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Azu Aug 12, 7:55 AM
Don't worry about it! Guess you had the need to share it. Everyone needs to do that time to time.
My sleep pattern has become even worse this summer to be very fair.
I usually get up with tea instead of coffee. However coffee can be nice time to time, too bad it can leave this strange after taste / breath sometimes.
How did the studying go? Did you pass all subjects?

Not yet, no. I'm actually fond of all kittens. At least our neighbour's cat is often allowed in our house. She knows about it and she's totally cool with it. The cat is really loved. :')

Talking about video games. What do you think of Visual Novels? I've bought Life is Strange in the Steam Sales and I think the game is amazing! Can't wait for the newest Episode.
Hana Aug 6, 6:36 AM
Heyo~ Sorry for not getting back to any replies... I just suddenly stopped bothering as much and tbh, I'm quite the bore and really just stick to myself nowadays... but wanted to answer your question about the pink haired demon cutie; it's Astaroth from the seven deadly sins anime that aired during the Spring season. The anime she comes from isn't good at all but I just really adore her looks and personality compared to the other sins, haha.
Sonal1988 Aug 5, 6:52 AM
Hey. Watched Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki. Was slow, as expected, but I did forward thru the boring parts. It was pretty decent, esp for those who enjoy SoL. Gotta say tho - having children when you're still studying is fucking demented. First off, wear a condom. Second, if you get pregnant, get a fucking abortion. Raising children isn't a joke, and clearly MC learnt this the very hard way :p
Corey_Bennett Jul 31, 9:19 AM
No problem, Skye. Just glad you're back and okay. Have a great day as well!
Sonal1988 Jul 29, 2:05 PM
Do you enjoy such an aesthetic?
AlreadyNight Jul 27, 2:29 AM
Hello there! It's almost winter here too haha. A bit windy and cold, I'm already wearing my winter coats in mid summer.

I was thinking about something related to visual arts. That's so nice of him. I also play piano, but only by ear. Been playing since I was a kid, nothing professional tho. Have you learned how to play a bit? ;D

Oh my GOD. They are both so beautiful. With golden eyes. That's kind of rare for cats, or at least among the european cats haha. So if you have a girl and a boy you should be ready for some kitties in the future. ;D
'Would you like to live in a big city if you could?' - Oh, I've always wanted that and already moved to London. ;D I visit Romania from time to time, but currently have no plans to go back and settle down there.

'I like serious anime but some try too hard to be intelligent or philosophical that it just turns into a nonsensical mess unnecessarily.' - Damn, totally agree with you. I've seen a lot like that. I didn't quite like Ghost in the Shell either, despite the fact that it had a lot of action.
But another anime with a good rating I didn't like was Mushishi. Since I like action, it felt too slow for me.

I only know about Steins Gate, but I usually do the same and try the waters with the first two-three episodes. Do I have to watch the OVA first?
Woho you like horror? After Texhnolyze I never wanted to see a horror anime again haha. It left me so depressed for an hour.

I've only had the chance to watch Yuri on Ice recently, and that might be only my opinion, but I enjoyed it for how silly it was like a mofo \o/. XDD The comedy was so.. pure hahaa. Wbu?
Sonal1988 Jul 26, 4:12 PM
Hehe. I'm not very used to compliments. Bc of ALL the people I could have chosen to have in my life, I ended up with ones who'd rather die than say something good about me to my face :/ Such are my friends :/

Yes, thank you for appreciating my intelligence. Not many people do that. And you have to be pretty smart yourself to be able to pick up on that 😉
As for being polite/courteous, well, aren't most people on MAL like that by default? I mean, it's not like I go out of my way to say please or thank you to you or anybody else, nor (judging by the comments on your profile) are other people rude to you. I mean, we're all talking normally to you, right? Aren't people usually like that to you IRL?

Anyway, here's a rule I live by (and you should too 😉)

Corey_Bennett Jul 25, 11:51 AM
In regards to the creepiness of Nier, that's a little messed up your partner also reacted violently as well. I feel kinda bad. You should only suffer emotionally from a game, not physically or supernaturally. Hope both you and your family are doing better after that little fiasco.

Did critics really not like the vulgarity and brutality of D3 all that well? All I remember them complaining about was the various technical issues and repetitiveness, so much so that some reviewers only went as far as Ending A, which personally isn't a good sign of professional video game journalism, but whatever. Absolutely with tips and whatnot. I guess the best tip to give you atm is treat it first like a JRPG and second like a hack-n-slash. May or may not make sense now, but I hope it does later. As for the happiness, just think of it as a sweet boon to keep you sane before stuff gets crazy or emotional, but there are many beautiful moments in the game.

How light sensitive are you? I may have a slight problem with that as well, since staring at screens all day tend to mess up my vision. As for the website, it's It's the very first site you'll see if you look up "drakengard novellas" on Bing, though I'm sure the search engine doesn't matter.

I don't blame you with having the hots for Three. In all honesty, I pretty much have the same thought process for Zero. Of course, in reality if I ever met a woman who was exactly like Zero, I figure I'd be dead on the ground before I even ask her name. Eh, a person can dream, right?

Jun's a novelist who's never worked on the games, but has written most, if not all of the supplementary novellas and manga. I think Taro just gives her the ideas and supervises while she gets cracking on her literary skills. Funny enough, Taro is married to a woman named Yukiko I believe, and she actually contributed with the chibi-like designs of the Drakengard characters you see every now and then, like that censored scene of Zero killing off Five for the first time. Very adorable and artistic.

Going into anime (Finally!), yes, Haibane Renmei is very dear to me for being a thoughtful examination of finding purpose in a vastly unknown world while handling and transgressing the mistakes of the past and the uncertainty of the future. I love how it has such a natural, flowing pace and vibe that makes it feel homely and sweet while also delving into the not-so-dark but very morose subjects it has in store for the second half. Plus, it's one of the few shows that neither treats religion and faith as a messiah or pariah of modern life, it's suitably neutral and poses some good questions that both atheists and believers can get behind. Reki was awesome to see as a character trying to evolve, but secretly devolving in her situation due to her restraining her true doubts and feelings. Also liked Rakka and the other Haibane. The art style from aBe was also fantastic, made me interested in other projects of his like Lain and Texhnolyze, which are WAY more depressing and nihilistic than Renmei. Hope you check them out someday, they're well worth the watch. And please, talk more about any animu you wish like it's a normal subject, I'll do the same.

Wish I could add you atm, but my PS4 is broken and I can't remember our internet password to start using PSN (I can't automatically connect without a password unlike our main computer), but I will definitely try. Nice Evangelion reference, btw. Big fan of Misato myself, but Rei is a good second for me.
Corey_Bennett Jul 25, 10:58 AM
I imagine it is, possibly thousands of miles away from Arizona. I'd like to go there someday, along with all the other main English-speaking countries of the world (England, New Zealand, etc.) And of course, Japan, because I'm an otaku.

Have you listened to all of the 4 games' OSTs? There are a couple songs with spoiler-territory names you shouldn't listen to until you play, but Drakengard 1, Nier, and Automata, along with D3 are well worth listening to several times over. Even D2 has a few songs that are solid to put on a playlist. Btw, expect me to be harsh to D2 every now and then. It's a fine game by itself, it just doesn't fit well into some people's vision of what a real Drakengard game is, save for a few shining moments.

Thank you, Skye! I'm really excited to play them soon. I'm not expecting awesome fast hack-n-slash action like Automata, but I'm sure the gameplay will be more than enough to carry the games and compliment their stories. I did hear that Nier does take around 50 hours all the way to complete Ending D (Taro strikes with those necessary multiple endings), and it can get very repetitive in terms of side quests and playing segments again. I hope you can play through it all yourself, but I'll support whatever decision you make.

Madam, I could talk about this series 'til the cows come home. I've found my calling in this franchise of insanity and mayhem, so please. NEVER HOLD BACK. Oh yes, the movie covered everything, down to the campfire conversations and all the battle dialogue. How Zero puts up with the weird, perverted shenanigens and stupidity of her new Disciples, how she detests her sisters and her reasoning for it (before we actually know) and her little backstory about how she and the Flower came to be. I didn't miss anything. There were neat little details I liked about some specific characters I wasn't into, like Octa shaming and being ashamed of Three's "hobbies" and his inability to fix anything, or Cent's fun facts that actually were mostly true, but didn't serve jack for the story, or how Mikhail never loses his naivety but starts to grow and think stronger as time goes on. Little things like that really do sell the characters.

Yeah, people can be hit-or-miss with Two and her relationship with Cent. I do find it an interesting juxtaposition in that she honestly shouldn't belong in this game because of said naivety and how she's the "normal" Intoner in terms of morality and selflessness. She's used as a counter and mirror to the real psychopaths, and it worked very well, though you could say the same for Mikhail as well. Plus, she's super cute, both inside and out, even with all the sickly-sweet cooing. But again, I can see why. I did put her above Three for a while, but Three's mystery vibe won in the end. And yes, that DLC was messed up. Damn you, Japan, and your use of Homunculi to make sad stories!

Oh boy. You know, I did feel bad for Four in the beginning, with great credit to her façade, but after the DLC and the Novellas, all I see in her is a slightly-spoiled, heavily-hypocritical brat whose only existence in life is to one-up all her sisters (save for One) in whatever facet she thinks is important, whether it's loyalty, purpose, intelligence or even..."purity". I admit she's also an interesting character to watch as she's someone who deals with self-loathing and jealousy, which spawns loathing for everyone else. Only difference between her and Zero is that she wasn't given a bad hand in life, so it's very hard to sympathize with her innate hate. Also, mass elf genocide.

I'd love to play the DLC, if it didn't cost more than the game itself these days ($25 in total I believe, compared to the $20 game). Plus, their story was covered in the video. Am glad I got to watch those, as they really give better characterization and growth to each Intoner and Disciple than the main game ever could.

I love aggressive Zero. She speaks what's on her mind and has the power and strength to make it come true, slash by bloody slash. Tara Platt did a good job as her imo, despite some iffy direction. As did everyone else (Like I said, perfect voice for Three). Sounds fair enough with the framerate, I heard turning off the blood splatter does help in huge battles, though. Oh believe me, I had to do the same with D1 and collect all 65 weapons to get the ending with the rhythm game and what eventually leads to Nier. It was tough but doable. Whether D3 is more or less challenging in its weapon collecting is yet to be seen. Ah yes, ending D. Can't wait to try that behemoth of a challenge soon enough.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the low income and love that it gained. I'll be back with more dialogue myself, and I'll also put in some thoughts on anime too.
Tyrant_ Jul 25, 9:46 AM
Yeah, the thing is, it's definitely been a long while since I last saw a real tragedy themed show(I think Shigatsu was very happy and in Psycho Pass, I actually rooted for the villain so idk haha). I don't know if it's going to be anytime soon, kind of always uplifted these days. Can't complain about this lol.
haha this is so relatable cuz I have serious time management problems. I start my assignments at 7pm thinking, "alright, this will take just an hour, i can do anything after". A friend visits. We listen to music. I show him funny things on the internet. We laugh. Dinner time. A quick youtube music rebound. voila, my assignment is done. 12midnight welp time to sleep LOL (and this just happened yesterday).
I'm studying Electronics and Telecommunications stuff but I am interested in programming so I do a lot of that too. Gamedev as a hobby, app development in android(learning right now), that sort of thing. Are you a student?
" then the length puts me off " -> exactly! I can't watch those things in installments. It's all or nothing and very rarely do I get the feeling of "I've got 2 hours to spare I should watch a movie".

Ah, I thought as much. It's more action oriented and there's much less drama. Bakuman was one of a kind. Do you know any other shows like that? xD I loved Ashirogi Mutou.
And I'm probably not the person to ask about Tokyo Ghoul since I didn't like it as much as most people around me did (though there are still friends who hold the same opinion as me towards that show so idk). At first I just watched the animation and was really impressed by the premise(and by that I mean ep1) but the entire show felt rushed and the characters boring for some reason. The main character... I'm sorry if you're a fan but Ken Kaneki seemed so pathetic and sometimes annoying that I couldn't bother to continue to the sequel(TG rootA). Then someone told me the manga was much better and after a year later(maybe more), I decided to read the manga from the first chapter and wow, he was right. The manga WAS better, though still the problem with the characters and Kaneki remained. Towards the end of the manga, Kaneki became the type of protagonist I could actually come to like and suddenly something happens and all that development goes down the drain and the story continues in another manga where Kaneki is a completely different person. I couldn't wait another 80 chapters to see the really interesting parts so I just dropped it. :(

Speaking of anime movies, have you seen Kimi No Na Wa?(your name)
VincentHarkonnen Jul 25, 9:36 AM
In all fairness, reaching 7k completed anime isn't as daunting as it may seem, given that most of the anime aren't even TV series - the majority belongs to Specials, music videos, TV commercials and general artistic shorts which are less than 5 minutes long each, making it possible to knock even a thousand anime out in a single evening. However, back when I was in my anime watching prime, shortly before joining MAL and right after, somewhere until 2012, the Internet was lest strict with copyrights as well, so you could find entire anime series posted on YT while rare short animations from before WWII could be found on torrents, now everything's gone, so I bet that getting as many anime now would be slightly harder, but still easy to reach at least 4k. But then again, I only watched all of these because I wanted to see as much what the industry has to offer as possible. I don't see any reason for me to brag or anything, I did it all for myself and my curiosity. Needless to say, you're not missing that much if you're not particlarly interested in the art of animation in general because most anime here are just corporate curiosities.

As for psychological anime... Damn, I can't stand this genre. It's like every single time MAL doesn't know what kind of anime it is, they just apply "psychological" to its genres. The kids who want to be edgy and elitist by watching only the shows tagged with this genre to show off how smart they are don't make me too fond of it either. Still, from the ones that aren't pretentious piles of crap, I'd say that Texhnolyze, anything by Satoshi Kon and The Big O were great, aside of Utena. As for this particular show, it's an amazing study of teenagers during adolescence. While the characters are over the top and overly romanticized, the way they're used to convey the actual messages is handled extremely skillfully. And it's even better when you'll notice that the show is generally very close to becoming a pretentious pile of nonsense, but the authors always manage to balance it out by really good writing, which is especially apparent with Nanami's character - she's a typical Ojou with big brother obsession, but she also happens to be one of the, if not the deepest character in the series with her insecurities.
Sonal1988 Jul 25, 6:18 AM
Super hero? When did I save this damsel in distress from........ distress?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sonal1988 Jul 25, 4:31 AM
You called me Senpai
Corey_Bennett Jul 24, 7:25 PM
The Lost Shrine is where you find Weiss, right? That is a bit weird for that to happen to an animal. The location and music itself isn't spooky, but it is indeed melancholic. Maybe she picked up the vibes the game was throwing and just went, "Fuck this shit, I'm out, boo!"

Without spoiling anything about what goes on for the character arcs or what happens in the story, Nier Automata is incredibly human and philosophical, more so than the other games, despite the fact that you play as androids and fight against machine lifeforms. You will relate and yet feel concern over how you relate to these technically soulless and artificial characters, while also grasping what the fundamentals of being alive and thinking for one's self truly mean. As for the "brutality" we so desperately crave in this niche franchise, well...Taro WILL have you covered in spades. Believe me, I'm an emotional person, and openly wept dozens of times, both in sadness and in happiness. You'll find out in due time.

Going back to the Novellas and research, I'm glad Taro and co. made the decision to expand the universe outside of the games due to lack of funds or time, because a solid percentage of them are very impactful and engrossing to read (I've read Zero's story 4 times and will probably read it dozens more times before I die). I'm sure you got a kick from Three musing about her "beautiful, baby-like children" and improving her doll-making skills. One's, Accord's and Michael's stories are the cream of the crop. God bless you, Jun Eishima (who sounds a lot like Junko Enoshima) for writing these brainchilds of Taro's like the fellow madwoman she is!

PS. Sorry for the ramblings.
VincentHarkonnen Jul 24, 3:03 PM
Sorry to hear you have sclerosis though. -> Urgh... It was sarcasm on my end, you know. Good thing that I haven't pulled out my "quadruple amputee with a brain cancer" joke.

I'm looking forward to Kakegurui even just for the evil girls. -> Perfect, the whole fuckin' show is about unlikeable, punchable sociopaths, so you'll definitely find a perfect psycho for yourself. I kinda wanted to like Mary as far as the main cast of this show goes, but she's just so badly written... Like every character in Kakegurui, really.
Don't blame you as the plot goes downhill but do you remember Maria? -> No. Frankly, I think the less of this show I remember, the better.

I'm in it for the pretty dolls and gothic-ness. -> Pretty dolls? Yup, that definitely is one of the factors of this show. Gothic-ness... Uhhh... Not really, more like a teenage angst, unless few broken dolls and black feathers scattered here and there count as an example of Gothic atmosphere.

Did you see their attempts at fixing his abs for the remaster? -> No, but it does look bad. If they wanted to make him more fabulous for the ladies, they should just invest in The Hoff, like South Park: The Stick of Truth did. I can see it becoming a payable DLC for sure.

Accord does make an appearance or is mentioned in Automata right? -> As far as I know, she doesn't. I was expecting her to make an appearance too considering how android-focused this installment is, but it seems that wasn't the case. Maybe she's from a yet another reality.

Have you heard they're doing a Hack Trilogy remaster? -> Sounds nice. I remember playing the PS2 versiona ges ago and it was pretty solid, until the later games, the ones with Haseo as the protagonist. This is where the franchise went downhill with the gameplay becoming more and more uninspired.
Btw do you prefer Digimon Story or World? -> I'd say World, but only because of nostalgia. Admittedly, I only played the three World games on the PSX, with the first one being one of my favourite games of all time. The second was a bad Mystery Dungeon-type game, while the third changed its style once again to a turn based RPG where levelling up took ages. DW 1 on the other hand was really good, with world exploration and monster raising, despite of a really bad translation and the digivolution system being kinda finicky. However, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is a pretty solid game too, even if it does get grindy here and there.

It delves into Zero's dirty past doesn't it? -> I don't know, never bothered with this one. I generally don't read the mangas based on licensed works, they're mostly poorly drawn, often unfinished comic books where nothing you wouldn't already know from the games happens.

What type of novel are you writing? -> A comedic Dark Fantasy where the English king John I is being reimagined as the rebellious noble who decides to enter the "fuck you, dad" phase and becomes a black knight in training who needs to depart on a journey to pass his test and... not change at all, because I like my characters being complete assholes who don't magically change into goody-two-shoes over the course of a story. Pretty much like in the comic books by Garth Ennis, like Hellblazer or Preacher, develop the characters without altering their personality, just their attitude towards this and that.

Congrats on your new job! -> I didn't get a new job yet, I'm just expecting to get hired by someone very soon, considering that there's a lot of job offers flowing recently, but it's still a matter of luck when it comes to finding an employer who pays you decently. While also giving you a chance in the first place.