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Jan 21, 2022
Ah, the raid event in a gacha game made into a movie because the franchise behind it happens to be rich...


Ok really now though...

Normally, I review anime with no background knowledge of the source material since I treat every anime I watch as a standalone work of art. Here, I'll be discarding what I know beforehand. There are many problems with this movie for those who are watching without having played the game before hand.

First off, plotwise, there is effectly no plot. The backdrop given is effectively just, the Incineration of Humanity is happening, so go forth, child go kill the tentacle army read more
Aug 26, 2021
"how to sexually bully the hottest girl in school: randomly chopping limbs off hot girls" the anime.

If your time is precious, the above line about sums up the show for you.

Technically, there is some sort of loose premise in the background that explains why boys and girls are supposed to pair up as Pandoras and Limiters. However, the plot is very, very straight forward of just fighting monsters that chop up girls AND this plot only really exists in the background and is by no means anything intricate. Most of the show is some really unamusing (and at times cringe) bullying of one shy girl read more
Aug 20, 2021
This review (probably) contains spoilers.

Neon Genesis Evangelion.

This name has been, for two and a half decades, engraved deeply into the culture of anime. It's theme song is iconic, the voice actors and actresses of its cast are, today, famous, some even celebrated, and undoubtedly, the show has had a huge impact in the anime industry, especially the mecha genre where it has become iconic.

In some ways, this recognition is deserved. Out of the nigh (or above) 1000 titles I have personally seen, Evangelion stands as one of the most depressing (by atmosphere) titles out there. It also has a certain level of abstractness read more
Aug 15, 2021
As of the time of writing this review, the craze in the anime scene is isekai. As of the time of this title's release date, (one of) the craze(s) was the success of massive genre defining titles like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptors -- the mahou shoujo genre.

This anime original is pretty much exactly a cashgrab akin to today's filler isekai titles that get an anime adaptation. The show's episode and plot structure is episodic with little to no continuity between one episode and the next. The show is effectively a computer virus take on the battle-mahou-shoujo with the same ditzy heroine tropes and other read more
Jun 30, 2021
Vivy -- Fluorite Eye's Song

There are many aspects of this show that are great, even spectacular. The art is fantastically handled, some of its higher budget scenes/stills are beautifully drawn. The sound can easily rival the likes found in Macross, a franchise famous in Japan for decades for its music, with the opening song easily a top hit. To top it off, the action scenes are masterfully handled and choreographed.

Looking purely at its superficials, Vivy is easily a masterpiece even given the already glittery scene of anime at its time of release.

If this much is all that matters, stop here. The rest of this read more
Jun 26, 2021
86 (Anime) add (All reviews)
Ah, 86...

For the season this was released in, I must say, this is one of the three highest quality shows for its season. A minor part of the reason for this should be apparent at a glance of its first episode - sleek visuals, outstanding sound by a top tier composer, expertly directed action - this show most certainly sets itself up as a target of hype.

However, I cannot criticize a show merely by its hype; that's not really the truth and this show most certainly has its flaws. Let's get to it.

86 is an adapted work. Its original storyline was presented as a read more
Apr 26, 2021
The early to mid 90s when this show released was when Sailor Moon's popularity was at its peak. It was also the time when Magic Knight Rayearth launched the all-female mangaka group CLAMP into the limelight. Sailor Victory is an anime OVA series that took elements from both major contemporaries to try to cash in on the popularity of both, but frankly achieving nothing more than a waste of about an hour of life to watch.

The show is effectively as the synopsis: five girls fight bad guys sentai-style but with mecha ala MKR-style and the girls like to wear sailor-style school uniforms. These read more
Apr 23, 2021
A show with only 366 members rating it and no reviews...

So... Let's see.. This show effectively released at the turn of the millenium, right after a superstar title of similar combination of genres(Gundam Seed) just ended. To make it worse, Gundam Seed was not the only title outshining it at its airing, there was also Ghost in Shell: SAC, Texhnolyze, Uchuu no Stellvia, all of which has a heck of a lot more attention than this title at the prime of its time to shine.

Graphically, this show's technical aspects are very good for a year 2003 title. The backgrounds and tech are decently well read more
Apr 5, 2021
Scar on the Praeter -- As of the writing of this review, a rating of a mere 5.77/10 by a mere 2,720 users. I thought: I watch anything anyway. Why not give this a chance and see if its really as bad as what these two something thousand accounts thought?

Previously, I had seen other works by GoHands. K, W'z, Handshakers.

The artstyle of this show is very heavily reminiscent of K with its use of bright colorful filters, detailed and stunning backgrounds. Yet, this show looks and feels like a step down graphically from K.

Whereas K's backgrounds were detailed, they still looked distinctly 2D and thus read more
Apr 1, 2021
Yes, I know. Some call this a revenge story.

However, I have seen other revenge stories. I am acquainted with the work of Alexandre Dumas' Le Comte de Monte Cristo. I have also seen Code Geass. In many other works I've seen, the concept of revenge have also been explored over and over, including but not exclusive to: Gundam 00, Seed, Origin (Char's backstory) etc.

Revenge can be a serious topic of discussion or exploration. In the hands of masterful writers, it can be a brilliant motive to set into motion a spectacular narrative. However, Redo of Healer is neither a spectacular nor artful narrative, nor read more