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Oct 16, 2020
So for anyone wondering where to continue the manga from the anime's end then start with volume 7. Obviously a new antagonist is introduced after the tiger family and it kinda gets frustrating to deal with the weak main character at times but that's the whole point of the story but towards the end it becomes more of a shonen jump action manga than a gag manga how it was first started off (with the title saying the world's strongest bride) towards the end later half of the manga after the bride-to-be becomes more of a side character and doesn't really fight anyone else read more
Oct 8, 2020
So, The rooms with a glass separating them is kinda good concept. At the start the interactions between the two feels like how most of us go through during first or second grade at school with the opposite sex. At first the main character is comes off as very dense but soon we get to know why he is so. Due to him growing up in a house comprised only of women he is overwhelmed easily and develops kind of a phobia of women (gynophobia) and at school as well he acts kinda sus around women so he doesn't really have and experience with taking read more
Oct 1, 2020
This OVA continues with the story line of the main anime it adapts the volume 8 of the manga even though it is bundled with the volume 10. Anyway the quality is the same as the main anime and it adapts the manga storyline good enough. Anyone interested in continuing the story start from volume 9 (chapter 36) it gets pretty interesting when Staz's dad enters the scene (probably one of my favorite character in the manga)

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Sep 27, 2020
I'm gonna keep it short. I've read it after watching both seasons of the anime, the manga has some chapters which were left out of the anime nothing too important. The anime adapts the manga until around chapter 44 (vol.9 not completely). The story continues in a similar pace and this type of story everyone knows how its gonna end. If people after finishing the anime are interested in knowing how the relationships develops its a good enough read.

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Sep 26, 2020
Its my first review so I'll keep it short. From the synopsis you can tell its a movie with 3 different stories. 1st one is basically Yuri, girl meets girl while forgetting their past love. 2nd one is kinda BL, but focuses on a closet guy's thoughts. 3nd is more like your typical childhood friendship developing further but with a sprinkle of incest. The movie's first half shows the 1st and 2nd stories and the entire 2nd half focuses on the 3rd story. It gives off the same concept of scum's wish (Kuzu no Honkai). The art is like a literal recreation of manga art read more