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VincentHarkonnen Feb 24, 11:36 AM
My personal greatest video game disappointment of the year. Just... Wow. This is why I still can't trust Kickstarter and have some doubts about Bloodstained's quality, even if that game, at the very least, is coming out on time.
VincentHarkonnen Feb 16, 9:54 AM
Space Dandy. Believe it or not, this character's name is actually Ton Jravolta :D Man, I'll never understand why people are scared of him, am I the only one who's looking at him with jealousy instead of fear? I'd totally love some cross promotion with Jravolta being a module for Kaito in the next Project Diva or something :D Reign: The Conqueror was actually pretty fun to me. I definitely liked the Aeon Flux-esque visuals. The problem with this show was that it was too bizarre to the point of overshadowing its own story. Kinda like David Lynch's adaptation of Dune.

I don't think you can sneak Siren Miku in, she's simply the type you just can't get rid of, always monitoring your mood so that she can report you to Dark Angel Miku if you won't find the fact that the cloud outside looks like a dick funny. But yeah, I love my new job :D We were even allowed to go gome at 2.30 PM today, despite of the fact that we're usually working until 5 PM. At least now I've got two days off, which means I can work on Project Diva F 2nd some more. Mos timportantly, I need more requests from the characters. *gives cooking set to Kasha Miku and stares blankly at the item event* ...okay, it's not working. Let me just give knitting set to Siren then and... OF COURSE. F 2nd's a dark game.
VincentHarkonnen Feb 12, 8:17 AM
My first day at the new job in a nutshell. This is the greatest job ever, you can take your time with everything, listen to music, watch YT, everything as long as you'll write your texts for the day in time. Also, because the guys who run the store are the most laid back people ever, my current avatar at the company is this, and literally nobody cared :D We can even go to the store across the street and get something to eat, while bringing food and drinks straight to our workplace. An I dreaming? Is this truly going to be my job from now on?
Brynhild Feb 9, 8:25 PM
Yeah, I know what you mean. It's a lot of time to just throw away due to a single thing. You'll get it eventually though. I'm rooting for ya. :D I try to play as many turn-based games as I can simply due to the fact that I'm losing so much interest in them. I like them for the most part, but Fire Emblem seems to be the only franchise that keeps my interest renewed in terms of gameplay. It's a shame, really. AHAHAH, yep. I totally agree. I always regret playing with permadeath on, in any Fire Emblem. Thousands of waifus have died due to my aggressive style of warfare.

While the settings themselves are pretty cool, a lot of the gimmicks themselves inside each of the dungeon annoy me and I just can't stand going through them. i'll go through like, one area, once I hit that story checkpoint, I pause and come back...whenever.

NISA just had their yearly press event tonight, and surprisingly they didn't announce Trails of Cold Steel 3. That makes me a little happy, since I'm still hoping that XSeed will pick up that and the PS4 remakes of 1 and 2 and release them all here so I can finally play them since I sold my Vita before I could get a run at em.

Oh, by the way, I FINALLY got my Digimon codes today. It's only been 3 weeks. I'd say tha's a record. And wow, what company did you order it from? That totally sounds like something that Gamestop or Amazon would do.

Hmm... I'd say my backlog is only like 30-40 games or so. Most of them are all JRPGs.... the time consuming type. So I doubt I'll whittle it down anytime soon. Oh, I could probably knock out Wolfenstein I+II and Evil Within I+II quickly if I could motivate myself to do it....

Ooooh, I was actually interested in getting the Radiant Historia remake. Probably one of the only 3DS titles outside of Fire Emblem I've been interested in at all in recent time. But, even that may die soon if the next big FE title happens to be a Switch one. yeah, I played the original Shadow of the Colossus yeaarrrrrsssss ago when I still still naive and young. I must've been like,what, 10, when it came out? The remake is absolutely lovely, though. I'd recommend it just for how beautiful everything is. Oh, Okami is worth it imo as well. It's an even better deal cause you can get it for $15-$20.
Brynhild Feb 4, 9:11 AM
I know right?! In my opinion it kinda just kills my love for the game since there's hardly any chance of be completing it at this point. I've learned my lesson to not spend as much time as I do on bosses like that. Haha. Hm.. I'm trying to think of what other games had ridiculous bosses as well to add to that list.... I know they're out there...

THANK YOU. I really just cannot get behind the dungeons in the game. I like the gameplay overall, but between the character arcs and dungeon designs, it's just not the same franchise I've come to enjoy in the past. Oh well. I'll just keep telling myself that I'll get around to beating it... eventually.

That's crazy. I can't believe that they fumbled that hard with parts of the international release. Their entire handling of the game was a disaster. I'll be surprised if they get another Falcom game after this. But that is strange, I don't see anything about the region saying "All" on my copy. Maybe I missed it though. "out of about 120" > Holy. Shit. That is a big backlog. I thought mine was large....

Unfortunately, I still haven't gotten my DLC, so I pretty much won't be getting it at this point it seems. How disappointing. I guess I really just need to stop pre-ordering games.

I'm hoping so as well! Though so far nothing too interesting has been announced. I've pretty much given up on 3DS at this point, I'd be more willing to invest in a Switch if they released some of the remakes on that. I also need to get a Switch for when SMT V releases. Some games I'm looking forward to are Sea of Thieves(I really enjoyed playing the beta with my friends, it served as a nice refreshing break from JRPGs....), Code Vein, Death Stranding, Ni No Kuni II, Shadow of the Colossus remake(which comes out tomorrow, yay!), Ace Combat 7, and The World Ends With You remake.
VincentHarkonnen Feb 3, 10:45 AM
Well, it doesn't look like I've got any other choice than importing it one day, I just don't know if I'll do it via Play-Asia or Ebay/Amazon. Whoever ships to Poland is fine, as long as they don't charge as much as Germans because the delivery is actually cheaper when it comes to countries like UK or France, while Germany always charges the most for the deliveries to Poland, despite of being right next to this place. Hell, I actually live in a city right next to the German border, it used to be a German city for a long time as well, but I still needed to pay more for the games imported from there compared to mangas I bought from the English stores. I wouldn't import a game normally because I don't know Japanese and playing the game with a translation opened on the PC is just sad, but IA/VT is indeed playable if you don't know Japanese at all.
Project Diva has earned its place. It's not going anywhere. Don't let me hear you say that again. Naughty. -> YOU'RE NOT MY MOM, SKYE. IT'S NOT A PHASE, OKAY? I CAN MEET UP WITH ANY FEMALE I WANT, I SWEAR THAT IA DOESN'T HAVE A BAD INFLUENCE ON ME, YOU JUST CAN'T ACCEPT HER BECAUSE OF HER HAIR NOT BEING MADE OF THE HUMAN TISSUE. *opens the window* I promise to have a primal, ball-slapping sex with anybody who can travel back in time and replace Miku with IA!
Though it makes me wonder why Sega hasn't used any other Vocaloids in Project Diva. I would think that would be a pretty popular idea.. -> Yeah, considering that they already covered every major Miku song in Future Tone, they are pretty much limited to either reusing the already used songs in the future games while adding like 5 new ones similar to what KOEI does in Dynasty Warriors or they can go for original songs. And that's if they'll decide to stick to Miku, because introducing other Vocaloids would definitely save their asses... except the other Vocaloids have already gotten their own games made by some other companies (at least I think that Gumi got a game as well), which immediately blocks Sega's access to these Vocaloids, unless some additional licensing talks would be made. And we both know that there won't be any talks. Sega will stick to the license until they'll milk it dry and then they will abandon it. Can you imagine the faces of fans who would've gotten Gumi's songs in one game, only for Sega to cover these songs once again in Project Diva? It would be a mess. Sega simply chose the most mainstream Vocaloids kids like because of memes and shit and they will stick to them for as long as they can. Which is too bad because the way they animate the music videos is simply gorgeous. Marvelous obviously did the best they could with IA/VT and it's definitely better than Senran Kagura: Bon Appetit, but it really shows that Sega has both experience and budget to make some top notch rhythm games. The same goes to the gameplay - IA/VT is still using the interface which is partially reused from Bon Appetit, with notes moving on the line (and even looking the same), except the said line actually takes different shapes in this game, which is always something. Still, Sega's chaotic notes in Project Diva were so good to me that I'll have a hard time playing a Vocaloid game without this mechanic :D

VincentHarkonnen Feb 2, 10:13 AM
Wow, they actually made the game about the best Vocaloid. I've got to say, I'm instantly hyped, can't wait to play it as so- *gets cockblocked by the game being Japan only because of the licensing* ...really? We're getting Atelier and Neptunia and even Drive Girls but this is too much? Seriously, this licensing crap is the new region lock - we got rid of one annoying blockade preventing you from playing the game because of where you live and then we introduced another. I'm this close to using my asshole as a musical instrument right now, that's how triggered I am.
JonatasHS Feb 2, 3:23 AM
Thanks for adding me, I like the animes you watch, I hope we can get many discussions about XD
ReignCasterRay Feb 2, 1:18 AM
It's a repost of a comment I made somewhere else.
Brynhild Jan 27, 6:47 AM
Ah, yeah. I know how you feel. It was like that for me as well, but once I got used to it and also got my Servans upgraded a bit, I got the hang of it. I actually don't think I even "completed" the first one... I got one of the endings, but one of the post-game bosses was reaaaally difficult for me and I ended up taking a break then never going back to it. Oh boy. The true boss for P4G was such an annoyance. I spent countless hours grinding new personas to try new methods every time I got my ass kicked. Hm, truthfully, it's because I lost interest in the story. There's one point in the story where a particular character becomes incredibly annoying. To the point where I didn't even want to play because their character arc is so long. Maybe I'll go back to it. One day. Maybe. After I clear up all the games on my backlog....*looks at massive stack of to-be-played games*....

Oooh, no, I didn't hear about that! So is the game still not officially released there, despite it bealy near a month and a half later? The US release was a clusterfuck as well. A lot of the retail stores her didn't even have it as an upcoming title till like the day before. And even then, their distribution for the game was so messed up that a lot of stores couldn't even get a copy from the distributor. But at least you got a copy. Let me know how you enjoy it.

There's a little bit of yuri subtones in Blue Reflection, but its not entirely blatant like in NoZ. I haven't started Digimon: Hacker's Memory yet, mainly due to the giant fumble Bandai has done handling the pre-order dlc. It took a few days after release for the DLC to even get activated on PSN, and now those of us who pre-ordered the game through Best Buy stores haven't even been given DLC codes yet, over a week later, and Best Buy has yet to say anything despite us being promised we'd get the codes. Granted, it's not gaming-changing at all if i dont end up getting the dlc, i just miss out on a couple cosmetic outfits and two exclusive digimon - Sistermon Ciel and Sistermon Blanc - but it's just an irritating situation.

But other than that I'm making the most progress in Tokyo Xanadu ex+, so i guess i'm enjoying that the most.

I'd love to be able to get into other shooters like i have been with Overwatch & Fortnite, but a lot of them I just get tired of quickly. I bought Star Wars BFII back at lauch, and enjoyed it, but after about 40-50 hours i havent gone back to it cause im just bored of it.

Are there any upcoming games you're looking forward to?
Brynhild Jan 23, 5:23 PM
Hahahaha, I can totally believe that. Just thinking back on that part of the game makes me want to scream curse words.

Oooh, how are you liking Nights of Azure? I finished the first one, but haven't gotten around to picking up the second one yet. And I never got around to finishing Persona 5, even though I really enjoyed it.

Right now, I've been going through Tokyo Xanadu ex+, Blue Reflection, and Digimon: Hackers Memory. I try to play other things besides RPGs when there's something that interests me. I play a lot of Overwatch and Fortnite on my Xbox, but outside of those two there aren't many non-rpgs I'm currently into.
Brynhild Jan 22, 9:10 PM
Yeah, I've tried it a little. I got further with it than I ever did by myself, but I still always manage to mess it up around ~5 minutes in give or take? Always near the end. Which is super frustrating. And yes, I love Kaine! :D What other games are you currently playing?

I'll add you when I get home tonight :D
Brynhild Jan 22, 4:49 PM
Haha, thanks :D

Oooh, lucky!! I still cannot complete the Route D ending to save my life. I suck at that rhythm game. Maybe one day...

Oh yeah, I'd totally love if they did a PS4 port/remaster for a Drakengard 1, 2, and 3 collection + Nier 1. I really want to go back and replay Nier 1, and finish Drakengard 3, but I don't have my PS3 anymore. Nier 1 is actually my favorite, with Automata a close second. Hmm, I'd normally recommend playing Nier, then Automata, since the gameplay in the latter is so much better, i've had a lot of friends skip over the first then not go back to it since the combat wasn't as great as it was in Automata. :(
VincentHarkonnen Jan 16, 10:13 AM
Nope, I just installed it and rubbed some boobs :) -> This should go amongst the magazine blurbs at the back of the game's cover :D
There's some games here that are only available physically like Blue Reflection and Valkyrie Drive. -> Oh wow, I actually bought Valkyrie Drive digitally in March last year, I didn't even know that Australia didn't get such option despite of sharing the same region as Europe. I wonder if it's also because of this very strict censorship you guys have over there.
Were the Spider Man games any good? -> Actually, they were. Admittedly, I will always say that the two Spider-Man games on the PSX were the best Spidey games ever made, but these two removed PS3 games, Shattered Dimensions and its direct sequel, Edge Of Time, were solid spiritual successors to the PSX games. At least the developers tried something new with these, by making Spider-Man team up with his alternate selves, with every single one of them playing differently. Plus they included two of my favourite Spider-Man incarnations in these games which were 2099 and Noir. When it comes to The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 though... Yup, this is where things started to go bad, while the first game was an okay sandbox title similar to Prototype, the second game was an unfinished mess rushingly released so that they could make it a launch title for the PS4, just like NFS Rivals. I'm definitely not going to miss these two, but Shattered Dimensions and Edge Of Time are still on my backlog, the problem is that these aren't exactly the newest games ever and they're very rare nowadays, with people selling the used copies for prices equal to the new titles. I guess it's fair, given their rarity. I'd also add Lego Marvel's Superheroes to the "good Spdier-Man games" pile, even if it wasn't exactly a title solely focusing on Spidey, but Lego games in general are very good, even if buggy and repetitive. Still loved it a ton.
Ah the good old days of games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. -> Hah, don't forget Capcom's Disney games, DuckTales is still a masterpiece :D
Was Wolfenstein 3D a main entry or spin-off? -> Oh boy, I get to talk more about Wolfenstein? Yeah! :D Wolfenstein 3D was the first "real" Wolfenstein game in the continuity and Id Software's beginning as the kings of First Person Shooters. The previous two Wolfenstein games were stealth/puzzle games completely different from what we generally know the series for. Wolfenstein 3D is basically a prototype of the original Doom (it came out in 1992, a year before the first Doom game), with soldiers instead of varied demons and very bland looking brick walls as the general environment. It did introduce the concept of over-the-top approach to the topic though, with the final fight featuring Hitler in a power armor with two gatling guns. Afterwards, the series moved on to the late '90s PC gaming with Return To Castle Wolfenstein, which was 50% military shooter and 50% horror game, being the most beloved and recognized entry of the series, so much so that the prequel to The New Order, The Old Blood, is based on this game. It also helped the series establish itself as the more interesting alternative to Medal Of Honor and Call Of Duty thanks to the supernatural elements, plus it was the first game in the series to introduce Deathshead - the main villain of the first game in the reboot series, who became a recurring antagonist in the original games thanks to Return To Castle Wolfenstein. And then the series left the mainstream gaming for years up until 2009 when they released a game simply titled Wolfenstein on the PS3 and... it was okay, but it's probably the most forgettable title in the series, being a rehash of the previous game - Deathshead comes back, he makes more zombies, plus we get the biggest evil of them all - Online Trophies. And then the series officially ended, until the reboot came out in 2015. I'd say it was a pretty good choice on Id Software's end by letting their developers cool down for this much time, considering that they're currently the saviors of the FPS genre - no modern game compares to Doom and Wolfenstein reboots when it comes to bringing the old playstyle back and still mixing it up with modern formula. But back to the topic, Wolfenstein 3D is a huge loss to the PAL region of PSN, at least because of its legendary status of being the game which popularized FPS as a genre. If it was avaible in our region once, why not do the extra bit of paperwork and bring it back? Then again, it's Bethesda we're talking about. At least Doom is still kicking, with the two compilations still being avaible. I'm still waiting for Rage 2 to get released one day, I don't know if you've heard of it before, but it was a PS3 game by Id Software which mixed FPS with racing and vehicular combat, being a one big tribute to Mad Max - you had this wasteland environment you needed to travel around in your car, with the locations being pretty well designed FPS levels, complete with amazing character animations and satisfying weaponry. And, of course, you could participate in races in towns, which allowed you to unlock upgrades for your cars. Really good game, but the ending was definitely its worst part - explains hardly nothing, comes out of nowhere and leaves you with nothing but questions. That's why so many people want this game to get a sequel, which might be a possibility, once they'll release that upcoming Quake reboot and probably follow it up with either Doom sequel (as Doom reboot ended on a cliffhanger note too) or the finale to Wolfenstein reboot. I will say this though, that Opening was straight out of Nier.
VincentHarkonnen Jan 16, 8:23 AM
*stares blankly at Skye's psnprofiles banner* ...I've just realized that you've started YET ANOTHER game with Peach Beach Splash. At this point, Okami and Doom will probably get pushed all the way to September 2036. Also, gotta love more legal crap - Transformers: Devastation got removed from PS Store because of the licensing issues, making it a physical-only title. I think I'm gonna go grab the copy now, I've been waiting for it to appear during one of the sales, but now I've got my answer. Still, there's no franchise which got screwed by legal stuff harder than Spider-Man - first they removed two games from the PS Store because of Activision losing the license, then the two The Amazing Spider-Man got removed recently as well. Oh, and Bethesda didn't renew their license for Wolfenstein 3D in Europe and Australia, so this title is only avaible in NA nowadays. Derp derp.