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Sep 30, 2016
OK, I'm only writing this review as everyone else is too much of a coward to write one (as of yet). I just want to be first for once, you know?

Ay, so here's the run down for you, boyz:
- BAM! Best use of Engrish in the biz
- Best random use of out of nowhere swearing that I've seen in a long time. Where are you going to see a character nonchalantly call someone a "scumwad dick" on multiple occasions or randomly saying "Dick in pussy?", yeah that's right! Increase your hustle 'anime industry'
- Yooo, that last episode though? Budget, babbyyyyy (Even if it was for read more
Sep 20, 2016
Berserk (Anime) add (All reviews)
Hey, Berserk fans! You want a brand-spanking new anime series that finally covers the story past the Golden Age arc?

Well then, say no more. Excuse us as we just slide down our pants and place our puckered asshole right onto your agape mouth and let's proceed to unload this viscous log of disappointment straight in there.

What's that? You want a poor mix of 2D and CG? Got it! You want the plot to skip around a bunch? I can't hear you! Lost Children arc? Nah! Nobody wanted that, idiot.

I mean, JoJo got it good, why didn't Berserk? We got rape horse which read more