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Nov 28, 2010
Show Princess (Manga) add
Show Princess is a manga adapted from a Chinese novel, which was then turned into the live-action Taiwanese drama called: “Summer’s Desire”. The story revolves around Summer the protagonist and has enough twist and turns to keep you in place until you’ve untangled the whole story. Drama, mystery and romance in equal proportions, what more could one want?

There’s a dark theme through-out and possessiveness is at its epitome! Each character is pretty deep and you can never really decide which side to support in the love-triangle- there are just too many faces to each character!

The manga has only gone up to 8 chapters so ...
Nov 10, 2009
Preliminary (10/42 chp)
Agnes loses the choker and now has 4 knights to serve her forever, whats a girl to do? The manga has had only a few chapters translated so far but from what I can tell the story seems pretty unique; unique enough for a reverse harem of 4 knights summoned from cards, with special powers and loads of roses!

The characters each have very different personalities to each other (all of whom are really well developed especially the knights and its hard to just like one) and the female protagonist I suppose is meant to represent your average school girl who couldn’t care less ...
Oct 29, 2009
Ashita no Nadja feels like a collaboration of the general foundations from the stories Anastasia the Russian Princess and Robin Hood, set about 100 years ago, with the occasional dances and trolling over Europe amongst other things. This anime is a rough diamond and it’s a shame not as many people have seen it as one may like.

The story involves the backdrop of Nadja trying to find her mother. As she travels with a troupe of entertainers she encounters many different personalities, stories, dances and gains clues on who her mother maybe. The story is also comprised of many testing factors for ...
Sep 29, 2009
Kaikan Phrase (Anime) add
Kaikan phrase is quite the squeaky clean anime, although it is adapted from Mayu Shinjou’s manga and those familiar with her works would expect an amount of smut and ecchi-ness but in contrast this anime has everything but those steamy elements.

The story starts off with making the band; each character is introduced with their set of problems as they try to become professionals. Whilst the band is discovering itself at the grass-roots level we’re frequently made to listen to their sounds, composed of catchy tunes Midnight Crow and Datenshi Blue (which are sang by the real-life Lucifer band – clever of the producers to ...
Jun 17, 2009
Preliminary (10/84 chp)
Shitsuji-sama no Okinari tells a simple romantic story of a former commoner Ryou and her exclusive butler Hakuou who happens to be a cool, good-looking popular guy at their high school. The story focuses on Ryou and her honest, pure-natured personality, who treats people with respect and equality- she seems unfazed by becoming a rich person and has no qualms of being the stereotyped mean snobbish person. This quality of hers of being herself is what leads Hakuou to fall for Ryou- Ryou however seems very unfamiliar to Hakuou's feeling- although we get indications that she is beginning to like him more than a ...
May 2, 2009
Preliminary (69/83 chp)
100% Perfect Girl is like watching an elaborate over-the-top soap drama- but regardless of how cheesy and clichéd things might be, one can’t help but carry on wanting to know what happens next regardless of how unrealistic the situations they’re in actually are.

The story in the first few volumes starts of as a Cinderella story; where Jarte a European prince falls in love-at-first-sight with the ordinary Korean girl Jay. As the volumes progress and things develop though, one should expect an “anything could happen” approach to this fast-paced manhwa as literally many odd things happen adding to the enjoyment and also taking you through ...
Apr 17, 2009
Honey Hunt (Manga) add
Preliminary (17/30 chp)
I was recommended to read this as I’m a Skip Beat! fan and this manga also focuses on becoming a star, proving oneself and mingling with romance. But Honey Hunt also has its own unique charming points without the need of demons!

This manga is one of my favourites out there. Although the story at first glance is about a girl and 2 guys and the entertainment world there are many other deeper aspects involved which can appeal to a wider audience than the typical romantics. Yura is a normal girl born from superstar parents but her life is anything but amazing as people think. ...
Mar 16, 2009
Dear Boys (Anime) add
Dear Boys focuses on the main characters and their emotions encompassed around the game of basketball. Hints of comedy and romance are noticed through out the anime. Watching this anime made me realize and appreciate how much more there is to basketball and in fact any team sport in terms of tactics, team spirit and abilities and a mere win or loss in a competition is the end result (though not necessarily a reflection of) after a long journey of physical and emotional challenge within the players.

The characters are well developed and each serves their purpose within the story. The animation though was ...
Feb 11, 2009
A reverse harem was my initial reason for starting to watch this anime, but not only did it deliver a pretty girl surrounded by gorgeous guys but it was far much more than I had anticipated.
The story is as the synopsis conveys; a young girl on a mission to save a universe whilst helped by the nine guardians- an original and unique plot with more than enough bits in-between to keep viewers interested as there weren't even any clichéd moments.
Each character has a strong, powerful personality, presence and role in the story- even the lead female Ange has great depths and emotions which we ...
Feb 9, 2009
Suzuka (Anime) add
Suzuka- the name suggests its gonna be all about the girl but actually we end up following and knowing more about Yamato's thoughts and feelings. I started watching the show randomly as the synopsis sounded interesting but whilst watching it it caught the attention and interest of two guys i know who aren't normally into this genre and they ended up watching the whole series with me too- we all really liked it!
The story focuses on the trivial matters of liking someone and doing something about it- it deals with embarassment, confusion, confessions and heaps of other emotions when dealing with the matters of the ...

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