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Kekkai Sensen & Beyond OVA
Kekkai Sensen & Beyond OVA
7 hours ago
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Gintama.: Shirogane no Tamashii-hen - Kouhan-sen
Gintama.: Shirogane no Tamashii-hen - Kouhan-sen
Oct 21, 3:34 PM
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Oct 20, 1:11 AM
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Oct 21, 4:12 PM
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Koe no Katachi
Koe no Katachi
Oct 12, 9:16 PM
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Oct 11, 11:10 PM
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RainyRai 3 hours ago
Hopefully you'll enjoy the narrative more than I did; regardless of everything the fun stuff is still really fun.

And yeah, the TV series looks great, some fantastic sakuga just like the OVAs. Yoh Yoshinari directed the TV series and films, I don't exactly know the influence he had for both. Iirc one of them he let other staff show off more and the other he had more direct control over, but don't quote me on that. Regardless, he's a fantastic animator, did many notable cuts for Evangelion, FLCL, Gurren Lagann, and more, one of my absolute favorites. So I'd be really interested to see anything else he ends up directing.
Fluggyboi 5 hours ago
ho ho ho, who might you be to send me a friends request?
Artrill 7 hours ago
I have Texhnolyze on my radar and on my PTW, I'll be sure to get around to it at some point.
RainyRai Yesterday, 1:29 PM
The narrative isn't very good and drags everything else down with it, I would have preferred the series as pure episodic/SoL shenanigans with imaginative fun magic shenanigans. Cause the episodes I like the most are just that, fun imaginative magic shenanigans with endearing characters. And the episodes I don't like are either boring magic shenanigans or a sucky plot. The beginning is a bit shoddy as well.

I basically just wanted it more like the films, and less like what it was going for. I can respect it for trying to do what it did, but the bad stuff sticks out in my mind.
SuperStarfox64 Oct 21, 9:44 PM
I added it to my Watching list and look forward to watching :)
RainyRai Oct 21, 5:11 PM
Yeah same here, from what I've seen only dislike Diebuster and Honneamise (and imma try to make myself like diebuster) whereas with Trigger I only really adore what Imaishi has directed. The LWA films are fun but I didn't like the TV series, Inferno Cop is funny but not much more, Kiznaiver a disappointment, and Franxx a living nightmare.

Gridman I've been meaning to try but I'm planning on watching it with the same friend I watch Franxx with and at this rate we watch like anything so it's a very slow in progress.
RainyRai Oct 20, 10:16 AM
I'm loving the characters too, mainly Narumi, he remind me of Tora with his sort of personality (helps that they have the same voice actor doing a similar voice) yet he also already has a striking enough character and personality to differentiate himself completely.

Kiznaiver is an interesting beast. First of all, the art style does look fucking gorgeous, I love the character designs and how they're animated in the show. It'd probably have my favorite visuals of any Trigger show if Kill la Kill wasn't a love letter to my eyes.

I was grabbed by some of the characters at the start, I was a big fan of Chidori, and I do still kind of like some of them (Chidori, Mari, Nico) but the rest lost me if they ever did have me. The story just kind of sucks by the end and Katsuhira was drop dead boring which really hurt since he was related to meat of everything. It couldn't deliver on anything for me.

tell me your thoughts on episode 9 btw from memory that was the best episode by far, and of course anything else you want to mention when you finish.

As for Mari Okada in general, idk how I feel about her. My thoughts on Kiznaiver and Anohana are pretty similar, I only watched 3 episodes of Maso-tan and while I quite liked some parts I really disliked other parts. I don't really have a strong opinion on her though.

I had a similar goal but I've been stuck on not watching Ninja Slayer or Inou Battle. Ninja Slayer is a meme show but 12 minute episodes... and I doubt Inou Battle would have anything interesting going to separate it from any light novel adaptation though I wouldn't mind being proven wrong.
Smurf Oct 20, 3:19 AM
It's pretty great. My second favorite of the season so far behind Double Decker (not counting sequels). I agree that the second episode was a little slow, but I think the main trio has good chemistry that will only improve as we go, I'm interested in learning more about what they want the kid for, and the action has been great.
RainyRai Oct 19, 5:01 PM
First episode was alright. I think I remember the dialouge being fun. It's got mecha I guess but otherwise I don't think it's very much like GL. Certainly very different though, worth a shot.

What were your thoughts on Karakuri Circus episode 2 btw? I still enjoyed it, though I was not a fan of how Shirogane was being presented. I read that she'd get actual clothes at some point in the discussion thread so hype for that because it means she'll be wearing something not ugly & won't get her body outline focused on.
JRads47 Oct 14, 8:00 AM
Hey thanks for accepting my request!
RainyRai Oct 14, 6:58 AM
alternative raws still haven't been subbed

I mean this is pretty standard fare but I'd hope after a month someone would have subbed it. I don't know if anyone is even trying to in the first place.

An anno directed FLCL spiritual sequel would be cool, Anno and Tsurumaki seem really close as well considering their relationship with Eva and the Busters.
RainyRai Oct 13, 11:57 AM
I don't know the copyright laws regarding Foo Fighters or like... anything. A Foo Fighters song would be really cool though.
RainyRai Oct 13, 9:26 AM
Probably what Stand names got referenced into the Part I guess so like, Foo Fighters, Queen, stuff like that. Dunno how likely a song by any of them is likely to get in there.

I like all the previous EDs myself but the visuals are a big bonus for some of them.
RainyRai Oct 12, 8:38 PM
The ED song is... acceptable even though I think it's not really that good. I hope to god it changes though, the visuals suck too.
RainyRai Oct 12, 2:54 PM
also glad to see you enjoyed Karakuri Circus's first episode! It's certainly similar to UTT in some ways but it has it's own flavor to it already. I'm really excited to see where it goes.

btw the new jojo OP is god tier