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EtnaEraclea Jun 3, 2017 4:31 PM
Hey sweetie.
I am so sorry for your experience. Yeah i didn't have a chance to say goodbye to my brother either because it truly was so damn unexpected. That sucks. Big time it does.
No worries sweetie, no rant at all. You can talk to me about that (and everything else) whenever you feel like it. Absolutly no worries.
You know i'm atheist and mostly i don't believe in much but my mom is budhist and made me know budhism so i can say i do share some of the beliefs of it, like reincarnation. I like to believe in something like that after death.
And, i dunno.. maybe "something" or "someone" protects us somehow in someway and is really "here" with us.. that'd be reassuring to think, especially if that "something" would be someone we love and miss. But this is surely part of a bigger discussion that surely would have many unknown points in it. So let's just leave it at that..

Eww that's bad.. health, conditions, salary, hours.. that's really a pity that it wasn't a better situation.. even more so if the job itself was what you loved.. i'm sorry Sayuchan.. i think working a job you love (or at least like) is one of the most important things that would stress you lesser than a normal job and make your life more fullfilled, but when you have such job and things around it are definitely not the best it just gets worser. And gosh that boss sounds awful, it's terrible to hear that bosses like that are still existing and behaving like they are doing the right thing and keeping on doing it.. Yeah you do that sweetie, don't regret it, i too strongly believe you made the right choice as well by leaving. Health is the very main thing to care about.
And i have faith that, like you managed to find a job you loved the first time, you will manage to find something else that you like in the future; just, i cross fingers that the next time will be in way better conditions.
Hell, i don't love my job but i was jobless for quite too many years without finding one that i do respect my job, even tho i don't like it. But yeah, working a job you don't like it, i can assure you it does give you stress. "But again, i'm not spitting in the plate i eat" it's just that quite some of the customers drive me crazy lots of time and i grown esponentially white hair (i'm not kidding, litterally) since i have this job, among other health stress related things.. so yeah, my point is, better take a job you at least like! At the very least, a good thing about this job is that allow me and my husband to have enough money to live on our own, that's the best thing for sure.

Glad to hear your recovery is fully complete by now, but sure, better be safe than sorry, so don't rush up things if you are abit uncertain on some moveements

Yeah i get that.
I moved on from anime too like a decade ago, but then i fallen back again in the anime hole XD
It's a good thing then that we found eachother on tumblr :3 at least there's that.
Agreed agreed, let's do that! ♥
Speaking of Momochan, she recently convinced me to install instagram and i'm posting japan travels pics everynow and then (with totally no good followed timeline, but still. if u'd like to see more pieces of my japan travels, as of now, u can surely find more of them than the ones on tumblr XD;; sooo~ if you have insta just tell me ne! ♥)

Awww so not app-friendly phone, for now at least. :< Ok ok, just tell me when you'll have another one that is more app friendly XD so we can have LINE! Yay!

Yup, will do it! I'll try my best not to die at least. XD well now that i can msg you from tumblr-phone will surely be easier
Hihi no worries, you know, i'm lazy too. And i found out my lazyness additioned to the tireness from work make a really bad combo xD;; /fail etna

Anyways, biiiiiiiiig hug to you too!
Nezumi_EVE May 29, 2017 5:25 AM
Thanks for the Cards :)
shdwpny May 26, 2017 11:39 PM
Thank you!
Nezumi_EVE May 15, 2017 6:53 AM
Thanks for the Delivery :)
EtnaEraclea May 13, 2017 3:10 AM
Sayuchaaaaan Sweetie!!!
I'm so so so sorry to hear that you are going through a hard time.. My deepest condolences for your loss.. Nothing can ever fill that emptyness..
But i hope someday you will look back, thinking of this person, and smile even if with an inside huge bite of sadness in your heart.. because we are really powerless and we can't do much else.. To me it took a very, very long time, but now i'm able to do that. Although it's still very bittersweet thinking of my brother.. I loved him so much.. You know sometimes i have a feeling like hearing his voice when there's absolute silence, most of people will think i'm just stupid, but i seriously believe that our loved ones look onto us and somehow protect us. I have had quite a very few occasions where it looked like "something" was protecting me over some bad luck. So i truly believe in something like this. Gomen if it sounds like insane blabber to you. Just wanted to share.
Also, wow, Lost job too? And injury? My gosh, this is really a bad time for you. Yeah there are that times where it seems like every single bad thing gather togher with the others all at the same moment. In such moments you feel like exploding. Cuz it's just too much.
I'm sorry sweetie. It's not easy to find a job, nowadays, with the crisis that is out there, but i'll super cross fingers for you to find one soon. And one that is good without shitty bosses or coworkers or low paycheck. I hope the injury is not too bad and that you'll manage to heal sometime soon >w< Yeah, you hold on, you do that! Strong Sayuchan. That's the way.
Oh thank you dear for the bday wishes! i swear didn't write to you to receive them XD i was just popping in MAL and replying couple of comments and i thought about you so i wanted to say hi to you! But super thanks for the wishes still! Well, yeah, i still use MAL but mainly to update my lists, it's true that i have been (and still am) quite inactive community-like-talking. My time for that is kinda over i think. Anyways, comments and pm, i still read those! and use mal to see infos on anime
Yeah, i sort of have tumblr but use it even lesser than MAL but i have installed it on my phone so i do receive some notices occasionally if people i follow post something and when i click it just doesnt show me, it must be my phone weird XD; /epic fail but still i can go to the homepage and take a peak. I assume (never tried tho) that if i'd receive PMs would work the same and send me a notification on the phone too. So i think it can be arranged, yeah, sure. you can find me here yesss i'm super predictable XD although, i also had 2014 japan travel blog and 2016 second travel blog buuuuut life happend (work, lazyness and tumblr eating my posts thrice [pissing me off so much] happened) and i kinda... emh... still have WAY TO GO to finish them. /Fail Etna -- On the other side i also madethis one here for the tvshows that are specially amazing if you'd ever need a tvshow advice just ask XD But i dont remember if you are into tvshow addiction
Wowowowowow! Really? Totally abandoning MAL? ;W; Hnnn that's also sad. Then i truly hope to catch you on tumblr. Add me! and tell me your nick XD by the way, you dont happen to have LINE, do you? Me and Momo both use it. it's kinda adorable with stickers and all or, otherwise, maybe you have whatsapp? (it's the western version of LINE for us europeans XD altho uglier tho) Just saying~
Yaaay /huge hug again.
EtnaEraclea May 8, 2017 12:08 PM
Hey sweetie~ How are you doing????
It's been so long since we last talked ;W;
I also wanted to tell u that i'm no longer on skype because my account exploded basicly a few months ago x__x
So it would be great if we'd find another way to keep in touch ♥ well that's my two cents at least
Huge hug from italy!

ps i also hope u still read ur comments sometimes here and there XD; otherwise i'm just talking to myself u.u;;;
Samuelkun Feb 14, 2017 1:48 PM

delivery by Samuelkun
please thank him for his hard work

included here are all the cards I didn't/couldn't deliver from a long while back
took a while to upload but here it is..
all the cards from last year! ~1000 cards

if you have any problems, please leave a comment in this blog
I'll reply to it soon enough


-|| part 2 of 2: i to z ||-
Nezumi_EVE Feb 13, 2017 6:30 AM
Thanks for the card :)
Nezumi_EVE Jan 13, 2017 7:51 AM
Thanks for the Cards :)
Yorozuya-no-Yume Dec 17, 2016 2:44 PM
Thanks for the cards ^^
Nezumi_EVE Dec 8, 2016 5:42 AM
Thank for the Cards :)
Haru_27 Aug 12, 2016 5:15 AM
Thank you. ^^
Haru_27 Jul 20, 2016 3:03 PM
Thank you. ^^
Baman May 18, 2016 6:26 AM
Fallout 1-2 are isometric turn based RPGs, and pretty great with lots of cool classic RPG stuff, while 3+ are basically Elder Scrolls with guns, plays pretty much like a FPS with stats and stuff like the VATS for sniping off body parts in slow-motion. 3 is kind of meh but New Vegas is pretty good, haven't bothered playing 4 yet. Of course, they tend to be buggy as most thing Betheseda, so fanmade patches and console fixes are pretty important, and the mods are half the fun, so don't even consider any console port of them.

Not really, it was too much of a copy of the second one. Great effects and ragtag technicals though, I've been wanting to convert a giant bass truck for my 40k Orks ever since.
Baman Apr 7, 2016 3:10 PM
Yea, the DA classes were more varied at least, doubly so with the Origin stories. in ME I don't think I ever really played much other than Soldier.

Dual blasters were just broken. You could upgrade them to be ridiculously powerful, and then spam force power buffs to increase damage, accuracy and speed to keep moving out of range of melee enemies and rip them up with lasers and the occasional force lightning. For lightsabers, I think either dual wielding normal sabers or some form of two-handed single saber style was the best.
It's too bad they never made another KotOR game. I'd probably try ToRtanic if they'd only make a simple singleplayer version of it though.

They didn't really mean to make them sentient though. Looking at it from their perspective, they had a society built around advanced robot workers, and then suddenly they started to think for themselves. It's obviously a frightening prospect, just imagine the mayhem if our cars suddenly became sentient or something. And when you take into account the frightening self-evolving capabilities of a species of sentient robots, simply segregating them or trying to live together with them wouldn't be very realistic either.

If it turns out like in Mass Effect (Barring the terrifying parasitic nature of the Asari), it wouldn't be so bad of course. But who is to say it wouldn't turn out like Warhammer 40k instead? Massive military superiority would be the key to ensure our species' existence in any case, better safe than sorry. That's probably why I like 40k so much, the setting is such a great change of pace from the regular scifi stuff where humans are typically well-meaning and naive noobs. Somehow it just seems more realistic that everyone are selfish genocidal assholes.
I wish they'd make a Mass Effect style 40k game where you play as a Rogue Trader.

I don't know, just look at Betheseda, their games tend to be just as buggy on either platform, only difference being that on the PC you can actually fix them. And then you've got mods on top.
I have to upgrade my rig soon anyways, it's going on 8 years now and it's sadly starting to show. Bought Mad Max a while ago and was confused when it wouldn't launch properly, but then I checked the minimum requirements...