode to see how one of the boxing matches went) but I'm not willing to slog through the entire thing just to see the good stuff when I can read the manga and get only good stuff all the time.

I will try watching Ashita no Joe 2 because I think it may be more up my alley, after I finish reading the manga.
RainyRai May 16, 2:58 PM
Aw, thanks man, really does mean a lot. It was some decent fun to write with editing help from my friend Exanimem (I think you know him) after we watched the whole thing together when it came out. The most fun I got out of that show at all...

I'd like to write more stuff, reviews or not, for anime, but there's not many things I could talk about that haven't already been said better imo.
SuperStarfox64 May 16, 9:40 AM
If i'm being completely honest I think last season(Winter 2018) wasn't very good at all, so having this season pop up was a breath of fresh air due to there being so many shows that I like. Everything on my currently watching list I am really enjoying in one way or another, and the same goes for the shows I had to put on hold due to summer classes now getting in the way. A top 3 is too hard for me to do right now because I don't want to leave a few off, so my top 5 have to be S;G 0, Comic Girls, Megalo Box, Hinamatsuri, and MHA S3. I still haven't really caught up to a fair bit of shows though.

Thanks for asking my thoughts and I'm glad we share a good bit of our favorites this season!! Wotakoi is also very fun so far.