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Hataraku Maou-sama!
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Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau
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Prison School
Jun 24, 6:45 AM
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VincentHarkonnen Yesterday, 10:29 AM
Hey. Could've been worse, could've been better, really. Regarding Tokyo Xanadu, I'll probably buy it next month, for now I've decided to scratch Valkyria... *swallows vomit* ...Revolution off my backlog. This atrocity's worse than I expected, it's like the XVIIth Century Mongolia in a video game form. I've beaten the main campaign already, only grind remains. Aside of that, I also got into the Steamworld franchise and I also bought a bunch of Ratchet games because I love the way they mix shooting with platforming. Oh, and Painkiller: Hell & Damnation for good times' sake, but this one's basically a butchered port of a great game, so it's kinda sad to play. Nowhere near as bad as Valkyria... *gags* ...Revolution though, the only thing that would make this game sadder would be making Mick Gordon its composer. *laughs* Actually, his OST to Killer Instinct really helped me getting through this awful game, not because it fits (that would be an insult to Mick Gordon), but because I don't have to give the game the entirety of my attention. I'm also awaiting the sequel to Yomawari which comes out next week, the first game is one of the best titles I've ever played on Vita, too bad that it was so short, apparently the sequel fixes that. The character designs of the main heroines are super adorable to me as well, that's also a plus.
Vook Oct 16, 11:54 AM
Surprised you didn't say more about the lyrics to Soap Lagoon after looking them up :P
I like all the main Vocaloids, though I think Luka has the best voice. I think overall though my favorite one is Rin.....she's just so darn cute. The Project Diva games probably don't use Gumi or the others just because they're...well...not as good, to be honest. I dunno, they just don't sound as professionally crafted to me. I also don't know their personalities since I haven't seen them in action outside of their songs much...what are they supposed to be like as standalone personalities?

P4 is probably my favorite Persona game but P5 is very good too. I'm sure P3 has a great story but I remember feeling the gameplay was a bit tedious. I might go back to it someday since I know it's good in the long run. Haven't played any other Shin Megami Tensei games.

Paranoia Agent is good, but pretty disturbing now and then. I don't personally find the intro creepy, but it does add to the mysterious atmosphere. Some episodes definitely have the feel of Perfect Blue, while others actually employ a technique from Millennium Actress.
The Saikano manga is something I picked up years ago and leafed through at the time; now I'm just reading it occasionally. It's pretty tragic. I read pretty slowly as you can tell...though the Gunslinger Girl manga was a big exception to that because I loved it.
Sonal1988 Oct 14, 11:19 PM

Rondalnis Oct 14, 12:49 PM
No Xbox? I like architecture and city building games. They're interesting. And flight simulation as well. For PC I like strategy, shooting and RPG. Some of my faves are:

Fallout New Vegas
Medieval II Total War

Now I mainly play Warhammer II, BF1 and GTA V. The best thing about playing BF in PC is you are put in a 32 player team vs 32 player team. In console it is 9v9. Other WRPGs I like are Dark Souls and Baldurs Gate. I've actually never played a JRPG before so my opinion is neutral on them

I'll buy more flowers but since winter is approaching I won't now

So have you been living in Australia since birth? Do you have many friends there?
KazamiSan Oct 14, 10:24 AM
Thanks! I'm pretty happy with it, as well xP
Key works feel a bit too flat and empty sometimes, is that part of the reason at least, maybe? The best thing to do in this situation is to re-watch stuff you feel confused toward and paying more attention while watching. Of course, I'm not saying you weren't paying attention, I just really think some opinions about certain series are completely changed after being re-watched, and the more you pay attention to the very little details, the more you'll discover about it and the more you'll lean toward a certain feeling of either like or dislike, or just pure neutrality.

"Like bloody Danganronpa 3 which has two arcs that you have to watch consecutively."
That's something I really dislike about some game adaptations. Sometimes they're just so poorly adapted.

Ah, I see. Thanks! Looks like Fate is only 4 entries away on my plan list, I'll have to decide on something really quickly. Zero seems like the safest pick tbh, so I guess I'm going with that first xP

I do like Monogatari. I never knew about the translation issues, though. Are you talking about the dubbed version?
I also think you'll really dig it. And I can easily say that my favorite arc was ~flower story~

Nihon Animator Expo is definitely a great series. Some episodes were very well done like the very popular "ME!ME!ME!", "GIRL", and "HAMMERHEAD". Of course, there are many great other episodes, but those are the most popular.
I've also heard that about Eureka, which is one of many reasons why my one of my friends despise it. I guess I'll have to give it a go to see myself. It's not that far away on my plan list, but when I'm starting it depends on my anime zeal and how big of a daily anime dose I'll be able to gulp to get to it at present, which I have absolutely no clue about.

You're very welcome! I think the reason 11eyes has a low rating is due to the use of the huge Deus ex machina at the end of the series, which I didn't think was that bad, for that matter.
I agree with you on Kara no Kyoukai, though. Some movies were just so unentertaining, like the first and the sixth. But some were really great, like the third and the fifth.
Yeah, a very similar character to the yandere man would be Shuu from TG which I'm sure you've already watched.
The first season was really good. I even sometimes thought it was better than the second. Like how they indirectly involved the audience into participating in the confusion and connecting the puzzles in the story, I really liked that about it. I also like how crazy and violent it is, the second season was relatively a bit softer, as it reveals the answers to the questions from the first season. So yes, I have a slight preference of S1 over S2. I still like them both, though.
I didn't even finish watching Umineko to be completely honest. I probably picked it at the wrong time, I was struggling to finish it at the time, so I can't say for sure. It's something I need to get back to again.
I would say that a few people who have watched it and hated it didn't have high expectations, to begin with, yet they still watched it just to have an excuse of joining the hate bandwagon. But people who really disliked it were mostly disgusted or horrified by the completely brutal ending, followed by their hate for the playboy protagonist, which, by the way, I also disliked, but if not for him being such a loser, the series wouldn't have been as good. But that's about the only thing I disliked about it, I thought it was a pretty well executed tragic (very tragic) romance.
Also, people generally just hating on the harem genre is also a pretty high possibility, so that could also be it xP

Hahaha thank you. You're the first one to notice it, actually, or at least the first one to bring it up. I'm glad you liked it!
And as for my favorite characters, they are just too many good characters! I can't limit myself xP
But sadly, it isn't as time-consuming as it seems to be, it's really just a bot I made on my computer that automatically adds a character when I provide its link. I would, however, say that it took me a whole night to get it to work.
Again, thanks!
Sonal1988 Oct 14, 10:20 AM
Hahaha yeah, you know. Even when things are bleak, I see no point in giving up hope. Bc once you've given up on that, you don't have anything left with you. And I don't want to be that person.
I googled bara men. OTT muscles. A 6 pack is ok but sheesh.
Or, in other words, fugly.
So a bishie is a young man whose beauty transcends the boundary of gender or sexual orientation? Or just a beautiful man?
A bishie is a feminine looking man/one who doesn't look overly masculine. Has a slender face and slender built, seldom has hair on his face and never has hair on the rest of his visible body parts. Good looking, generally has long-ish hair.

Shoujo is crap. You're better off staying away from it. Altho, if you enjoyed Ouran then you may enjoy The Royal Tutor. I loved the bishies in them. So fucking pretty that my eyes hurt.

Did you know that 90% of people who get bitten by a snake were trying to hurt the snake at the time?
I know 100% of humankind is shit and we're all hurting animals in some way or the other. Everybody wants to talk about saving animals, but when it comes to actually doing something, 99.99% of these animal 'lovers' balk. And then they make fun of the ones that are making a difference. Have you not noticed how cool it is to bully vegans for simply existing? I see more people bullying vegans than vegans who apparently 'shove their opinions down our throats'. Tch. 100 years ago, this is exactly what happened with those who wanted equality for blacks, and then for women. People always oppose change.

You're intelligent and level headed, you have lots of things going for you
One would think so, wouldn't they? But nope. God seems to be truly testing me. The year's gonna end and ah, zero progress. Tch.
You? Any relief?
Sonal1988 Oct 14, 6:49 AM
HEY. I said work is slow. I didn't say it came to a standstill! I'm still employed 😂
Sonal1988 Oct 14, 5:04 AM
Vocaloid sounds difficult. But if you don't play it then why do you actively search its videos on YouTube?
Hahaha, no. That 'naughty corner' thing is an American concept. We don't have it here. He's the family's baby and ofc we all love him to death. It's just that he got spoilt a LOT more sooner than any of us had expected :p

These males, or bishies as they're commonly known as, are actually quite common, esp in shoujo, BL and these days, even in shounen anime. Bara men are ugly and they're practically non-existent in anime these days. And thank GOD for that.

I will accept that breeds (genetics) do play a certain role, but I also believe blanket statements don't work. Bc until and unless you've worked with all cats of specific breeds from across the globe, your experiences are simply your experiences, and at best, a generalization :p The same way how people think Pit Bulls are these terrible dogs when in reality, all they need is your love. Any dog can be aggressive once you teach it to be aggressive. But beneath it all, all dog breeds look for nothing but love.

Life sucks ass. Something that I'd been working on for the past 6 months bore me zero fruits, and I'm still working on it but honestly, at this point it's like, Why even bother? Work is also slow. Actively looking for more. A couple other things are also working against me. But meh. I also know worrying about them won't change my situation.
Sonal1988 Oct 14, 4:09 AM
I've heard of Vocaloid. It's pretty popular, but I don't know anything about it. Speaking of, I've always wondered. How do you people make your character dance so smoothly? I mean, do they have a set number of patterns to follow? Do you create your own choreography? If yes, then how so?

What's your perfect type?
Physically? Lean/slender frame, good looking, feminine features and ohmygosh long, wavy hair.. Like this

Nature wise - good guys that aren't boring.

I always believe that in today's times, the breeds of animals don't dictate their behaviour, until and unless they've grown up in a pack of the same breed and have survived in the wild. There's so much cross breeding and domestication that really, blaming a breed for poor behaviour is like blaming a human's race for their attitude. Societal truth in it, sure, but not much beyond that.
so how is Simba now? Still taking advantage of you?
Yep. Becoming more and more demanding with every passing week :/

Lucky for him it makes up for some of his less attractive points lol
Do you really enjoy the music I send you or are you just being nice to me? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sonal1988 Oct 10, 8:43 AM
Don't you like male characters from anime?

Sonal1988 Oct 7, 10:37 PM
Oh my gosh, that song does sound Bollywood-ish :D What is it?
Yeah, I forgot that you dropped Shiki. Don't you feel you're becoming more forgetful with each passing yr? Bc that's def the case with me :/
And if you pick up Shiki then you'll have to watch from the beginning bc there's no way you can relate the 2nd half with the 1st after such a massive gap. Here's a tip: When I watch boring anime, I usually work side by side. That way, I get two tasks done without having to worry about wasting time on boring stuff. Ofc, I watch dubs, so this is possible for me.
Your PTW is down to 141. How about you challenge yourself to bring it down to 100? :p
I loved that ep especially when her Mother left her in the fire but took the pot plant! I DIED haha
You monster 😂
Yeah, see? No point in discussing anime weeks or months after you've watched it bc we barely remember anything :/ So keep an eye out on my Watching list and see if I'm watching something you like. You can def discuss it with me then!
I think a dog would suit you really well. They're great company without being as overbearing as cats can be.

You rarely get to see cat lovers accepting what asshole cats are. They just go out of their way to blindly defend those little creatures. Ack! My dog's adjusting well...... too well. He's learnt how to emotionally blackmail us, so that's good :/ His previous owners obv didn't love him much and when he saw so much love being showered to hi by us in such a short period of time, of course the brat got spoilt :/ His name is Simba :)

And as I said to you in the very beginning of our chats, if you ever feel like venting, my inbox is always open. I might not understand what you're going thru, but it really helps just to let it all out. Also, how are things with the bf? You talk to him about these things, right?
Sonal1988 Oct 6, 10:14 PM
Sonal1988 Sep 30, 5:40 AM
Wait. You dropped Shiki?

Vook Sep 29, 11:57 PM
If you're curious about Soap Lagoon, it'll never make it to an officially licensed Miku game - it's WAY too raunchy. xD

I didn't remember all my Awakening pairings, haha. I copied it from an old comment I left on Corey's profile.

P5 plays beautifully, and once you get used to the interface (which I think is really well done actually) you'll find a lot to enjoy. There's definitely a lot to do outside of the dungeons, plus the "quick jump" function is a real help and I'm really enjoying the Social Links too (especially the ones that take a bit more effort to find). And yeah, the Ambush system and the Safe Rooms are a lifesaver in the dungeons.

For the Tales games, I actually heard Zestiria isn't that good in the long run. I haven't played much of Xillia yet, but I don't recommend starting with it because it also starts with dense tutorials and it has a slow start to the story (I've actually been told Xillia 2 is better). I've never played Beseria.
Graces F is a good game with great skits and dialogue but the battle system does take some getting used to and I don't feel like the story is the strongest out of the games I've played. Abyss has a good story and some good characters, but the first 12-ish hours of the game are pretty slow and sometimes it can be easy to get lost later on.
I actually recommend starting with Symphonia - I'm a bit biased because it was my first Tales game, but it has probably the simplest battle system, really charming characters and dialogue, and a really sweet and often inspiring story. I'm also a big fan of Symphonia II even though many people don't like it much - many people don't like the watered-down gameplay and length, but I love the liveliness of the skits and dialogue, and personally I found the love story to be quite moving.
Rondalnis Sep 28, 5:25 AM
What systems do you play on? I used to be play console but I only play PC now, I have always been a PC gamer. If you don't have a gaming PC then I can suggest what parts you should get for a total affordable price
I have never played any Yoko games actually. Yeah, people think it is from Call of Duty, which it is not. Kinda pisses me off when people think that. It's from the Killzone series if you're wondering, pretty good storylines. And I don't play COD nor do I like it, I used to though. I prefer western RPGs. Have you played Skyrim?
Nice, I can't have roses here because of insects. I have a yard at the back and front, I have Japanese Maple and Cherry Blossom trees, small trees that I buyed from the garden shop. Also a bunch of plants and flowers that I don't know the name of. I am fine. I am not attending uni because I'm taking a break from it. So I am working now. I hope you do well with studies. What are you studying? If you are doing a math course I might able to help you if need assistance, I am good at math