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Orange: Mirai
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Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen - Kibou-hen
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Orange: Mirai
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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
May 8, 5:24 AM
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Cold_coffee May 9, 4:08 AM
Oh thanks ^^. Nice, I see you like hell girl, it's one of my favs. I love yuno too, i like yanderes xD
Cold_coffee May 8, 8:34 AM
who is that in your profile picture?
renzospark May 4, 9:18 AM
You're welcome. That was my first experience watching anime in cinema, so i really focused into it... That's why i could found some things that seemed a bit off.

Yeah! Long Live Persona! xD
SonalG1988 May 4, 8:39 AM
As always, if you wanna talk then my PMs are open for you :)
SonalG1988 May 4, 8:19 AM
Aww! Well, don't go on just my reviews, though. It's possible you might really like what I hated, and vice versa.
We do have very different views :p
SonalG1988 May 4, 8:10 AM
I'm always okay 😂
I don't know what more to say, except I do hope things get better for you soon :)
SonalG1988 Apr 30, 11:02 AM
Hey. Long time. Haven't seen you online much. Life keeping you busy?
PutPasswordHere Apr 21, 11:32 PM
Oh! Didn't notice this until now, sorry.

I'd say up until chapter 60 or so it's pretty consistent in quality, and doesn't feel too stretched. People may complain about them having too much dialogue, or switching between character POV's, but I think it'd be boring if it was just action the whole time. I've read up until chapter 88, which is where the current problem is...

I guess the manga isn't very popular, as there isn't enough demand for consistent translation updates. It's a monthly manga, I believe, which is why the chapters are longer than a weekly one. For a while translations would only come out every two months or so, which was okay, but they're currently stuck on chapter 88, without having translated any more chapters since November. Sooo, I can't really answer your last question. I've heard from some people who have read it in their own language that they introduced new characters out of no where, and that the plot has taken a weird twist, not in a good way. I'd still like to finish it when the translations eventually come out, as I believe that most of the story is pretty good. If you're looking for a manga with a definitive ending right now, don't read it. If you don't mind reading it now and coming back to it when it eventually finishes, then give it a read.
sorry for the late reply! It was like 1:30AM when i first saw this and i was too tired to reply

So anyways, I don't think i can properly put it into words but I think i liked Punpun because it felt very real. It was different from other slice-of-lifes/dramas as it showcased both sides of the goods and bads of life (but obviously more of the bad side), same with the characters tbh. Like by the end of the story, I had a strong love/hate relationship with most of them, like I even thought Punpun's mother was one of my favs in it! I was able to sympathise more with each character's problems the more i read out about them, even though some of them were introduced to be like the most unlikeable people ever.

Yea but i can't deny that it was plain depressing tho, like I had the same feeling reading Punpun as I would if I were watching the news. One minute it's talking about how this one dog meme, next minute, 15 people die in a bus accident. I just really appreciate the somewhat realistic approach that the author takes to the genre, though i think it becomes a bit too depressing and unrealistic in it's final arc and everything leading to it. But I honestly just think it's the author's way of saying: "Don't follow the same mistakes as any of these characters, otherwise you'll regret it."

Also I can't deny that the author's style is extremely eccentric, but i kinda liked as it made the mundane slightly more interesting to read. But yea, it's clearly not for everyone and it puts off a lot of people. The author's other works are just as eccentric, i think. Like his most tame and least depressing manga would be Solanin. Even that is still quite depressing, though it's very uplifting and sentimental.
Brynhild Apr 8, 4:49 PM
I see you like Drakengard 3. You're awesome.
VincentHarkonnen Apr 8, 2:37 PM
Haha, nah, the character doesn't have to be too deep to be your favourite, as long as s/he's just hitting the right notes for you. Admittedly, I didn't like FF X that much (ironically, I found X-2 to be better, mostly because of the decent amount of content), especially compared to my favourite FF games which are IX and Tactics (even if Auron was definitely the best character in the game, what a badass, he even kicked ass in Kingdom Hearts 2), but Drakengard 3 is definitely the best out of the three games, it's nice to see that Taro decided to swap the Dynasty Warriors-esque gameplay for a more linear Devil May Cry-like Hack 'n Slash. The one thing I'd change in this game would be making more levels focused on Mikhail's on-rail shooting segments. The fight with Four was one of my favourite parts of the game, same goes to her blowing up that elven fleet, but we didn't really get enough of these levels.
Moving on to the Intoners, I think Three was indeed my favourite. When I started the game, I was expecting Five and Four to be my favourites, but like you've said, the DLCs changed everything. Three was just the most fascinating one to me, her backstory had a ton of potential, with Octa trying to make her more human because he felt sorry for her, but because he forgot to teach her about emotions, she's decided to look for the meaning of these by herself, turning into a clueless mad scientist in the process. That last segment of her DLC, when Octa finally realizes that she's a lost cause and decides to leave her with a broken heart was just amazing, too bad that most of his dialogue in the actual game was focused on his massive dong, because he was definitely my favourite Disciple along with Dito (who didn't have too much depth to him, I just liked how he kept pointing out Zero's idiocy at times while being a complete nutcase himself). Another thing was that Three was a very fresh take on a mad scientist theme, without a maniacal laughter or stereotypical labcoat, she was just a delicate girl who wasn't even that evil, just completely clueless about the world around her. This really makes me wish the game would've been about her instead. Moving on to the other Sisters, Five was pretty cool (definitely had the best theme song), but one thing I've noticed is that alot of people overlooked the fact that she actually started changing for better with time, as shown in the files you can unlock by levelling her up in her DLCs. At first she starts off shallow and pervy, but then we get to read that she actually started buying less pointless crap and started investing into helping starving children and buying books about humanity, only to read that the whole help towards children got cancelled because her death meant lack of funding. Thanks Zero, you're a true hero./sarcasm Still, her scenes with Dito were pretty hilarious as well, gotta love how at during the boss fight in her DLC the game does a good job at showing that despite of hating her, Dito is still just as deranged as she is, only towards completely different things. Makes me wonder how much he'd liked her after she would've grown up, probably not too much, considering that she raped him when he was a kid, hence his hate towards her. *cough* When it comes to Four, I'm just going to say that I love her design. This whole "Steampunk airship pilot" look is just cool as hell, especially combined with the fact that she's a melee fighter, my favourite kind of character in games like this :D But then we get to her personality and all we get is her being full of inferiority complex and acting like an angsty teen, hating on the whole world, herself included. Maybe she would grow out of this phase with time, but damn, was I disappointed in her. I've got to admit though, her DLC truly made me like Gabriella, definitely my favourite dragon in the series. Her sassy attitude was just hilarious, especially when she was completely losing it over how insane Four, Five and Three were when she had to work with them :D I definitely have more to say about her than about Decadus, definitely my least favourite Disciple - similarly to Octa, he's a nice guy who spends 95% of his dialogue on his character gimmick, but unlike our favourite old guy who once shoved a fairy up his ass and loved it, Decadus doesn't have any interesting relationship with Four. Hell, this one time he had an opportunity to react to his beloved Intoner killing a bunch of innocent elves, Gabriella just took this role. I guess it was probably intentinal to show that he wasn't aware of Four's true feelings, but it still made me like the guy the least, he just lacked any memorable scenes. Who's next... Ah, Two. I've got to admit, the ending portion of her DLC was easily the best part of the entire game, it was just Nier-levels of soul crushing imagery which makes you tear up while playing. Cheers to the voice actress for really nailing the hysterical screams as well, the only problem I had with the Homunculus boss fight was the music - they just start playing that rockin' theme over Two lamenting over the children she used to take care of and it just ruins the whole mood. Admittedly, they do swap it for the much more fitting piano music later on, but given that I was 15 seconds away from killing the boss when that song kicked in, I'd still say that the music choice for this part was really bad. As a character though Two is still my least favourite - she's just a kind girl who had the best life out of all of the Intoners, but, in typical Yoko Taro fashion, she had to get slammed in the face the hardest by the script for that. However, the text files you can read in her DLC do a great job at describing what Cent felt after Two snapped mentally and how terrible it was for him to take care of her, being torn apart between putting her out of her misery and still serving her. One is definitely the most charismatic Sister in my opinion, if I'd have to serve under one of these girls as a Disciple, I'd definitely choose her - this calm, collected personality of hers is just making me sympathise with her more than with Zero. Also, her design is a pure nostalgia factor, given how similar she is to Manah from the first Drakengard. And then we get to Zero. Oh boy, this girl. Completely unlikeable, but damn, did I laugh every single time her rashness and lack of patience screwed her over, she's like Duke Nukem in his classic games, the same tryhard hero who isn't too smart despite of all of his efforts :D And that's the reason why I like Zero despite of not finding her too pleasant - Taro wanted her to make you feel uncomfortable and he pulled it off perfectly, hell, at the very end, when she's about to pass away in Route D before the Flower blooms fully and you need to get through this terrible rhythm sequence, I actually started to miss her. That's not something you feel towards a character too often and Taro truly deserves a medal for Zero's character in that regard. If you'd want me to rank the Sisters from the best to worst, I'd probably go with this: Three>One>Five>Zero>Four>Two.
Last time that I played it something happened that freaked me out a bit lol, let me know if you want to know. -> Sure thing, as long as you want to talk about it :D Nier is one of my favourite PS3 games overall, loved the setting, music and the main cast of characters along with their voice actors. It's also the game which made me tear up when I was playing it when my friend came over, got to the part where Emil finally turns into that abomination we all know and love nd the moment her starts crying made me cry like a big man I am. *laughs* And it still wasn't the saddest part of it, wait 'till you'll get to the second playthrough, where you'll get to see the backstory of each boss. The story of that wolf monster was the saddest thing I've ever seen in a video game, the cruelty was just stunning. And that's also this one problem I had with Nier - there's too much drama. While a lot of it is well written, being bombarded with sadness from all directions quickly makes you feel tired of it to the point of not even getting emotionally invested anymore, despite of the game wanting you to feel bad because you're hurting others while trying to save your daughter. With that being said, I still love the game, it's not for everyone (I've seen a Let's Play once where the guy ragequitted while calling the game trash because he was bad at the fishing minigame, holy shit), but if you don't care about pretty graphics and deep gameplay mechanics and just want a good story, it's going to be right up your alley. Just make sure to have a box of tissues at the ready, otherwise you'll probably leave a salty puddle on the floor after every single boss backstory during New Game+.

I remember how Taro was asked about the difficulty of this boss in ther stream chat during one of the E3 events, and his answer was "because that is final boss". As hilarious as it was, I have to disagree, cheap bullshit isn't a final boss, it's just... well, a cheap bullshit (maybe Taro's comprehension of the "final boss" is equal to Three's comprehension of "emotion" and someone needs to help the guy). I'd prefer a bullet hell sequence where Mikhail needs to destroy all of th epetals of the Flower, with each sister having different patterns to learn as they shoot projectiles at you. Either that or a checkpoint every two Sisters, so I wouldn't have to repeat the whole song every single time because that is the main factor preventing me from trying to beat it - it's one thing that I die on Zero many times while trying to synchronize the game with a YouTube video, but then dying on those 8 notes in a row at the end, only to synchronize the video again mutiple times is just demotivating. But no worries, I'll do it one day. I even downloaded that YT video to prevent the lag, even if, I'm not kidding, my antivirus started updating once and it made the video lag anyway, causing me to die at the end, I've got the worst luck at times :D Regarding Trophies, I've got all of them except of Ending D, upgrading all weapons and beating all Accord's Requests (only two more Survival challenges to go, but I think I'll just cheese them with that unlimited Intoner mode you get for upgrading your weapons). Actually, you know what I'd do if I'd have to make the final sequence of the game completely insane and different? Turn it into a derpy sidescroller where you play as those quadrapedal chibi abominations of the Sisters. Preferrably as Five only even, gotta love her derpy smile in that form, you can tell her braincells took a day off, if she ever had any in this form to begin with :D Actually, those chibis made me die on that rhythm section too, because I was laughing too hard at the YT video, seeing those Zero abominations slowly marching onward to kick my ass, while giving me the stern, judgemental look :D

Sure thing, I'm gonna send you a Request as soon as I'll finish typing the message :) Haha, and to think that the heroines of valkyrie Drive actually have more depth to them than the ones from Senran Kagura, at least the ones from Vita installments. The overall story got quite interesting with time, but the ending completely killed it with them playing the friendship card and turning all villains into friends and stuff. Definitely not a fan of that. Berserk And The Band Of The Hawk is an okay Dynasty Warriors Spin-Off, but as soon as the Golden Age arc ends, you can notice how rushed it is - the story is mostly told through the long clips from the Berserk movie trilogy, but once the story arc these movies have covered ends, the whole plot devolves into these short, uneventful cutscenes made with the in-game engine. Not cool, guys. Speaking of your backlog, I've noticed Okami sitting at 0 Trophies on your profile, will you be giving it a go one day? It's one of my most beloved games of all time, the aesthethics, length and the amount of content are just amazing. As for Arslan and DQ Heroes, I haven't played these, mostly because I never played a single DQ game yet and I'm not too fond of the Dynasty Warriors games, I usually play one in a few years if it's based on the franchise I like, like Fist of the North Star or Gundam. Admittedly, I think Sengoku Basara is a much better game than DW when it comes to the genre, it's just much more lively in nature.

Same here, it's always nice to stumble upon a good interlocutor :D Also, just noticed Black Lady amongst your favourites, great choice. She was my mascot character on my profile last year :D I actually wanted to buy her Figuarts figure this week, but because of how expensive she is with many copies being defective, I've decided to buy Sailor Mars from the same line instead - cheaper and doesn't have a nasty record of making fans cry. I mean, I know it's Black Lady and she's supposed to ruin everybody's day because she took this on quote from Orson Welles and made it her life philosophy based on loneliness and hate towards everything (damn, AM from "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream" is probably her favourite literary character), but this is the last straw which really tickled the camel's anus - you don't charge people for broken stuff. Especially a great looking broken stuff which falls apart as soon as you want to change its pose.
VincentHarkonnen Apr 8, 11:38 AM
Haha, that's quite a title she's managed to earn in your eyes, given how small her role was :D Personally, I'd have a very hard time choosing my favourite video game character, even if the one that comes to my mind immediately in that regard is Big Boss from MGS, this guy influenced me for a lifetime with his "a man can't be loyal to his country and himself at the same time" philosophy. As far as the Drakengard/Nier characters go, I'd still choose papa Nier as my favourite character, this man was just amazing as a protagonist, especially in the genre dominated by angsty twattycakes. As for the boss in D3... I still haven't touched the damn thing with a stick, at this point I'm just looking for excuses to not play this part - I'm currently wrapping up my Godzilla Platinum (damn, is this game awful), I still need to finish Berserk And The Band Of The Hawk and I've downloaded Thief recently as well, I'll probably start it after finishing Godzilla. I mean, it's not like I'm not fond of challenges, but compared to Dark Souls or Metal Gear Rising, this rhythm game at the end of D3 is just a poorly designed part for the people who have nerves of steel. At least the first Drakengard had decency of making its rhythm section only 3 minutes long, as opposed to 7. I honestly had less trouble with Doom 3's Nightmare difficulty, and this mode actually drains your health constantly until you're capped at 20%.

Also, great to see another Sony fan~ -> Likewise, I just saw your PSN banner, how are you enjoying Valkyrie Drive so far? :D I've actually played it last week, got both of the endings, but the grind in this game simply made me play Berserk instead. Gotta love it when you only kill a little over 3000 enemies within your whole playthrough and need to get to 10.000 for the Trophy. Still, it was an okay little game, but it really started to tire me at the end, with the repeated bosses and no enemy variety.
Aw thanks for going out of your way to greet me~

Also speaking of liking similar genres, based on your list i feel like you would love any of Asano Inio's works especially Oyasumi Punpun. It's a absolute fav of mine so sorry if i sound pushy with the reccomendation lmao
Herro there~

just curious, how did u find me?
Hana Apr 1, 12:56 AM
I definitely agree! it's pretty sad knowing there's hardly any fanchise with Drakengard but guess there's quite a few hiding around on MAL. Oh thank you. I find my work to be pretty "meh", but I like to try and have something up rather than nothing I suppose. You should really get back to it; I'd love to see some of your work one day, if possible haha. Oh gosh; >w<' I actually was VERY unsatisfied with that layout of Three. I have Lady Five in the works but halfway done. So... pretty much on-hold for a while since I'm too lazy to finish it lol.

All the grinding was unbelievably annoying right? My first time playing it; idk how many times I've died or even got used to the controls since I really believe a remake for the game would be even better. Or all 3 games if ever possible. Three is so adorable; I think I took a stronger liking towards her due to the manga; she looks way too adorable randomly just falling asleep out of nowhere. xD Hmm. Well you know my first two picks; haha. Thirdly would have to be Four; her style reminds me of a certain MMO chara sometimes. Hard to believe her having Decadus as her disciple to lol. Fourth, Lady Five; it made me giggle a bit when playing her DLC while Dito can't stand her whatsoever at all. Hm; fifth would probably have to be One and then lastly; Two. One's brother annoyed me from some points.

Oh heck, coming from the first Nier game; its pretty dark asf. Drakengard just gives so much laughter; I've never had so much fun with a game on the PS3 since getting into Kingdom Hearts. I've played the first Drakengard game but not the second. Was horrible for my taste even watching gameplay. Autotmata on the other hand is SO much fun! have you got your copy yet? :D No worries, just sad coming from me knowing I get back to replies really late.. sorry, Dx.. I used to be free so much but now that I'm working its like I hardly have time for so many other things. ;; It's very nice to meet you too Skye; not too sure what to call you by, but for now hope that's okie haha.