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Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On
Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On
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Mugen no Ryvius
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One Piece
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Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
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Hinowa ga Yuku!
Hinowa ga Yuku!
Mar 26, 12:39 PM
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-aejay- 1 hour ago
reply incoming ;3

no i havent but i have heard of it- im assuming you liked it? i mean yeah... i get it ig but... still not my cup of tea >< altho maybe its hypocritical of me since joker falls in my top 5 favorite dc characters

oh yes understandable :3 sexuality and gender and romantic attraction are so fluid, i think its honestly a bit counterintuitive to try and rate anything on a binary, humans like to label and categorize things but it tends to bite us in the ass. as for me, i could tell you my "binary" identity as a pan/omiromantic asexual gender queer or i could just say women are pretty special and idc what im referred to as lmao. (as for my pronouns, they/them is prefered yes but i also dont mind he/him, it makes my brain go brr :>) as someone assigned female at birth, its hard to break away from gender stereotypes. i used to not like telling anyone online or irl that i was afab bc i didnt want anyone to perceive me as anything other than a nb god but now thb i dont really mind. as long as im doin what makes me feel good im tryin to let others views on me go. im lucky enough to look pretty androgynous, with a mask now for covid and a mid low range voice i get called "sir" and "ma'am" in equal parts thruout the day which gives me extreme gender euphoria >:3

and i dont think what you mentioned abt the inmate objects is weird or anything lol, i think its nice to find those feelings in the other beautiful things in life, theres beauty all around us and those who can recognize it are more gifted than others i think. i constantly find myself rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off, partly for adhd, partly from.. well the feeling of missing out? im constantly on the edge, worried if i dont leave now or check my messages this instant im going to miss smth and ill regret it for the rest of my life... its exhausting but ive gotten used to it lmao ><

ohh i would love to tell you abt it :> soo, first of all, when it comes to public speaking, i tend to excel in the humorous category. recreating comedians sketches is a passion of mine. john mulaney, john carlon, steve martin, bo burnham all idols of mine, i wone a trophy and 300$ prize for recreating a john mulaney skit (i recommend looking him up if you arent familiar with him, hes amazing) i love making people laugh and if im having fun doin it myself- whats not to love? as far as theater goes, i like playing the side kick, the witty protagonist's best friend, the one that tends to steal the show even tho they arent the mc. velma in chicago, janis from mean girls... and a more "classical" take my favorite rolls were tybalt in romeo and juliet and olivia in 12th night. and as far as original works go, i love making satire works. i got the opportunity while doin a work study under my local college's theaters instructor to write a one act play and it was chosen a performed by the college cast, hands down on of the best nights of my life. i could tell you more abt it if youre interested :> but i like to let my wittiness (well i like ot think i am lol) come thru, i want people to enjoy themselves but then a few hours later, stop what theyre doin and realize "oh. thats what they meant!" if that makes sense lmao. i like to bring current events in, make em laugh and draw them in, but turn it back to real life issues so they are a little more at ease while uncomfy topics can be broached and brought to attention.

hmm.. as far missing the most is all the interactions i got. even tho im less social in that aspect, i did like speaking and going to contest and competitions, i miss that part of my life a lot </3

wow. you have the best luck ever my friend. i would have killed to be in your shoes but thats amazing you got to meet him, even if he was just a guy who was on sweet life </3 lmao but yeah, it gives me an adrenaline rush.... and its gonna get me srsly hurt one of these days but tbh idk, the rush is enough for me yep im an adrenaline junkie thru and thru... but you dont sound too different yourself 0_0 "that all you got" lmao im kiddin, but i get that, sometimes its easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission, even if the consequences suck ass >_>
but yes, i was (and still like to think i am ;>) a danger to society

*hands you napkin* YES I DO I CURRENTLY OWN OVER 300 OF THEM AND TAKE UP AT LEAST HALF MY DORM ROOM ASDLKASLD anything from manga, comics, Shakespeare, stephan king (rose madder is my fav or his), rick riodian, you name it. ohh... if i had to choose id say the shawdow out of time or at the mountains of madness :> (really odd and random question- have you ever heard or homestuck?) but yes, i love reading, seeing what i would have liked to see in stories or what i would have done, then use that as inspiration lmao so ig you could say most of my work is fueled by spite >:) lmao but fr, i love creating stories and universes where things can be how i want them, but, if im really lucky, i dont get a choice and the worl forms how it wants, regardless of any plans i had for it.
ughh old mario still fuels me with rage YOU CANT SAVE AND ONLY THREE LIVES WHATS THAT BS?!?!

hm.. fav music genre is punk or alt lo-fi lmao those are so different but im sure you saw, my taste is all over the place depending on my mood. i have over 50 playlists, each one serves a special purpose. one for work, one for skating, one for hw, ect ect. but i also love 2000s metal... opera huh? not for me but get it ig lmao jk jk i just get so bored with like that and classical... i need beat drops and heavy bass :> i used to loveee marilyn but im trying to stop supporting him and his music after recent events have come to light >_>*

ohh ty for the recommendations and tbh i dont really know what genre i would like since ive never really gotten into it, unless you count mario kart or aot games lmao.

martial arts??!! youre so cool wtf >:O i wish i was that cool, sure i can punch but like itd be luck if i actually mangaed hit/hurt someone. fashion is cool as well! i kinda get into that depending on how motivated i am lmao. demonias, ripped jeans def not sometimes with dark stain marks from blood that didnt wash out from the wipe outs that ripped all my jeans in the first place and a band shirt is my go to tbh :P would you say you have a particular style you go for or are you more fluid in that?

oh i finished it and it was okay! it wasnt bad but not smth id rewatch and not really my fav genre but i thought id give it a try since it seemed so popular :>

(Apologies for spelling errors or confusing words... for someone who likes to write and such i kinda suck at proofreading and shit like that >_>)
Illuminatli 4 hours ago
Korey! What a crazy story! Oh gosh, I'm glad you're okay. And that man was truly a madman... I hope you enjoyed your days off. Catch you next reply!
Fukamin 10 hours ago
Yeah, I think I might watch it again sometime.
But you've never seen Frozen? :0 I recommend to see then! Although it is definitely not a dark story by any way.
Haha, that surely wouldn't be a bad name. But it's called "Yatta".

Hm, I see... Yeah, I thought it wasn't something for you looking at it that you seemed to be such an extrovert who enjoys spending time with others. If I had to choose what would be better, I think it would be a bit hard for me too.
And it was more like I was adding these people from time to time, if some profile interested me in some way, so it was not hard, haha

Oh, I can understand that. But I still admire that she can still play it on a regular basis. After some time, I got bored of it, so I stopped for some time and my skills dropped significantly ;//. From my favorite songs, looking at what I played the most often, from what I remember was for example Enough - Goblins from Mars, Yes and I like - Gabriela Lotarynska or maybe Izayoi Sakura - Kozato snow

Ooh, okay. Still it sounds... Exhausting xD. Epecially looking at the fact that you have about 2000 finished series of o.o. But at least you have some interesting memories :p

Actually, they are here quite often, it seems to me. But I have never been myself on it. I didn't think to go to it at all, but I think it would be pretty cool
-aejay- Yesterday, 7:14 PM
im sorry, i dont have the energy to write you the quality reply i want to (i have so much i want to say hehe >:3) but im so fuckin tired lmao im running on abt 3 hours of sleep in the past 2 days and i have an early class but i did want to say beofre i forgot like i tend to do is its awesome you have haruhi in your favs, i didnt even notice that at first lmao. ohshc was my first anime, that was my gateway to soul eater actually :> (my fav host is kyoya tho, i also really loved mori) but haruhi was great for me bc they were the first exposure i had to lgbtqia themes in anime (their dad for one but also... well i mean come on theres nothin straight abt any of that show) besides haruka from sailor moon ofc but thats now a comfort anime for me :>
_Minnie Yesterday, 3:43 PM
I didnt even do anything lmao
_Minnie Yesterday, 3:40 PM
I changed it LMAO
_Minnie Yesterday, 3:38 PM
I'm sorry I'll change it back TwT
AudreyStark Yesterday, 12:38 PM
haha yea we're kinda on "even ground" and i get you, i'm friendly irl and try to be online too but it's really hard when you both don't have anything in common and you have to keep the convos going lolol (>﹏<)

aahh i see that sucks, i'm sorry to hear you had to go through all that. glad to know you're doing fine tho ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ
lolol nahh i use this site -> kaomoji the emotes are divided so it's easy to find (^▽^)

whoaa that sounds cool and interesting, i'm highly interested, i'll get more details bout it on internet for sure.
Jungian Analysis: "Jungian Analysis is the psychotherapeutic approach of Analytical Psychology in which the analyst and patient work together to bring unconscious elements of the psyche into a more balanced relationship with conscious awareness and experience in an effort to discover meaning, facilitate maturation of the personality."
this is what google said, are you into occult and demons and dark stuff?? that's what i can figure out by talking to you lolol.

sure thing!! here's my spotify-> Audrey
i'm not sure if you'll like it but oh well. i'll check out some of your playlists ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪
aah i see i'll check out "saltkin" :)

i like how you're viewing it, "As if I'm whisked away to a different state of mind. Back then, even if you were of a noble family and birth, you'd be lucky to hear a full composition even once in your entire lifetime professionally - yet we have access to them at the tip of our fingers and will, at virtually any time of the day, no matter the amount. That's so humbling and divine to me, as if we've possibly become the gods we have envisioned and created in our mythology in some way." the way you're viewing it is nice impressive because it's the first time i've ever heard someone think that way bout old music and operas. i can imagine, i've seen in so many old movies and series, the difference in rich and poor in old times.
i once watched a ballet opera (i think that's what they're called-) in opera house, vienna, austria. it was "swan lake" and it was so beautiful, altho i've seen the movie "black swan" it was kinda the same, but nonetheless it was amazing and so beautiful. i still remember every second of it and how it felt being there. it was absolutely astonishing.

why he gotta be so stubborn (T_T)
i really just want a closure and ending, lmaaoo many people don't even read the manga because of all the huge ass texts and stuff but i'm used to it since i read a lot of novels and books and series so ye ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
i love HxH, every character, every storyline, it's just so so good. lmaaoo i cried so hard and it was like 5am in the morning? and i binged watched the whole chimera ant arc and then i cried so fkn hard and then i searched reaction of people of that specific scene where meruem and komugi dies and i cried again it was just so fkn beautiful, that's why i love deaths in anime if they're shown correctly and meruem and komugi's was the best one. i have high respect for netero, he lost his arm his leg and still stood up infront of the king meruem and he legit game me chills watching the fight and when he said "you believe i cannot pray with a single arm? a prayer comes from the heart, if the heart achieves the correct form it becomes emotions and emotions can be manifested." MAN THAT WAS SO COOL AAAAHAHAHA
you cried 8 times? lmaao i can imagine it was so beautiful and tragic and sad in appropriate portion at the same time. i can't even-

haha well at first it was tony stark reference but then i realized it was game of thrones reference as well. so yea ig you can say it is game of thrones reference.

-Aquamarine Yesterday, 11:05 AM
Cybersecurity seems like an interesting major. In my university, only males major in computer science. So it's extremely rare to see a girl in the computer sciences majors. I remember I had to take a computer science class as a requirement for my Associate's.

The whole lab was dominated by males. Interestingly enough, I did see one girl go for her master's degree in computer science.
I went with healthcare so it's a good mixture of both genders. I wish you the best of luck with your major! I'm not really that tech savvy. I wish I learned more about computer science. But I mostly learned photoshop, and Microsoft programs in class.

Are you seeing any interesting shows this season? I'm currently watching Chihayafuru.

Liradric Yesterday, 10:09 AM
Yeah, that was a very interesting bankai.
My favorite was probably Yamomoto's bankai, Zanka no Tachi.
_Minnie Yesterday, 3:43 AM
They're yummy TwT but only the December ones
_Minnie Yesterday, 3:31 AM
Fukamin Yesterday, 1:58 AM
Oh, Beauty and the Beast, I watched it a long time ago when I was really young but I liked it a lot too. I watched Hunchback too but I don't remember it too well tbh... My favorite is Frozen or The Lion King. And these are the ones I always cry on •-•
Manga here is available in bookstores, at least in these larger ones there is usually a part specifically for the manga. There are also some chain of stores here that only sell manga and other things related to anime/manga/japan

Well, it's good, although nowadays we have been at home almost all year and I have classes online. Oh, I see. Do you think such home schooling was cool or not really? And my friends list, well, when I started using MAL I invited random people very often, it was so until I reached 1000 friends, now I invite anyone myself very rarely.

Haha, nice. No, I think it looks the same as America

Oh god, in top 1000? I don't even want to think how much time this person had to spend on it. And you know, sometimes it hurts when you play too much, but I'm not that advanced either, haha

Omg, really? 2000 tags a day? :0. Damn, I probably couldn't do it. I don't hide, it doesn't encourage me to write it that much, haha. But I still admire you did it. And well, the end result is cool :P
Snowapouf Apr 17, 11:53 PM
I legit only put Shovel there because I wanted more to ’snow’
-aejay- Apr 17, 7:18 PM
ohh thats a good quote :O (and a way better observation of his character vs what my friend who just got into hxh said to me when i said i liked him. he looked me up and down and snorted saying "hes just kurapika and armin in a different font, thats why you like him" and now i cant ever live the same >_>) but thats one of the things i liked abt him! he seemed like he was the weakest of the group, youve got fuckin uvo, built like a truck and even feitan, he looks small but you can tell hes dangerous. and then theres this absolute lad of a man, blonde bowl cut and bright eyes but BAM, turns out hes hella powerful, but, i mean, he is a spider so i expect nothing less >:)

mhm, when he made the contract for the chains, it was like he took the pen and signed on the dotted line for his life, forfeiting it in favor of revenge... like dedication 10/10 but... he basically signed his death warrant there :/

PFTH LMAO youre the first person ive met whos at least admitted hes fucked up lmaoo. i mean.. i get it ig... hes hella strong and sure, hes got this... wild aura thats slightly enticing like... id like to know how his mind works... but he still hella scares me >_>*
but bingo- you got it lol ^^ no worries, no overstepping there, that little "nocturnal queer" phrase is smth my friend used to describe me (bc they said my only two defining qualities were my insomnia and my gayness) once and i thought it was funny so i put it there lol. and tbh ig you could say im pan as well... tbh ive never really out a label on it bc its so fluid for me... maybe if im getting into specifics id say omni? just bc pan means attraction regardless or gender preference but i think i have a leaning towards feminity? or at least most of my partners in the past have been female... but im def in the whole "hearts not parts" boat :) but its awesome to meet another queer on here! (uh i also apologize if you dont like that term- ik some ppl dont so i dont wanna use it if it makes you uncomfortable, just lmk ^^*) and ik it says "male" on your bio but just bc i like to check- he/him pronouns for referring to/abt you then? :3

woah... the similarities are stacking up... 0_0 our self-awareness causes a glitch in the game- the timeline resets and=

wow. thats like, hella fuckin amazing! not many people find such a cool opportunity out of smth like that so props to you! i like public speaking my self, i debate, speech and theater but smth like that sounds a lot more challenging tbh, it sounds like it got very detailed and niche interest there. (and ofc, please tell me whats so great abt skyrim-) but also holy shit-! getting to go to cons sounds amazing! ugh that was so disappointing this year, i had plans to go to quiet a few, i was even gonna debut my new cosplay at one of them but alas, not much you can do with a global pandemic :/
and i dont mind you telling me all this lol! i apologize tho bc i never have much interesting things to say so i hope you dont think your stories are wasted on me, i love reading long responses but im not very good at giving them myself ^^*

you? met?? tony?? hawk?!?! im so jealous rn omg hes like.. like what kurt cobain is to the grunge rock community, what bleach is to the anime community i- yes hes our god-figure >:O how did you end up getting to meet him?!
but as far as me getting into it, i was skateboarding before i could walk and im not even exaggerating lol. my dad was kinda like in that "troublesome" crowd in school, growing up int he late 70s and 80s when that kinda skate rat punk culture was growing, he was the whole picture, pierced ears, long hair and running from the cops at night for skating on old drained public pools. he tames down a bit lol but ive always looked up to him and i wanted to be just like him lol. so he taught me how to skateboard as soon as i could push myself, id start by sitting but by the time i was 12, i was going to the skateparks with the adults :> we also do bmx biking and stuff like that, its super fun but... yeah also theres a certain risk factor involved... i think to date ive broken 5 bones, one concussion and 2 hospital trips... including constant bruising and too numerous to count sprains-

yeah lmao it does seem that way doesnt it XD i get that tho, i have adhd and so for me, in person contact is super big for me for getting a read on situations and be able to convey my own emotions and such- i get impatient when i feel like i cant express myself right or my humor doesnt come out right, i tend to be very dry and sarcastic but if that doesnt translate well, i seem like a bitch so to compensate i just go over the top trying to use emojis and shit to soften the shit i say lmao. but on that same note, im pretty extroverted to, but only to my friends. more ambivert ig, but anyone stranger meeting me would think i was mute. i just tbh dont have internet talking to strangers irl even tho as a kid i was the opposite, i would go up to random ppl in the store when my dad would take me and he would say he was always worried i would be snatched bc i had no sense of danger =_= but its also different online bc online i like talking to other ppl... idk how to explain it but yeah, once ya get to know me i kinda come off as the chaotic neutral goblin i am >:3

when stan lee passed it was a sad day indeed </3 i remember i was in class and actually wearing one of my deadpool shirts- now its kinda special to me, idk maybes its stupid ><
but yes i am, i love to and have loved to read really anything i could get my hands on for as long as i can remember. while other kids my age were playing with dolls or trucks or whatever, i was parked in a chair flipping thru stephan kings novels, pretending i could read them all, but by 5th grade i was :> ive also always liked writing, im pursuing that as part of my college degree, and im a tattoo artist as a side hustle, i like drawing and designing things like that. i play the guitar (electric and acoustic) and im teaching myself the trap set. hmm... not too big into gaming... tbh i really like playing on my old Nintendo, games like the old zelda and kirby's adventures in dream land ^^* duck hunt is my shit >B)
(i added you back, i havent looked at your stuff yet but i will, i love getting new recommendations so yes, id love to swap some >:)
hbu? got anything other than kicking ass with that club? i see you are very into gaming tho, got anything that could maybe be a gateway for me to get more into it?