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May 6, 2017
ok so finally after 2 years wait the movie all fairy tail fan boys and fan girls were waiting for is out .... 2 years ago Hiro Mashima made a picture showing Natsu as half dragon and he said that a movie based on this picture will come , we all know mashima is a man of his word and finally the movie which is said to give the biggest fairy tail shockers ( said my mashima sensei himself ) is here .

Now as we know that Ft 2014 ended with the disbanded Fairy Tail guild so how come the guys are back again together read more
Apr 21, 2017
Here Comes Another Music Extaraveganza …
Just as always this anime revolves around a bunch of girls who gets into music that is finds their soul of universe !! well the main female protagonist oh there are only females no males well wanted to find something sparkly and shiny and finally find that in music and a guitar well so she goes on a hunt to recruit members to form a band !!
The story and characters of this anime are inspired from the original band ‘ Poppin Party ‘ many incidents are taken from the real experience of the real band and thus the read more
Oct 28, 2016
My teen romantic comedy snafu is an anime that does not need an introduction ...
we had a first season .. then we had some ova's and then we had the awesome second season.

and now we get the OVA for the second season.
The Ova revolves around the date between Isshiki and Hachiman ....

We all know about hachiman .... he is an awesome guy who deals things the way we havent seen at ant other place....

so just imagine how awesome he would have been here. Hachiman on a date with a girl and his actions are just so unexpected and his nature so unique that read more
Aug 3, 2016
The flower we saw that day ( Ano hana ) movie is an awesome movie....
let me say this at first.....this movie is more emotional than the anime.....

When i watched the anime i was expecting something was good but it didnt made me cry....i was disappointed... i wanted to cry but i didnt just dont know why....then i said to myself why not give the movie a try and so i watched the movie ...... and you know after finishing the movie my laptop's keyboard was wet with tears touched my heart so much that i just dont have much words.....

Let me tell you read more
Jun 29, 2016
Yoru no Yatterman also known as yatterman nights......
this anime is the adaption of the classical anime Yatterman but of course you dont need to watch yatterman before watching this anime because this anime follows a complete different story line......
this anime is a highly unpopular anime .....i doubt anyone would have heard about it....any ways its also highly underrated.....
i enjoyed alot in this anime and i hope you would too because this anime has used a proper balance between comedy ... seriousness ... and action....
its a funny thing to say but this anime has also featured some of the comic superheroes..... for e.g : Hulk .... read more
Jun 9, 2016
Embark yourself on a journey to twists and side changer like you have never before..
i cant say much about white album 2 because that will cause spoilers .. and spoilers for this anime is very bad because a tiny hint will bust away all the fun this anime packs..
this anime is definitely one to watch .. it will be worth your time .. trust me
the starting of this anime ( starting includes first 2 to 3 episodes ) will be normal like any other anime but it gets so exciting later on the tension and the story that will build up is just sugoye ( read more
Apr 25, 2016
I decided to write this review after reviewing other reviews over the same anime. 90% of the reviews were against this legendary anime. people said this anime was overrated but ask me that i believe that Fairy Tail (2014) in underrated. It should have been in the best. Any way lets get to the point.

This season comprise of 4 arcs although the last arc (10 episodes) are not that interesting because they go to way before past where fairy tail wasnt even borne yet still the other 3 arcs are full of action and entertainment. Its a total blast of shounen. Although i too believe read more
Apr 3, 2016
Mekaku city Actors was a pretty confusing but interesting Anime series i have watched. In the beginning the story was pretty cool along with a humor but every new episode introduced new characters which is not a bad thing but the thing that i disliked was that the characters already introduced were being ignored and every single episode was being given to a new different character.
The story is unique but has so many twists around it that even if we lose our focus for a second we may get lost in the story and be totally blanked on what is happening.
The starting of the story read more