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Feb 5, 2012
Go to any site that allows comments on a story, and you'll see that this manga has people balling out crying.

Which means it's obviously not for the lightly hearted.

-Why did I give it a 10 overall?

People will have different interpretations of this story depending on their level of intellect and the point in their lives at which they read it. It's a given considering the topics Boys Next Door cover are very serious and reach out to a vast number of vulgar and cruel things that go about in the world around us.

The themes of this story are thick and dark, centered read more
Oct 26, 2011
This was one of my favorite!

Let's see...Why did I give it a 9?

Setting: 10

Most of the architecture was stunning with a unique blend of sci-fi and gothically-oriented themes which somehow melds into a beautiful and consistent world(honestly making the audience seem as though the society could exist, and with my experience as a writer and world builder, melding the sci-fi and the magical is rather difficult).

Story: 9

The story was original. The characters acted distinctively. But I couldn't help getting a sense of deja vu when I watched the anime. In the way that the elements of the story are paired with the setting, read more
Apr 30, 2011
You know, people said the second season would suck. The only thing I ever knew about the second season(this was back when I was still watching season one) was the infamous "tongue boy." Alois, I thought, would be a little like the Ikuto(Shugo Chara sexy kitty boy) figure. But it turned out that he was a very...Interesting person. Disturbed in terms of society's "moral correctness," Alois made for the perfect character to use as support for Kuroshitsuji's finale.

I'm not one to like it when an anime series alters it's plot just so they can end it ahead of time, but this was a really read more