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Roawrenzo Dec 26, 2017 6:32 PM
Nobe-San42 Jul 28, 2016 3:50 PM
Hey Luisa :) How have you been?
AreyKyoya May 12, 2016 2:44 AM
Nobe-San42 Sep 26, 2014 1:38 AM
I have to also note that I'm equally bad at showing my emotions so it's probably a combination of both XD Haha I agree it can be both good and bad depending on the situation. I really cried alot when Naruto met his mother, that moment was so touching & emotional. I think it's great when you love something so much that you rewatch it over and over again and still feel the same emotions. Haha how many times do you think you've seen Hotarubi no Mori e? Now that the question is reversed on me that is tough haha! Let's see...I always end up crying every time I read Koe no Katachi, ef a tale of melodies really made me cry, Little Busters Refrain & ex did, Mawaru Penguindrum did as well & last but not least Hotarubi no Mori e. Usually if someone tells me something is really sad and will make me cry that makes me end up not crying haha. Haha it's alright, If you ever want to tell a story you're more than welcome to :) I'll be glad to hear them or in this case read them ^^ Oh wow! That's really great that she's started to watch anime with her daughter :') You're kind of like a super hero with anime haha. Have you had any others you've told get interested in anime like she and her daughter did? Anime really is great, more people should give it a chance. With all of the different genre's I'm sure they could find something. & All of the wonderful things you can take from anime too. Online shopping has kind of become one of my best friends when it comes to anime XD That's cool! What anime's do you have posters, plushies & shirts of? I have a Magi wallscroll and a movie print from 5 cm/second. Then I have some anime DVD's & one of my walls has drawings I've done all over haha :) Do they have alot of different anime things at those shops? I agree & I think Satou and Yamazaki's friendship might be one of my favorites in anime for that reason. I hope so too, ever since schools started my brother has been being difficult about doing his homework etc so it can take the whole day to get him to sit down and do it hehe. Then I still have to clean and do chores after he falls asleep so sometimes I don't even get to have time to myself until after midnight or even later XD For some reason I felt that it was going to happen to Gin at some point throughout the whole second half of the movie. I was really hoping for a happy ending where they could be together but I just felt like the ending was going to be sad. I'm glad you do that too! I think there's so many great characters to be inspired by! If you had to pick, which characters do you look up to the most? I'm really glad you watched it! It's a really heart warming movie with wonderful story telling! I wish the movie would have gone a little farther into their teenage lives though. Did you have a favorite character? Haha, I don't really think that's weird but I've never heard anyone say that before haha! XD Have you ever thought about what you'd want to name your future children? If I had a child someday I would want to name them after an anime character haha. You asked her that? Haha! Aw, your mom is really sweet :) Haha do you ask her questions like that often? Thanks! & Summer Wars also has a really nice feeling. I hope you'll like it!

Here's my Magi wallscroll and 5 Cm/Sec poster

You're right with anime's this season XD I just watched the last episode of Zankyou and felt so sad. Have you seen it yet? Ah, I know that feeling when an amazing anime ends and it's so sad T_T Hopefully it can get another season someday after these OVAs. I love how all of the characters support each other so well to make each episode so funny and enjoyable. The comedy is completely my type so that's even more of a bonus for me ^^ I just watched the episode where Mikoshiba modeled for the art club and then Nozaki ended up posing everyone haha! & That scene when Nozaki was ill and they all brought him ink XD & when Hori Senpai asked Nozaki about that character in his manga when they were helping while he was sick and comes back saying, "all I know is that she's really annoying" so they think of Seo as a reference haha! I'll add it to my plan to watch list :) That's a good question, I would like to think so. I've always tried to understand both guy's and girl's viewpoints to try and help out when someone has a problem. I hope so at least :) Random but what did you think of the end of Ao Haru Ride? Haha, I agree about sports anime's! I think that was probably the reason why & also part of me felt like I could just watch real life sports instead but I don't feel that way any more. I know of Free but I haven't watched it yet. Cool! Did you swim in team relays and such? I was on the swim team in 7th grade :) I've heard Haikyuu!! is good too. I'm kind of biased for Kuroko because basketball is my favorite sport haha. I agree that their basketball powers are pretty unrealistic, that's the one problem I've had with it. Kuroko kind of reminds me of myself when I used to play basketball. I know what you mean, it was pretty difficult for me to marathon Detective Conan for a whole summer...but you're right that the stories are good each time :) I still don't know how I survived watching over 600 plus episodes, even with becoming a vampire and all XD The first one is kind of his origin story of how he became Kaito Kid. I actually like those specials more than the Detective Conan episodes sometimes hehe. Same here, I love the episodes with him in them :) How did you get interesting in Detective Conan? For me it was one I remembered from when I was younger :D

Aw, that's a nice memory :) Your brother sounds really kind ^^ Hmm, I don't have a particular one but probably playing in the backyard with my brothers when we were kids XD I'm glad you still get to see him :) Haha I totally understand ^^ As long as I'm not on my phone I can check my private messages. I've been going on MAL on my computer again lately. Don't worry though, I'm not the type of person who would make fun of your drawings. I just really want to see them :) Awesome! & It's not a hassle at all! I would be happy to do a drawing for you so no worries!! :D Do you have any particular character that you would like drawn? Oh wow, they are really close. Yup & I think you're a Taurus? I wasn't researching this or anything...XD I'll be sure to remember your birthday for next year ;) Haha, I was thinking about just going like that character in Ookami Kodomo did XD Just randomly showing up while no one notices ;) I'll have to wait and see how that plays out. Thanks, Haha hopefully I can get some lessons in! I agree, his sense of justice was really interesting. In a way he was kind of like a vigilante of sorts. He more than held his own with people who were immortal. Haha, random but is there any characters from anime's that you would date if they were real? Hmm, I don't think I've ever seen the specials >< I'll have to watch those. Sometimes I forget to watch ova's and specials XD I was mostly confused about all of the jumping around but it does help to pay close attention to the years. Have you seen FMA: The Sacred Star of Milos? & Has there been an anime like that for you where you knew it was good but it wasn't one of your favorites? Haha, we are pretty close :) I just wish they wouldn't fight so much XD You really are the baby of your family. That's how it is for my youngest brother with the age difference but it doesn't matter as long as you're close & I'm really glad to hear that you are ^^ Ah, I'm sad to hear that she isn't really into anime but that's good that she listens to your stories :) Haha, I've tried to get some people to try anime like that too but it's been a failure. The cell saga was also my favorite saga from DBZ ;) Did you know that they've been airing a new version of Sailor Moon? You're correct, he's a year younger than me and his name is Andrew. My oldest brother's name is Aaron and he watches a small amount like Black Butler & Soul Eater. & I'm proud to announce that I've actually gotten my youngest brother to watch a few things through alot of suggestion haha. His name is Alec and before you ask...yes my mom named all of us with A names...It's pretty embarrassing XD Do you have a favorite memory of something you did together with your siblings?

You're welcome, I'm glad you have someone like that who you can share with :) I actually remembered it right off the top of my head XD Here's a link to it on MAL:
I thought it was nice and quite different from alot of anime's I've seen. Thanks, haha that's the same reason why I never really wanted one but I've gotten more used to it. I like it but it's still pretty confusing even though I've had one for a few months XD Wow, that's really clever how you did that with your instagram name. I instantly love your name now because I loved that episode so much so I'll always think of it! Whenever I hear or see tomodachi I instantly think of Isshuukan Friends for some reason? I really like how you thought that out to have your name cleverly mean that. For my tumblr account name I made it animeniyoukoso as a play off of NHK meaning welcome to anime instead. Not that it probably actually translates to that but you know XD Does that mean you've made your instagram account more recently since Gekkan Shoujo aired over the summer? I currently don't but if I can get an account to work then I'll let you know. Are there any other social sites you like to use besides instagram and MAL? That's really neat! I hope I can still be watching anime like that someday. I wonder how she finds the time? That's cool, what anime's do you share in common? I have a few friends I've known forever on facebook but I haven't been able to have many anime conversations with them. Haha, I'm just glad the mushi aren't real! That's nice to know about Natsume Yuujinchou but I'm sorry that some of them still scared you. Did you have a favorite out of the 4 seasons?
Here's Mushi-shi in a nutshell:

That's neat, I really love to try and remember as many inspirational quotes as I can :) What other kinds of things do you like to post on your ig page? I wonder if that mushishi would have turned out differently if he could have seen the mushi from the start? That is funny & I think you're right. I hope we can get even more episodes on his past. I think I liked the 1st OVA more because I liked the development with the little girl and how Ginko subtly guided her on the right path. I was so shocked to see an episode like that! Ginko took action instantly too, I was impressed that he would just kick that lantern over like that. I also love that about Mushi-shi, it's something to really pay attention to. I also love how there are episodes with happy endings and ones with darker endings but either way you gain something from them. I know what you mean, I'm really bad at science XD My best subject was history, probably because I found it interesting haha. Ah, it's alright :) Please don't feel bad on my account ^^ I've been really ill since I was born. I did have some healthier years in middle school and my first two years of high school before it became a problem again. I've been trying hard to make the best of things and to focus on helping with what I can. I haven't been told any good news but I'm just going to make best use of my time and keep an eye on my youngest brother. I always admire those characters who put others first over themselves because I can relate to doing that. Sorry, I didn't mean to make this depressing at all. It's completely alright :)

I'm the same, I like to have discussions but I don't like to argue unless it's constructive. It's amazing how heroes will go to any lengths to protect others. It's alright, it's not your fault they were blocked :) I invested all of my money into more drawing supplies so I can't buy them right now. Hopefully I can, they look interesting.

Exactly, in The Dark Knight the Joker started out as the crazy bad guy that he is but Harvery Dent was a hero and then turned into the darkest villain in that movie in the end. Gotham's white knight turned dark, I liked that quote too "you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." I love the Joker too for the same reason, there's no other villain quite like him. He's right in the sense that all it takes is one bad day or horrible event in your life to change you. Joker has some interesting quotes. I like how they did his character in the Batman video games & animated series with Mark Hamill playing his voice. I'm glad you like origin stories too and also liked Batman Begins! Everyone always says Begins was the worst out of the three but I really liked it. You haven't missed much by not watching them haha. I've seen them and the first two with the Joker & Catwoman weren't bad but the next few were pretty horrible...I was actually laughing during them because they are that bad XD Ginko is much cooler than me though haha. I was actually thinking of bleaching my hair white like his but some of my relatives would have a huge problem with that hehe. Haha life and stress are a given XD I see, I think it's better to let your emotions out at times than to keep them locked up but if you're having an argument with someone then it's probably better to stay level headed. For me, I usually keep everything inside if something has been bothering me but sometimes everything comes all out at once. & when it does I tend to try and avoid being around anyone when it happens. Whenever I'm around other people I'm usually always really easy going. Random but if you ever have something bothering you I would be glad to listen if there's anything I can do to help. Haha it really is! I just watched it today ;) The 5th story was also my favorite too! I loved how the story was executed and felt it had the deepest meaning of all the stories. I also loved the quote he says at the end of the 3rd story, "I'm fine with putting my life on the line but not anyone else's." I thought the animation for each was interesting but #3 & #5 were my favorite animations. I also liked how they animated Batman in #6. Which animation did you like best?

That's true, their differences actually were a strength for them. I agree, they were a nice dynamic. I remember that Terry is Bruce's son. I was pretty shocked when they revealed that but I also saw it coming a bit. Haha Return of the Joker is pretty good :) Have you seen Batman Year One? That would be a really beautiful site to share with someone you love. Then if you had the power to manipulate stars to spell "I love you" in the sky that would really be something :) I can see why you'd want super strength, it would be great to have the strength to protect those important to you. I've heard of that haha and aw that's really sweet! ^^ That's nice that you're so close to your siblings :D It's good that he's a fellow Batman fan ;) Haha nice, that's awesome that you make them a big deal. Yeah, I don't follow wwe as closely as my brothers do but I still watch it haha. I think that's the biggest influence they've had on me as far as things I like. Is there anything that you've been able to influence your siblings into liking?

It's kind of scary how crazy they make her in the manga...One time she ties Satou to a chair and tries to brainwash him but then she forgets about him for days. She also tries to make Satou commit suicide because she wants to experience the pain of loss. She's really crazy in this one...but they wanted to take a different approach this time. I thought the same thing that he might have been mentally ill during those moments since they didn't mention any other reason for them. I never noticed that before but you're right about there being more student x teacher relationships in manga than in anime. I think animating them brings comedy and action more to life haha. Random but do you have a favorite anime/manga romance?

Thanks! I hope she did and I hope she had a nice birthday!

I would say from personal experience it's because of my youngest brother and how I've always been taking care of him since he was a baby that makes me like those kinds of stories. Also I feel like those stories have alot of emotional depth to them and can teach many kinds of different lessons depending on what the author wishes to convey. Wbu? Haha thanks!! I'm a bit worried about doing backgrounds but I can just do what Nozaki did before he got Hori to help him XD

Same here, you've given me another reason to smile :) I just wish I could reply to you faster >< Haha, I'm sorry if I've been keeping you up later. I usually don't go to sleep until around 8 am in the morning because I have to put my little brother on the school bus and I'm really not a morning person haha so I just stay up all night and sleep until like 4 pm. Is California nice? I have a friend who lives in Oregon but I've never been as far as California. You're 3 hours behind me in time or I could say I live 3 hours in the future ahead of you haha ;)

Haha that's funny that you caught up in it recently too. Same here, I wonder what's going to happen with his exhibit and if he'll go back to the island or not? Ah, I really loved that line too! It was a really sweet song! I read through the lyrics and wow you're right! From the sound of it you wouldn't expect it to be such a sweet and romantic song. That's why it's important to look into the lyrics :) Haha I understand ^^ It's a really hard choice haha. If I had to pick four off the top of my head I would pick Steins;Gate's, Ef a Tale of Memories, Little Busters Refrain & Gosick. What about a favorite seiyuu or voice actor? I'm evil with these questions mwahahaha XD

I love our messages too ^^ Ah, it's totally fine! If you get busy with school then take your time. I'll be happy to see your replies whenever you have the chance :) & Good luck with school! I hope your first day went well :)

Haha I try to keep you on your toes with whatever comes to mind XD Haha I was going to say, you would have to have a liking for almost being eaten & running for your life to want to live in that world. Naruto's great and that would be so awesome if that world was real! What kind of shinobi would you want to be? Naruto would definitely be one of my top choices but I would probably pick a world full of Suzuki's from Gekkan Shoujo!! Kidding XD I would pick Log Horizon because of the gamer aspect haha. I'm not a huge gamer but that world looks like it would be pretty fun to live in :) How about if you could be any anime character for one day who would you want to be? & You acquire their powers if they have any.
Nobe-San42 Sep 22, 2014 11:03 PM
I just looked at my message after I posted it, it turned out longer than I thought it would...XD

Oh I was also curious, if you could go inside of any anime which one would you choose? :)
Nobe-San42 Sep 22, 2014 10:47 PM
Haha same here, anime forever! ;) I didn't cry at 5cm/s either but Anohana did make me cry XD Anime makes me cry but that's about it, I'm usually the type who can keep my emotions hidden inside pretty well. Then my brother says he has a brick for a heart so yeah haha. Do you remember which anime made you cry the most? I've had that too when I think something is for sure going to make me cry and then I just never do. It's strange how that happens XD It's kind of funny because if you mention anime people go, "what's that?" then if you ask, "have you seen Dragonball Z?" they will go, "oh yeah! DBZ was my childhood!" XD Other than DBZ no other anime was popular around here and everyone thought it was an american cartoon. That's awesome that you have an anime store! We have a store that sells some old anime DVD's along with other things that aren't anime related but that's about it. I hope you'll be able to go again soon :) Do you have alot of anime merchandise? I also loved how realistic NHK ni Youkoso! was. They just continued to try their best and go forward. I agree, Yamazaki really helped Satou out. I think that's why he was my favorite character. Reading the synopsis for Hal makes me sad for some reason hehe. I was hoping to get some time to watch anime movies within the next few months so hopefully I'll be able to watch it then. I was also shocked when the boy turned out to be a human but I also kind of saw it coming when they mentioned about human children getting lost and finding the festival. Part of me still feels like Gin was prepared for that to happen as if he was ready for that moment. That was also my favorite part of the movie. Hotaru's character was so mature and strong for the situation. Instead of getting lost in pain she carries the memories in her heart knowing that she will feel empty and hurt but also moving forward. I love when you are able to take from an anime and apply it to yourself, I'm always doing that with inspirational lines and characters hehe. Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki is really good! It really shows growing up and overcoming obstacles. Ah, I love Mamoru Hasoda films! Let me know what you think of them when you get the chance to watch?

The story for Zankyou turned out to be much more than I thought when I first looked up the synopsis before it aired. I did see it :) I honestly can't see it ending with Japan blowing up and everyone dying but I guess we'll have to wait and see...I was really surprised when Five ended up helping him escape after everything. It was also kind of strange to see Lise consoling Twelve this time haha. I really don't know how this will end in one more episode either...I hope it doesn't end up rushed and tragic. The manga is called Koe no Katachi :) Haha you're right about Gekkan Shoujo!! I loved the episode where Nozaki and Mikoshiba played those dating sims and then ended up drawing a manga for the male characters friend. I almost died laughing the whole time XD Or when they were helping Mikoshiba prepare for the mixer and they kept going into the restroom to talk every time XD All of the characters are so great! So far it's been hard to pick a favorite but I like Chiyo, Mikoshiba, Nozaki & Kashima the best. Ah, I've heard of Kimi to Boku. It's been on my list for a while. I agree, those animes that make you laugh and smile like that are the best ^^ Hmm, I don't know if I'm the best representation of the male fanbase because I probably watch more shoujo than some guys do. From my point of view I can relate to both Futaba & Kou with her wanting to get closer to him and open his heart and him guarding himself off because of his anguish over his mother. The one thing I can't really relate as well to is Futaba and Yuuri's both liking Kou but I could understand Futaba's trying to not like Kou for Yuuri's sake earlier in the series and her not being able to lie to her own heart. Ao Haru Ride has also been one of those that has made me cry. I'm not sure if that answers your question or not. Sorry if I was no help hehe. I've heard of Diamond no Ace :) I've been thinking about starting it sometime & I've also been eagerly awaiting season 3 of Kuroko no Basket. Nope, you haven't mentioned that yet :) It's alright ^^ I used to avoid sports anime's for some reason which is funny because I'm a fan of sports XD Now I've also grown to like them. Do you have a favorite sports anime? I actually like the prequel series, Fate/Zero much more but I'm really looking forward to Fate/Stay Night 2014 :) Haha when I saw that they were for Magic Kaito I got so excited! I think it's going to be 24 episodes. I really enjoyed the 12 episode special they did over the last few years. Yup, I kind of stopped recently around like 718 or something. The series is good but it's so long >< Two years ago I spent my whole summer watching Detective Conan everyday to catch up. I was like a vampire haha XD Besides Conan/Shinichi, Kaito Kid is my favorite character. Did you watch any of the Magic Kaito specials? You're welcome & thanks as well! I also bookmarked it. I still have to go through and make my giant list of what I think looks interesting from fall XD

Haha it was really fun, we did so many different things like that when we were kids :) Do you have a favorite memory from your childhood? I'm sorry you don't see your cousin nowadays :( I haven't seen my closest cousin since last November. Are you able to text with your cousin or message to keep in touch? I agree, they can really shape the type of person you become in the future. Cool! I'll be looking forward to seeing them :) If you want I would love to draw something for you on your next birthday? My brother is going to try and take Japanese lessons next semester for college and I told him to sneak me into that class XD I wish I could remember more, I'm sure there are more interesting things I could tell you but my memory isn't that good. It's okay though & you're right about being like Hotaru :) Haha you fell for the Rail Tracer? What did you like so much about him? He was my brother's favorite character and mine was Firo but I really liked alot of the characters. Haha I loved Issac & Maria! The ending was great when they realized they haven't aged in all those years XD I wouldn't have noticed their cameo in Durarara!! if my brother hadn't pointed it out because he had already seen both before I watched them. I was so confused for a lot of Bacanno!! XD It was really all over the place. Which one did you like more, Durarara!! or Baccano!!? I haven't seen Wolf's Rain yet but Cowboy Bebop was one of the first anime's I watched when I really started to get into anime again a few years ago. I thought it was really good but I didn't love it as much as most people. I think I enjoyed the characters and their own individual stories. Each character has their own individual story and past to deal with. FMA: Brotherhood probably has one of the best anime stories in my opinion. It's really good. Since Hunter x Hunter is my brothers all time favorite that drags it down a bit for me for some reason XD It's good though :) & Steins;Gate is one of my top ten favorites. Having four boys in the same family can be a bit tiring sometimes hehe. My brothers can fight quite a bit and I have to play the peace maker. It's good when everyone's getting along. Obviously they don't fight as much now because we're all older besides my youngest brother but they still fight more than they should XD Ah, so you're the baby of the family? I'm in the middle XD Are you close in age to your siblings? & Does your sister also like anime at all?

You're welcome :) I think it's great when you have a friend who shares common interests to talk to like being able to share your world with someone. There was actually an anime special about something like sharing your world, it was pretty neat. Ah that's cool that you have an instagram page dedicated to anime :) I have a tumblr account where I just upload funny anime meme's and inspirational anime quotes depending on my mood. I'm glad that you made a friend like her :) What is your anime instagram accounts name? & Does she watch any of the newest airing anime's? Haha I can understand now why you thought they were creepy. Especially the one that came out of the girls eye...I have to admit that if we could see mushi in real life I would probably be huddled over in a corner somewhere if they looked like a bunch of bugs floating around...I don't really like bugs either XD I wonder how I'll adjust seeing the ones in Natsume Yuujinchou compared to mushi-shi? Haha I was confused for the same reason. It's kind of like Nozaki only being able to draw one type of character in Gekkan Shoujo XD When they actually had recurring characters I was even more confused to remember who they were and what episode they were from. There's only a few though haha. I agree, Ginko has so many great qualities! I remember that episode, I was so sure that the older brother had ended up dying when he got attacked by those mushi. Ginko really told him off, I love how Ginko is always completely right and is always trying to help do what is best for everyone. I'm surprised you can remember lines from certain spots so well. I could never remember dialogue unless I write it down somewhere XD I didn't like that mushi-shi at first but he earned my respect when he saved Ginko. If only there would have been some other way for him to be a mushi-shi without having to give up his soul like he had? I liked the ending though when they had drinks together and Ginko made fun of her sense of taste. You too? That's also the episode where I got hooked on mushi-shi! That episode was really interesting to find out more about Ginko's character. I also liked season 2 a bit more for the same reason, it was a little bit different than what we had seen so much of in the first season. I also really liked the OVA before season 2 aired, I thought that story was really well done with having 40 plus minutes instead of the usual. I was also sad that season 2 was only 10 episodes but at least there's going to be even more soon ^^ I remember those episodes :) Off the top of my head from season one I also liked the one with the family in that forest surviving by the power of that tree, the other episode that had past Ginko in it & the one with the painting. This is hard to remember without looking it up XD I loved that episode with the boy who could whistle, that one was one of the ones without a happier ending but it was nicely done & that episode was crazy! I never thought I would see an episode where someone was committing murders like that?! Then Ginko just kicks over the lantern and burns everything down like a boss. I also really liked the one with the women who brought rain with her & the one with the guy who didn't feel the cold. I can remember the 2nd season better than the first one haha. It can be a pain to find classes to fill out your credit hours. Do you have a subject that you're best at? Two years ago I was in my freshman year of college but I had to withdraw for medical reasons. An illness I was born with caught up to me and I haven't been able to do much the last few years being in the hospital alot and sadly there's no cure or effective treatment so I've been doing my best taking care of my youngest brother with most of my free time hoping that someday maybe I'll be able to start again. It's okay though :)

Haha I know how that is when someone get's really intense and it turns into a complete argument. That's kind of the reason why I don't go on the forums here on MAL because alot of people are on there to troll comments and start pointless fights. You're welcome, you have a really good reason for why you love Superman, it really made me rethink his character. I also love how Batman continued to be a superhero even into his older age with being a mentor to Terry in Beyond. I think what I find most interesting about them is how each hero has their own reason as to why they take up being one & their own set of morals. Also how each characters abilities really reflect the kind of person they are. I tried to download them and they were blocked by my computer's virus software XD It's okay though, thank you very much for looking for downloads ^^ I saw that they are online to buy but I don't have the money for them right now. Hopefully I'll be able to read them sometime :)

I'll look for it online sometime or see if I can find the DVD. My brother also said that it was really good. I agree, these recent movies have been really good adaptions. Haha sorry for making you decide XD You're the first person who's said they loved Dark Knight the most because of Harvey Dent's character. Most people I ask say they love it because of the Joker. They did do a great job with Harvery Dent in that movie, the whole construction and then deconstruction of his morals. Even though it was slightly different it was well done in this rendition. Hmm, I would have to say my favorite was Batman Begins mostly because I loved seeing this rendition of how he became the dark knight. I always love origins of characters ^^ Have you seen any of the old Batman movies from the 80's and 90's? You don't have to say sorry, it's alright :) I've never seen Gotham Knight but I do know of it & I've seen a documentary on the making of it which is funny since I haven't seen the movie yet XD The movie is like an anime and superhero fans dream come true ;) Thanks for the info and link! I'll try to watch this the next time I get a chance to watch something ^^ Did you have a favorite out of the 6 stories?

I'm also more of a DC fan :) Haven't seen X-Men Days of Future Past though. I preferred the cartoons of X-Men over the live action movies for some reason. I also loved how Terry was so much different than Bruce in personality but they worked great together! Ah, it's been so long haha but I do kind of remember that from Justice League: Unlimited! I'll have to go back and rewatch that sometime to get my memory more refreshed. I really loved the episodes when they went deeper into each of the characters pasts. I just saw the Batman Beyond movie, Return of the Joker a few years ago for the first time. I don't know why I didn't see that one when I was younger? Haha sometimes superheroes will also make me cry too. As for my personality, I'm always told I'm really laid back and easy going so I guess I'm kind of like Ginko in that regard XD LOL what kinds of of other things make you cry? Haha same here ;) I always thought I would want to be able to fly at least XD & I'd be like a phantom hero who would save the day but no one would ever see me. What about you, what powers would you want off the top of your head? Your brother sounds great ^^ Who is his favorite superhero? & What other things has he gotten you into liking? My brothers influenced me to like pro wrestling XD

The novel is my favorite out of the three adaptions for the series :) You're right about it being slightly darker and Satou being a drug user. It kind of explains the visions he always has. I also liked the manga's version of the story but the manga really made Misaki crazy. Her personality in the novel is similar to the anime version. It's alright, I usually read manga on my brothers kindle so it's not so bad. I agree with that haha. Hmm, I would have to say from what I've read that my favorite genre's of manga are drama, romance & shounen. I also like comedy but I think comedy is a bit funnier when it's animated. Wbu?

I sent that picture to her the day before her birthday but she hasn't been back on MAL since before then so I don't know if she liked it or not. I hope she had a nice birthday though & I hope she's been doing good :)

Thanks! I really like those types of stories too which is why I want to write one haha. The story can be really hard to think of and to pace everything nicely. Sometimes I have a great idea in my head but I only have a beginning and an ending but it would be super short XD With this one though I have everything planned out so hopefully I won't have those problems. I know what you mean! I hope mine will be able to convey those kinds of strong messages. I'm not too confident about my art ability though XD Sure! Thanks for supporting my idea ^^ I just started getting my character references for the main characters. I'll probably put them up when I have them drawn the way I want to before I start the actual story.

Haha I don't mind the long messages at all :) I enjoy reading yours and writing back, I actually look forward to being able to ^^ Haha I don't think that's lame, I was thinking the same thing :) One thing though is if we're discussing the newest episode of an anime or something like that it might be easier to keep that separate in a shorter message. I enjoy talking with you and writing these messages so no need to feel bad at all :) I just hope my messages haven't been too long >< Thanks, he's been doing fine :) I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to reply this weekend ><

Nice to meet you too Luisa :)

Barakamon is nice, I actually got caught up in it recently XD I liked the most recent episode when he talked to them over the phone and got inspiration. That was a nice scene! That ending song is really nice! I also like the opening song quite alot. I think it's really interesting when Japanese songs are sang in english. Same here haha! I love the lyrics, "I can believe, when I'm holding your warm hand" It sounds really sweet. I love when a song paints a story. Do you have a favorite anime opening or ending song?
Nobe-San42 Sep 18, 2014 8:55 PM
It would take a lifetime for me to finish everything on my list XD At least we'll never run out of wonderful things to watch ;) Haha that's exactly how it is! I did get my brother to watch Anohana and he thought it was pretty good. Sadly anime isn't very popular where I live so I only have one friend who lives close to me that is a fan. Some of my friends who live farther away have anime shops where they live and I'm just like O_O I agree, there are so many good anime's out there and so many different genre's! NHK ni Youkoso! really resonated with me too. I loved how the characters chose to go on trying their best even if nothing good was promised to be waiting for them. I still have to watch Road to Ninja & Hal. I really liked Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo, Kotonoha no Niwa & Hotarubi no Mori e. Hotarubi no Mori e is my second favorite anime film behind Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki. The end was sad but it was wonderful when Hotaru was finally able to hug Gin. It accomplished more than some movies do in 2 plus hours. I also like the movies Sakasama no Patema, Byousoku 5 Centimeter & Summer Wars. Byousoku 5 Centimeter has the same director as Kotonoha no Niwa :) Random question, has anime ever made you cry before?

That's true, now that you mention it there is quite a bit of english music haha. I wasn't expecting Zankyou no Terror to be as good as it has but it has really captivated me with it's story, characters, music & setting. It's done really well for having such a good story in only 9 episodes so far. I really wish they could have more episodes or maybe even a movie or two to continue the story a bit more and give it more development. I think tragic endings can be quite good if they are done properly but I hope Zankyou doesn't end this way. They already kind of hinted at the fate awaiting Twelve, Nine & Five though...Same >< My favorite manga is also ending this November and I'm really sad about it even though I'm interested in seeing how it will end. Anime has been really great for me, I've been cheered up so many times haha. The second episode of Gekkan Shoujo had me laughing pretty hard because of Mikoshiba and Seo XD Ah, Ao Haru Ride has been a pretty emotional anime for me so far, especially that last episode. Cross Game is a baseball anime but it's much more than baseball :) Cool! I'm also looking forward to those three as well as Fate/Stay Night 2014, Log Horizon 2nd season, Magic Kaito & Grisaia no Kajitsu ^^ There's more but it would take forever to list them all XD I'm really glad to see that Psycho Pass is getting more, the ending felt like there was much more to come. Did you know that there is a movie coming out too?
I use this site to find the list of everything that's going to be airing :)

Fu-Sion-Ha! Nice! Sadly the only thing I ever accomplished was getting weird stares from my neighbors when my kamehameha's would fail XD I've seen some of Gundam Wing when I was younger on tv :) That sounds really fun. I would have Ruruoni Kenshin style swordfights with my brother using the paper tubing from wrapping paper XD Are you still close with your cousin now? I don't really see my extended family very often these days. I agree, it's really fun to look back and see how you viewed things and compare it to how you understand and view them today. I'm really glad I watched anime when I was young haha. Haha you don't have to go out of your way but I would love to see your drawings sometime ^^ I started drawing again last summer to take my mind off of something really painful & now I mostly draw characters as birthday gifts XD Haha no need to say sorry ^^ Their house was really huge & nice, it was a western style house but they decorated with Japanese culture. When they ate meals they would always eat Japanese foods. I have to note that I sucked at using chopsticks so I got to use a spoon XD His parents weren't very good with the english language, but he and his brother were. I always regret not having him teach me Japanese while he lived here >< I never really thought much about him being from Japan though. I always wonder why they came here haha, but their dad had work back in Japan so they had to move back after a year. I wish I could contact him today, I've tried but had no luck >< He's always in my heart and I always have the memories :) Yeah I've seen Baccano :) I like how everything ties in together in the story at the end. I liked the dubbed version for it quite a bit. That would be a good idea for toonami. I've heard good things about Wolf's Rain but haven't seen it yet & I really liked Cowboy Bebop. My brother's favorites are Hunter x Hunter, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece & Steins;Gate. I have two more brothers along with the brother I mentioned. One is two years older than me, another is one year younger & then the youngest is in elementary school. Is your brother the only sibling you have?

Thanks for the recommendation, I'll be sure to watch it! ^^ That's neat, now it makes sense why their styles seem similar :) That's cool that your friend found Natsume the same way too & cool that you were the opposite :) What creeped you out about Mushishi at first? I actually thought the little boy in the first episode was the main character XD Ginko is the man! That's the one :) I felt bad for the mushishi, he really had no choice but to loose his soul and do his job. I love how each episode brings something new and different. I can't wait either, I'm really looking forward to it! Sorry if it's already listed in your about me section, but what episodes were your favorite eps? School already started around here haha, what kinds of courses are you going to take?

I'm sad to fall into the majority you hear that from T_T That is true about Superman, he's a very humble hero whom chooses to protect a planet he doesn't have to. I really like your insight on him, he has many great qualities that often go unnoticed. You don't have to apologize, that's a really insightful and amazing analysis of his character ^^ I think what I like most about Batman is his dark nature, showing that not all super heroes need to stand in the light in order to help. I also love how cunning he is, even though he doesn't have super powers he has a super intellect to best his adversaries. I agree! I looked into them, they look really interesting! Do you know anywhere where I could find them on the internet to read? Thanks for the recommendations! You don't have to apologize, it's really interesting ^^

I haven't seen the newest Man of Steel yet but I will hopefully get to see it soon. I really loved The Dark Knight trilogy too! It was great to see that the trilogy ended up being so amazing because most times a third movie doesn't turn out so good. Did you have a favorite out of the three? I've also seen 2 out of the 3 Iron Man movies as well as Thor, the first Spiderman out of the new series, The Avengers & most recently Guardians of the Galaxy. Nice! I've seen all three of those as well. I actually rewatched some of Batman Beyond recently. I also really liked the old Justice League animated series, Spiderman & X-Men. I've seen some of the animated movies as well, mostly some of the older ones but I've seen Batman Under The Red Hood a few years ago. Now I'm feeling super nostalgic XD We had some great ones growing up. Have you ever tried to think up your own super hero? & Does your brother like super heroes at all?

I know what you mean >< I have a few books like the Byousoku 5 Centimeter and the NHK ni Youkoso! light novel but for the most part I use a site called mangahere or mangapanda to read manga. I would use my phone but it's too stupid XD I've heard the manga app works really good.

Thank you!! ^^ And yeah that's Kofuku :) Another friend I have on MAL always has her as her profile pic on here so I drew that for her birthday.

My idea I have right now is: Shibasaki Daisuke is a 30 something year old world famous artist who decides to just abruptly stop one day. He goes on to become a rude shut-in who tends to be very cynical and overall dislikes other people and life. One day a girl named Inoue Emiko stumbles into his garden. He then learns that she's a child from a nearby orphanage. He's first very cold and nastly towards the little 8 year old girl but when he learns more about her he starts to warm up to her slowly. Inoue Emiko is blind and has had a very hard life up this point but even though she is blind she is able to see more to life than anyone. Eventually Daisuke learns that the orphanage is soon going to be shutting down and the children who aren't adopted will have nowhere to go. He eventually ends up adopting Emiko and she starts to change his world even more. Basically it's going to be a slice of life / drama about these two and how they help each other. That's all I have so far. I hope it turns out okay XD I've never attempted a manga before and I'm still thinking of character designs and things. If you're interested I'll let you know when I get it started and actually have something done :)

Sorry it took me longer to respond this time. I take care of my little brother so alot of the time I can only get on MAL during late nighttime. Last night I couldn't get on because he couldn't sleep and had stomach pains. He's doing better tonight though :)

I was also curious, do you mind if I ask what your name is? My name's Austin btw :)
aerospaceaaron Sep 18, 2014 1:34 AM
LOL no probs. Pretty much whenever I feel like watching something new I look at it (❀◦‿◦)
aerospaceaaron Sep 18, 2014 1:28 AM
Yeah! I saw it on your anime Instagram account. Nice recommendations
Nobe-San42 Sep 16, 2014 11:56 PM
Haha I'm glad I'm not the only one who's watching alot at once ;) I used to watch everything one at a time but now there's so much I want to watch so I watch them all together XD Na that's not too broad :) Hmm If I had to pick one genre I would also have to say slice of life. My brother mostly watches battle Shounen's so he jokes telling me he doesn't know me anymore because I watch so many genre's that he doesn't XD Do you have any favorite anime movies?

I especially liked that scene when he came swooping in on his bike and saved her, that scene had really nice music as well and a nice feeling! I hope it has a season 2 because it feels like there is so much more that they could do to continue the story a bit longer. Sadly I get the feeling that it is going to have a tragic ending. I agree, this season has had so many good anime's!! I don't know why I didn't start it earlier, I guess I overlooked it :/ I'm glad I started it though! The characters are likable so far and it's been enjoyable to watch ^^ It's sad that alot of the summer anime's are going to be ending soon. Haha, I thought so ;) I know that feeling! I feel like I can relate to characters quite often :) & My profile pic is Kitamura Kou from the anime Cross Game. I loved that anime! Btw are there any anime's that you are looking forward to from the fall season?

That's nice, Naruto does teach alot ^^ Sadly I was too busy running around my backyard going KAMEHAMEHA!!!! & trying to turn super saiyan when I was a kid XD Now I pay close attention to all of the life lessons & morals that you can learn from anime ^^ No no haha, I wish I could draw from my imagination and speed draw. I always have to use a picture as a reference or it's turns out bad XD Have you ever taken any pics of your drawings? I wish I could see them ^^ Yup, my best childhood friend was from Osaka Japan :) Looking back now, I live in a really small town in the state of Ohio so I wonder why someone from Japan would want to move here of all places? XD But it was really cool, I used to practically live at their house ^^ I can understand your brother not having as much chances to watch it, free time can be hard to find at times. I agree, having someone to share anime with makes it that much better! I hope you are able to find chances to watch it with your brother :) I started watching Hellsing Ultimate with my brother now that it's been airing on Toonami. What are your brother's favorite anime's?

Hehe no worries ^^ & you're welcome! That is a really nice quote :) I think it's very true. I've been wanting to watch Natsume Yuujinchou for a while now but then I always start too many things...haha I'll try my best to watch it soon! ;) I actually found Natsume Yuujinchou becuase I heard it was similar to Mushishi haha. I loved Mushishi, each story gives you something different that you can take from it. Yeah I'm really excited for the new season this October! Have you seen the 1 hour OVA that got released a month ago?

Aw, it's alright you don't have to say sorry :) I don't mind, it adds to the conversation ^^ Sadly I'm not a huge fan of Superman because he's got too many epic powers if that makes any sense XD That's really cool that you read alot of comic books! I used to read them when I was younger but now most of my free time goes to anime. It's hard to find the time to do everything that you enjoy >< Do you watch any of the super hero movies? & have you seen any of the old cartoons? Also do you read your manga online or do you read the actual books? & Thanks ^^ I tried to organize it a bit because it used to be a total mess XD I like how you have your about me section too ^^

Oh, also here's the latest drawing I did

I have an idea for a manga that I want to do, I just need to get the time to do it XD
Nobe-San42 Sep 15, 2014 11:16 PM
I don't usually watch mecha animes either but I'll have to try Aldnoah.Zero sometime! I'm always watching a million things at the same time so I might have to wait until I finish some of them first XD Do you have a favorite genre of anime?

Haha Twelve has kind of been her knight in shining armor throughout the series ^^ I didn't really like Lisa either but in that last episode she had some nice character development during that scene. I agree :) The story has been great so far. It makes me wonder how they are going to wrap everything up in the last few episodes? My two favorite characters so far have been Twelve and Shibizaki. Wbu? I actually just watched the first episode recently, I like it so far :) Sad that it's ending tho :( Btw is your profile pic Sakura Chiyo?

You're welcome! & Same here! ;) Anime is such an uplifter for me! I agree, there's so much you can take from anime ^^ The stories and characters are so amazing! Aw, I think that as long as you like drawing then that's what's important ^^ I suck at drawing anything that's not anime related XD What do you like to draw? Ah cool! Your brother did a good job of helping you get into anime awesomeness :) I started watching when I was in 4th grade because a friend of mine got me into Dragonball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh. Sadly they had to move back to Japan the year after :'( I didn't really become interested in it again until three years ago when my brother wanted me to watch Yu Yu Hakusho with him. & since then I've been a huge fan! Does your brother still like anime?

It's alright, I don't mind long replies :) I wrote quite a bit too...whoops XD I'm enjoying talking to you ^^ I also like the quote on your about me section :)
Nobe-San42 Sep 15, 2014 2:03 PM
You're welcome ^^ I think it's a great way to keep track when you want to go back and rewatch episodes. Cool! I've also been watching ao haru ride, tokyo ghoul, zankyou no terror and naruto shippuuden. I've heard that is good.

What do you think of zankyou no terror? That last episode with the ferris wheel scene was pretty powerful and I really enjoyed the music.

You've seen quite a bit too ^^ Anime is my favorite thing to enjoy when I have free time besides drawing :) How did you get into liking anime?
Nobe-San42 Sep 13, 2014 6:25 PM
Hello :) I like how you note down your favorite episodes

Are you watching anything currently airing?
TheACe_23 Aug 31, 2014 8:16 PM
Ahh okay yeah just like this haha, that's cool tho LA is huge so I bet it's gonna be jumpin!
Haha who you thinking of dressing up as? And why would it be hard to pull it off? Lol
TheACe_23 Aug 31, 2014 1:49 AM
What's animeExpo?
But yeah I'll be going with a couple friends, not dressing up tho haha that's not me sadly.