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Ookami to Koushinryou
Ookami to Koushinryou
Dec 12, 11:23 PM
On-Hold 6/13 · Scored -
Nagi no Asukara
Nagi no Asukara
Dec 12, 10:57 PM
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Planetarian: Hoshi no Hito
Planetarian: Hoshi no Hito
Dec 12, 12:49 AM
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Days: 1.5
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Nov 27, 2:57 AM
Reading 12/20 · Scored -
Prison School
Prison School
Jun 24, 6:45 AM
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Jun 24, 6:39 AM
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VincentHarkonnen Dec 13, 2:17 PM
Damn, you really are missing out on great games because of that. It reminds me how I returned Armored Core 2 to the store back when I was 17 because it wasn't anime enough and the realism was too much for me, now it's one of the greatest PS2 games I've ever played. As for my play list, well... There's nothing special, really. After getting the Platinum in Tokyo Xanadu (which was pretty good for a modern J-RPG, I definitely enjoyed it more than Persona 5, even if the story does overstay its welcome near the end, you will totally enjoy the final boss of the main plotline being a copy of Dark Sakura from Fate though) I moved on to Salt & Sanctuary (which was fantastic, even if it's also very easy to break with how many ways there are to make yourself OP). Recently I've been slowly playing through Tales Of Hearts R, but I can't say I'm feeling it. It's more like a J-RPG done by the textbook, there's hardly anything standing out for me in this game. But there's always Digimon Story: Hacker's Memory coming out in January, I'm planning to buy it on the release day. I still wish I could afford the PS4 already, too many good games are coming out recently, RE 7's Gold Edition doesn't help either. Same goes to the recent Shadows Die Twice announcement. So, do you have any personal GOTY picks? In my case, it's Nier: Automata for the best Japanese game and Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus for the best Western game.
VincentHarkonnen Dec 13, 11:16 AM
Congrats on your very first Platinum. Does that mean that you'll finally play Wolfenstein: The New Order? ...n-no? Okay, I'm just gonna go fuck myself then.
Hana Dec 9, 3:30 PM
Hmm. Maybe it just due to the lack of games it receives is wanting people to have more on it. Oh yes, though not as much as before since I kinda think it died down after Black and White. My first generation was the Johto region, from playing Crystal version, was my first Pokemon game. But I think I grew to like the Hoenn region more with the Ruby version, then got better with Emerald version. Awesome! guessing more of a fan with Trainer Red or Blue? or as he's originally known from the Adventures, Green. Isn't Japan weird when it comes to those two characters- Oh Ultra Moon and Sun, nah. I've never tried them but makes me think if it'd be worth it since I love a challenge when it comes to the Pokemon League. can't say much for the Battle Tower if that still exists in the games xD. Ah, sadly.. well, guess its still great to play to make up for those days back when it first came out. I liked taking the Pokemon off from there and linking them to the ones back when I used to play my Gameboy Advance SP a lot, can't even find the charger to it anymore. As for the RF games, it stopped around 4; company who developed them went bankrupt, or some kind of rumor spreading about that has fans wondering if a 5 will ever be made perhaps on the switch but don't see it happening any time soon.

Thank you for the support, it actually helps a lot to strive me into really going for it. And damn, WHAT?! ⊙.☉ that is such an early age to move out of home, can I say I feel a bit embarrassed, knowing how long it takes to work on that stuff in life, aahh. xD Ah Simpsons, I prefer Family Guy more but I hardly watch tv nowadays, do they still show that program- probably do, wao. Have any plans for the Holidays, btw?
UnknownWriter Dec 9, 3:56 AM
I know, it was way too awesome!! Give me more!! xD Yeah ending was too much for me as well but I loved the rest of the anime so its fine. Yuno! xDDD
UnknownWriter Dec 9, 3:35 AM
It's heartbreaking and yet awesome. On my fav list. The plot was more than awesome and character development well, it wasn't bad.
UnknownWriter Dec 8, 7:49 AM
Tnx for the request. ^^
UnknownWriter Dec 8, 7:38 AM
Haha if you say so, I'll do it right now.
UnknownWriter Dec 8, 6:57 AM
Indeed. I was planning to watch Mirai Nikki, I guess I have some time rn.
UnknownWriter Dec 8, 6:34 AM
Edge of insanity xD
UnknownWriter Dec 8, 6:00 AM
I love the sad ending as well. I never cried, to be honest, but I did feel sorry for some characters. Yeah, Zero was better, in my opinion, well everyone is different I guess. I would say it's Rider just because of her behavior, well Saber is kinda too boring to me, I know a lot of Fate fans would kill me if they just heard that.
UnknownWriter Dec 8, 5:35 AM
Purple is a royal color, therefore it's amazing and Rider is an amazing character. I loved plastic memories because of the whole idea where he knew she will have to erase her software, was it. I can't really remember what was their name but they weren't human. They did love each other and from my aspect of view, it was all funny until the very end. The ending was heartbreaking even for a cold and lost person like me.
UnknownWriter Dec 8, 5:22 AM
That ava is more than amazing.
AlreadyNight Dec 5, 2:10 PM
Hello there~ If yours was a very late reply, mine is a very very very extra late reply hahah. Guess it happens. Life hits us all when we least expect it haha. Going back to the music lessons now XD - If you feel like that's the easiest way for you, you can start trying to see if you hear a little bell ringing every time you hit the right note of the song you wanna play. It takes practice too, even for those who play by ear. And just a little theory.

I wanted a change and London looked like the perfect city for me. That's such a cliche, I know. xD And I slowly realized I love living in the UK, atm I don't think of ever moving to a different place. What about you? Ever thought of moving somewhere else? Is the city you live in now the city you were born in?

Ahh, then definitely we have different tastes. xD I only have a few slice of life animes I enjoyed, one of them is Lovely Complex. I think they usually tend to be slice of life + romance in my list hahah. But it's been months now since I've last watched anything, I might go and take a look at what came up this seasons after I write this message.
Technolyze is definitely an anime I wouldn't watch again. EVER. xD It's not only horror and gore-ish, but idk.. I just felt sad after watching it. But it's good for people who enjoy very mature stuff.

Ohh so I thought about Yuri on Ice, until I saw it. A skater having orgasm in the middle of the performance, a drunk fangirl. It's just perfect. xD I swear. It's so mediocre I love it. If this makes sense haha.

Have a lovely day~
Sonal1988 Nov 29, 11:14 PM
Gorre Nov 27, 2:48 AM
Well 74 episodes is around 25 hours so yeah quite long, but i will have to rewatch one day haha ^^'