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Tenkuu no Escaflowne
Tenkuu no Escaflowne
9 hours ago
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Busou Renkin
Busou Renkin
10 hours ago
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Nanatsu no Taizai
Nanatsu no Taizai
Yesterday, 5:04 PM
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Yuragisou no Yuuna-san
Yuragisou no Yuuna-san
Yesterday, 5:04 PM
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Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou
Yesterday, 5:03 PM
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ClinT 1 hour ago
Hey Reli! What up!? The GunDam Origin is already finished or they are still lazy to adapt the story to the end? I saw you ''watched'' all the 6 episodes, I wonder how you did that.
Snappynator 4 hours ago
Yes, indeed :smirk: Only the unworthy won't embrace the memes Elegigle
Yes there is a lot of details and symbolism, however there is still a fair line between analysing something that is neither confirmed nor denied to be important and straight up claiming something that the director himself has said had no purpose besides being "cool" as something symbolic. I mean while I like those kind of thinks, that's like going full Ashen Hollow. And you do NOT want to go full Ashen Hollow XD
Holy damn, I didn't see it being in that much of a decline, okay I can see where you are coming from and I must say...I'm surprised it has seen such a decline despite the very popular shounens that got DvDs and Blurays last year...welp good thing I hardly watch anime nowadays and mostly stick to mangas then <_<

When doesnt it make you shutter in fear :smirkTM:
lol that is what you get for being too obsessed with writing :smirk: Aaaand you already got your next 3 ideas planned XD Goddammit still too fast XD
You know, I'm not certain if that's even a good thing XD

Well that is true :smirk: Gwyndolin best waifu afterall :smirk: But the Sun>Moon you goddamn pleb >_>

True...but still <.< We are the asshole like 90% of the time XD
One day, I'll finish day...:smirk:
Who doesn't hate it <_<
They eventually mount out to be the same thing you :smirk:...Pervert. too O_O

Yeah, especially those fucking Dog Skeletons >_>
Uhh the picture doesn't work lol. But I see...a card series? lol. But I see, that is quite interesting lol, reminds me of other stories that just starts out as small fanfics/side stories but eventually become something bigger and more explored in the end lol. Oh convoluted! Thats a word I haven't seen in this discussion for a good while :smirk:
>_> Goddamn weeb....<_<

Only 3 interesting characters in 4 games...welp guess the writers really weren't the greatest for the most part I see lol. Poor villains, having generals of hell would make for some neat villains but...I guess not lol.

Smirk Inc, the newest company in smirk creating monstrosities XD

Heh new adventure, new fun. Best part:
Reli: AND! I win! :D
Wave: AND! You're a murderer. -_-+
Reli: Nah. They're just gonna faint! ^^ For a really... really long time
TMiaka 8 hours ago
Thank you! ^-^
Episode 3 was the Ramen episode right? That was one of the good episodes. You see why i like Dandy btw? I wanna live the Dandy way when i grow up. Also Honey is bae~
Yeah, yeah i know :T
btw, how was LWA? Im definitely gonna miss watching it every week...
Skittles Yesterday, 8:42 AM
Akashic was kind of a letdown yeah, which sucks cause the first arc was legit good.

But damn you gave it a 3, lol savage xP
YaoiMaster Yesterday, 6:40 AM
But can't it be something you don't do frequently?
Well, that is true. But without knowledge, how can you create many things in your head? Hmm.
Eh, most people say that. You get used to looking at the screen and clicking on things.
I see. I'm only really passionate about a few things, so I can't call myself overzealous.
Well, a person can change their behavior, but not their underlying nature. I haven't found many interesting people on here lately, and I lost interest in the person I stalk.
Sometimes. I tell myself not to stalk a person, but I end up doing it, regardless. When my friend on here started avoiding me, I lost interest in stalking him, because I feel more into it when I'm talking to the person frequently.

Do you go to museums often, then?
I wish people could make up their mind easily.

Eh, it's good. I spend most of my time on Pixiv lately, ignoring comments, ha.
Illyricus Yesterday, 12:48 AM
Some people wants to be Hokage, other wants to be the King of Pirates, other just wants to protect their friends or find their lost relatives... whereas I just want to see seals... That are some quality goals right there.

I think Takahiro just wanted to make a world totally based in "the Rule of Cool" and that is why he included modern weaponry along with Monster Hunter creatures, mad scientists and the likes.

Wow, the backstory was incredible, a bit... "fantastic", but still really creative. Have you ever thought to write a book of that planet with lifeforms having a determinate ability? Something of the likes of "Alien Planet". Tbh, it sounds like a pretty cool concept.
Any particular episode you like? Too me, alot of them were meh or just dumb. A good amount of them are really good however.

huh, they are :o
Norilla Jun 25, 6:02 PM
Thank you, Reli.
Sereshay Jun 25, 12:46 PM
Fuck that. I saw a huge spider in my room the other day and almost shit my pants (/;◇;)/
Butterflies are works of art though. Just look at their wings… you’d be able to see that if you weren’t blinded by irrational and ridiculous hatred ಠ_ಠ
I’ll take that as a challenge. You’ll be begging me at the top of your lungs for me to stop… but I won’t ◉‿◉
It just seems like cheating to me because they’re taking advantage of the special egg days by asking someone else, who never plays the game otherwise, to give them extra eggs. But if you don’t see it that way, forget that I said anything :x
Snappynator Jun 25, 5:24 AM
Memes are love, Memes are life :smirk: Memes makes the world go around :smirk: Embrace the memes or die a casul :smirk:
Le gasp...nah your memory is just as not as good as you think :smirk:
Yeah I suppose it does seem fitting considering how...surrealistic the universe of Gatari is aswell.
It's overrated edgy trash :smirk: Naow I don't quite dislike NGE, but boy are some of the fans annoying. In particular, the ones who are trying too hard at finding symbolism >.> Yeah there is symbolism, but when the freaking creator himself said "X is just for cool effect" stop trying to claim it's symbolic >_>
Oh really? I remember saying a stastistic of the yearly income for 2016, and the studio had been seeing growth in money income since the previous years afaik...though admittedly I do also recall how shitty the working environment is for animators who can barely live with their current income but still does it because of the passion (hai there, Shirobako!) Shounen Jump is in a chaotic state? I mean Nanatsu no Taizai, One Piece and Boku no Hero are pretty damn successful in sales afaik and a lot of their other series are doing pretty okish unless I'm wrong? o-o
I would love to see some of those interviews.

Yes, indeed :smirk: SoonTM :smirk:
lol well you did write quite a lot of stuff just this month, so no surprises there XD I can wait.
Oh yeah that one, I do vaguely remember that part of the show...vaguely but surely <.< That Batman part though...Mr.Freeze did nothing wrong afterall >_> The quirks you have and...they will be lewd? Well geee I wonder who they'll inherit the lewdness from :smirk:

I mean it's fine to be into traps and all...but why? >_>

I mean, we are the ones who makes her an Orphan to begin with, and then we tell her to go there just for her to die...what could we possibly have done that is worse besides killing like 40 bosses who were minding their own business for no good reason? >_>
Yeah I thought so...I really should just finish the damn manga =_=
Wander off like the Edge lady she is :smirk:
Good :smirk:
I...I'm No wonder you know about r 34 of Overwatch, you damn pervert <.<
Probably something from the middle age I imagine...I found this:
In ancient Rome, the plebs was the general body of free Roman citizens who were not patricians, as determined by the census. From the 4th century BC or earlier, they were known as commoners (part of the lower social status).

What? He seemed trustworthy! Him and his magnificent bald hair while looking down in a very dark area in an area where there are lots of aggressive skeletons that you can't se----oh.
lol I see...pleb :smirk:
Huh so it's a semi-ish self insert that you just use for whatever fanfiction you do that requires an original character? Lol that explains the AkG jokes on some of those pictures...weeb :smirk:

RiP, I wonder what they were thinking when they first wrote him lol...but then again judging from what you have said, the DMC franchise doesn't exactly seem filled with that many memorable characters to begin with...?
So much for stopping the Demons lul

Yes, indeed :smirk: Take the Lords of Smirks, the most powerful beings :smirk: Smirk Souls inc!
Illyricus Jun 25, 3:33 AM
I really want, the problem is that they live in places that not only my wallet cannot afford, but they are also hard to access :/ But one day, I will try to travel to one place whwere I can see then in all their glory... I swear.

Looking the card, I wonder if swimming pools exists in that world. Would be funny the fact they have super technology able to wipe countries, but not pools xD
How's Space Dandy man?

Also, Dante and Rei bumped up pretty high on your list. why?
Red_Salmon Jun 24, 5:16 AM
Thanks Reli ma man :D
KnightA Jun 23, 11:14 PM
Thank you!!