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Aug 3, 2020
Praise us as we are tasted, allow us as we prove.

As it says this season started with a bang and left us aww in the very first episode. It took some time too just come back from that shock.

Story: 10/10
All the pandora's box are starting to come off as each episode is a thrillers of its own. And 29 might be the best episode of the series in a super emotional episode.

Art: 10/10
It got perfect art which it deserves. ABSOLUTELY NAILED IT.

Sound: 10/10
Its getting better and better each episode.

Character: 10/10
Nothing to say about its character are just too good.(ALSO I LOVE EMILIA)

Overall: 10/10
I never thought read more
Aug 2, 2020
I was expecting so much from tower of god and clearly it didn't live up to it.

The story was so rushed it isn't even funny. There is no fucking way you can complete season 1 with 13 episodes it clearly needed 24 episodes. They absolutely botched it.

Its rather sad that animation art was so fricking good but rushed story made it so confusing too understand the very concept of tower of god. There was no detailed explanation on positions and nothing on the teachers who were teaching the examinees like they couldn't care less about the teachers. You see Tower of god is a read more
Jul 25, 2020
The plot is very common nowadays but have too admit its fun. The overpowered main character is very well executed and in his absence what went down is an mystery which makes you wanna watch it more.

Story: 7/10
Average run of mill story. A past legend gets reincarnated in present time and learns about what went down in his leave.

Art: 10/10
Have to admit nailed the artwork. As usual nailed the girls designs.

Sound: 8/10
Its good it think it will get better as the episodes airs more.

Character: 10/10
So far so good. Everyone one of them is well thought out. Have to say I'm a sucker for Sasha Necron read more
Jul 7, 2020
Trust me I wanted to hate this series so badly but what can I say it ACTUALLY WORKS. Where Go is focused on only catching and ASH is focused on battling.

Story: 7/10
Even though I love where its going I'm still disappointed that they don't recall Ash's past pokemons or his battle knowledge. Ash acts suprised seeing kanto pokemon like his seeing it for the first time. He even acts like he doesn't know what a snorlax is even though he has one like seriously WTF.

Art: 9/10
Love the pokemon designs as always but human designs went to the cleaners since sun and moon series. AND CHANGING read more
Jul 5, 2020
You may hate it but Fairy Tail has something special which connects you to actually feel something. Trust me it works even though as cringy as it is you will be glued to the screen. ALSO MASSIVE BOOBS(FAN SERVICE TO THE MAX)

Story: 8/10
Story starts off as slow till it goes in high gear too quick to fast. For me it clearly delivered as an unit. The main questions will hunt you in your dreams and you will continously think about it.

Art: 10/10
Art is as superv as it gets. Designing team killed it specially Natsus looks.

Sound: 1000/10
Clearly the best thing about the anime is its legenadry read more
Jun 9, 2020
The execution of the anime was very poor. They storyline maked no sesne at all even though I loved the characters. THE ANIME IN SHORT WAS SUPER RUSHED WITH WACKY STORY CONTINUATION.

Story: 5/10
The story had so much potential but just couldn't live up to it. STUDIO ABSOLUTELY KILLED THE STOEYLINE SEQUENCES LIKE BUCHERED IT.

Art: 10/10
No compliants in the art department liked it very much.

Sound: 4/10
It had nice sounds at the start but later it was horrendous.

Character: 10/10
Absolutely loved the character only the characters glued me till the end.

Enjoyment: 6/10
Well it was ok.

Overall: 6/10
I liked it even though it had so much faults. You can give read more
Jun 3, 2020
Watched 8 episodes so far Have to say it lacks the kicks from the 1st season. Same old jokes in some cases over and over.

Story: 6/10
Story really is dragging the momentum down as each episode airs.

Character: 10/10
But only redeeming thing going for it is its characters. Chika Fujiwara is just amazing as each episode passes. Her and Yū Ishigami's interactions are PURE GOLD and hilarious. Missing Kaguya Shinomiya's cold looks very much like shes completely changed from the core. Miyuki Shirogane is as he was in the first season and a bit expressive.

Sound: 2/10
Sound is horrific and please someone change that narrator. His read more
May 18, 2020
The Story is so ridiculous that you would think whats going on here is it magic or is it tech the power measurement is very poor.

I absolutely hated the sibling chemistry of the main leads its almost like they have a thing for each other. Atleast Shiba Tatsuiya is a very well thought out main character but his sister was so annoying almost like sex slave begging for his D***. Erika as a supporting character was stand out also.

Art in this anime was top class like Peak of the japanese style from the 2010s.

Sounds in this anime was excellent whenever the sound starts during the read more
Apr 23, 2020
Absolutely loved this anime. Everything I ever want in a Harem anime Overloded BooBs at their peak, indecisive MC, nip slips and sudden cloths coming off very close to being a masterpiece in the a harem and ecchi genre.
First of all Rachnera rules exactly what I want in a character so sexy yet so calm in so absurd situations. Miia as a lamia also stole the show at first 2-3 episodes. Papi for me was annoying, Cerea had HUGE MONSTER BOOBS loved that. Loved Mero however she had less screen time due to lack of materials in the manga at first few chapters.
The art read more
Apr 20, 2020
Overall a Good anime but it really will challenge your patience at the middle of the season. It really starts well in the start slowly introducing and buliding the characters however episode 20-40 really tests your patience. That entire Lulu bell thing killed the mood of the anime it almost transformed it in a goofy comedy which was so far from it. My advice here is to survive the 20-40 episodes because later It really brings what D.gray man truely is. Great action, Super Character development and acceptable action sequences.
In the 103 episodes the story really lacks as it doesn't have enough materials but read more