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Fumetsu no Anata e
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Kachou Ouji
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Tonikaku Kawaii
Tonikaku Kawaii
Jul 17, 2:24 AM
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World Trigger
World Trigger
Jul 1, 12:27 PM
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InspectorLunge 1 hour ago
Great Profile Picture
Arvanitis Yesterday, 6:39 AM
Well yeah sometimes super animation is wasted ._.

Wow, 0080 seems very short compared to 0079...If I ever manage to complete 79 I'll definitely go for it.

>Q. Nooooooo, why did u give a 1-2/10 to my precious Code Geass, NGE, Jojo, etc? u fucking retard

A. Because they're trash, keep crying little kid.

I'm laughing hard. Amazing FAQ, really. :D

I have nothing special to say from these days, I'm getting prepared for my holiday and haven't done much. Any news from you?
Arvanitis Jul 22, 1:03 PM
Technically yes, but one of them is a song, two are Digimon, two are Fate and one is a short OVA, so it's not what it seems XD

From what I've understood these years of chatting with anime fans etc, "elitist" anime are either "super deep" or "super animation" anime so there are chances that some of the "super deep" ones are really deep and good and, anyway, they have a reason to be watched ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Not Ergo Proxy or any suicidal crap, though. So how's the start of Monster?

I'll leave a few Fumetsu eps to air after these sad feelings I got from my previous watch. I think that so far all the characters have been irritating at the beginning of their arc, especially the girl that died (forgot her name). Still, they managed to make us care about them, especially Gugu I guess.
Arvanitis Jul 21, 7:05 AM
After I finished s3p2, we took a break due to exam period etc so we watched the final season these days. I've been spoiled, yes, because I was already disappointed and I knew it was going to turn out bad. The whole paths thing, as well as the ending and the final message Isayama wants to send, are... far inferior to AoT's previous content, to be polite.

Steins;Gate's last episodes are beyond this world, even people who disliked the first ones would love them. I gave it a 10/10 even if some episodes were not that good, or not even good. As a whole, it was perfect. The movie was worse than I remembered, some drama bait for 15 year olds and addition of misery in the Steins;Gate line, which is supposed to be the perfect line, what we all humans want to experience. Anyway, I'm watching S;G 0 now, I hope it will be satisfying.

After all these years, I finally tried to watch Ergo Proxy, but... I dropped it at episode 3. The atmosphere is so dark that the emo girl MC is the least emo element of the anime, lol. I'm sure that people who made this work faced long depression. I just can't watch it. A post-apocalyptic world with emotionless humanoid robots and dark this, dark that, dark colours. No thanks.

Arvanitis Jul 19, 5:11 AM
Nice. Monster has to be good. How was the first episode?

Ghost could be a double-edged sword, if handled well Fushi might gain from them, but I think the best thing that could be done do is to leave them be for a few moments after their irl deaths, to show something symbolic or to affect Fushi's behaviour.

Ah, good to know the anime bingo worked. I might make a female list some time soon, since I couldn't make a good one at that time.

I finished rewatching all AoT seasons, but knowing what happens next I can't take some things seriously. "Reiner, why was my mom eaten by a Titan that day?" Meanwhile, Eren was the mastermind behind all that, lol. I think 7 is a fair rating for this season, but like I said before, I'd prefer it if there were ratings for the whole series too and not only seasonal ratings.

I also started watching Nana with my girlfriend, that would probably take us a while. Mixed feelings but I think I'll like it in the end. The MC's voice actress is annoying as hell and I can't stand listening to her loud irritating voice. The character is stupid as well. On the other hand, there's the other MC, Nana #2 (lol) who's interesting and has a good voice actress too (Romi Park). The cast looks great, I'll just have to compromise with the crappy MC and her stupid love stories. The music is fantastic too, and if I've got that right the MCs will form a band. I've always had hope for this show and it's been on my PTW list for years, I hope the bad MC won't ruin it.

A few eps left for S;G, I'll probably watch the movie and specials too by tonight.
Arvanitis Jul 15, 9:18 AM
10??????? Ok that was unexpected (I would bet between 8 and 9). I feel like congratulating you for this XD Wishing you to find another great show like that, bro.

I know, that day I planned to watch eps 10-12 so I put it in my list before doing so (bad choice but idk why I did it) but I watched till episode 11. And nope, you didn't spoil anything! :D

Okay, so, today I watched episode 12 and it was definitely one of the most heart-breaking and depressing episodes I've ever watched... I have mixed feelings for this and I'm not sure if I have to praise it or criticize it. It definitely delivered what had to be delivered very well, but Gugu didn't have to die this way, they were 2 kids who had given their hearts to each other and that day was the saddest day of Rynn's life.
The bad part in this is that her future would probably be helpless, and the worst part is that the whole story was too realistic, which could also be the best part. Anyway, RIP Gugu and I also feel bad for Fushi who now has the heart of a human but carries too much sadness with him.

Initial D and Air Gear have many things in common, with the most important ones being the vibes, the hype and the OST. Initial D is a classic though, because it's a car anime while Air gear is about... rollers, lol. Air Gear has the ecchi element too, which is not that irritating in this case tbh, while Initial D is a much bigger project with a huge effort from the studio and musicians too. I don't think you'd ever like an anime of their type, as the story is simplistic, the protagonists are nerfed and it's all about hype - on the other hand, I love their vibes even if I know they're not quality projects, so it's a positive rating by me in both, I think. Episodes 10-11 in Air Gear were a turn for the worse, but I hope it will improve again.

There's summer break which normally lasts for 2 months but not it'll be 1.5, and on September it's an exam period because here in Greece almost nobody succeeds in all his exams, so he can take them on January, June and September. My department has a mean of 7.1 years to graduation, while it normally lasts 4. I think that by September I'll have 4 exams left, and next year which is my last has 10 courses, which mean I have to pass 14 exams to graduate.
Arvanitis Jul 14, 3:15 PM
It made me lower WEP score too to 1 from 2, I mean, the 2 was because there was some innovation into it but it seems that it was a bunch of crappier crap than I thought, in the end :D

Still haven't watched ep. 12, I'll probably watch it tomorrow that I'll have a free day. I've decided to finally start rewatching Steins;Gate and then complete 0, which is unfinished business (stuck at ep. 13 smh). I also started watching Air Gear because its OP song was stuck in my head (stupid reason as always, ik) and surprisingly it has some good vibes, a 00s "cool" atmosphere. It seems binge-watchable so I'll probably watch it till the end, soon. I also have to finish Initial D, the Monogatari series and last but not least, World Trigger. I wonder how I always fuck up when it comes to my anime watching schedule.

Edit: And there's LOGH and Ginga too, lol, but for now I'm not in the mood. My exam period ends on Friday, btw. Finally.
Arvanitis Jul 11, 12:37 PM
I agree.

Not really, because:

It's just that the second girl's story felt like it was forced drama to me, while the first one was a more "general" story that anyone could relate somehow.
Arvanitis Jul 11, 7:27 AM
Duararara has some similar vibes with Odd Taxi, like, there is a certain group of people presented in the anime, with their quirks and crazy nature, and then we have a case and everything connects. In Odd Taxi, despite what it looks, the characters are not crazy like in Durarara and are far more realistic, which is why Odd Taxi is easier to like. I wonder how I'll find Durarara when I rewatch it, because the first season was decent iirc (while x2 was a disaster).

S;G's story is complete, pretty much, but with a plot point that was never explained, which is... S;G 0. So this season is not a sequel or something, it's something Okabe did between the last episodes of S;G in order to achieve the future we know in S;G last episodes. That's why it's inferior, because it's an actual build up / backstory and not something really, really new.

Yoru no Kuni episode 2 felt kinda bad compared to the first one, don't you agree? Idk.
Arvanitis Jul 11, 5:27 AM
I totally agree with you, everything you mentioned are minuses for Fumetsu. And maybe some character interactions are a bit cliched for anime, so I get bored at times.

Megalo Box 2 has a different approach than the 1st season, though it still isn't very likable. I think I'll leave spring anime behind and get back to my watching list, but first I'll probably rewatch Durarara (and finish it because I haven't watched the last season) and Steins;Gate (same).

Arvanitis Jul 10, 9:03 AM
Everything was bad and boring in Vivy imo, I can't even find a positive element, probably the main girl's hair colour? Lol.

Like I said on disc, 86 delivered its themes really well to me, I didn't have complaints with the author's writing and the world build up looks interesting too. Aside from some fan service or intentional drama, I think there were some great scenes and dialogue. The animation and soundtrack were nice, too.

I totally agree now that I've caught up, Fumetsu's episodes 5, 6 and 7 were a huge disappointment, 8-10 were better but still, the level has decreased a lot. Still it's not a bad anime, but not very good either.

I'll let you know if Link Click is worthwhile by sharing my new review with you, lol. I think you'd really hate it, probably 1/10 for you. But it still managed to amuse me at times, so I think I'll watch the 2nd season after that cliffhanger.
Arvanitis Jul 7, 10:11 AM
I have a suggestion to make; why don't we ask from anime studios to decline Re:Zero's writer's requests to adapt his works? Lol, I really suffered trying to watch Vivy, but I guess people like it so there's nothing I can do about that, seems like we're the black sheep here once again.

On the other hand, 86 was a pleasant surprise for me, but I'm not gonna discuss it with you XD

I also finished Mars Red lately and I seriously didn't know how to rate it; watching it was so boring and it felt stupid many times but in the end, in a bad way, everything connected and some messages they were trying to convey were good. The art and aesthetics were amazing, and the soundtrack too, so I felt like giving 2 bonus points and ending up with a 4/10. This will be a pain in the ass, because I will have to reconsider many of my ratings now and I'm really, really confused, lol.

Good to see your 7 on Odd Taxi btw, I wasn't sure if you liked it that much when we chatted on discord.

I think now that I'm done with 86, I'll binge watch Fumetsu or maybe Megalo Box 2, and this will be the end of Spring 2021 for me.
People say that Tantei wa mou, Shindeiru is interesting, it seems there was a double-lengthed starting episode but I'm not sure if I'll watch it. Will you? Sadly though I have no idea what to watch from this season, so this one might be one of my first choices.

Ah, I've also watched a Chinese anime for the first time in my life and tomorrow the last episode comes out. I'm not sure if I'll like it overall, the finale will play a big role. Some of the dialogues are really awful, while there is a mystery and some interesting scenes. The art style seemd awful too at first, but I got used to it. Though I guess there's some fujoshi bait or however these stuff are called, so the cringe is real. If you're wondering what made me watch it, it was its soundtrack, especially the opening song. Typical me, *gets interested when there are good songs*
Arvanitis Jul 4, 5:18 AM
The VAs and Kajiura weirdly made me enjoy it without caring about the mediocre setting, I agree that the comedy was bad but still, there's a chance for some good plot twists and good episodes? Who knows. With this crew, the content has to be terrible for me to dislike. And I wonder why they put so much effort in this one, that's why I feel there's a chance it'll be good.

Did you watch Yoru no Kuni?
Just watched it and I liked it. It was sad and heart warming at the same time.
Arvanitis Jul 4, 3:24 AM
Wow, 8.67?! Just noticed that, that's crazy. I expected a rise to 8.2 but this is too much. From MAL Score Progressions page:
Week 12 - 8.10 (+0.04)
Week 13 - 8.59 (+0.49)

So yeah, the ending must've been good and satisfying for the watchers. I've watched 2 episodes so far, I'll definitely watch it some time and I've always thought it looks promising, but so far it's a show that might end up good or really bad.

Arvanitis Jul 3, 1:54 PM
So, I'm texting you to inform you that Vanitas no Carte starts off with a Noriko Shitaya scene. I've just paused it to text you. I don't know why but I'm hyped af. The cast and crew are amazing in this anime. Though the plot might be mediocre. I hope my hype won't end up like it did in Fumetsu.