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Dec 31, 2017
Christmas: Snow and hope; White and pious. As the bells and carols ring the tunes of belief & merry in one’s heart, this motion picture portrays all that, a bit more and a bit beyond.

What an amazingly threaded piece of art. It’s like a mother’s love providing extra warmth to the winter garb that she has woven for her child: to veil her precious gift from God.
Starting from the characters to the story to the scripting, each piqued the rank.
If I were to delineate it through a figurative language, I’d call in at an amusement park full of stirring rides. read more
Feb 8, 2017
Paprika (Anime) add (All reviews)
Prior to anything, let's just take a moment to appraise the unmatched ability of Kon to play with one’s mind tactfully, uninhibitedly, preposterously.
You’ve got to admit how Satoshi loves to play riddles and run through mazes unbridled. And it begins just as the opening sequence commences, taking us through years via a short leap off a rollercoaster. However the ride wasn’t as enthralling as I hoped it could be, but I’ll put down something sort of a review to appreciate how Kon admixes reality with illusion to create a surreal world.

Dreamcatcher, dream reader, dream narrator.
The concept of dreaming and dreaming read more
Apr 17, 2016
Okay. So I'm just gonna put forward an instantaneous vivid imagination, to be honest, that went passed me in a flicker while watching this.

This is really a poorly rated one, I can see, with just two reviews.
Thought I might add one, making it my first review. xD
Of course it's kinda hard to comprehend.
My interpretation is absolutely individual perception.

We all are acquainted with the term Dementia.
It's gradual, affects thinking and daily functioning, right ?

As I saw that lump of mass, I kinda visualized it as if brain thrashing inside cranium, craving escape, searching for escape as the degeneration slowly progresses. Finally, read more