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Nov 1, 2019
All of this begins with ‘What if carnivore and herbivore live together?’.
So yeah it’s one of the unique anime in this season I think.

If you think something like ‘Wow all characters are animal, this probable be a kid anime’ then your are wrong!! Don’t judge a book by its cover they say.

I gonna write a review from anime-only’s view (I haven’t read manga yet).
#Story: 9/10
So intense, gave me stress feeling. So that means this show can make make you enjoy with it!
They mainly focuses on male wolf (MC) and what he’s thinking, but didn’t show the all the reason why he’s thinking like that (you read more
Oct 27, 2019
I expected this anime to be boring at first, but beginning with a beautiful landscape scene and sound like lion king in anime version were enough to make me want to watch this anime.
If you are finding a slice of life/comedy anime, not too heavy plot that can make you cry but enough to make you laugh, then this is the right choice.
Just don’t focus too much on art, it’s perfect with their jokes.

There is no plot actually. It’s crazy enough to make animal to be a main character, but it’s more crazy when these three main characters do several kind of crazy things. Even read more
Oct 16, 2019
This isekai/romance manhwa was adapted from light-novel.
#Story: 10/10
Like some of other isekai anime/manga/manwha, the main character, beautiful princess, can remember what was happened in previous life. It turns out she reincarnated to the princess who had miserable life in the book she was read.
Her dad, the king, is a cold-heart person that want to kill her. This story begins with the simply idea of MC who want to survive from her bloody dad. Then it turns to romance/comedy story.

But what make this manhwa interesting is 'MC can change the story'. The readers are in the same view as MC, we won't know what will happen read more
Oct 8, 2019
Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd season is the my favorite season in Bungou Stray Dogs series.
In my opinion, the first season mainly focuses on Armed Detective Agency and Port Mafia, the main character and people around him, introduces each side character with their ability/crazy personality in each episode.

When you know the relationships of each character, like basic knowledge (but also enjoyable), then you can understand the sequel seasons.

The first 3 episodes of 2nd season focuses on Osamu Dazai and the dark era of him, introduced the importance/badass new character in Port Mafia gang.
Many secret in the first episode will be clear in this season. So I read more