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Goku-senpai Aug 17, 2018 11:24 AM
Goku-senpai Aug 16, 2018 3:03 PM
Cria vergonha nessa tua cara fi de rapariga
Ako- May 11, 2018 12:18 AM
who is that in ur profile? so cutie
CarmaChameleon May 4, 2018 9:03 AM
Yeah :/
Satire__ May 3, 2018 10:44 PM
Found and bought a bootleg copy of the DVD when I lived in Japan. You can search for a torrent of it or something, though I don't know if it's ever been subbed. You'd need to understand Japanese to watch it but you can find pretty much anything if you look hard enough.
Kiskaloo May 3, 2018 9:12 PM
I saw it on Japanese DVD from someone who had them, but looks like RIPs (with no subs) are on DailyMotion:
CarmaChameleon May 3, 2018 6:56 PM
Got raws for the 3 '04 eps, can't recall about the final 2 tho. Sorry, I don't know of any subbed releases
DexerLuck Mar 19, 2018 10:53 AM
Maybe there is no link, sorry. I have been buying that dvd for a long time ago and I watched it.
Hitokiri655 Feb 5, 2018 6:48 AM
Entendo. Eu também estava fazendo desta forma, procurando usando o nome do diretor e às vezes com o título original em kanjis, e até então tinha me servido para encontrar todos pelo Youtube. Infelizmente com as obras do Furukawa eu não dei tanta sorte.

De todo modo, obrigado pela ajuda.
Hitokiri655 Feb 4, 2018 6:01 PM
Com licença. Eu vi seu comentário na página do Taku Furukawa e gostaria de saber se você poderia me informar onde posso encontrar as obras dele. Procurei no Youtube, mas infelizmente só achei algumas (Coffee Break, Comics, etc.), mas não consegui descobrir se existe algum canal ou lista que junte todas (como no caso do Yamamura Koji)...
Schlopsi Feb 1, 2018 5:07 PM
Haha, alright. This heated up quite fast. Appreciate your reason in this matter.
But to be honest, there might be frustration in the so called review, but there are in fact a couple of arguments like the sloppy narration and the flat characters mentioned. It's not that I argue completely free without pointing out specific things.

What could I call it then? It wastes so much potential, it really hurts. But that's the thing with arts and creative processes: By missing crucial parts in the execution the consequence is punishment by criticism through the consumer. To make things better. As a way to show the makers what went wrong with their work. So they are given the chance to improve in their next projects. It is actually quite unlucky for Studio Geno getting into the hot seat for it. But they have to deal with and make the best out of it.

The trilogy: I am not that much of a fan of it. Rated Harmony and Shisha no Teikoku each with a 5. Harmony was okay storywise (have to watch it probably again, though), Shisha... definitely profited from the WIT-visuals. The story itself was completely generic imo. Still, I enjoyed them both more than Gyakusatsu Kikan. They sticked to their positive aspects and exactly knew where they went to.

Oh, come on. You know this was a highly rhetorical phrase regarding the circumstances of production. They showed off with some cool visuals (i.e. the train ride was well composed), but they lost track on focussing on the more important scenes, which suffered heavily from the setbacks.
Btw. wanna give the current show from Studio Geno a watch and compare. Might be of interest...

Animation below average: Okay. Go and watch the scene in the bar again, when Clavis first talks to the lady, Lucia. You'll see some stagnant animation.
The action scenes are lacking movement (i.e, in the forest). Just look at how much they have to play with smoke and camera movements to create at least some kind of movements within the frames. Budget or not, these are important parts (story- and genrewise) which should have been known beforehand. So why do I have to care about the low budget? A creative mind makes the best out of it. But as a quite hyped movie like it was, it was a total let down as a result. They could have cancelled it (being 20% of the movie made at that time - would have been a bitter pill to swallow), but they chose not to. Make the best out of it then? Okay, their choice. I look at the result and comment.
PS: As mentioned before - I watched the movie in cinema. I don't know if/how much they improved the visuals for bd-release! There might be differences.

For the characteristics: Just make them more human. Give me, as the audience, something to cling on. Even soldiers are having special traits to make them more personal. More unique. To let them appear more human in their own ways. I don't care about hairstyle or anything like it in a movie, which strives for "realistic" tones. I care about the person. And the film missed out on this one completely.

I didn't refer the revenge-trope to Clavis, only to John Pauls side. Since I could not care less about Sheperd, the stories development could have been of help here. Most times I am up to rather unconventional narratives, but this seemed just off. Wasn't as stringent as I was hoping for. A more straightforward approach would have been more charming without taking so many (unnecessary) turns.
Also you can argue what Pauls real intentions were. In my opinion this "greater cause" he so insists of just covers up his selfish reasons of revenge on the world which betrayed him.
On a personal note: Have you read the novel? I really liked how it ended in the book. Itoh took everything a step further, especially Clavis'. Whished the same for the movie, unfortunately they ended on a less bitter note.

For the record. Again. I pointed out where the films strong points lay. But in regard of the plenty negative aspects, they simply aren't as significant for the result. And in the end no one bothers about one rant about the movie. The stats with around 7 points is okay for the general public, it seems, and no one felt offended. Well, at least almost everyone. ;D

(I think I got most parts of the translation right ;) English isn't my native language either, so it's okay. Also thanks for the criticism. I try to avoid such rants in the future. Not my style to pull off something like that, but there are things that really trigger me, if I look at the possibilities they could've had... Anyways, I am outta here. I don't remember anymore of the film, which wasn't mentioned already.)
Schlopsi Feb 1, 2018 11:42 AM
Alright. Let's break it down. Thanks for the more extensive explanation. That was all I was asking for, since I cannot stand it when someone throws his/her opinion at someone without explaining him-/herself. Oh. And please stop with your childish and arrogant way of telling someone that he hasn't watched something just because it does not go along with you ideals/opinion. Thanks.

First things first: I am completely aware of the pamphletic and aggressive tone in this "review", which I will not call a review. It was meant as a vent for my anger, after leaving the screening of the film. So, regard it as an OP-ED, since my standard for a review is completely different than what I put there. Might should have put a disclaimer before it. Nevermind. Let's see how much of the movie I can still remember.

GENOCIDAL ORGAN is by far the weakest movie of the Itoh-trilogy.
Animationwise, it was a total turn-off for me. I had the discussion with a few friends who were fond of the looks, but it didn't go well with me. It felt unorganic and static. There is no use just by moving the camera or the characters to create the illusion of movement. And this happened. A lot. Especially in calm moments like talks. Also the lighting could have been better. Some moments were actually good (i.e. the lights and shades while walking by a fire). But if you have to watch everything being colorgraded in the least dynamic way possible by just putting a grey layer over it all with tiny bits of sparkling dusty corns, it is simply not watchable. Might have been because of the budget, but it still felt half-assed.
Then the character designs: The character design looked ugly (in my opinion). Might be because I am not used to this design of western characters, but I just didn't like it (HARMONY hit a nerve but the designs for EMPIRE OF CORPSES were really gorgeous, just for comparison). I missed characteristics to feel... empathy? I could not care less for Clavis and the gang, because there wasn't anything to keep attached onto. Nothing to create characteristics. They were plain figures.

The 3D CGI sucked as well, as it didn't match with the action. The first person sequences were good, but the rest didn't take it's opportunities seriously. Won't blame the movie for it too much, since it is a critical part for every film using 3D CGI this way. Most of them cannot handle it well, which does not even depend on the budget.
The cities were nicely put together and the ambiente worked mostly. Still, in crucial scenes they weren't as efficient as they could have been, lacking the dynamic lighting mentioned above.The lighting compositions were bleak and matted. I missed the dynamics in it. Yeah, you can argue that it fits the tone of the plot, but there were lots of unused chances to develop a gripping atmosphere via visuals. In fact, they were merely suffocated by the use of fading color layers.

Going totally with you, the music isn't even worth a mention. Neither was it outstanding nor memorable, except for the ending credits. And well, as you wrote, they were by EGOIST. Even if you don't like their music, you associate something with it and somehow I liked it. It supported the nihilistic essence and overall theme of the movie.

The story and plot: This was the worst. By any means, it felt just random. Yes, I've read the novel beforehand. No, I do not expect a movie to adapt everything from it (unfortunately, some really interesting keypoints from the novel were missing in the adaption which would have given it a whole lot of spin though). But I should be allowed to be given a coherent story, which does not randomly hop from spot to spot. I honestly don't remember that much of it anymore, but John Pauls introduction felt so... meaningless. It felt like a random input to some of the missions. Which was actually my biggest problem with the story: It jumped from one mission to the next without giving a crap about its characters. They felt completely irrelevant and disposable at every time.

"As usual the 'Satoshi Ito' likes to deliver something quite different from what you find on the market today." Never said anything against it. He does and his ideas are not just interesting in the way of relating them to modern developments, but as well as moralitystands and the like. It paid of mostly in regards of John Pauls narrative, the rest was okay. Not as much implemented in the worldbuilding like it was in HARMONY, but it was shown fair enough in the movie.

Also: If the antagonist - and I really really enjoyed John Pauls presence - appears to be so much more interesting than anything else of the film - be it visuals, narrative, characters, etc. - then there is probably something basically wrong with the narrative. And since the story turned pretty much everything of interest upside down to make it a mere story of personal vengeance, it bored me to death. The motive became emotionally irrelevant because of this kind of "ordinary" (genre)motif that is, that his family died. This huge character crafting felt wasted after the realisation why he did what he did. It felt... unnecessary, because it didn't strike a nerve in me. So the end was a huge let down for me, since it ruined the mysterious ambitions he had. Might have been better if some things weren't spoken out loud...It made the "not the real evil" the evil in personification. Probably a move to make it easier to understand for the audience. Who knows.
Were I can agree with you, is the brutal honest and filthiness showing off the socioeconomic developments as well as the huge gap between rich and third world countries and their wicked senses of morality. As I actually wrote, I appreciated the effort the film puts into showing this without even hesitating to show cruel things in explicit ways (like child soldiers, i.e.). Not just by going with the overall theme of genocide, but as a whole. The story takes its time to establish these moral standards, like what is the actual price for freedom and who is the one, who pays for it and what consequences this is followed by.


Winning a price does not mean anything at all. Come on. Just because something gets praised from a jury, it automatically needs to be enjoyable for everyone? That is an ignorant way to look at things. It does in fact show appreciation for the work, but it is by no means an indication of enjoyment for others.
And what does it have to do with the adaption at all? Which actually sucks... if you read my - by now - two statements. Correct. Nothing-at-all. The novel did a fairly better job and took its fair amount of time to make Clavis more approachable and three dimensional for the reader. The film simply does not, which is a crucial no-go for me. Combined with an animation beneath average and a sloppy narrative, this is a clear case why I can't stand it and call it "junk".
Schlopsi Feb 1, 2018 4:09 AM
Well then, feel free to tell me what you think is actually wrong with the review/my opinion about this lousy movie. I appreciate constructive criticism or a discussion, but feel slightly pissed when someone comes at me the way you did, which isn't constructive at all.
So. Since you already put some effort into it, please give it a little more.