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Sep 6, 2020
To be fair, watching this anime can be compared to listening to DragonForce – if the mood is right, it's perfect. So goes for me. While everybody is bitching about the MC, I find him pretty cool because you don't often see a guy who's so hesitant (in terms of relationships and such), yet willing to spend so much money (calm down bro, you won't be able to do your monthly mortgage payment at the end...), which is both hilarious yet fun. 10/10 for me, haven't read the manga, enjoying the anime, you should try too.

The downsides on the other hand would be:
1) Sometimes, there's read more
Mar 28, 2020
It has a decent drawing for a retro anime and has quite a few funny moments as well. It's black and white and there's no sound but those are compensated with an interesting storyline.

English subbed video you can watch here:

As it's based on a Japanese folk tale it should have some sort of a moral and should be teaching you a lesson. This one doesn't, but that's what makes this story more saucy than others. Small spoiler: failure followed by a betrayal.

I liked it a lot and if you are looking for retro Japanese animation, then you should watch this one!