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May 10, 2013
I'm going to make this short and simple.

The character development was prize the for the show. It's not easy selling weapons, knowing that your life is actually on the line and that you are considered a merchant of death.Some arms dealers do for the money, some do it for the fame, but Koko does it for World Peace. Arms dealing might not be the greatest idea for world peace, and can be considered downright hypocrisy, but Koko's work is based on necessary evil, where evil deeds must be done into order for good to arise.

As for other protagonist, Jonah, he travels and protects read more
Apr 8, 2013
My Impression:
This shows separates the men from the boys because it's definitely "seinen" material. It has all the moments of excitement, embarrassment, and downright perversion. Yes, the other reviewers are all divided on the unique emphasis and use of saliva in the series, but for me, it's just another, yet strange way for the characters to form a bond. I say the series is underrated and is worth the try, but if you are man enough (perverted) to continue, then I assume you won't be disappointed and will actually long for more like me. Can't wait for more...

It's a simple story where Tsubaki uncovers read more