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Nov 16, 2017
NO SPOILER, as always.

The ratings of this series are weighted 'cause the strange format (and a bit for the genre)

Story: 7
That kind of series doesn't need a proper story to flow well, but they somewhat manage to keep on the stories of all the characters pretty well.

Art: 7
The most subjective rating of all...the art is good, not less nor more. Strange heads but nice facial expressions and good animations.

Sound: 7
Good work with the voice acting, OST not remarkable but perfect ( I dont' remember a single piece, nothing that stand out but all fit in their scenes). Thumbs up.

Character: 7
Wow. Why wow? Because I've found read more
Oct 27, 2017

What an easy task, this time, writing a review.
Here are my ratings
Story: 3
Yes, there's no story at all, to be honest; we're even far from "the story is only a poor mean to show the character's development"...what devel.? (Character: 4)

Art: 7
Art is pretty good, the mecha desing is nice, also in the way they use to merge them with magic elements.

Sound: 7
Nice OST, not memorable but fit the mood, and it's their job, right?

Enjoyment: 6
It was fun watching the mecha fighting scene, the animation was good so they were rather enjoyable.

Overall: 5
Watch it only if you're a mecha fan, otherwise avoid it.
Oct 8, 2017
Absolutely NO SPOILER

What a waste! Really, a tragical one. I mean, the art and sound parts are really good, i'm kind of a fan of Sawano Hiroyuki and here he has done a good job as always. There are some nasty pieces for my ears, but they merge well with the fighting scene, so thumbs up. The chara design isn't so original, and that's valid both for personality and appearance, but they've managed to represent quite well the different provenience of the characters, and that's enough.

Re:Creators isn't a bad series, it fatigue a little in the first part but then start to turn smooth, even read more
Oct 14, 2016
Spoiler free.

Story: 5

Maybe i've could rate the story even less, because there isn't a real story, only a sequence of situation that aren't well bonded together. There could have been a story, but i don't really pretend it from that kind of anime. In my opinion is a great waste of potential and a "bad" planning choise, but the show isn't that bad, so i'll stop the moaning here.

Art: 7

Here is so much a matter of taste, people, the style isn't original and the animation not out of ordinary, but on that point i have to say that there isn't a reason for having amazing read more
Oct 5, 2016
Spoiler free

Story: 6

Sooo much potential, people, really. My opinion in that case is personal and not 100% objective, because we aren't in front of a bad story, we are in front of a story not well told. I will not say anything about the ending, but more we approach to the final more all became...confused.
Regardless that few negative point the story remain rather enjoyable.

Art: 8

Wow. Ok, there is "moe" here and there, but the style and the animation of Kyoukai no Kanata is really good! Nice colors, nice movement and everything blend in pretty well; it's a party for the eyes!

Sound: 7

Opening and ending aren't read more
Sep 27, 2016
Spoiler free.

Story: 7

This movie is all about the "daily adventure" of Buddha and Jesus, who chose to make a vacation in the modern Japan...and that's enough strange, in a good sense.
We'll going to watch various "chapters" that depict different "daily", or anyhow common, situation, and the original way that the characters have to face them.
Despite the division of the movie in different "chapters" the time dedicated and the time's flow are well balanced and each story result interesting and funny.

Art: 7

As i usually say, the art have primarily to "fit" the kind of work that have to be presented, and in Saint☆Oniisan does it's read more
Sep 18, 2016
Spoiler free.

Flying Witch...where i have to begin?
Fan of the "usual magic" anime series should think twice before watching this work, because it has almost nothing to do with the common magic that we are used to see. It has magic, that's sure, but it's different, more classic and, in some ways, more deep.

Story: 6
Why only 6? Because that series doesn't have a story, and doesn't need it, in my humble opinion.
The events of the various episodes are well managed, so the time will flow easily while watching.

Art: 7
What can i say...the "visual" part of the anime is not memorable, but it fits perfectly the pace read more