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Yami Shibai 2
Yami Shibai 2
31 minutes ago
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Demi-chan wa Kataritai: Demi-chan no Natsuyasumi
Demi-chan wa Kataritai: Demi-chan no Natsuyasumi
1 hour ago
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Chobits: Chibits
Chobits: Chibits
1 hour ago
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Fukushuu Kyoushitsu
Fukushuu Kyoushitsu
Dec 2, 5:45 AM
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Boku Mushi
Boku Mushi
Dec 2, 5:37 AM
Completed 16/16 · Scored 3
Dec 2, 4:58 AM
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Sonal1988 Yesterday, 8:38 AM
Oh, wow. That doll isn't my style but I can def see how it can be viewed as pretty. If your average BL uke (who also happened to be a bocchan) was to be made into a doll, this would be it. But it is. so. fucking. expensive. What the fuck.
Ah, I only shared the horoscope pics cuz I think you enjoy them. I'm not much for girl fanarts.
Oh btw, do you enjoy such movies?

Baka's VA, Vic, has truly done a fantastic job. Too bad he was accused of sexually harassing his female fans, bc of which I can never like him ever again :/
Wow you gave Fetish 5 wtf I thought you'd like it.

Skye said> but I can if you want, it shouldn't take too long. Send me a PM about it if you like.
I said> If you wanna reset the coding, sure. But I guess I'll have to mail it to you cuz sharing it on MAL is simply gonna give you the final layout, and not the code itself.
Hana Dec 7, 5:58 AM
I just really enjoy his style in games. Heck, I'm pretty sure a lot were unfamiliar with him til Automata hit actually- but some sort of remake or sequel to Drakengard would make us pretty darn happy. especially a remake, I just feel 3 REALLY needs it )x Yep! and I agree! I was wondering if I should have mentioned that but there's pretty much NOTHING of Michael.. SIGH

Figures are pretty much the #1 desire to me now when it comes to desired merch! Still awaiting a scale figure to any of my faves from Angels of Death at that... too much keychains and little stuff is nice as well but figures are what matter. I only own a few, kinda wish my collection was huge though but it'd be looking back to how much money was taken from buying high quality figurines... lol. Accepted the request on MFC! Not too many worlds but by the looks of the trailers revealed so far, it seems good enough to me. as long as Pirates returns and will be; just like my stubborn ass had hoped xD pretty much all the worlds are out of order but the first one was definitely birth by sleep. I'm also def. not the person to ask; not a huge KH fan but mainly enjoyed 2.5 if we were to pick As for those mentioned, I didn't care too much about, unfortunately. Dream Drop Distance was annoying... the constant changing/dropping from Riku to Sora with the gameplay; its just.. far different in a dumb way. The graphics on the other hand, were the only nice thing about it. I guess, lmao.

Eff.. I hardly use PSN messaging. Unless I'm on For Honor getting party invites from friends. Only thing that annoyed me is when people hopped online. It usually shows too much sometimes when friends go online; so I turned it off, lol.
Sonal1988 Dec 2, 3:42 AM
You watch dubs, right? I really enjoyed the dub for Level E, but that's mostly cuz of the pop cultural references it had in it, including Star Wars :D It's a silly series and you might enjoy it if you don't have high expectations. It's also episodic and doesn't quite have a conclusion (even the manga doesn't conclude conclusively), so if you dislike that, avoid the show. Yeah, slight sadistic humour in it.

Ah, anime doesn't have much of BL. The good kind, anyway. Which explains my huge manga stats :p
Yeah, sure. If you wanna reset the coding, sure. But I guess I'll have to mail it to you cuz sharing it on MAL is simply gonna give you the final layout, and not the code itself.

If you say that one more time I'm going to tie you up and ban you from the interwebs for a whole week
Or maybe..... I changed my mind. I don't really mind being tied up by you ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kurt_Irving Nov 29, 10:44 PM
That's one answer, but it's also because Holly expected a new lifestyle and new home or some changes, like big, in her life prior to marriage.

On the other hand, I think Nintendo did a good job from making the Wii U to the Switch, which is like a good business decision on their part. Btw, I had to say goodbye to my PS3 and then my Xbox 360 for business reasons, so all I got left is an old PS2 featuring hardmod, but recently, I thought about getting the Switch later for Valkyria Chronicles 4 and even the next SMT game. Hopefully, I'll get the Switch and keep it when I buy it.

As for anime, I never thought I'd get through the 2nd half of Armored Trooper Votoms and I wanted to watch it because it's very mature and because I wanted to save some very manly anime for later. What anime would I want to watch next? maybe Nodame Cantabile.
Sonal1988 Nov 29, 9:59 PM
Oof, Fetish's art is gorgeous and you're def gonna enjoy the beautiful girls in it. I mean, I know I did ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Do you enjoy Horror parodies?

Honestly tho, the only couple that makes sense (from Fate/Zero, at least) is SaberxLancer. Everybody else can fucking die for all I care bc these two precious souls deserve each other's love and support. And if Saber's not gonna take Lancer, then she can hand him over to me.
Na, that Pixiv was random cuz it had mostly cute girls in it. Here's the Fate artist

Heyyyyyyy what did you read in BL that piqued your interest, hmmmmmmmmmmmm?????

And I absolutely do not mind you correcting the alignment, but I never know when you're gonna reply next, so.......... hehehe
Kurt_Irving Nov 29, 3:02 PM
I'm doing fine and I just had some good dinner. Speaking of girl gamers, an ex-GF of mine named Holly, used to be a Nintendo fangirl before getting married. Too bad she got married before Splatoon came out, now she's married to an Amish boy.

I like both consoles and personal computers, but since I'm on Linux Mint and other unix-like OSes a lot, console gaming is more suitable whenever some game doesn't run on Wine.
Kurt_Irving Nov 29, 11:58 AM
Hello again Saturn! how are you doing? btw, I once knew an Australian girl in an online game that is exactly the same age as you.
Hana Nov 24, 1:13 PM
Haha, it'd seem so tbh. xD Oh sweet! I had to save it. More Intoner fan art definitely a bonus~ No clue actually- it's supposed to be getting a western release soon, so we'll be able to give it a look-see! the OST is so good. As expected from Taro's works. And yeah, he looks adorable no? seems like I've seen some of the fan art for far too long though; if from there then that answers it, lol.
And right? oh, I'm glad. I'm not sure why some have it hard to reply back when the comment gets deleted... can just look at what I typed back... orz.

That was expensive!! it did look awesome though. I forgot the females name but she seems like she'll be a instant fave. I really hope it'll be worth the wait; cause heck what if I finish KH3 too fast, you know? by the looks of it; it'll be a pretty long game too nothing short please Square Enix. Oh the game play with Days is just animated scenes. Since it originally released on the DS before; no way to get those functions going for the whole thing to be remade for the game play on the PS4 system. I could say I definitely like it more than Dream Drop Distance in 2.8... that's probably the only KH game I don't really enjoy. Although I mainly played it on the 3DS. Only worth it for the story to me. xD It sucks. ): I thought they might of had him record a few lines for the 3rd game before it even arrived but guess that was a rumor. Just hope this new dude will do just as well.

Nah, not too much I think. Sooner or later, our replies might as well end up as so. Not that I mind, only a few bother to have a convo with me anyways, haha.
Sonal1988 Nov 23, 1:32 AM
Not sure who's more hot out of him and Lancer though

Well.........why not both?

Srsly tho Gilgamesh>Lancer

As for my profile, the alignment of the text box is off when you compare it to my profile+bio images. This is a code that I borrowed from a friend (she used as one of her previous profile avataars), and I really only edited the images and text according to my needs. The basic structure is hers, and I'm actually waiting for her to have enough time to make the text box's alignment accurate for my profile.
Sonal1988 Nov 22, 9:10 AM
I've only watched Fate/Zero, and I enjoyed it a lot. My favs were Saber x Lancer. Gilgamesh was a fucking cunt but oh LORD he's just so beautiful. Didn't bother watching anything else cuz the reviews are pretty mixed. And also cuz Zero's the strongest in the entire series.

Nah, manga shipping is too fucking expensive - to put it into perspective, it would cost me 2x-3x a published paperback novel. And anime sites like Funimation don't function here, so the internet comes to my rescue :p I read and watch everything on my laptop. Anything smaller than that screen size is a not for me.
I enjoyed Sankarea (anime). And the hero was pretty feminist (at least in the dub), so that was a bonus for me. Lemme see if I can give you good (and short) horror recs. Try Ito Junji, tho. He's pretty popular in the horror genre. What about thrillers and psychological stuff?

Whaaaaaaaaat how dare you compliment my profile after I point its changed format to you? Now I won't share my secret with you.
Sonal1988 Nov 21, 9:41 AM
Haha I misread your statement. But yeah, eating the same amount of calories is not something the average person does. Even so, your wt shouldn't be fluctuating more than +-2kg, right?
People who are able to maintain the same wt are either careful eaters, or are blessed with a fantastic metabolism.

You read on a tablet? Then you watch anime on it as well? Which manga will you pick up after NGE? What kinda genres interest you when it comes to reading?
Haha, lmao. I'm now one of those uber rare people on MAL whose manga stats are way more than their anime stats :p Can't help it. My love for BL hasn't waned a bit and I enjoy reading as much of it as I can.

OH, and what do you think of my new and improved profile layout?