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Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu
Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu
Jan 20, 4:26 PM
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Nanatsu no Taizai: Seisen no Shirushi
Nanatsu no Taizai: Seisen no Shirushi
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Tokyo Ghoul:re
Tokyo Ghoul:re
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Akame ga Kill!
Akame ga Kill!
Jan 18, 11:50 AM
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Dark_Lord9 Jan 20, 3:41 PM
You can do that by writing something like this :
[url=*insert url*]text of the link[/url]

You can find more info about how to use BBCode here
Dark_Lord9 Jan 20, 3:11 PM
I guess I'm making it through.
RafaelDeJongh Jan 17, 2:10 PM
Make sure to do so, always love to see other's their creation ;)
GureOokami Jan 17, 9:10 AM
Wish you a great time then *whenever that will be* and if you'll let me read your work I'd be much obliged~
And I'm the weird one...
I can't really say it better haha it's like, they can't teach you how to write, just giving you directions and showing how does a proper screenplay look like you know? And we were just commenting on our stories so we could kinda figure out which segments need more work

And gomenasai for these replies, I'm only on my phone since it takes time for me to get my laptop and all
RafaelDeJongh Jan 16, 1:24 PM
Yea sure go for it ;)
GureOokami Jan 12, 8:08 AM
Think it help you widen your horizons the most since you get to see and hear what others have to say and it's basically fun for me to think of new stuff and talk about movies in general~
That last part is spot on m8, or have nothing to say so just accept everything you say 'cause they think you'll like them or whatever is in their heads...
Not really, your writing style is your style, it just, hmmm how do I put this...helps you put what you wrote in a proper form for a screenplay *it's not improving your writing in the literature way if I'm explaining it clearly here?*
GureOokami Jan 10, 10:07 AM
From time to time haha *not all the time though in my case*
The course had finished in December so not working anymore on that and it's main goal was to give guidelines and yeah learning about how the whole making movies process works *they gave the assignments based on the elements you had to improve in*, there was the option of actually filming it since they have a gear and all *when you're a member of that club you can use it whenever you want to make movies and apply to film festivals and such*, but I got no time for that yet so ended the story with the ending of the course~
I kinda meant in art *literature and movies mainly but in terms of dialogues*
My friend is always telling me I'm to be feared of^^' so guess I do too then, but not rude either, just meant in terms of whether it's visible that I don't agree well with some or like those who pretend 24/7 they totally agree with everything you say without even listening to what you have actually said
Nah, I don't need nor want for my writing to be approved, if you like it I'm glad, if not there are plenty other books, movies etc for you to read, watch and enjoy *might be an extremely fun collaboration m8*
Yep, guess I can say that's the main 'theme' of the quotes in question *and the idea in general* & again yep, I like his character~

What a pain...can't stand staring at books anymore tbh
GureOokami Jan 8, 1:33 PM
True, but that is what we get from others, the things we enable ourselves have a higher value if we're doing our best to make it so in my opinion~
It's a film amateur club and this was a free course so I guess that's why the organization of it was so poor mannered and the rest of them were okay I guess, although honestly the only thing they did was saying how good everything is *which I dislike very much tbh*, but I had a laugh once since I had asked if it was okay for me to write in english since I don't like my language in literature at all and one of my assignments was to simply write and describe the scenes *kinda like a robot I don't like that part, for example 'it's night. The window is open. A girl (27) is sitting on the sofa.' and such* so I haven't written it in english and they were all like 'ooooh why it won't be as fun to read now' :')
And with you on that one, but I'm lucky enough to be this straightforward so it's noticeable if I don't get along with someone who then avoids me which becomes soon the best fact of my life~
I simply say what's on my mind! And it really was better my way I guarantee you that, plus even he had nodded and I was like 'damn right I'm right konoyaro...' *to tell you a secret, I'm entirely bonkers*
Arigatou! Just recently redesigned the profile, wanted for them to kinda add up to each other *btw there are soo many quotes I hate that I can't just put them all there*

And gomenasai, my classes started as of today so gonna be out for the entire day every day *such a pain*
GureOokami Jan 6, 4:32 PM
I wish, just made others boost my ego *which I dislike*, in order for something to have a meaning you gotta work for it, that's where I stand at least~
I was pissed off m8, especially because each and every assignment I got was in essence indicated by him, was mad at the woman who was leading the class 'cause all she ever did was nod instead of giving me assignments which are needed in order for me to approve my writing *that's why I was there*
And I get that of course, never am rude to others without a cause *I even improved his story, my friend told me I was crazy* ^^'
Glad you respect my point of view, the intention behind stating it wasn't to make you change yours *happy to hear it's on your own accord*

(I shall take it as my 'positive' influence then !!)
GureOokami Jan 6, 6:12 AM
Same here...
Well maybe, but I'm really a cinephile so had recently applied to a screenplay writing course in some sort of a film club and got accepted *which actually came as a surprise since we had to send a movie synopsis & an explanation essay and I wrote both in less than an hour on the night of the deadline* so got to see other people's work at those meetings and had to make comments on them *fyi being straightforward and honest wasn't really helpful for the atmosphere* and I kinda learned that it actually really varies depending on what a certain person thinks, feels, believes because some of the things which didn't have sense to me they backed up with their attitudes *even though I still wouldn't agree nor like it some others did*
And I gotta admit, there was this one guy there with whom I just couldn't agree & he always had something to say about my work, like it doesn't work for him, he doesn't see it fit, no emotions etc etc and the bottom line is simply that he *to me* seems like a nerd who follows the precise plan of how a story should evolve, while I'm *apparently* writing 'experimental stories' so it never really felt good when he was kinda determining the value of what I do because he simply wasn't into it nor did he try to get it

I don't know how much this has to do with the ratings, but just want to keep my opinion on stuff in form of personal comments and not definite statements and I'm blabbering for a while now so gonna stop here~ *totally your fault for asking btw*
GureOokami Jan 5, 6:27 PM
Think there's more to rating than personal enjoyment since so much effort is put into making a series so one has to consider the animation and similar things and when I thought about it SAO came to mind and I simply couldn't give it a rate higher than 1 in my mind since it was that nerve wrecking to me, literally was bumping my head against the wall while watching...
So basically can't leave my personal taste out of the way in order to rate and since taste depends on the person and is not to be criticized don't want to diminish the value of some series which others seem to value *such morals I know, but I successfully hide my nice side, what a pro*

I should watch it I know, maybe I'll remember what had happened after I do, but that's just kinda the proof just how much I wasn't into it tbh
Although the 1st season was good, won' deny that
GureOokami Jan 5, 3:20 PM
Think I'll never get Bleach out of my head *just might be my weak spot...*
The thing with that is that I think that I can criticize according to my own preferences and not objectively, so while respecting the fact that tastes vary and considering the amount of work put into making it *even if it really is bad per say* I don't really want to put a number on it, kinda bonkers logic or something I know...
It's either brilliant, above average, average or don't like it at all~
So I'm always in for a discussion and sharing pros and cons
About that, I just didn't end up engulfed in the story, don't even remember everything I've watched tbh, even though I liked some characters
GureOokami Jan 5, 1:55 PM
Sometimes I honestly regret the fact that I decided to always see for myself and watch it without skipping *though that decision was seriously tempted by Amnesia*
Think I literally screamed at the screen for Orihime to use Santen Kesshun already, but thinking about it later think his character really had the greatest impact and then I kinda started thinking about where would he be afterwards if he had survived, kinda felt like he'd totally lose his role *but still agree with you*
I really hope so, it's not like the anime wasn't a success tbh so no reason not to~
GureOokami Jan 5, 7:10 AM
Yep, was an okay story, but still think they went too far regarding Byakuya's actions, didn't really stay truthful to the character imo
The worst of the worst for me was that spoiled brat of a *excuse my language* bitchy useless 'princess' with her 2 annoying sidekicks, I was watching those eps with a half opened eye since I had to hold my head up with my hand and so covered my face in utter despair...
Also that fight was one og the best moments I've ever seen *Bleach was among the first series I've seen so I've always been quite subjective when it comes to reviews, comments, criticism etc*, everything Ulquiorra related is a fave~
A movie? Like a 5th one or it's going to follow the manga?