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Stripes Aug 23, 2017 11:55 PM
*instantly adds to ptw*

you're the man. (⌐■_■)

no but seriously the pv sold me and the art is giving me the best vibes. almost done with my anime challenge. going to be picking up all the shonen manga i want to catch up on after that. i'm stoked.
stand Aug 15, 2017 7:32 PM
Never read Kimetsu no Yaiba because I try my hardest to not read any publishing manga that updates weekly.
I looked it up though and it looks interesting, i'll have to keep my eyes on it.
stand Aug 15, 2017 7:14 PM
Maybe it's because I honestly always forget that Toriko exists.
I don't dislike it but I have other long Shounen Jump completed manga that I would rather read instead.
Stripes Jul 24, 2017 2:23 PM
Yeah! I actually am a shonen buff but as you know so many of the good ones are still ongoing so it's kind of nice to find shit that's actually completed for once.
StrawHatMaD Jul 19, 2017 2:07 PM
Really enjoying it, top quality shounen art
-ra Feb 9, 2017 9:13 AM
True, it was never really relevant the cooking part, so then... what was the necessity of making the ingredients have "special ways of cooking them". I mean, ok, I can overlook Komatsu and his "I can cook everything because the plot demands it" because he wasn't like the other "super pro cooks that are imba fighters", but then, why make the ingredients super impossible to cook if you don't have food luck? Obtaining the ingredients is already challenging enough so that not anyone can obtain them. It's lazy writing. Or you make it so Komatsu has to obtain the qualifications for learning how to cook certain things, or you just forget about the "special cooking".

I know it's over (and always was) the top. But for me, there's a limit about what I can digest/believe. I don't think it's irrational wanting some kind of credibility in what we're shown. If you compare the first third of the series with the last third, it's like "wth just happened?".
I mean, in the first chapters we were told that the "power level" of the beasts was something like how many hunters/humans (I don't quite remember) would take to capture/hunt that ingredient. Yet, there's no way 6k people would be able to hunt what we're shown in the end.

Nitro + Neo and their outer space thingy is way too... sci-fi for my liking. It felt way too "dbz style".
Ok, not ex-machina, but a "easy way out" for a stupidly overpowered final boss.
About Midora, maybe it was because I read that without any interest at all. They were saying that he wasn't the "real child" (like, biological). If that's the case, then forget about what I said before.
It was a reset in my book. Everyone who "died" (more like was devoured) came back. Everyone's happy. And I don't see how Midora dying is a repercussion in the state of the world. He was a "bad guy", he wasn't like Ichi being the president of Geo or something. His death doesn't affect the "state of the world".

Maybe the 4 was abrupt after having to deal with all that bad final arc, maybe it wasn't. I'll have to revisit the score (to a 5) after comparing it with other finished series and other 4s in my list.
-ra Feb 8, 2017 4:38 PM
Like I said before, something being foreshadowed or explained does not mean that the explanation given is not bad/lazy. Sure, it's better than it just being: "And it just happened", but that doesn't change the fact that is a load of crap.

When I said "it lost me", I meant it lost my interest and the credibility I had placed in the series. Like, for example, what's supposed to be my reaction about a frog (it's not relevant that it's a frog, it could have been anything) extending it's tongue around the earth?
(Just to clarify, when I say "credibility", I'm not talking about realism; I'm refering to the things that make sense/I believe inside a story's own "rules")
Or just to give you another example: When Jiro is fighting against the Nitros near the end.
1- The part about those "soul crystals" and being like a "out of jail card"
2- The part about when, in the past, he did the "damage knocking" and made him pretty much immune to all damage until Acacia released it.

Why was the Acacia+Neo fight bad? Well, to name a few and keeping it short:
- All the thing about the Nitro being from another planet, and Neo being a devourer of planets/life or something like that.
- How pretty much Toriko single handedly beat Acacia (with his new demon ex-machina).
- The fact that Coco/Sunny/Zebra did nothing (what was the point of the cool thing with the 4 of them against Bambina?).
- "Plot revelations" like Starjun being Toriko's brother or Midora being Frothe's son. What was the point of that? Also, Midora being their son isn't kinda contradictory with the flashback we got about him like 80-100 chapters before?
- The "reset end" when he pukes everything and the world is fine again.

About the end, I already told you. It wasn't like a super shitty ending, yet, it wasn't anything new. It's the same safe old clichéd shounen ending, with the time skip, the wedding, etc. Like a shoujo manga and the: "The guy goes to another country and comes back X years later, and they get married".

I read everything for its story (except comedies or things without plot), and I rate everything based on that. Sure, there may be things that pique my interest (it being unusual art, some kind of twist, w/e), but the story is all.
(Story and characters, but I consider characters being part of the story, as they -ideally- grow/evolve as the story grows, so I tend to categorize both as one)

Finally, like I said, FT -as of now- has that score because it's still ongoing. I don't update scores regularly, maybe every 50 or 100 chapters. If it stays the same (quality wise) the score remains the same. If it get worse (which is what's happening in this last arc), the score gets lower.
Toriko started with a low 7, then it went down to a 6 (around... a bit after Zebra + the pyramid), then down to a 5-6 (depending of the arc), and finally with all that happened after the fight with Bambina + and ending that wasn't good (nor bad, just meh), the score went down to a 4.
-ra Feb 8, 2017 5:54 AM
How can something being "super convenient for the plot/character" not being bad? It IS bad. It happened because the story required it, instead of happening because... Idk, character development/training/etc.

If Toriko isn't a story driven series, and it's all adventure/fighting; what's the necessity of having 1/3 of your manga revolve around: "We need to do this or that beause the plot demands it".
I agree, at first it was adventure/fighting/searching for new foods, and I liked that. Then the tone shifted towards the more "serious stuff", and it completely lost me there.

The story isn't bad just because there's food luck and acacia + neo bs, true, but it's a big part of the reason.
- The exposition/start was entertaining.
- The "main conflict" was so-so. The first "part", when they're against Midora + gang was fine; the second "part" with the nitros and all that was bad.
- The climax/end was just bad.
So, if only your exposition/start and half of your main conflict was the interesting part, how is it not bad? Also considering that the ending is the most important part of any story.

As of "now", FT is bad. When it ends, its score could be the same or lower (higher I really doubt it, unless it has the best ending ever, which is not going to happen).

Yes, if a series is entertaining but its story is bad, then it deserves a bad score. (Unless you're watching something without real plot, like a slice of life or comedy, where the enjoyment is all that matters).
Being bad =/= bad experience. That's the whole point of what I said before. You can enjoy bad things. But enjoyment does not equal good score.
-ra Feb 7, 2017 7:22 PM
The fact that it was foreshadowed doesn't mean it wasn't bs.

Koumatsu being able to cook anything and everything perfectly because "food luck" is as lazy as one can get when it comes to writing a character. That plus the fact that even when he's in danger, he's never really in danger. What's the point of having all those "super expert cooks" which trained for who knows how many years, if then you give your main cook the: "I can hear the ingredients voices! I know what to do".

"The ending was better than majority of shonens that ended in recent years"
Except it wasn't. You have the timeskip + the wedding/children/both + "our adventures aren't over". It's a pretty standar/clichéd ending. Sure, it could have been way worse, but it wasn't good either.
Just to clarify, the ending (I'm talking about the last 1-2 chapters) wasn't bad, it was just mediocre. The bs was all the part with Acacia + Neo.

"It started interesting. It was kind of different from other shounen mangas (first, because of all the "macho muscle" characters; second, because of the food + techniques), so I kept reading. It was never really good, but it was entertaining to read (for the reasons stated before)."

Cmon, bru, read.
I said the manga started interesting and had something that piqued my interest. So, I kept reading. What you seem to not understand is that, even though something is entertaining, it doesn't automatically mean that it's good.

Was Toriko entertaining? Yes. (Except the part with Komatsu in the soul world)
Is Toriko a good manga? No. The overall story is bad.

So, 4. Bad according to MAL rating system.
-ra Feb 6, 2017 6:17 PM
It started interesting. It was kind of different from other shounen mangas (first, because of all the "macho muscle" characters; second, because of the food + techniques), so I kept reading. It was never really good, but it was entertaining to read (for the reasons stated before).

Then everything changed when the bullshit nation attacked. All the "demons inside" manifesting (the demons idea was nice, the part about them appearing not) + Koumatsu having plot shield + all the Acacia arc + the ending; it was all bad. (There are a few more things, but mostly that)

A story's ending is the most important part. So, it also represents the moment when you give it more/same/less score. Toriko started as a 7/6, then as the story progressed went down to a 5, and finally with the bad final arc + end, it went down to a 4.

As to why I kept reading it? Same reason as to why I keep reading FT. Routine. Every thursday I read One Piece and then Toriko (except the last 50 chaps, I left it on hold around chap. 340ish). Then it ended, so I just rushed the last 50 chapters.
-ra Feb 6, 2017 2:22 PM
Well, yes, I did.

Both are bad, so, 4.
Makudo333 Feb 6, 2017 1:47 PM
Pretty much why it´s called differences.
But hey seems someone does not know that not everyone is like him
AshitaNoJonas Nov 19, 2015 2:13 PM
"Lmao this site is filled with weeaboo's if you guys like this."

Why does liking Yugioh make people weeaboos? Explain yourself!
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