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Hotaru no Haka
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Prison School
Jun 24, 2017 6:45 AM
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Sonal1988 Sep 20, 11:18 AM
I don't mind short replies. And in your case, none at all.

Nah, I only have WhatsApp and Discord.
Sonal1988 Sep 19, 11:30 PM
Dang it
Sonal1988 Sep 19, 11:25 AM
Opened your comment section? How come?
Hana May 25, 3:23 AM
Ooh~ perfect! I was actually going to add you as Three but I had trouble just finding a pic that could go well on the darn layout, LOL. I'm glad it fits to the liking, everyone seems to like the chara I used for them; maybe I'll keep at it on other layouts in the future~ If I don't just give up with em, so time consuming. OOF I just hope even a VERY late reply to some don't bother in some way... cause when I bother to give my replies so late back, I just let em know not to bother to reply unless they seriously don't mind it- haha. xD
Lunafleurette May 23, 5:14 AM
Thank you ^^

Yeet, I wish more people would try Haibane Renmei out. xD Alas, it has a dated animation style and the plot is a bit too slow-paced for my more impatient friends. Philosophical anime are great, both Haibane and Hell Girl make you ask questions or think, though in different ways.

I'd recommend you go for streaming sites like gogoanime if you can't find it in the services for Australia, Futakomori is really good~ It ups the ante from season 1 and Ai Enma's character is fleshed out and explored more. Mitsuganae, the third season, is also a solid watch.
Lunafleurette May 22, 10:55 AM
Oh, I love that Haibane Renmei is your topmost favorite, and I haven't seen many who like Hell Girl as well these days. :oo
Hana May 18, 9:31 AM
Of course I had to add chu to my little list of friends, hehe. o(≧∇≦o) tbh, I don't quite remember, lulz,l I'm sorry. I just assume everyone gets busy here and there so its quite understandable with replies. Unless you're like me, Lazy gurl.
Brynhild May 11, 8:12 AM
It's no problem, the same thing was happening to me for some reason.

That's generally how it is for me, too. I usually use most of the guys//characters with designs I don't like as fodder while I train up the people I actually do like. But unfortunately a lot of games these days just push the waifu thing hard so the cast is mostly females to begin with haha. It's okay, we all wish we had a big-booby sister like Camilla in our lives. I completely don't blame you.

Yeah, even when people always tell me to keep hanging around on some games because the story gets good later on, if the gameplay and characters are annoying/not interesting I just can't do it. I still need to get BotW. I will get it. Eventually. Probably in a few months when I remind myself again and finally have the money for it. Although, Disgaea does sound pretty fun now, so I may end up picking that up first. I do love a good strategy RPG.

Oh, so we're pretty much making the same amount of progress in Wolfenstein, haha. I think I'm in like Chapter 3 now... after escaping the prison. I too am in the same boat, the only other shooter i regularly play is Overwatch. So I do REALLY bad in this game since it's more traditional shooter instead of arena-ability shooter like OW. I'll finish it eventually though...

NoA2 had a lot of improvements over the first one, but i didn't find it interesting enough to keep playing it. I got the normal ending, had a plan ready to go through NG+ for the true ending and epilogue for all the characters, but by the time I actually reached the ending the first time, I was too unimpressed to bother spending another 30~ hours going back through. Haha, I actually want to try out the Atelier games... since they have all of the Mysterious saga on PS4, i wanted to pick it up, but after the last few Gust games i've played, I'm not sure I will.

Unfortunately I never did find it. Kinda depressing, too, since it was my FE: Awakening edition one :( Ah well, maybe i'll find another one for cheap around the holiday times. But I'm really looking forward to both the Switch Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei 5. Those two games alone will have made my Switch worth owning :D

Oh, I need to pre-order Shining Resonance. I'm interested in how Steelbooks for the Switch release will work out... It would be pretty awkward if it was a full size case like traditional steelbooks but just had the tiny card in the bottom.
Brynhild Apr 18, 7:38 PM
Heheho, Tharja is my best girl. Others would inclue Rhajat, Cordelia, Ninian, and Deirdre. Oh, Myrrh also. Special shoutout to Mikoto as well, RIP hot milf incest queen who gets introduced in chapter 4 just to be killed in chapter 5. But yeah, I feel you. I actually never finished Revelations just because I was too tired of the game after spending so many hours on Conquest and Birthright. Sigh. Well, congrats on beating Persona 4G though. That's how I'm pretty much beginning to feel about most of these games nowadays. Too much grinding just kills my interest. I don't have time for that anymore.

Oh yeah. Especially when you're in the final stretch of the game and you just need to go collect some in-world materials or something, so you don't need to fight, but the random encounter system just makes it one hundred times more annoying.

I'll be honest, I never got into the Disgaea series too much... Maybe now that they're getting re-released for Switch, it's time to try it out? Whenever I finally give in and buy a Switch, that is. Oh well. I'll see how it goes. Idk if I can handle if it has perma-death, I already send too many waifus to their deaths as it is. Haha. Stealth games were never my forte, either. Every time I get to any segment in any game that requires me to be stealthy, it takes me forever. And a million tries.

I really hope that the PS4 versions for Cold Steel 1 and 2 get announced sometime soon, as it'd be nice to be able to play through them before the inevitable release for Cold Steel 3.....whoever manages to get it at this point. Yeah, luckily for me I haven't even begun Digimon yet, since all my time was taken up trying to go through Tokyo Xanadu, Blue Reflection, and now Nights of Azure 2 the past couple months. But it really does suck for those that pretty much beat the game the week it came out. Bandai really hurt the franchise with that issue, although it was mostly with just one particular retail chain really.

True... you got me there. I guess I'd consider them two types because there are the ones that are *truly* time consuming, like Persona or Final Fantasy, and then there's the ones that are like 20 hours max, but make you do repititive annoying side stuff to continue, like Blue Reflection. I've not really started Wolfenstein... I played it up until the beach portion in the prologue, then got distracted with other days. I promised him I'd finish it eventually as well. I should probably get on that... lol.

I was about to go download the demo for the Radiant Historia remake, but now I can't find my 3DS.... I wonder if it was stolen. Hm. Wellp....there goes the 3DS games I still had on my backlog. Guess I'll scratch those out, cause I really dont wanna buy another. Not when I still have to get a Switch. Ooo, I didn't hear anything about the new Fire Emblem coming out in July. Do you have an article for me to read? But yeah if there's been no new info I'm 100% looking forward to it getting delayed... knowing Nintendo.

Hm... As far as game announcements, I actually can't think of any right now. The only games coming out soon that I even have preordered is Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Code Vein. Time to browse the news for all recently announced titles....
VincentHarkonnen Mar 27, 10:37 AM
The Evil Within 2 is looking great. Hopefully it comes out on VR soon.
VincentHarkonnen Feb 24, 11:36 AM
My personal greatest video game disappointment of the year. Just... Wow. This is why I still can't trust Kickstarter and have some doubts about Bloodstained's quality, even if that game, at the very least, is coming out on time.
VincentHarkonnen Feb 16, 9:54 AM
Space Dandy. Believe it or not, this character's name is actually Ton Jravolta :D Man, I'll never understand why people are scared of him, am I the only one who's looking at him with jealousy instead of fear? I'd totally love some cross promotion with Jravolta being a module for Kaito in the next Project Diva or something :D Reign: The Conqueror was actually pretty fun to me. I definitely liked the Aeon Flux-esque visuals. The problem with this show was that it was too bizarre to the point of overshadowing its own story. Kinda like David Lynch's adaptation of Dune.

I don't think you can sneak Siren Miku in, she's simply the type you just can't get rid of, always monitoring your mood so that she can report you to Dark Angel Miku if you won't find the fact that the cloud outside looks like a dick funny. But yeah, I love my new job :D We were even allowed to go gome at 2.30 PM today, despite of the fact that we're usually working until 5 PM. At least now I've got two days off, which means I can work on Project Diva F 2nd some more. Mos timportantly, I need more requests from the characters. *gives cooking set to Kasha Miku and stares blankly at the item event* ...okay, it's not working. Let me just give knitting set to Siren then and... OF COURSE. F 2nd's a dark game.
VincentHarkonnen Feb 12, 8:17 AM
My first day at the new job in a nutshell. This is the greatest job ever, you can take your time with everything, listen to music, watch YT, everything as long as you'll write your texts for the day in time. Also, because the guys who run the store are the most laid back people ever, my current avatar at the company is this, and literally nobody cared :D We can even go to the store across the street and get something to eat, while bringing food and drinks straight to our workplace. An I dreaming? Is this truly going to be my job from now on?
Brynhild Feb 9, 8:25 PM
Yeah, I know what you mean. It's a lot of time to just throw away due to a single thing. You'll get it eventually though. I'm rooting for ya. :D I try to play as many turn-based games as I can simply due to the fact that I'm losing so much interest in them. I like them for the most part, but Fire Emblem seems to be the only franchise that keeps my interest renewed in terms of gameplay. It's a shame, really. AHAHAH, yep. I totally agree. I always regret playing with permadeath on, in any Fire Emblem. Thousands of waifus have died due to my aggressive style of warfare.

While the settings themselves are pretty cool, a lot of the gimmicks themselves inside each of the dungeon annoy me and I just can't stand going through them. i'll go through like, one area, once I hit that story checkpoint, I pause and come back...whenever.

NISA just had their yearly press event tonight, and surprisingly they didn't announce Trails of Cold Steel 3. That makes me a little happy, since I'm still hoping that XSeed will pick up that and the PS4 remakes of 1 and 2 and release them all here so I can finally play them since I sold my Vita before I could get a run at em.

Oh, by the way, I FINALLY got my Digimon codes today. It's only been 3 weeks. I'd say tha's a record. And wow, what company did you order it from? That totally sounds like something that Gamestop or Amazon would do.

Hmm... I'd say my backlog is only like 30-40 games or so. Most of them are all JRPGs.... the time consuming type. So I doubt I'll whittle it down anytime soon. Oh, I could probably knock out Wolfenstein I+II and Evil Within I+II quickly if I could motivate myself to do it....

Ooooh, I was actually interested in getting the Radiant Historia remake. Probably one of the only 3DS titles outside of Fire Emblem I've been interested in at all in recent time. But, even that may die soon if the next big FE title happens to be a Switch one. yeah, I played the original Shadow of the Colossus yeaarrrrrsssss ago when I still still naive and young. I must've been like,what, 10, when it came out? The remake is absolutely lovely, though. I'd recommend it just for how beautiful everything is. Oh, Okami is worth it imo as well. It's an even better deal cause you can get it for $15-$20.
Brynhild Feb 4, 9:11 AM
I know right?! In my opinion it kinda just kills my love for the game since there's hardly any chance of be completing it at this point. I've learned my lesson to not spend as much time as I do on bosses like that. Haha. Hm.. I'm trying to think of what other games had ridiculous bosses as well to add to that list.... I know they're out there...

THANK YOU. I really just cannot get behind the dungeons in the game. I like the gameplay overall, but between the character arcs and dungeon designs, it's just not the same franchise I've come to enjoy in the past. Oh well. I'll just keep telling myself that I'll get around to beating it... eventually.

That's crazy. I can't believe that they fumbled that hard with parts of the international release. Their entire handling of the game was a disaster. I'll be surprised if they get another Falcom game after this. But that is strange, I don't see anything about the region saying "All" on my copy. Maybe I missed it though. "out of about 120" > Holy. Shit. That is a big backlog. I thought mine was large....

Unfortunately, I still haven't gotten my DLC, so I pretty much won't be getting it at this point it seems. How disappointing. I guess I really just need to stop pre-ordering games.

I'm hoping so as well! Though so far nothing too interesting has been announced. I've pretty much given up on 3DS at this point, I'd be more willing to invest in a Switch if they released some of the remakes on that. I also need to get a Switch for when SMT V releases. Some games I'm looking forward to are Sea of Thieves(I really enjoyed playing the beta with my friends, it served as a nice refreshing break from JRPGs....), Code Vein, Death Stranding, Ni No Kuni II, Shadow of the Colossus remake(which comes out tomorrow, yay!), Ace Combat 7, and The World Ends With You remake.