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Mar 2, 2021
Ah, another magical girl anime. I loved this because I typically binge watch these types of anime! The mc Himeno has the ability to "preet" with handsome slightly older men. They give her the ability to fight against demon... larva(?) and aid her in her battle against the princess of despair...

(Spoilers here)

In the end I kept getting upset over the deaths that happened (aka Sasame dying to be the princess of despair's knight, and Hayate dying to protect Himeno from the tree) but then they came back to life- and I almost shed a tear after Himeno "died" but then she came back to read more
Mar 2, 2021
Plot is literally just girl moves in with her 13 step-brothers, they all fall in love with her. But it was my favorite anime wen I was 13 so ahem, high rating. Er, I don't know if this review is a spoiler within itself, but the summary/description probably just says the same thing?

Also I need to write a longer review so this is me stalling the um... yeah.. this is fun...

I can't believe people are still waiting for a second season. Like, it's been eight years- oof. The review still apparently isn't long enough.

How is everyone doing? I'm fine, thanks for asking. It's a read more
Jan 27, 2021
The story is interesting, though it definitely feels like a familiar plot, or a story I've heard many times- executed differently. Nonetheless, I was still able to follow along without getting bored. There's nothing wrong with it, it's interesting to watch on as the young male protagonist stubbornly pursues the woman he's in love with, despite being held back by her late husband's ghost.

The only problem I had was that, it is dragged out a little.. And that the ghost didn't think to switch back at certain moments (aka, when Rokka confesses to Hazuki, or when she feels comfortable enough to open up read more
Jan 27, 2021
Spoilers in the second part.

I love, love, love this anime so much. The main character Mitsuki is this adorable character who thinks and cares about the feelings of everyone else. Even though she is weakened by illness and /has/ to care for herself more. She's not selfish, and isn't an annoyingly, over-the-top "cutesy, clumsy" kind of girl. Not at all. And she's not some self-pitying, cowardly, 'I have no friends so I'm going to cry all day' character either. Music is her motivation, and she uses that to be a better, self-dependent, self-motivated, cheerful version of herself. Because of this factor, I was able to read more
Jan 27, 2021
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This anime has a very good plot! I loved the story, and the artwork is beautiful. Every episode was interesting to be able to follow how different characters faced many obstacles in the changed world, and their reactions to finding how past groups fared (aka, the one survivor from a team that was released into the changed world before they, and the journal entries of a young male who doesn't survive during the outbreak of a deadly illness.) I found it plenty interesting how much of a life one person could live, whilst other teams would be 'frozen in time' until they also got released. read more