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Ninjajake12 Nov 16, 2013 9:30 PM
ok, so I was waiting to watch the newest episode of 'Golden Time' before commenting on your post.

Yeah, Tada and Koko...I like it when they're together. They both can still get on my nerves at times, but I still like them together. I also didn't understand how people saw him as a jerk. You have to put yourself in his shoes before calling him a jerk. But yeah, I completely agree with you, I think he was being realistic and quite courageous when he tried to dissolve their friendship. Tada is definitely going to be the indecisive, dangerous one in the relationship. With his missing memories, he will have internal struggle of what to do and how to feel.

Yeah, I don't understand the whole shirt thing too. I'm thinking he had some sort of psychological disorder or anxiety problem.

I see. Yeah, I mean, every place I look it's all about 'Toradora'. Not just in Crunchyroll, but everywhere I see comments about 'Golden Time'. They've kind of settled down now, but in the first 2-3 episodes, most talk was about how similar it was to 'Toradora' and why that was the only reason for them watching 'Golden Time'. Now that things have settled down, it's become a lot less frequent (think about how many people mentioned the word 'cringe' in 'Watamote' comments, and you get what I mean lol).

So on the newest episode of 'Golden Time' (SPOILERS if you haven't seen it yet, don't read below!).

I enjoyed it of course. Koko and Tada finally became a couple. Was pretty funny how she got arrested for stealing someone's bike (finally, bike stealing is important in anime! lol). Him and Linda finally fixed things between them. Loved 2D-kun! And I totally felt him when he was getting flustered lol. But aside from all of that, Tada and Koko's relationship seems...superficial. Koko still seems to be playing around and never seems as though she's taking their relationship seriously. All of their flirting/lovey-dovey PDA was kind of embarrassing to watch (I was with 2D kun on that one), but as embarrassing as it was, I never really felt like they were a couple. It's hard to take things seriously when Koko acts like that all the time (which I'm still not sure whether she is doing it purposely or not). They seem to be spending more of their time messing around than being romantic. I know that they're just starting, and for all I know it could all be genuine...but I can't shake the feeling that she's putting on some kind of act. I will have to see more of them before making a guess. Even though I grouched a bit, I was still smiling watching them flirt/mess around with each other as a couple. A few hilarious moments too, like 'O.M.G' and such lol.

Oh don't get me started on the new novel that the 'Oreimo' author is working on...I wouldn't have minded if the story was different, and I wouldn't have minded if the characters looked completely different...but is he serious? He's creating ANOTHER brother/sister rom-com with characters that look EXACTLY THE SAME as Kirino and Kyousuke? I would have given him the benefit of the doubt, but I'm not gonna read from an author who is totally unoriginal and not creative enough to figure out a different story. It's 'Oreimo' 2.0...and that's about it. Though I have a feeling many people will still flock to read it.
Ninjajake12 Nov 15, 2013 11:11 PM

The voice is WAY too deep. I get that they're trying to get the whole 'rich girl' image with that voice, but they definitely needed to pick someone with a much higher voice. Kana Hanazawa strikes again! Her and Tomokazu Sugita are the 2 VAs in which any dubbers (doesn't matter what language) will never be able to capture.

The acting in the first one wasn't too bad, but the voices of those 3 girls in the beginning (brrrr, I got chills...and not because they were good). The second one they were trying to impersonate the whole 'Death Note' feel, but then her acting falls flat because of it. Overall, her voice sounds like a preppier version of Kaname Chidori from 'Full Metal Panic'. Kana also makes Ichiko sound more cute (in my personal opinion) while the English VA sounded more like the typical American teenager (I know that's what they were going for, but still...)

First they changed the name of the series (for no good reason) and then they got some of these voices. I think I'll stick to the Japanese dub lol.
Ninjajake12 Nov 12, 2013 4:23 AM
'Samurai Flamenco' is just good crazy superhero fun. I really hope it gets a little deeper or something good happens. I'm expecting something to happen between Goto and his girlfriend...I can just sense the foreshadowing. But I hope that the story delves into some of these characters. Yeah, no disrespect to the animators, but the animation just feels...average. It looks like it was animated in the early 2000's and the consistency is pretty bad. When some characters aren't the focus of attention, their design changes to mediocre. For example, when Hazama was standing up talking and Goto was sitting on the couch, he didn't even look like was weird. Maybe it's just me, I don't know. But the characters are definitely better-animated when they are the center of attention. 'Coppelion' I'm saving for later, like dessert lol.

If 'J-Stars Victory Vs' got localized, that would be huge! But then again, that's unlikely to happen. Even if I have to import it, I don't have a problem with it because there won't be another game like it for a long time, and the fanservice (the modest kind) is too big for me to resist. Too many characters I really like are in it lol. I wanna try Tsuna and Gintoki the most, can't wait! If they have online play and we both get the game, we're definitely playing together! or against each other lol. Whatever the options may be.

'Nagi no Asakura' - It's definitely worth it to check it out! This is probably the pleasant surprise for me this season. I didn't really know what to expect or what it was about, but it's really developing into a great story with great characters. I think it is so much better than 'Tari Tari'. For one thing, I think all the characters are really interesting, and they all get time to shine for themselves (which was sorely lacking in 'Tari Tari'). It couldn't really be more different than 'Tari Tari' lol. Compared to both 'Tari Tari' and 'Hanasaku Iroha', 'Nagi no Asakura' has a heavier setting with heavier characters. But like I said, some characters may get really annoying or frustrating at first, but give them time and they will get better. Let me know what you think of it, whenever that may be.

lol that's still a LOT of shows, because they all include Kana Hanazawa in one way or another. Good luck!

I think 24 episodes should be the minimum amount for an anime. 12 episodes is just not enough time to fully develop a story and interesting characters. When have we actually gottan a 12-episode anime that started strong and ended conclusively? It's really hard to find one. The closest one would be 'Angel Beats' since they had a very conclusive ending (even though most of the characters were sorely lacking in any development whatsoever). But yeah, there should be some sort of standard that makes all shows 24 episodes. I just enjoy more anime that way.
Ninjajake12 Nov 12, 2013 4:01 AM
Oh yeah, same here. I'll get caught up on whatever I'm doing, whether it's Homework, Watching TV, Play video games, surfing the web, etc etc and just lose all track of time. I know that all too well, how screwed up your sleeping pattern can really get. I let my sleeping pattern get out of hand and now I have to fix it soon...but I know what you mean. I always watch anime first and then move to manga before I head to sleep. I usually get through 2-3 episodes depending on how tired I am. Other times I will either completely skip anime and head straight to manga (If I'm so tired I won't be able to process what is happening) or I'll only watch 1 episode of something and then start reading manga. It always depends on how tired I get though, sometimes I will be wide awake and others I will be dead tired lol. I'm exactly the same, manga is better for me to wind down on before bed, that's why it's always last.

'White Album 2' - After watching 4 episodes, it's pretty good. I think you'll like it. It's more dramatic romance (just like the first 'White Album') than comedy. It's set in high school, but you don't really get that feeling from it. The characters are kind of interesting. I like that it's centered around music. I say try it when you feel like watching a romance show. Speaking of, have you seen the first 'White Album'? If not, then I recommend watching it. It's got a lot of drama and a lot sobering events in a dating relationship between a budding idol and a college student. I think you would really like it (idols, duh lol). If you have seen it then just ignore everything I said. Oh, one last thing, 'White Album' and White Album 2' are completely different from each other. You don't need to see the first one to understand what's happening in this one...they are practically different shows. You'll get a few things that hints at the first one, but they aren't connected. 'WA2' takes place 10 years after 'WA' with completely different characters.

Every time I try to watch 'Galilei Donna' I'm always too tired to pull through lol. I know that there's going to be a lot of backstory and dialogue and I want to give it my full attention and respect when I'm wide awake. I should get around to it pretty soon though.

Yeah, I am basically interested in everything this season lol. There is just so much variety to choose from and I want to try them all! It's like being a kid in a toy store.

Absolutely, I've pulled some long nights on school days and they absolutely suck. Couldn't even focus on the lecture the next day because I was too tired. I try to keep everything capped off at certain times now lol.

Yeah, it was a pretty important moment, so that's good. Most of my family (outer family) were there so it was nice seeing them. Same here, I can take good pictures, but I have no freaking clue how to act when someone's pointing a camera at me. On a road trip I took with my dad about a year ago, I looked through the pictures and there were only a few good ones out of about 200-300 pictures. I just don't know how to act and makes me always look awkward in photos...especially when I'm by myself. I'll have to send you one of those pictures someday so you can see. In one photo I'm leaning up against a rock and my hand was in the most awkward of positions lol.

Oh...dear...lord. Seafood buffets are horrifying, especially Asian buffets. I've been to a few Asian buffets before, and I got really sick off of both of them, so I vowed never to go to another Asian buffet again, and I haven't. $34?!! For a buffet!? Wow, that is really expensive! Especially for the sub-average quality of their food that's been sitting out a bit too long. You could get some really good quality sushi at that price. That reminds me of when I went to this Dim Sum place with a few friends. I was meeting this guy whom I've met on Facebook through another friend. He was Asian and he worked at a Dim Sum place, so that's where we went. We got there and we all ordered some dim sum: some taro, shrimp, pork, etc etc dim sum along with drinks and a few side dishes like tripe (never try tripe, trust me lol). The food was good, but it wasn't exactly amazing either. By the time we got the bill it was around $70 for three of us! Those small dishes of dim sum (around 3-4 buns per plate) really added up! It wasn't as bad as your experience, but that's what I can relate it too. I has no flavor and it's chewy as hell. It was also my first time trying Sriracha sauce because my friend claimed it was 'the Ketchup of Southeast Asia'...which might have been true, but wow it was spicy! So much so that I broke out in a sweat (I don't handle spicy foods very well unfortunately). But yeah, it was fun...but expensive for the food we got.
Ninjajake12 Nov 11, 2013 3:13 AM
I know EXACTLY what you mean, I go through that on a daily basis. I intend to always marathon a bunch of anime or start a new series that night, but when the time comes I can never follow through and end up watching only one or two episodes of something or I start an entirely new series (low on the priorities list) since I usually get tired and my brain can't process too much backstory, information, plot, I watch the low priorities shows when I'm tired since I don't care as much about the plot or dialogue and can just relax and watch. It's what I did tonight as well. I intended to watch the most recent episode of 'Samurai Flamenco' and then start watching 'Galilei Donna'...but that fell through because I was tired. I managed to get through 'Samurai Flamenco' but couldn't bring myself to start 'Galilei Donna' yet, so I started 'White Album 2' instead. That's why you'll see me getting around to the shows I was most excited about later on in the season.

There's a few series I'm thinking of starting: 'White Album 2' (which I did tonight), 'I couldn't become a Hero so I reluctantly got a Job', 'Miss Monochrome', 'Non Non Biyori', Arpeggio of Blue Steel', 'Galilei Donna', and 'Kyousogiga'. I also have all the sequels I want to get around to: 'Kuroko's Basketball 2', 'Valvrave 2', and 'Magi S2'.

Then there's the new shows on Funimation/Viz/Hulu: 'Coppelion', 'Tokyo Ravens', and 'Unbreakable Machine Doll'.

I guess I should just summarize and say everything left lol. It certainly seems like a huge load, though I doubt I'll get to everything before the season is over.

I certainly don't like that part of school lol. When it gets that late, I'd rather be doing other things besides homework or studying. It always puts me to sleep too lol. Luckily I've had today (Sunday) pretty free aside from that Wedding, so it was a nice free day for once. I don't plan on doing much tomorrow either lol. Hopefully things should start to cool down a bit now that the 'midterms' are over. I'm hoping anyways! Thanks, I hope you get some free time yourself, you seem to be overdue for some lol.

Thanks. It was kind of a makeshift wedding, but it was still pretty good. I was one of the groomsmen so I had to be in all the pictures, and I'm not a huge photogenic person lol. We booked a small Italian restaurant and got some pizza, salad, and was pretty good! But man what a long day. Too tired to watch any anime either, so I'll have to double-duty tomorrow hopefully.

Ninjajake12 Nov 9, 2013 11:43 PM
lol I don't blame you whatsoever. I just finished up an assignment/project/midterm just now and it's 2:40 AM here right now. I spent around 3-4 hours putting the thing together so I just want to relax now. But then I have to go to my brother's wedding tomorrow which means I'll have no free time tomorrow except late at night. Luckily I'm caught up on most of my shows (except for tonight's new episodes which I'm about to watch), so I won't get behind on anything. But I also won't be able to start a new series either which sucks. But tomorrow is a new day!

I should get around to your comment either later tonight (before I watch anime) or tomorrow night.
Ninjajake12 Nov 8, 2013 9:29 PM
Ah, Dang!! You beat me to it! lol. Yeah I loved episode 6 of 'Golden Time'. All my dislike-ness/anger towards both Banri and Kouko disappeared that episode. We saw more of the real Kouko and not much of that fake facade she puts on (the one I don't like whatsoever). Banri is slowly getting more interesting...of course that's probably how they planned it. Kind of a cheap way to introduce some character development with amnesia, but still well-done and hits you pretty good with some emotion. Banri earned my respect when he finally said 'enough is enough' and said he didn't want to be friends. Some people think that he was a jerk for doing that, but that made me respect him a lot. All that pain from being around her, and the pain from her using him as a way to feel all bottled up until this episode where the memories of Linda sort of triggered the explosion. I totally understand why he just went off like that. The old Banri is kind of strange, especially when he was freaking out that his name wasn't on the T-shirts. I'm kind of curious to see how he was during his childhood, if there were any psychological problems or whatnot. I'm also to see whether Kouko truly loves him, or 'loves' him. It could go either way at this point.

I have zero clue what will happen from now on. I only got to the point where his past was revealed about Linda. I don't know what you have in mind, but it's kind of free play from here on out. I look forward to what will happen in the next 18 episodes! I just wish people would stop relating it to 'Toradora'. Yes, it's the same author, and yes Kouko resembles an older Taiga...but I don't need to be reminded every episode. Sorry, just getting it off my chest lol. Oh, and the epic return of the tea club was awesome like usual! They will never get old! I haven't seen them drink tea yet!
Ninjajake12 Nov 7, 2013 4:09 AM
Now I know what you mean when you talked about 'Samurai Flamenco'. I like it, but I don't know why lol. Nothing is really amazing about it (yet), but I want to see more. And also, is it just me or is the animation lacking just a bit? Usually Noitamina anime have spectacular animation ('Galilei Donna', 'Kids on the Slope', 'AnoHana', 'Tsuritama', etc)...but 'Samurai Flamenco' seems pretty average for Noitamina (Noitamina average = above par). The animation just seemed really sloppy at times, but maybe it's deliberate.

Anyways, I'm enjoying the first couple episodes. Hopefully the plot picks up soon, I'm sure it will once the girls enter the fray (I'm only on episode 2 so I don't know what's happened in the recent episodes).

lol! Yep! As I was updating it I said "Hmmm, I wonder if I'll get a response this time tomorrow"...and turns out I did! I was laughing on the outside and inside as I was updating 'Himedol' lol!. It always feels good to get a leg up on someone, especially on a series they love lol. But yeah, loving Asuka. As soon as she hopped into the locker with him, I had a feeling she was clumsy. She could have just shut the locker door and waited til the other girls leave, but she just went straight in with him lol. I was also wondering how they were gonna open the locker if both of them are yeah, at that point I figured she was pretty clumsy, or not as perfect and smooth as I thought. It's nice to see that side of her. I didn't think that she was the hardworking type....not that I ruled it out, I just didn't think about it. But it makes a lot of sense. Samejima is neutral to me right now.

I know I listed all those characters as being my favorites, but I'm honestly really excited to play as Tsuna. I feel that as soon as I get the game the first character I'll wanna try is him. I'm sure there are plenty more characters least for support. I'm pretty sure it will have online multiplayer. I don't think it'd make any sense if it didn't. This game is gonna be huge! It's definitely import-material for me.

This is driving me CRAZY!!! lol. I know it's because you have Crunchyroll manga and you're probably a good 4-6 chapters ahead of whatever you're talking about (assuming it's a manga because I'm basically caught up on everything in anime that I've started). I look forward to it!!! And yes, you will get a response as soon as I see it lol.
Ninjajake12 Nov 6, 2013 1:28 PM
Yes! Even though we knew it was obvious, it's about time lol. I kind of had a feeling Oga would make it as well, and I'm glad he did. Kagura is in as support, so that's cool (for me).

I can't wait! My favorite characters will be Gintoki, Gon, Tsuna, Medaka, and Kenshin.
Ninjajake12 Nov 5, 2013 12:10 PM
Hahahaha!!! I was just scrolling and saw the new chapter come out and thought I'd just read up to it (since nothing else was out) lol. Yep, I'm right with you, Asuka is who I like! To me, Samejima just seems like a more feminine version of Kirisaki (that may be stretching it, but I just can't get the similarities out of my mind). I like both characters, but I like Asuka much more and hope that they explore her more than they already have.

I was hoping you saw that I read 'Hime-dol!' and would say something, thank you! lol.

'Nagi no Asakura' - Surprisingly, the pace is pretty fast. The first episode may be a bit slow, but it really picks up during and after episode 2. It's not as 'slice-of-life' or 'easy-going' as it seems. I thought it was gonna be something similar to 'Tari Tari' or 'Hanasaku Iroha' (P.A Works) and thought that I was gonna get bored...but it's the complete opposite. Compared to 'Tari Tari' and 'Hanasaku Iroha' (both of which I didn't love and bored me except during exciting parts), 'Nagi no Asakura' is definitely keeping my interest. I think you'll go in not expecting to really like it, but once things get going it gets a lot more interesting. It also has 26 episodes, so plenty of time for character development unlike 'Tari Tari'. And did I mention the animation is beautiful? lol. Kana does a great job as Manaka (the main girl). The characters will seem stereotypical and somewhat annoying during the first episode, but things really get going during episodes 2-4. Let me know if you watch it and if you like it.

lol now I'm REALLY curious! I guess I'll just have to watch everything until I find it lol. There's only a few shows left on my list so it has to be either 'Samurai Flamenco' or 'Galilei Donna' or 'Coppelion'...I wonder which one lol.

One thing I love about this season, there are a lot of 20+ episode shows this season. Compared to the last 2 seasons when there were a lot of 12-episode shows and 2-cour seasons, we finally have a solid season of 24-26 episode shows. Very happy about that.
Ninjajake12 Nov 5, 2013 4:13 AM
That is REALLY VAGUE lol. At least tell me if it's from a manga or an anime.

Also, random side-note, 'Nagi no Asakura' is actually really good. Probably the best animation of the season. I also like the overall message and the character development. It was always on my list and I put it off for a while, but I'm glad to finally be watching it. A lot of emotion, confusion, and romance in this show. I recommend watching it if you ever have the time (and if you do, don't be put off by some characters who can be frustrating, they get better).
Ninjajake12 Nov 4, 2013 1:17 AM
Glad to hear that you like 'Golden Time'. Don't get me wrong, I like Kouko a lot, but she can also be very mean (intentional or unintentional). Mainly with Oka-chan and the way she bashed her down. It's one thing to tell her not to get near Yana-san, but it's another to completely insult her and try to bash down her voice/body/etc. You call it 'eccentric', I call it being mean with no filter lol. Sure it was cute afterwards when she knew that she made a mistake and was being kind of an idiot, but then again she doesn't learn from those experiences. The way she lets her jealousy take over is a double-sided coin for me. Sure it's realistic, especially with how in love she is with Yana-san, but then again there should be some sort of filter in her head that tells her not to say these things. I know I'm just being a prick about it, but I am in a love/hate relationship with her. It's the good kind of love/hate relationship though. I just wish she would learn from her mistakes. But overall, I like her and I'm sure she will get better in the future (for me anyways). If it's any consolation, I think she is really sweet and cute when she's NOT around Yana-san. When she's around Yana-san she loses any sort of kindness she has. So yeah, keep those two away from each other! lol. I think you're having more of a 'gut feeling' whereas I'm thinking too much about it lol. I like Tada to an extent...but he almost has no personality (amnesia, I know...but still lol). I just wish he was a little more interesting.

You were WAY wrong lol. I knew from reading the manga, but I didn't think people would mistake who has amnesia.

Yeah, they are moving at lightning speed from what I can tell...I hope they don't intend to fill some of it up with non-canon material, because that'd be pointless. Of course we're entering a love triangle! Tada/Koko/Linda are definitely in the middle of it.

I guess we have different opinions on Yana-san. I know I'm in the minority when I say that he's my favorite character. I like him because he can seriously stand up to Koko and set her straight...and nobody else can do that, especially not Tada. And I wouldn't consider him a jerk whatsoever. After taking all the harassment from Koko (who is essentially a stalker), it's easy to see why he would be so frustrated with her and why he would try to avoid her. But when she does something completely out of line, he knows how to seriously set her straight. He's just trying to live a normal life. And after episode 5 (Spoiler in case you haven't reached this far!!), we know that he really cares about her, which is why he doesn't want to date her. I'd rather have him reject her than pointlessly date her and hurt her feelings.

Loved the tea club! Those girls are demons! 2D-Kun I really like. Of course he reminded me of Keima (he reminded everyone of Keima lol). Glad he is a semi-main character. I was pretty surprised when I read it in the manga, but I also saw it coming with the crosses (or whatever those buttons were).

Right now I'm loving it. I love both the OP and ED songs, and I'm just enjoying the ride. It's not something you totally invest in (yet), but it's a sweet little series that has a lot of potential later on. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they aren't in high school lol.
Ninjajake12 Nov 2, 2013 12:05 AM
'Golden Time' - Thus far I really like it. Since I know you and you're opinion on overly-dramatic shows, this may not be something you completely love. A lot of it is drama, but it's sort of a passive drama. I guess I'd call it a mature version of 'Toradora'?...but that might be stretching it quite a bit. I'm going to tell you right now, you're going to have a love/hate relationship with Koko. I think everyone has gone through the rollercoaster that is her personality. You will love her at times and hate her at others. There's a few comedy moments, but nothing that derails the story in any way. The first episode was pretty decent, but I think it gets better from episode 2 and after. I know what you mean when you said you 'haven't really felt like going back to it'...because even I was excited about it before it aired and it turned out to be one of the last things I watched lol. I have no idea how they're gonna sustain a full 24 episodes, but I guess it'll be interesting to see what they'll do. I say give it another 2-3 episodes before deciding to drop it. I've noticed that the first episode left me with an 'ok' impression, but I think it picks up short after. I didn't know you already started it though, so I will have absolutely no clue whether you'll like it or not. This is all just my opinion and you should know by now that we have different tastes when it comes to certain shows lol. Let me know what you think after you watch a few more episodes. Yana-san is awesome, don't believe the people who say he's a jerk, because he isn't.

'Air Gear' - Yeah, 'Air Gear' was published in Kodansha lol. That's why when I mentioned the idea of 'JUMP Victory Vs' including Kodansha manga/anime, I mentioned how awesome it would be to have 'Air Gear' characters and 'Fairy Tail' characters. That's why I think there's a great chance Crunchyroll will have it in its catalogue, and that's why I'm pausing to read any more. Reading 'Air Gear' on nice, clean scans with proper translations...sounds like a dream.

'Hime-dol' - Hopefully it lasts for a while. I'd like to read more of it if it can survive the dreaded ranking system. I remember a while back I was going to read a manga called 'Koisome Momiji' I was looking forward to reading and waiting for it to get far...turns out it got canceled in Shonen Jump and I never read it because I knew the 'ending' wouldn't be worth it. I hope 'Hime-dol' makes a better run. It was a shame because I really liked the art of 'Koisome Momiji'.

Yeah, I think I'm done with the 'guest authors' of Crunchyroll. It's a good thing he kept his name secret lol.

Ok, I'll have to check out the bonus chapter of 'GE:Good Ending'. Like you said, I'm not expecting much because I think the original ending was already conclusive enough.

lol, I personally don't blame you whatsoever. I highly doubt I'll get around to 'One Piece' in my life. But I do have a lot of friends who enjoy it, so it's been off and on to me for a while.

I think they will add more manga in the next month. I thought they mentioned something about that, but I could just be imagining things. I doubt they will wait too much longer though, those 12 series won't sell enough memberships on their own. It makes me wonder how long this has been in development. Depending on how many manga will be in their catalogue, they must have had to scan, clean, and translate thousands upon thousands of chapters. I bet it has been in progress the last 2-3 years.

Oh I see. I guess I was just surprised by the sheer amount of chapters that 'Coppelion' even had. I thought it was only in the 60-80 chapter range thus far, but there are over 200 chapters! That's about on par with 'The World God Only Knows' and 'Kimi no Iru Machi'...holy crap. I hope Crunchyroll doesn't do a system like they do with their anime...where they have the recent episodes and the first few episodes, and release 1-2 episodes per week (except in this case it would be chapters). I hope they plan to release about 5-10 chapters a week if they have the beginning chapters and recent chapters translated.
Ninjajake12 Nov 1, 2013 3:42 AM
So yeah, I love 'Golden Time' lol. Finally caught up to episode 5. I think you'll like it whenever you get the chance to watch it. It's reminiscent of 'Toradora' (obviously) but it has its own charm. And I think things are a little more serious/dramatic because they're in college. Though, it's moving really fast. It's running for 24 episodes, only on episode 5, and it's just about to pass the part I left off in the manga (which was pretty far). It must be following the Light Novel, but from what I've heard, it's going really fast even for the Light Novel. I don't know how they will fill the rest of the episodes up, but I'm curious to see how. Yana-san is awesome!
Ninjajake12 Oct 31, 2013 10:02 PM
Holy crap! I didn't know 'Coppelion' had more than 200 chapters out! Wow...I thought they were still in the double-digits.