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chichiriNoDa Jul 30, 2017 3:52 AM
Sorry just dropped out of the earth but I'm barely back lol.

I'm waiting for the blu ray release of Koe no Katachi film.
Ninjajake12 Sep 1, 2016 6:03 AM
It's hard! Unlike America, they want you to group together things in a specific waym you don't just put whatever kn the garbage. You need to sort the burnable garbage like food waste, paper scraps (but not gift wrap or envelopes), clothes, toothbrushes, etc etc. That gets picked up twice a week. Then you have to put all plastics, styrofoam, containers, caps, and labels and other stuff every Wednesday. This does NOT include PET bottles (plastic drink bottles)! You have to strip those, crush them, and bring them to a supermarket. Then they have big pickups once a month that includes aluminum cans, glass bottles, newspapers, cartons (which all milk is sold in), magazines, and cardboard (including paper towel and TP rolls). That's just a brief explanation lol.

Beats me! OK, maybe I exaggerated lol. Bananas last 1-2 weeks in Florida. Here they last less than a week? Yeah. Bought them ripe and the mold got to them in my plastic pantry. Other fruit seems to be OK.

Lol yeah. I have basic Japanese cable so I've been watching that. But I haven't touched my PS4 yet. Just haven't had the time and I've been working on Danganronpa. But soon, it will happen.

I actually got a really bad sunburn, so I'm planning on staying inside and taking it easy this week. Apparently a typhoon is heading near us, so we'll get some rain this weekend. I've bee. To Katsurahama whoch is ry beautiful. I want to go to Godaisan and other places though! I don't think it will beat Kyoto or Kanazawa lol. But it's different than those two and worth seeing I think lol.

School started this week. The week is almost over now. I've bee. Doing self intros a week...10-30 min presentations about myself. I'm sick of myself lol. But I also have had some fun with certain classes. I want to write more, bit I wanna wait until I get internet so I can type on my computer.
Ninjajake12 Aug 25, 2016 10:19 PM
And he's alive! Haha.

Glad to hear from you again. Japan life is going pretty good! There's a few things I'm spoiled from in America (internet, car, cooking space). But so far so good! Sorting garbage, dealing with internet, no dishwasher, no dryer, and constant biking get on my nerves a bit, but the amazing quality of food more than makes up for it. Speaking of food, food has to be eaten right away. I used to be able to keep bananas for weeks in America. Less than a week here, and they're already rotting with mold. Definitely not fun lol. It's taken me some time to get settled down and get everything I need. A TV. Dressers. Pantry storage. Trash cans. Daily life things...and more. I'm currently sorting through my suitcases and unpacking them (was a bit slow on that). But I got my PS4 set up!

It's really hot here though. I can't wait until summer is over lol. Kochi City has a kind of rubdown charm to it. It does have some really cool places, but I don't think it matches other places like Kyoto or Kanazawa. The natural scenery though is really beautiful. Mountains and ocean aren't too far away. Tomorrow I'm leaving town to go to Shimanto a few hours away for a beer float. Supposed to be ine of the best rivers in Japan. I still don't have internet yet (been using my phone for everything) but I'll start the process on Monday. It takes a long time to get internet here. So I haven't really been able to keep up with, well, anything! It's frustrating! Lol. But once I get my internet hooked up, I'll start back up hopefully.

I hope you've been doing well. From the sound of it, it seems like you've been having some tough work lately. I'm curious to hear what you have to say!
Ninjajake12 Aug 19, 2016 2:47 AM
What's up!!?? Long time no talk!
Ninjajake12 Jul 25, 2016 11:36 PM

Yep! We finally got the final things into my parents' new house. Right!? Moving twice in the span of 2 weeks lol. I got my omiyage today (well, my mom actually just picked them up since I currently have no car). Still have to get a few more things (like clothes) and then I'll be ready to pack up! I leave for Miami this Friday. I take off on Sunday and will be in Japan a week from now! It all feels surreal.

Lightning storm WAS SCARY! And this house is all windows, so nowhere to hide! :( That's right! You also lived without internet for a month! Who am I complaining to!? Lol. And then I'll be without it for another month in Japan (takes a month to get all the internet materials taken care of).

'Re: Zero' - I'm strapped in and ready to roll!

Hahaha! Feel free to get around to them whenever. I actually just realized that I didn't get to many of your posts, including that 'Persona 4' one! And also 'Seven Deadly Sins'!

Ninjajake12 Jul 25, 2016 11:24 PM
E3 - Now to go back and address the specific games you mentioned (before you get too mad at me for one of my reactions lol).

Microsoft - The Xbox One S definitely looks good. I own an Xbox One. I can tell it it's a BRICK. It's big, heavy, and really cumbersome when it comes to space. I kind of wish they just waited and released this in the first place lol. I hate moving my Xbox One because it's so clunky. Like I said in my response below, I'll think about getting one in Japan. I actually thought 'Scalebound' looked pretty fun lol. I mean, they could have showed something a little more interesting, but I hadn't heard of this game before, so seeing this action was a good selling point. But you need friends...you NEED friends to make it fun. Otherwise, I thought 'ReCore' looked really good!

Ubisoft - I think this is progress for Aisha Tyler lol. Less annoying and obnoxious than previous years. Nothing that immediately struck me as 'must-buys'.

Sony - Join the club! Lol. While I won't be getting 'Resident Evil' (Say No to Scary Games), 'Detroit' looks very intriguing. So you can tell I haven't been into 'Resident Evil' all too much. I didn't know it was a horror/adventure game in its heyday. So I guess that would explain the excitement about it. 'Spider-Man' game by Insomniac! Yes, yes, yes! Obligatory 'God of War' post here. 'The Last Guardian'...you're just going to have to let me know how this is. I seriously don't trust games that have been in developmental limbo for so long. Every time it happens, the game is underwhelming to say the least. Maybe this will be different, who knows? I won't be buying it, but that's also because I never played 'Shadow of the Colossus' and 'Ico'. So yeah, let me know lol. Please explain to me what 'Death Standing' is all about lol. Is it connected to the MGS franchise? Or is it a standalone? Judging by people's reactions, there's content in there they recognized.

Surprised by no 'FFXV' trailer. Well, we got a small demo, but not too much else. The VR thing was just...weird. Lol. It also looks a bit clunky if you ask me.
Ninjajake12 Jul 25, 2016 10:56 PM
And last but not least! (Before moving on, I have to apologize for my grammar lol. Since these were long, I omitted the quotation marks in these responses).


This is a pretty cool music sequence. If not a little long lol. Unfortunately I already know what this is for, and I’m ready for it!

God of War Sequel – Lol. When Greek Gods/killers become Vikings. Interesting. Kratos looks cool with a beard though, not gonna lie. Not used to seeing him without complete and utter anger lol. Wait…is this supposed to be Valhalla now? That would make complete sense. Curious as to who the kid’s mother is. It looks cool, but it kind of looks like Skyrim lol. And it looks like Kratos isn’t going to be the playable character so…I’m not sure what to think about this.

Sony also paid tribute to Orlando. Very nice of them.

Days Gone – This is a weird new IP. It actually kind of reminds me a bit of ‘Red Dead Redemption’, which is basically my favorite game of all time. The characters seem to have more depth behind them than others, which is great for storytelling. I just hope it isn’t a zombie game. It seems more Y2K post-apocalyptic, which would be fine. But tossing zombies in there would kind of ruin it. We have plenty of zombie games, so I want something different when it comes to these type of wasteland-ish games. Wish we had some gameplay footage…

The Last Guardian – Boy, this game feels like such a corpse. It gets hype every single year, and yet they still feel the need to re-announce it to ensure people it’s still in development. They gave us a really simple gameplay demo last time (wasn’t impressed), and now they finally give us a release date lol. Well, about time. Not really interested in it to be honest. But it just seems like it’s been soo long since it was first announced. It makes you skeptical of the quality of it. We know what happened with ‘Mighty No. 9’, don’t we?

Horizon Zero Dawn – Still very impressed. Honestly, I have no complaints about it at this time. It’s open-world as well, which is something I was wondering about last year. The amount of weapons available and the enemy variety have impressed me. It looks like fun. And the story is intriguing to say the least. And last but not least…it’s completely different than anything I’ve seen before, and that earns big points for me.

Detroit Become Human - A…negotiation game? Whaaa…I mean, if ‘L.A Noir’ can sell, so can this. So it’s essentially a choice game? Ok. I can kind of see the appeal. Me in particular, I’m not a fan of choice games only because I can’t go back and redo the other path. So if I can go back in this game where I can learn from my mistakes, I could actually enjoy playing it. Still weird though lol. But again, pretty different and unique, so it earns points.

PS VR – Ok, I don’t even like playing horror games on my screen. There’s no way in hell…no - way – in – hell I’d play this. Ever. Ohhh, that was a Resident Evil game? Huh. I wasn’t expecting that. So I wonder if it will be solely for VR or if it will be on other platforms. After all, Resident Evil has always been a 3rd person shooter, not a First-person horror/adventure game. There’s the release date lol. Wow, 50 games available at launch? Not bad. Here comes the game montage lol. Farpoint looks ok, but not for me. Obligatory Star Wars VR game. Are they repurposing the Batman Arkham Asylum franchise? Why?

Final Fantasy 15 – Here it is! Man, this is gonna be so weird playing this game. I’m so used to the turntable gameplay, that the fluid motion is gonna be unnatural to me. I played the demo a long time ago and there’s definitely a learning curve. Ehhh, I’m not sure it has a place in VR though…Well that was disappointing lol.

COD Infinite Warfare – Wow! Looks nothing like COD. Well, there are definitely elements here and there, but I didn’t think that was it. I noticed the longer it went, the more familiar I was with the gameplay lol. What I’m curious about is the interface at the beginning. Will we be able to go to different planets/orbits as we see fit, or will it be linear like every other COD game? That’s what I’m interested in. Overall, it looks pretty cool. But is it possible to shoot bullets in space? I thought Mythbusters busted that myth lol. Gotta hand it to them though. I had absolutely no idea what it was until the title appeared, which I guess is a step up? It’s funny the way the FPS scene is forming. COD is going into the distant future while Battlefield is going to the distant past (at least in FPS games). Gonna be interesting to see who’s gonna win.

Welp, can’t blame them for remastering Modern Warfare 1. It was the best in the franchise outside of World at War. But I must say…after countless failures, it seems like COD is getting back on track a little. Black Ops 1 was the last decent game they made

Crash Bandicoot – FIRST CRASH BANDICOOT REMASTERED. YES. The recent Crash games a few years ago just kinda sucked. But I’ll play the first one over again for sure. And it’s honestly been too long since they’ve done so. Just like Spyro the Dragon.

Star Wars Lego game – Not for me lol.

Kojima eh? Let’s see what he’s gonna do. Well, he seems pretty happy lol. “Hello everyone, I’m back” lol. I’m probably missing something, because I have no idea who this character is. I’m assuming he’s from MGS? ‘Death Stranding’? Is this a new title or something built upon the MGS series? I’m honestly a little lost lol.

Spiderman – Yeah, did I ever mention how much I loved the old Spiderman games? Lol. Well, I do. So I’m glad to see one being released by a respectable gaming studio. I just hope they don’t make it too serious. Spiderman was always one of the wittier heroes that loved to joke around.

Oh, we’re finally getting some gameplay from something lol. I really am getting some Red Dead Redemption feelings from this game (Days Gone). Eerily enough. Color me interested. Welp, nevermind. Mutants/zombies in it. My interest just went down. What a shame. I mean, it looks like a good game. I’m just done with zombie games for a while. It also seems like they’re trying to recreate the feeling from ‘The Last of Us’. Except zombies are actually killable this time around.

Overall: B-/C+. Horizon stole the show. Kojima coming back was a surprise. Days Gone is the biggest disappointment to me. VR games took too much time and space. They’re important, but not that important just yet.
Ninjajake12 Jul 25, 2016 10:43 PM

Ok, this opening is really confusing me lol. What the heck was that? At least it was a decent song (Don’t Stop Me by Queen)…oh, I guess it’s for ‘Just Dance’?

Very happy to see them take a moment for the people in Orlando. Very nice of them to do that, and the only conference I’ve seen to do so (edit, Sony also did it).

Lol. Ok, so at least Aisha Tyler knows, understands, and acknowledges that almost nobody likes her hosting. I’ll give her props for that.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands – Looks like it could be a really fun multiplayer or co-op game. The first game I think we’ve seen actually be set during a South American drug war. Graphics look pretty good as well. Seems like GTA: Military Edition. But dang, that aim assist needs to be toned down! Good god, he’s not even trying and taking guys out with headshots. Also, not a fan of the voice acting. Kind of bland and with little personality. Lol. I’m pretty sure they would notice a drone flying over their base camp. Actually, graphics aren’t as good as I thought…they’re pretty basic. Still looks pretty fun with friends, but not on my own lol. Wow, not being released until March of next year? They must have a lot more stuff to do. Maybe they’ll clean up those graphics lol.

South Park: Fractured But Whole (LOL)– Really? That trailer definitely fooled me. Lol. Not interested, but laughed nonetheless. I can totally see how this game would appeal to South Park fans.

Eagle Fight – Ok. This is probably the first VR game I’ve seen that I would actually play lol. It looks like loads of fun!

Star Trek VR game – Hmm, that’s unique. If I was a huge Star Trek fan, I would be interested in it lol. Kind of reminds me of Mission Space at Epcot.

For Honor – Heyyyyy, I remember this game from last year! It actually looked pretty good last year, and the cutscene this year looks amazing. Oh snap, there’s a campaign? I thought it was only a multiplayer game. Boy, this speaker is good! I love how passionate he is about his game. He should definitely be a voice actor lol. Looks like fun. It’s a little smoother than the average beat-em-up game, and I like the individual movements of the attacks. I also like the weapon variety. Already seen a Katana and a Yajimbo…which is usually not featured in samurai games. I’m just wondering how the campaign will play out.

Growing Up – Yeah, I’ve never heard of the first one so…probably gonna be a pass.

Trials of the Blood Dragon – What in the…That is just ridiculous lol. Yet I am for some reason interested in it…weird.

Assassin’s Creed Movie – Why are they promoting this at E3? Doesn’t make much sense to me. So it’s pretty much going to be a new story? GOOD. Lol. The AC story was a mess. I mean…it looks pretty decent from the trailer. But I’m also someone who liked the Prince of Persia movie so…yeah lol.

Watch Dogs 2 – The only thing I can say, since I haven’t played the first game, is that the environment/setting is better. That’s it. That’s all I can say lol. Looks a lot more like GTA than Watch Dogs. Weird. Characters look better at least. Ohhhh yeah, and that music! Yeah, this already has plenty of advantages over the first one. Yeah, I’m definitely liking the vibe of this one MUCH more.

Steep – Interesting game for a new IP. Not one I’d expect to be honest. An adrenaline-sports open-world multiplayer game? Interesting concept, but it’s not for me lol. Though I’ll admit, I do miss playing Shaun White’s snowboarding game lol. It definitely looks pretty, no doubt about that. Hahaha!!! I spot a glitch! When they panned over at the top, the snowboarder trudging through the snow glitched to his spot. That’s embarrassing. They better fix that. It does seem like a game I could enjoy, but not sure if I would for $60.

This is actually the best I’ve seen from Aisha Tyler. She was less obnoxious, less cringeworthy, and more professional. A few jokes here and there, but she didn’t try to force jokes or overshadow other speakers every chance she got. She actually toned it down quite a bit, I’m actually kind of shocked. Outside of a few jokes in the beginning and in the middle, she was actually pretty normal about it. Plus, the jokes were actually pretty funny lol.

Overall: B-/C+

Ninjajake12 Jul 25, 2016 10:36 PM
So I'm finally getting around to posting my reactions to E3! ... After, what, 2 months!?

Final leg: Read it while you're bored!


Xbox One S – F*** you Microsoft lol. Once again, seems like I overpaid for an inferior product/system! But for real, they really needed to make it smaller. The old ones took up sooo much space. I can hardly find anywhere to put it in my entertainment area, so it just sits on the floor/carpet. Luckily it’s my dad’s, so I’ll probably just get one while in Japan. Shared platforms…about time! Even though I don’t really play much on my PC, it will be nice to have the option. Crossplay! Woo!

Gears of War 4 – Hey, it’s Laura Bailey! She’s everywhere. I wonder how it feels to play a game with your voice in it…I couldn’t do it lol. Classic Gears! I like how they haven’t really changed anything. I thought they would have changed a few things, but all the mechanics look the same. But man, I have mixed feelings about the new characters. The old characters were really good. But on the other hand, the franchise needed some new characters to refresh itself. Hopefully their stories will be just as interesting and emotional as the last group. I can’t wait to play some co-op. We can finally play co-op (directed to my other friend lol)! The buzzerkill (shoots flying disks) looks like so much fun! Oh snap,
was that Marcus at the end?

Killer Instinct – Meh. Never interested in this franchise.

Forza Horizon 3 – Looks as beautiful as ever. May be the first Forza game I consider buying if the terrain has a lot of variety in it (jungles, deserts, beaches, etc). Plus, I like racing through Australia lol. Gee Microsoft, how subtle of you. Showing both Windows 10 and Xbox One players racing against each other lol. It does give me a better clue of what’s in store for Xbox Live. This is gonna be really cool actually. Campaign co-op? In a Forza game? Yes!

ReCore – Wow. This game is coming along nicely! I remember last E3 they only showed us a cutscene, and now we have platforming gameplay footage. I can definitely see the appeal in this game. I’m definitely going to keep it on the watch-list in the future.

Final Fantasy 15 – Kinda curious as to why it’s in Microsoft’s conference instead of Sony’s. Good god, that titan battle…So I played the demo when it came out, and I think you’d (my friend who didn’t like FF XIII) actually like this ‘FF’ game over others like ‘FF13’. It’s completely different in mechanics, gameplay, and most everything else. It’s no longer a timing or turn-based game, but more of an action-adventure game with FF elements.

BF1 – Still no gameplay footage 

Xbox Live – Love all of the new features. Backwards compatibility…it’s about time. Crossplay of course is the best! Background music (a minor feature, but still cool nonetheless). Language Region Independence (Just in time!). Clubs is a cool concept. Doubt I’ll ever use it, but it’s good for the Xbox community. Looking for Groups…so does this mean we don’t have to play with little kids or stoners anymore? Lol. Arena is another cool concept. I may or may not utilize that! Especially with World of Tanks or FPS games. Maybe even sports games if I get gud enough.

Minecraft – Mehhhhhh. It seems like Minecraft always has to say something at E3, even if it’s something really trivial lol.

'Inside' (and other Indie games) – Looks…depressing. No thank you. I love how they call it a masterpiece and yet don’t tell us what it’s about. Not even any gameplay footage or dialogue. ‘Cuphead’ is almost here though! Lol. ‘Shadow Tactics’ looks pretty cool. Like the art style. ‘Bloodstained’ also looks like something I’d play.

We Happy Few – What the hell? What kind of game is this? It kind of resembles ‘Bioshock Infinite’ without the level of detail and intrigue. I must say, it did capture my attention. I’ll be on the lookout for more gameplay footage. July 26th is only a month away actually lol. Seems really early.

Gwent – They really made a separate game for a card game? Lol. Crazy developers.

Tekken 7 – Looks as good as ever. The Tekken creator looks like a cool dude. Look at him wear his shades inside lol.

Deadrising 4 – Yes! New Deadrising game! Still looks as fun as ever! Lol. And Frank is back.

Scalebound – Ok. I’m sold. This game looks fun. A lot of fun. But only with friends. So let me know if you get it lol. And that soundtrack…yes. Yes, yes, yes. I’m loving it. Went from me not hearing about it to immediately wanting it in the span of that gameplay demo.

Sea of Thieves – Lol. I totally forgot about this game. But you NEED friends to play it. That’s the one weakness of it. Which is a shame, because I love pirate games!

State of Decay 2 – Another zombie game? I guess this one is more for online playing and working together.

Halo Wars 2 – That didn’t look anything like Halo Wars! Get out of here! Lol. Wasn’t even recognizable for the most part of that trailer. I never played the first one so…I don’t know, maybe I’ll try it out and maybe I won’t lol. I guess we have to keep in mind that the last Halo Wars was from Bungee while this is from 343 Studios. So it may be better or worse lol.

Project Scorpio – Woo! One more step towards the PC Master Race! Lol. But seriously…they’re already announcing their next console? I’ll just
stick with the Xbox One S. It’s about time they didn’t isolate consoles that just came out.

Overall: B+/A-

They introduced some good games and their new console and features definitely stole the show. Highlights outside of the new hardware include ReCore, Scalebound, Deadrising 4, and Gears of War 4. Everything was looking good!
Ninjajake12 Jul 25, 2016 10:24 PM

Ok, ok. So this is pretty funny.

I read this manga a long time ago...like a few years ago when it first came out. I just started it for kicks and giggles to be honest. So I read the first chapter and...they totally take this seriously. I kid you not lol. It's most definitely ecchi, but they really make it out to be borderline hentai in that clip! What the heck!?

But for the memo, that is most definitely why we have to be closet fans! Someone who doesn't know anime sees that for their first exposure...yikes. I have a hard enough time dispelling the myth that all anime are hentai. But the anime industry never makes it easy for me! Lol.
Ninjajake12 Jul 25, 2016 10:18 PM

So just to update, My parents and I officially moved into our new house. The very first full-day I was here, a severe lightning storm swept through and struck very close by. Scared the crap outta me! It knocked out all of our TV cable boxes and internet. Verizon/Frontier couldn't get anyone out before today (Monday) to fix it. So I lived an entire weekend without internet...it sucked lol. I'm just glad I had my phone so I had some form of internet connection (I know I could have watched it on my phone, but it's a little small and a pain to hold).

But yeah. I was on a roll watching 'Re:Zero'. Just...the addiction. I'll end up marathoning it this week and catching up. This weekend totally screwed up my rhythm lol. I stalled at episode 4 I believe. Can't wait to get back into it. The characters are great, the story is intriguing, and the animation is fantastic. Nothing I don't like about it right now. The villain was also beyond creepy...so perfect!

Ninjajake12 Jul 19, 2016 12:23 AM
Something happened on my end of the spectrum as well. Remember that Amazon gift card I had? The $100 that I got from selling them one of my textbooks? Well I finally used it. I'd been killing myself over what to get with it. I thought maybe I could buy something useful or practical for my life in Japan. And since Amazon Japan is different, I can't use the gift card over there (unless I wanna pay outrageous shipping prices).

So I finally said 'screw it' and decided to purchase some games for my Vita and PS4. Want to take a guess as to what they are? I'll give you time. I bought 3 games total (and with my gift card ended up being $15).





Did you make your guess?

The Vita games are:

'Danganronpa'! Both games. I've been planning on buying it for so long...waiting for it to go on sale. It never did, so I just bought each at full price ($30 each). Now I can enjoy it on the plane ride over and my first few nights when I don't have a TV or anything else lol. Pretty annoying they don't have '1.2 Reload' (both games merged into one disc with extra content and upgraded graphics) for America. Even though it came out in Japan 3 years ago.

The PS4 game is:

'Uncharted 4'!

The reason I got these before leaving is because I truly wanted to enjoy them in English. I'm actually thinking about getting a 3DS when I get over there. They're a bit too pricey here for me right now, but I think I'll buy one from a second-hand shop (basically nicer pawn shops..the ones here sell mostly junk). And then I can purchase the games in Japanese to help me learn Japanese. I've been part of the 'Pokemon Go' thing (I know, I know...shame on me). And it's brought back some major nostalgia to play 'Pokemon' again. Should be a good game to play in Japanese though. 'Fire Emblem', 'Phoenix Wright' are other games I'd get for it. But 'Phoenix Wright' might be way too complicated for my level of learning lol. Less than 2 weeks now!
Ninjajake12 Jul 19, 2016 12:03 AM
Is there nothing better than finding out someone has the same interest as you and sparks the conversation spontaneously? I'm just like you. I'm a closet anime fan. Normally people wouldn't be able to tell. I don't wear anime clothes, nothing is on my phone to suggest it (like a wallpaper), and I don't obnoxiously talk about it. But I've had times where people ask about it and turns out they watch anime as well. That's actually how I met my best friend back in high school. We were in the same class and the popular kids were at my table. So when it came time for an assignment, like half the class crowded my table. So I moved to a less-crowded table and noticed this guy was reading 'Negima'. I asked him straight-up "Do you like anime?" and he said "Yeah", and I responded with "I do too". And then we started talking about games like 'COD' (back then, before it was a yearly franchise raking in billions). Nowadays he isn't so much into anime. Well, I guess he is still into it (he has an anime wallpaper on his phone), but he never has time to watch it and spends his free time playing video games. But it's pretty cool how anime sparked our friendship.

Now I've never had a clerk at the store...especially the grocery store, ask me about it. I have a feeling a lot more people are into anime than I give credit for...but I'm terrible at ice-breakers. I'm way too shy to bring it up lol. Because if it turns out they aren't, the conversation gets awkward and really embarrassing. Some people have a knack for getting around that! I am not one of them!

Yeah, you and me both need to find some more friends that are into anime and manga. Lol. This is why I basically barraged you all the time back when I had more free time (because you're the only friend who keeps up with current anime/manga). But rest assured, I'm getting back into it! I finished 'Ajin'. Really good. I'll finish 'Seven Deadly Sins' (ADDICTING) tonight and start 'Re;Zero' tonight. I'm finally getting back into a rhythm. Until my flight and life-gathering in Japan destroys it! Lol. Nah, I'll still keep up with it. Maybe I'll find some anime friends over in Japan. Might not be as hard.

Rich and grocery store clerk girl sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g! Lol. I need to expand my horizons. When will my grocery store clerk girl appear? But really, it is nice talking to someone new every once in a while. Glad to see that anime is still pulling in different crowds of people. Maybe next time make sure there's no one behind you! :D

Now that I think about it, you probably do need more mature friends in the genre! Lol. I'm definitely not the most mature person you'll meet! I'm bringing you down to my level!
Ninjajake12 Jul 18, 2016 11:36 PM
I'm going to take a wild guess and say that your reaction has to do with 'Bleach'? Lol. I know that pain. I know it well.

Kodansha is definitely better at story-telling. Square Enix is definitely getting there, but they need a few hard-hitters to push them into mainstream contention. Kadokawa...I'm trying to think of what's available in Kadokawa. I'm sure there's a few I really like.

This is why I try to stay away from Jump series. 'Nisekoi' will likely annoy me, and most other endings in that magazine range from really bad to kinda-decent. Horikoshi looks like he has good control of his story. It doesn't seem like he's dragging it on purposely for Jump. But the longer it goes, the more likely that could happen. Hopefully it never does, but I also wouldn't be surprised if it did. If you fine any solace in a good series, let me know!

Ninjajake12 Jul 11, 2016 1:24 AM
Lol. 'Ajin' is pretty dang good too. I don't remember if you watched it or just read it, but it's good. Not as good as 'Sidonia', but definitely worth checking out.

'Seven Deadly Sins' - I heard that after the first two episodes, it gets pretty good. I'll be the judge of that lol. But nah, I'm sure I'll love it.

I got through half of 'Big Order'. Have yet to finish it. It's...a mess lol. I mean, the manga wasn't solid either, but I was hoping the anime would take some of those massive plot holes and troupes and either explain them or cover them up. But it hasn't done either of those and it's really sloppy storytelling.

I hadn't heard about 'Toriko'. That's huge. Well, as long as they have 'One Piece', right?...

'Fairy Tail' is in its last leg? I hadn't heard about that either. I've been totally outside of the anime circle for a VERY long time lol. I'll get back in, I swear.

'My Hero Academia' is the saving grace for Jump. If not for them, I wouldn't even read Jump after all those titles end (though to be fair, 'Fairy Tail' is from Kodansha, so we'll ignore that lol). Lol at 'Black Clover'...But yeah, 'MHA' has been getting goooood. I'm probably a few behind since I caught up about 3 weeks ago, but I know most of what happened. I was not expecting such a huge event to happen this early, but it also makes total sense and sets the plot up for a HUGE rivalry between Izuku and Shigaraki.

To be fair to Jump, 90% of manga series have terrible endings lol. It's just what happens when your creation is formed and influenced by monthly ratings. But long-running manga, specifically ones found in Jump, are susceptible to truly terrible and incomplete endings. I didn't see the ending of 'Naruto', but heard it was pretty decent (from you and others). So maybe that's a good sign that long-running manga creators can wrap up their titles pretty well. You'll have to let me know if you're satisfied with it or not lol.