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Oct 1, 2013
In some ways its the classic find-the-killer mystery. But not only do the kids have play "who done it" but they also have to figure out who the mastermind is. The situation they are in amplifies the suspense.

The art was cool. The dramatization of the blood was unique and fit well into the story. The art does change when it comes to punishment time but it was still good art. Each character was very much different from the rest and I never really mixed any of them up.

There are a couple of unexpected surprises but they work into the story and make the characters more read more
Jul 6, 2013
In the begining, I kept confusing side characters and it was hard to get into but once I figured out the rhythm of the story I started to enjoy myself.

The story line itself is good, the main character is battling with the world around him and killing the "monsters" while having to deal with his own personal crisis of being a "monster" himself.

There is love in it but it is not sappy "puppy love" nor is it lustful like so many romance novels. The love is woven well into the story and at some points it is very noticeable and sometimes it takes a back read more
Apr 20, 2013
In the begining I really enjoyed it but once the second part started I began to hate my favorite character because to me he wasn't the same one that made him my favorite. There are still hints of what he use to be but its not the same.
At the begining of the second part I was lost and confused because there's a serious lapse of time and you aren't told what is going on until like five chapters later and when I finally figured out what happened I became pissed.
So over all first part good and I'm waiting for something to redeem the second part.
Mar 7, 2013
This is the only anime where I went back and watched it again after finishing all the available episodes.
None of the characters are stupid, whiney, or helpless and while they are all tough independant characters that enjoy messing with Black Rabbit they also have a kinder side to them.
The story line is relatively open, no this is the bad guy we will defeat it or we have no storyline at all so lets just do random stuff.
There is some mystery added in which I find to be a plus as long as it isn't overwelling the story. And the comedy kept me laughing or smiling read more