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Mar 13, 2018
This show is a good example of how important good characters are. A.I.C.O.: Incarnation is visually fantastic with an intriguing story, but it falls flat when it comes to characters.

Not only does it fail to properly introduce them, but each and every one of them are so badly written it's pathetic.
For starters, we are given no reason to care about any of them. There are a few "emotional" scenes in this show that are clearly supposed to be tearjerkers, including a death and some drama. But, listen, nobody's going to cry over a character they don't care about!
"Oh no, this character that I forgot read more
Nov 5, 2016
The only reason I watched this anime in the first place is because I'm a fan of Monster High, the doll line. I'm a collector of them. And, seeing my beloved characters turned into anime, I have to say it was cool to see. But, as it's meant for kids, I can't say it was... good. Each episode is very short and each one is simply a comedic sort of story.

Story: 5, Mediocre
There's not much of a story in the first place. Like I stated before, each episode is its own comedic gag, in a sense. An event happens and that's that. Nothing read more
Oct 30, 2016
The biggest flaw for this anime were the characters. They were really annoying and pretty idiotic-- there were only two characters out of the nine main ones that I had no problems with.

As far as the horror factor goes, there was nothing that made me jump out of my seat, but it certainly had that creep factor to it. I couldn't sleep the night I watched it.

And as you'd expect from the title CORPSE Party, it's extremely gory and bloody. From innards spilling out to eyes being stabbed and torn out, if you can't handle even a little blood you really shouldn't watch this. read more