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Tyrant10 Yesterday, 8:16 PM
Haha I know that 'waiting to get into mood to watch something'. It's the same with an anime called 'Rainbow' for me. It's just so depressing I don't feel like watching even an entire episode in one sitting, primarily because it's vacations lol. Need more cheerful shows around now.
It's very, very late for Code Geass S3 and unsolicited too honestly. S2 wrapped certain things up and left some vague for the viewers to interpret but in a cool way.

I'd start NGE probably around mid-July. Just got finished with Psycho Pass and need a moderate-anime-break, if that's a thing. x)
I'll be sure to let you know.

Steins;Gate is really cool. It's been long since I watched it so don't remember much but the characters are where it really shines. The protagonist is a self-proclaimed 'mad scientist' the likes of which you probably haven't seen before haha.

That 3rd movie is getting on my to-do list very fast then. Wanna watch it while I still remember the names. xD
AlreadyNight Yesterday, 11:00 AM
Hello~ Not at all. They're pretty rainy, it gets unbearably hot for around two weeks, then it all feels like a long spring. How's the weather there? I know you said you're from Australia, so from my little knowledge in geography I know it should be winter over there.

Oh sorry, I probably didn't write that properly. What I meant is that I don't have any talent and I'm not an artist. ;D I only know about some platforms that were created in order to support artists because I really love watching/listening to other's creations.
Oh my God. It's so good that you decided to go in the end. Congrats to you and your cat. ;D Send me some pictures of your cat some time if what to share her beauty with all the rest of the world. I wanna see the champion! haha. xDD

Oh my. You've had like..all the animals people can keep at home. XDD
Not a fan of big cities, eh? ;P My dream is to have a wall turned into a huge aquarium with all kinds of colorful fish.
I don't live in Romania atm, but it is a country with mostly country town. ;D No big fancy cities.

I'm more into comedies and action, Death Parade had a bit of comedy too, to it's a good anime since it's a mixture of many genres.

Well, I've already mentioned action and comedy, others would be thriller and psychological maybe. What are yours?; D
Sonal1988 Yesterday, 1:37 AM
I see you haven't watched Garden of Words. It's a 45 min short movie, and if you're up for it, do watch it. Nice and sweet.

Also, random but do you enjoy such music? It's been my obsession for the last few weeks

Sonal1988 Yesterday, 1:10 AM
don't you think it's important for a show to capture the viewers attention pretty early on?
Absolutely, and that's one of Shiki's biggest problems (apart from its art, ofc). But I'm glad my friend pushed me into watching it. We normally don't get to see the MC taking morally dubious decisions, esp when people's lives are at stake. The MCs are either too-good-cookie-cutter mould types or the asshole-who-turns-good type. But the Doc was neither - he was a human who did what he had to when push came to shove. And I appreciated that honesty in the anime. Bad vamps behaved nicely, good humans behaved awfully - it was a genuinely enjoyable experience, bc again, you don't get to see this complexity in anime (usually)

I still want there to be a reason for it
Yeah I can see that. But I'd still rather see the bad guys being butchered, than the good ones :p And yet, having said that, I enjoyed Ferid (from Owari) butchering orphans for no other reason than because he wanted to morally weaken the children who were trying to escape. He wanted them to feel despair. Now I don't usually enjoy children being killed, but these deaths added to Ferid's character development, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Dude's my favorite asshole. Gilgamesh is #2.

I can't say I'm in a hurry since my ptw list is already large
Ahahaha. Same here! Wouldn't have given Shiki another look if it weren't for my friend. But I'm glad I did watch it :) Some time ago, I had 70+ anime in my PTW and I realized I just kept on searching for newer anime to watch, instead of finishing my PTW. Then I realized that it was bc my list was so huge that I felt too lazy to even begin watching from it. So one day I sat down and removed every anime that I didn't really wanna watch. Now my list is down to 35! That's a lot more manageable and now I don't have to push off watching these shows, bc these are all that I genuinely wanna watch. Maybe you should try bringing your list down to 70 or so anime. OR even 50.

I'd say character development and therefor getting the audience to care about the characters.
Another problem with Another was the deaths - the first 2-3 deaths did shock me, but the rest of them were put in their literally for nothing but for shock value, which kinda diminished their purpose. And the girl being quiet about being the 'extra' and not telling the male MC was just BS. I still cannot understand why he wasn't told this beforehand, and why he was kept in the dark. What did the students expect - that he'd just ignore Mei like the rest of them did and not ask questions about her existence?? My biggest issue with Mei was her character development too - she was a kuudere for the sake of being one, like a plot device.
The umbrella death scene was fantastic, as was the one at the beach where the boy got caught in the boat's rudders. Apart from that, I can't remember any of the deaths. And yes, the manga art really does look good!

wombat are you talking about?
😂 Good one!
ah, you took my joke seriously. It was nothing but a joke :p

Sonal1988 Jun 26, 3:40 AM
Yeah, the first 6-7 eps are torture. But it really does get better from that point on, esp once you phase out the horrendous animation. If you like characters like Lelouch or Light, you'll enjoy the Doc's character too.

I hate when games or anime are censored just for the sake of censorship
Hehehe. Right! I only enjoy brutal deaths for those who deserve it, tbh. Not much into horror so really can't comment how the genre does its deaths. I remember Another, tho. Was disappointed with its execution, bc the premise was fairly interesting. Even so, some of the deaths were pretty brutal.

I'm excited for Deadman, but damn, life is getting in the way. I swore to start the Kuro manga on Saturday, and here I am on a Monday, finishing up with my deadlines :/ God knows when I'll get to my PTW. I prefer anime for several reasons, the biggest ones being - it's more alive/real than manga, and it's easier to watch (and skip through) 20 mins of an episode than to read a manga. You can't really skip anything in it without going back and forth several pages to find a point where you can continue reading.
Having said that, manga have their own charm and I can see why certain people prefer it to anime. But for someone who's lazy like I am, and prefers convenience over everything else, anime scores for me :p

Hey. I have a question for you. Don't you just hate it when a sentence doesn't end the way you think it platypus?
Sonal1988 Jun 25, 6:21 AM
Hey! Yeah I'd dropped Shiki. But I picked it up at the insistence of a close friend (it's one of her favs) and once I looked past the horrendous art, Shiki actually turned out to be a pretty decent anime. I enjoy anime that don't fall in the "don't kill someone bc life is precious trope", and I especially enjoyed how gruesome some of the deaths were. Hehehe. I don't get to see that often in anime, even when the people deserve it (aka FMAB). The story was gripping enough, and I especially enjoyed the morally dubious decisions the doctor took - he's now in my fav character list! That guy is like Lellouch (not as smart, obv) but exactly how Lelouch would behave in a situation where he had no supernatural powers to help him out fight his way out, alone, to do what he thinks is right.
In fact, the anime had quite a few shocking moments that I did not see coming, which took me completely by surprise. 3-4 times when a reveal or twist happened, my mouth fell open. Literally. No joke. And that's pretty rare for me.

Hahaha. You're the second or third person who asked me about picking up Shiki. I wonder how many people I bitched to about it 😂😂😂

Hey. How's your health doing? Did you recover?
Tyrant10 Jun 25, 6:13 AM
Hia! It's okay. We get busy. Code Geass gets much better in season 2, if I remember right. You'll see a lot of CC too. :D I'm skeptical about the recently announced season 3 given the end of season 2(try not to get spoiled about this and it'll be worth it). Seems like a cash grab.
And yep, I'd probably watch Your Lie in April every April haha. Made this decision last year since the Reddit community always does a rewatch around that time and it just feels great rewatching shows you love and have people to talk about it.

I'd definitely watch NGE soon. I have a feeling it WOULD be my cup of tea the way you describe it.
Madoka's definitely a great show and the only reason I rated it a 7 was because I've already seen a very similar thing to it. Steins;Gate, which is also one of my favorites. You remember that scene where Madoka tries to 'fall' by throwing Sayaka's crystal onto that truck and she becomes lifeless? That moment was awesome. Though she survives, it was really thrilling. Aside from that, the rest felt like I've seen them happen before. The part where the black haired girl relives the moment of Madoka dying over and over causing her to lose emotion for it, yeah even something like that happened in S;G. Now this is debatable but I felt S;G executed the ending better but Madoka was a great show nonetheless. Since that's in your 'plan to watch', I'm sure you'd relate to what I said when you watch that. ^_^''

The sequel to Madoka Magica is the 3rd movie only, right?
Sonal1988 Jun 22, 8:42 AM
Hah! I'm hale and hearty! I await your return to MAL eagerly!
AlreadyNight Jun 19, 10:50 AM
Hey Skye~ Good, just came back home. It was so hot today I could feel my clothes melting on my skin. Hbu? ;D
Unfortunately I don't have any real talent at the moment (plan to take some class of some sort haha) to be able to join the freelancers around the world. But if I had a talent, right now I would be somewhere online trying to advertise my art. xDD Ever since Patreon was launched a lot of people have been given the opportunity to live a better life out of what they do.
Oh my! My reply came a bit late but how was the show? ;D You cat must be really something if she/he is going to competitions and shows.

I'm not really sure about the type.. this already shows how good I am with animals haha. XDD I see you've had a lot of pets. Make a list and told me what have you had up until now. xDD

True. Oh damn, the OP. That incredible opening, I swear I feel like dancing whenever I hear it. The last ep got me a bit teary too. Haven't seen Haibane Renmei yet.

Are you into medieval themed anime/movies as well? ;D
Sonal1988 Jun 19, 8:57 AM
Hehe. Reminded me of you

Sonal1988 Jun 17, 11:45 AM
Have a good night :)
Sonal1988 Jun 17, 11:20 AM
Aww, are the allergies bc of the change in season? I mean, haha, I'm assuming that could be a reason bc the weather's changing here. It's gonna rain soon. Yay! I hope you don't stay too long away from MAL! And hah, my friend really isn't into much except partying (which I don't like) and meeting up for lunches or snacks (which is way more preferable for me), or movies! With movies, our tastes vary a lot so it's difficult to pin one a movie that we both like :/
There's no fourth option with her :p

HAL, well, if you are okay with Slice of Life and romance, then I think you may enjoy it. It's a one time watch. Plus, it's around an hour long. What's an hour, really?

I probably don't have to hold back with you anyway. You're such a cool cucumber.
Aww, thank you. I do believe this is the first time someone's called me "cool" hehehe. Do keep me updated on your health, alright? I hope you have a peaceful time for the next few days :)
54464987 Jun 17, 10:12 AM
But you look YOUNGER like, I got trembling really, no really, it's hard to believe you are more than 18 if even that ^_^

Yay, i'll roll out soon since I told his mom I'd get him today, then I'll drive us back when it's gets close to night, I'm planning all sorts of fun things, I'll even open myself to eat sugar today because of him kikiki, I'm going wild I guess.

Keep your senses ninja like with the kittens :)
I think cats are so worthy really, when I looked to my old one on my mom's house last week I felt great, it's so weird, even though he is old and looks a little tired, I stayed just a bit, but he was sitting so weirdly in the sun that I took some pictures, like, no joke, I guess this is not bad enough even in a comment right ?

Well, prepare for a very old "street" cheap cat being weird and dirty ^^

Glad he's alive still to this day, I know his not the most pretty cat but his face says it all :p

I'm going, many kisses to you.

*repeating gif because pretty gif so repeating pretty gif ^^
54464987 Jun 17, 9:35 AM
Also another weird thing I'd like to ask then, do you feel pain if you hurt yourself ?
Because I do, and a lot, like, I cry out to my limits, but even though I have someone living with me to stop me, there is just no helping it, no meds sedatives nothing, unless I feel it all I black out in these ugly fits and start to move like a lizard ^^

Is it like this to you too? because I've searched for years and I found a lot of people that hurt themselves but all seemed to not feel pain as in a bad way, it seemed like they enjoy doing it, hell I even started to lie to myself that I enjoy, it just drives me crazy.

But oki, let's talk about this on PM next time ^_^
54464987 Jun 17, 9:29 AM
""traumatic experience, your brain involuntary confused/rewired the sensations of pain and pleasure and unfortunately that neurological phenomenon has persisted""

That's funny, the psychiatrist guy took almost a year to get to a conclusion just like that, he says there is no helping that for now, since it's a physical thing on my brain, not psychological, it's so weird really, he just says that the brain thinks my normal state is a pain state and will eventually pass out if I don't smell or feel something close to that accident, but that it all reversed like this because the brain acted as that was my last moments and tried to shield me from the pain because I didn't passed out.

Well, just really, I don't know what to say only that it took a 48 years old psychiatrist a full year, more than 20 sessions to get to that, puzzling really ^^

I guess I'm in aw ? yes.