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Feb 12, 2018
A blade touches the ice, gliding along, scratching the white, cold surface as it moves. The skater jumps in the air on one foot, spinning once, twice, and once more as they land on the opposite foot, landing a triple axel. The crowd cheers loudly as the skater’s arms fly out in happiness. Whoa, let’s rewind…this is no 1991 competition. This is an anime about a simple Japanese 23-year-old male, trying to find who he is in this completive world of ice skating. Back up now…or better yet, let’s flash forward.

Now forget about history for once, or the fact Olympics exists for now, because in read more
Aug 23, 2016
Bleach (Manga) add (All reviews)

Like a flutter of a butterfly’s wing, Kubo has created the dynamic of a life after death scenario, twisting people’s minds and imaginations throughout its journey with surprises, questions, and a bold statement of what happens after we leave this world. Invisible forces play into the scenes, grasping a hold of reality and raining out a massive event that not even humans can comprehend. Sparks fly as metal swords clash. Tears fall down pale cheeks. Romances bloom like a soft flower petal in the spring. People think there is nothing after life, but they are wrong. Death is only the beginning.

Story: read more
Nov 9, 2015
I wish we were allowed to place gifs in these reviews because it would be filled with gifs of people's surprised or otherwise 'WTF-just-happened" faces from How You Met Your Mother, The Office and Two and a Half Men.

A mind fuckery at it's finest. The first moment this show started on the first episode I knew I would be in for a hell of a ride. Although I do have to give a bit of credit to ZephSilver for suggesting this anime on account of us both being huge fans of Monster and anything mind blowing. I was curious to see what Ergo Proxy read more
Oct 23, 2015
“It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.” –Chaos Theory

There’s something about this show that made me go “hmm….” Perhaps it’s the concept that time travel, although very popular and becoming slowly overused, and the fact it can make the brain think even more, that made is so irresistible. Physicists have studied it for centuries, trying to figure out every possible detail about its mysteries and about how to control it, its weakness, and what is the difference between reality and imaginary. Take several other popular cultural, such read more
Oct 18, 2015
Let me tell you all a little tale about a girl who wanted to save the boy she loved from a game of kill or be killed. 12 go in but only one comes out alive. Sound familiar? Yup, because it has been done before. Behold, Mirai Nikki also known as The Future Diary, The Hunger Games of the anime world.

Now now, I know that is isn't the same as The Hunger Games since a) it came out before The Hunger Games, b) it isn't set in a apocalyptic world with a dome and crazy people with weird hair, and c) if you win read more
Oct 15, 2015
I wonder what would happen if I watched this high?

Story: 8/10

Formed around four separate stories with two acts, Mononoke sets up an epic, twisted tale in each of them. Each them very different in their own way, but very much the same, holding a similar type of theme: secrets. We all have them. Some secrets are small. Some are massive and can hold us hostage in our minds, whether the case this anime makes us bring out those dark secrets and makes a nightmare a reality. Illusions. It's all in the head. This is true horror and it absolutely terrified me. I loved read more
Oct 14, 2015
What do you get when you combine the Chinese zodiac with a cute idea for an anime? Fruits Basket. And trust me; it’s not as good as you think.

Story: 3/10

Sure you got your cute animals and cute characters, but let’s look at the bigger picture here. Yes…the idea of how bloody slow….this….anime….is……. I was very close to dropping it if it wasn’t for the humour hidden in each episode. But what the heck is with the creators making such a big fuss about a part in the plot then brush it off as…nothing. NOTHING HAPPENS UNTIL THE END! Annoying? You got it. The pace read more
Oct 14, 2015
First off….what the hell did I just watch?

Story: 8/10

The most messed up thing I’ve ever seen. I mean the plot was brilliant and so creepy that it can end up being a real life situation. It’s plots like these that I wonder if the writer or creator of this had some sort of dark past or a similar experience when they were growing up. It’s depressing, it’s dark, it’s absolutely an inspirational plot. For a writer like me, and a literature student, I can go very, VERY deep into this plot that I can end up writing a three to five page essay. But read more
Oct 14, 2015

Just kidding.

Story: 7/10

GTO is probably the most popular classic comedy in animation ever. This anime inspired so many other plots for Christ sake! And the definition for “anime” or “Japanese cartoon” should include GTO in the description. This anime made me laugh. The humour in the story was not only memorable but gave the story the proper structure. Although, the plot itself wasn’t very organized. It gave the audience some entertainment sure, but it was choppy. The pace went up and down like a roller coaster. Side stories and fillers made it less interesting. It had so much potential but fell read more
Oct 14, 2015
I wish I could call up a god with a press of a button on a cell phone. And for 10 cents! I would call Yato any day! :D But nooo….I live in the real world where no spirits exist…or do they? Dun dun DUNNNNN!

Story: 7/10

If I received five yen every time a demon/god/spirit sort of show was created, I would probably have…I don’t know…probably over 100 yen or something. Either way, this plot is overused. Cliché, but very, very addicting none the less. There is some sort of suspenseful addition in this anime. Perhaps it’s because the characters seem so…weak and yet they read more