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Tokyo Ghoul √A
Tokyo Ghoul √A
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Flying Witch
Flying Witch
Yesterday, 4:51 AM
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Dimension W
Dimension W
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Alice 19th
Alice 19th
Mar 24, 8:17 AM
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Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden
Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden
Mar 24, 7:47 AM
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Ayashi no Ceres
Ayashi no Ceres
Mar 22, 4:12 AM
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SonalG1988 Yesterday, 9:37 AM
Have a pleasant night!
Azu Yesterday, 4:34 AM
No worries, this sounds very recognizable to me. I'm pretty sure most MAL users communicating with me can confirm I'm a lazy respondent lmao.

I have a friend from a forum who lives in Australia, from the snaps he send me Australia seems quite the beautiful country. It has a lot more nature than we ever would have.
Belgium is rather.. alright monumental wise but weather wise it's not that impressive at all. We're usually covered in rain - unlike today luckily enough. It seems spring is finally starting.

I guess that's due to my lazy nature, however 2 days ago I've actually rated a few.

Alright! Let me know what you think.
SonalG1988 Mar 25, 12:20 PM
Damn, girl. You didn't reply to any of my last 3 messages.
Hana Mar 15, 1:34 AM
I see you're playing Drakengard 3; always great to see someone who appreciates Yoko's work. :D
Azu Mar 14, 5:19 AM
Oh hey there! I'm not German, I'm Belgian. Are you any close to Germany by chance?
And I honestly would have to say I haven't rated anime/ manga in ages -and those I have aren't remotely close to a decent rating. So there's that.
It has been awhile I read Alice 19th but I would have to say it's pretty balanced. Wouldn't say it's that light hearted then again it also depends to what you would like to compare it to? I would say it's less dark than Mahou Shoujo (I noticed that one was on your list). But from the mutual anime we have I think it could very well be a manga you would like.
kie_ Mar 12, 11:55 AM
I just like her character design.
AlbinoNamekian Mar 3, 8:41 PM
Sorry for the late reply, Yea, they are cute little things, another gross thing about them is that if they urinate on you by accident, you could get a STD. Have you ever seen a Koala irl?. Nah, I dont think so. We dont have many bears here in canada. I can only think of Grizzly Bears or Black Bears. As for Cougars, nah we dont have any .

I've seen Courage, a little bit of Ah! Real Monsters. Yes, I feel that if Naughty Dog still cared, I could see them in the late 90s making a Crash Cartoon for Kids WB! or FOX Kids. I could see them being on Saturday mornings too. I bet that would make a lot of kids buy the games. Yea. Now some voice actor named Lex Lang is voicing Cortex and is more silly than he is menacing. I think that in order to make a good Crash cartoon, Sony should hire the animators who did the cutscenes to work on the animated series and put it on Netflix. I'd like to see them doing this with Jak and Daxter and Spyro. Considering Netflix has an upcoming Castlevania animated series. pretty cool, huh?.

Yea, theres so much lewd fanart of her because of it. But isnt that just a leotard underneath or a bathing suit?. I like Kaine definitely. How did you know I like armpits?, lol. 2B is good too. Do you have them in one-piece swimsuits too?, lol.

I agree, Nintendo is pretty old-fashioned and conservative when it comes to consoles and their games.At least PSN lets you download games on the computer. Ouch that sucked. Thank god for Cloud services though too. XD. I'd definitely love to try out Pokemon Colessum. Do you think they would also put Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes too?.

I've only seen 2 episodes of both Watamote and Mysterious Girlfriend X. I've heard of NHK. looks pretty dark. Urabe is definitely the type of girl I would want in real life. Shes got confidence for her weirdness too and pretty lewd. lol.
LycheeQueen Mar 3, 8:35 AM
I'm glad my review was able to help you with your shoujo reading adventures.

The genres Shoujo and psychological makes a pretty dangerous combination. On one hand, most shoujo are supposed to be fluffy and lighthearted. An attempt to dive into deeper issues and taboo topics such as depression can be tricky and overdone. I've encountered such overlydramatic shoujo series, which is why i tend to avoid this genre combination nowadays.
It will also be difficult to remember the good ones off the top of my head (i haven't been reading manga in awhile), but i'll try my best to recover the titles you want worth reading though i can't guarantee they'll be of your taste (since very few shoujo mangaka can actually pull off this combination).

▪ shinrei tantei yakumo - this one dives more into the supernatural and horror than psychological and barely touches romance, but it has great art and a slow paced character and relationship development that's nicely done.
▪ residents of birdcage manor - tbh i didn't quite enjoy this series but only because my personal taste didn't like the maturity of the romance and development. I don't remember if it tackles psychological subjects but it has a realistic feel to it and i think there's a character going through some emotional stress/trauma of the past. (It's been awhile since i read this)
▪ ARISA - this one leans more on the shoujo side in terms of storytelling but there are tons of mysteries and plot twists that you might enjoy. It has themes of bullying, suicide/homicide (?) Warning tho, the ending wasn't satisafactory romance-wise.
▪ isshou ni neyou yo - is a more fluffy series that has some psychological elements to it but it's so subtle you can barely feel it. It's cuter, lighter, and romantic but has hints of mysteries and lil bit of drama.
▪ hal - a short series dealing with the death of a loved one. Short and enjoyable.
▪ i also definitely recommend SAHARA MIZU/YUMEKA SUMOMO's series such as watashitachi no shiawase no jikan and itsuya san. She's one of those great writers of realistic drama and well-developed characters (but i don't think she's in the shoujo department).

 thank you for reaching out with your comment and I hope these help! If i remember other titles of discover new ones, i'll make sure to let you know. :)
Dragonage2ftw Mar 1, 10:00 AM
I like a lot of Idea Factory's games, but not all of them.

I'm currently reading My Hero Academia. I have three jobs and college, so I can't read or watch as much as I used to.

I'm also trying to get caught up on books that I haven't finished reading yet.
SonalG1988 Feb 28, 2:46 AM
I'm a vocal feminist and vegan, so yeah, when I see women being portrayed in such poor light (or animals being eaten so casually) I die a little on the inside. What are we teaching the existing and future generation of people about the dynamics between men and women? It's just.... beyond sad :/
SonalG1988 Feb 28, 2:28 AM
As for anime as a whole, I did watch Death Note and Code Geass maybe 4-5 years ago, but I don't remember why I didn't pursue anime. What really got me into the groove was my massive crush on Sebastian Michaelis. I started with Kuroshitsuji in December, and have been on an anime watching spree since then.

If you look closely at my list of watched anime, you'll see a very wide range of genre. That's because I'm still deciding what I like and what I don't. Some people have been kind enough to suggest their favs to me, so I've added them to my watch list. I'll add yours too :)
SonalG1988 Feb 28, 2:25 AM
The problem with Angel Beats (apart from its flawed premise and numerous plot holes) was how serious scenes were immediately followed by comedy. I mean, one ep you'd have someone's super sob back story and in the next there's a rocket under the seat of one of the students. What the fuck? I loved the show's comedy - it was very good. But I did not understand what the creators were trying to do. It was the same with Charlotte.

My fav genres are something to the tune of Ao No and Noragami - a little bit of everything, you know. Action, comedy, a good plot and likeable characters. I don't really like serious stuff (life is serious as it is). Or something to the tune of Code Geass or Death Note, where you have to use your brains to actually enjoy it.

Death Parade was an exception. I don't generally watch such anime because I don't like/want to cry. But it was a good one. I abhor the romantic genre, and more so the the ecchi genre which is nothing but another word for cheap underwear shots, sexual assaults on women and the sheer lack of the concept of consent among men. Disgusting.
Japanese animators disgust me this way.

There is barely any strong woman out there who either isn't sexualilsed or isn't a tsundere. I mean, I know I haven't watched many anime but it's easy to surmise what these fucks describe as "strong" women.
IJN_Musashi92 Feb 26, 10:22 PM
Maybe so but its true.
I do have people who I can talk to about when it gets me down but they have not got me down in sometime now.
I have a fiance who is always there for me and who is fine I have them, it don't change how he loves me.
I also have some friends I can talk to about it as well.
Oh I have dealt with both so much it don't effect me and I can laugh like a crazy person at them, Hell in here face in real life.
Been there and done that.. Also have punched a few people in the face here and there as well.
That is a other thing, have to know when to just call out there crazy bullshit or just back away cause they are way to far gone in there own little world.
No have not heard of it my Therapist always just called it PTSD and that was it, they never got into the types of PTSD there is with me.
Me I'm to emotionally broken to go back to sleep and just spend the whole day feeling like shit.

Me I can be to stubborn to just admit it sometimes and just try and keep playing it off but yes it can drive a person nuts.
It really is like everything they ask.. Are you okay? You almost want to blow up on them and say something like: Do you think I'm fucking okay? No I'm far from okay and i'm broken right now every time you ask are you okay it feels like i have to pick up more broken fucking glass that is my life, sto stop asking damn it!
That is what you might think but really is you play it off as Yeah I'm fine or just say something like, No I'm not okay i don't want to talk about it so stop asking.

I have try to talk to my Father about stuff but it just feels to messed up almost, I mean a Normal therapist, you can stop seeing them and never see them again if things start to feel fucked up.. with ones own family like my Father, why I try to tell him stuff it just feels off cause he is the kind of person to ask me about it days or weeks later bring it back up after I had just got over it and it starts to bring it back or i'm almost over it and it starts up again.
Kind of why if I do talk to my Father I will watch my words and try to tell him just the important stuff why keeping what is wrong still small and not fully out in the open.

About the same only There is some resentment that is to deep inside of me to let go of.
I am happy with my life I have now however even if the past is a dark mess.

Well about that, things where getting a lot better in fact.
That is till my heart doctor wanted to switch me to new meds that did not do shit for me.
It ended up with me in the hospital Gone in Friday and writing this on the day I got out in fact. ^^
Was my heart arrhythmia without the right meds started to go crazy on me and got out of control to the point my heart rate shot up to high and the meds i was taking for it did not stop it and i collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.
I'm fine now, i'm even back on my old meds that worked just fine for Months.
Why the doctor switch, he was thinking they would work better for me.. Only due to his fuck up the meds he switched me to did not do shit for my heart arrhythmia.
The reason mostly them meds main thing was not for that type of heart arrhythmia.
The doctor is always right is Bullshit, if they fuck up and almost get you killed or it puts you in the hospital.
Even with that bullshit, i guess the hospital stay was not that bad, had friends come and stay for few hours each day to check how I was.
My fiance even stayed there beside me beside me almost the whole time always there for me.
So My life is still happy for the most part.

I have seen some things of it already to the A Silent Voice Moive.
I like how they use Real JSL in it, like seen parts where I just seen there hands and known what they was saying.
I have this born mute friend who has been teaching me JSL why I also been learning myself here and there.
I can even use it with a mix of ASL to talk to her best friend who is born deaf.
In fact they also both visit me why I was in the hospital and my mute friend who just so happen to be named Hanako as well.
(It's a common Japanese girls name)
She did something that fascinated why she was visiting me in the hospital.
She got me a little get well gift and was a origami book how to do origami.
I failed over and over at making a paper crane, well she told me in sign language to pick out one paper for her and give it to her.
I gave her a blue one with designs on it..
She made a Paper crane with her eyes closed in front of me and gave it me.
I was so fascinated by it that i was in fact speechless and was mute again.
I try to talk and just can't it fascinated me that much that I just looked at her with my mouth open like How?
I seen people try and make them before with there eyes open who know how to make them and have messed up. But No she made a really good paper crane with her eyes closed in front of me.
She said something in sign language like, Feel and see the paper crane in your mind not with your eyes.
I was just thinking to myself... That is deep.

I have also heard of that A Lie in April anime, I watched a few of them and never know why I stopped.
Dragonage2ftw Feb 26, 6:36 PM
I might do more of my lists later, but I'm a touch busy at the moment.

Heck yes, I'm a big Hyperdimention Neptunia fan. I like both the games and the anime. I'm glad that you started reading Tokyo Ghoul, by the way.

Read anything good lately?
SonalG1988 Feb 26, 11:43 AM
Hi. Was creeping around some people's profiles and came across your discussion on someone's message board. Clicked on your profile and was pleasantly surprised to see someone of my gender and age in this community.
I thought older females are a rarity here. This place is just so full of children...... and older men.