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anna1010 3 minutes ago
well let me think well my family would make fun of can give me this nickname called molly you know that old kid show called the big comfy couch it had this doll called molly and it had dark hair white skin and dark eye i think they were blue and i have dark hair blue eyes and white skin so the started making fun of me and call me molly and till this day they call me molly over my real name

ooh i never been on a ferris wheel (′▽`〃)
soo aesthetically is like a way of see beauty or you like a style of fashion or it can even be picture or anything really has a style that goes togather i think something on the lines of that
HibiscusMilk 37 minutes ago
Ah, I actually enjoy reading long, thoughtful messages such as these; thus, people who talk a lot are genuinely just people who are more enjoyable to talk to: what's the fun in speaking to someone who doesn't even talk?
And as much as I have a passion for languages, I can only speak two at a coherent level. But I'd still say that my knowledge of both is very immersed- yet as I said I still try and learn more each day. And the mild envy was more of a playful comment because of how fluid your writing seemed and how quickly you responded. I personally spend way too much time thinking of the right words to use and structuring my responses, so it doesn't appear as pure nonsense.
I'm going to be a bit structurally challenging here and take your question at the end and talk about it now; it relates to the other language I speak. :p The Japanese in my profile though is a direct quote from Murakami's Kafka On The Shore, it translates a little something like: "As long as you remember me, everyone else forgetting doesn't matter". Ahhh, I'm so bad at translating between languages and that probably doesn't capture the full beauty of the quote, but it can allow you to understand the key concepts behind it, right?
And German is ranked on one of my favourite languages and one I've always wanted to learn; I understand grammar rules, case placement, etc, but when it comes to vocabulary I'm pretty weak. What languages do you know?

Thank you; I really need to be more active on this site, but my fear of engaging conversations with people doesn't really help with that. I've met some really incredible people on this site (you being one of them) and the community is seriously like no other. And that too, the fact I'm still in the womb; I still haven't even developed a single gland! :c
Honestly, I can somewhat relate to this, as much as I hate to admit it: when I was younger, around the ages of 4-7, I had an inert fear of moths especially. Though despite this, I can't pinpoint reasons as to where it developed or even where it faded. And that's an interesting, yet quite amusing anecdote. I've never watched an episode of SpongeBob thoroughly as I never had the opportunity to when growing up, but from the clips which I have seen of it, it appears to be a drastically dumb show- even for younger children, for that matter!

Arachnids are also one of my favourite classes within the arthropod phylum; their overall appearance and complexions of living being the reasons for this actually- similar reasoning behind what you mentioned. The spindling fibre contracting to asphyxiate its pray is both elegant and frightening simultaneously. Nonetheless, the sentimentalism they hold to me is incomparable to the butterfly. On that note, prehistoric arthropods are fucking magnificent, it'd be so fascinating to see their behavioural action unfold right in front of me. Nature truly is remarkable; making me wish society wasn't developed, to begin with.

The barrier you described I actually took on for myself with no further explanation from online sources on "how" to read it; I found some old editions of his works around seven years ago in this second-hand bookstore, and quite literally immediately became enthralled by this fictional universe he had created. I guess it can be compared to the Fate Series, but on steroids, of written literature. Generally speaking, structure to reflect an overall atmosphere is one of my favourite literary techniques generally; it makes a novel or audiovisual presentation much more engaging for me.

On the quick side note of video games: I grew up with Nintendo so I'm nostalgically drawn to them, but even after playing some with my more acquired critical thinking, they make some of the best games to exist- at least in my opinion. Pikmin 2 especially being my favourite game of all time. Though nowadays my desire to play games is diminishing; I mainly play rhythm games as it's always been the genre that I've been best at, osu! being my most played- though I play entirely unranked and offline, as when something exists for the sole purpose of ranking up and for number-sake it can become unamusing incredibly quickly. With my recent return to watching anime again, playing games becomes more unlikely as the days pass. What games do you normally tend to enjoy the most?

Wow, what an ingenious deconstruction; genuinely, something about that paragraph warmed me inside. When it comes to the resilience and determination required to shatter a barrier like that I just completely shut down and give up before there's even a single crack. Though recently I've used quarantine as a means to make myself healthier both physically and mentally; I do schedule exercise every day when I get out of bed, I'm changing my diet slightly and controlling what I actually consume and just generally trying to make myself a better person. This obviously can't aid to the shy, introverted side of my personality but conversations online like these are at least a start to something. And even though it takes around an hour to write replies I don't mind doing it at all: I can listen to an album whilst doing it and it deems rather therapeutic in a sense. It's something different than having meaningless conversations with people on discord which are just coated in irony; I'm kind of tired of those actually.

And no no, I completely get that the concept itself is very easily distinguishable and fathomable to describe; it's the nature of its fundamental existence literally being both plausible and implausible, from a Schrödinger perspective. The psychodynamic means of Azathoth's purpose is a core philosophy I enjoy to explore- existentialism and what it means "to be". This is obviously a personal excitement and nothing to get offended over; additionally, disagreements are a cause of a good conversation. And it makes me glad that our varying deities can still be respected, despite us having the same favourite.
NamikazeHime 1 hour ago
I'm a well aware of the problems with German military after Hitler. I don't know if I told you this already, but I was on a national competition in history more then once. I even wanted to study history.
After a couple of months of training, hangovers will feel like nothing. Trust me. I'm an engineer. 😂

Pretty boring I must say. Most of the professors are 100 year old academics who don't really care about online classes.
NamikazeHime 3 hours ago
Extrimely religous. Maybe a little to obssesed in my opinion.

I'll check it out as soon as posible.

Mom and dad are keeping them safe. They have a big emotinal value for them.

I didn't have a drink for a month now. No gigs, no caffes, no bars, no pubs. I don't have a lot of motivation to drink at home. I'm not really a fan of mixed drinks in general, even known that my favourite alcoholic drink is probably gin tonic. I usually drink beer, ballentines and white wine.
NamikazeHime 4 hours ago
Nope, 30 more come out every year. She will never run out of them. I think she would call Stephen Kings novels abominations. That's her word for everything that is not vanila romance.

How was the movie?

Both of my great grandfathers were at war. They have a medals as well. Unfortunately, they both died years before I was born.
HibiscusMilk Yesterday, 8:04 PM
First of all, your writing, in general, is crafted so beautifully to the point where I'm slightly envious lol. English as a language is so elegant to me and the information it carries yet expresses simultaneously is unparalleled. It isn't my native language and I've always been enthralled to learn the history of words and overall etymology itself; attempting to increase my vocabulary each day.

In my opinion, my profile picture is attempting to depict the discordance of possibility; in correlation to withholding information, of course. As the fluttering distills away from her she still longs for what she cannot possess- this being expressed by the butterfly. They themselves are oblivious to the "afterlife" which awaits them, perhaps pondering if there even is one, to begin with. Until they hatch from their cocoon, they are unknowledgeable entities with little perceived purpose. The butterfly is something I hold special and has always been an influence on my writing: it's nature's cornerstone of grace.
I can completely relate to that, I've always wanted to have a nicely designed profile, but have never gotten around to putting full effort into doing so. Maybe sometime in the near future, I will at least attempt; as I'm becoming more active on this site anyway... well at least I've been trying to since this week.

Ah, I agree; his stories are rather ponderous- in a sense that meaning can be taken in various forms yet still remain impactful. My personal favourite, by far, is The Whisperer in Darkness. It holds subtle poignancy expressed through a symbolic, metaphorical manner- which I have a soft spot for in literature generally. The depth and interpretation are what make it so enticing; a story that I can come back to and still find new meaning each time.

Yog-Sothoth is penultimate to my favourite diety- which I'll get into in due time, for similar reasons as you've described. I've been trapped in a self-induced philosophy, which I desperately want and need to shatter, which reflects Yog-Sothoth's predicament. I've always been the shy type, to let life fluidly pass by without it even knowing I've existed. And any attempt I've made to get out of it has deemed... well you guessed it- futile. On the additional note, I just find its concept fascinating for no expanded reason other than "It's cool."; but I do like to explore the depths to its behavioral issues and its means behind the desire of absolute decimation.

Though despite this, nothing charms me more than Azathoth. It's quite literally unfathomable chaos; empowering the entire universe alongside all of existence itself. Just the sheer idea of an omnipotent being alone is amazing, for I am attracted to what I cannot perceive or comprehend. I only just realised but that relates to what we discussed about my profile picture... anyway enough of the digression: the concept of Azathoth can be boiled down to it existing as an oxymoron; the cacophonous environment which shrouds it is utter pandemonium in itself, yet the being is sleeping, which usually connotes calmness in a vast expanse of emptiness. But to juxtapose that entirely, humanity could just be its nightmare; always possessing an arresting desire to wake from its own daunting creation. That links back to my idea of personal perception of his stories; they are both beautiful, yet frightening to dawn on.
HibiscusMilk Yesterday, 6:33 PM
Wow you have a really nice profile aesthetic: though if I'm being honest I was mainly attracted to seeing your location status and favourite person; Lovecraft. I've been a fan of his mythos for a while now and I'd rank some of his works in my personal favourites in written literature. So to start a conversation; mind telling me the reasons as to why you like Yog-Sothoth especially?
NamikazeHime Yesterday, 1:54 PM
Homo homini lupus est. That's probably the best thing I can say about the accident in shop.

It's probably the weirdest problem I've heard about for a long time 😂

She is watching telenovelas for the last 40 years, I guess she's gonna watch them till the end.

Btw, I just watched first two episodes of Peaky Blinders and I'm pretty happy with the series. I think I'm gonna love British accent again. Whenever Thomas Shelby speaks it gives me shivers.
anna1010 Yesterday, 1:22 PM
my childhood was normal not anything special (*^_^*)
ooh and i dont wear fake nails a lot
Dimethylanime Yesterday, 11:34 AM
No, I think it can be pretty hard to get into events for regular people!

Not really marathoning, but I’ve been watching a few movies with friends to pass the time (over video calls only of course). I know the shining is a classic, I’ll have to watch! Thanks for the recs!

Yeah it’s not all that catchy. But I think stuff on the other one wasn’t super catchy either, probably until I listened to it a few times. Bodyache is the one song I think is extremely catchy overall. I haven’t had a chance to pay attention to the lyrics, as I’ve only listened to the whole thing once but I will definitely be listening more in the future!
anna1010 Yesterday, 10:38 AM
yaa i never watch star wars and believe it or not i did have a childhood (′▽`〃)
well acrylics are fake nail that are put on top of your real nail
well thats a funny story i know some girls who did that to there male friends XD
27_Seconds Yesterday, 10:11 AM
I guess I can understand that perspective as well. I think most people recommend well-received anime like Death Note or Attack on Titan first since they're talked about a lot in the community and are usually available on most popular streaming services like Netflix. They also don't really contain content that could scare away new viewers, such as fanservice, plus they have great production values. Recommending a "must-watch" series is sort of way to get someone to realize "Hey, anime can actually be a very impressive medium." However, I guess it can cause someone to have high standards when it comes to exploring anime more and make them wish they could get that same feeling they once had when they started. Although, I think a lot of new anime fans are usually pretty casual fans and are pretty okay with just sticking to the most popular series available, which are often the "must-watch" type of series. This might be a different story on websites like MAL, since if someone is willing to make an account dedicated entirely to one medium, they probably are open-minded enough to dive into deeper than the person who is a bit more casual with watching anime.

Yeah, I think I once read somewhere that even the creator for Lain wrote the story in a way for the viewers to interpret on their own. Sort of give it their own meaning. I honestly can see that, since honestly, there are certain moments that just feel unexplained and were added just to add to the surreal nature of the series. Not that is a bad thing or anything, but it does make the show feel a bit more "challenging" to watch.

Haha, wow, that is interesting about the Japanese live-action Death Note movie. I guess they must of changed the story a bit if they decided to end it after
AestheticOnion Yesterday, 8:54 AM
I think that your polar opposites theory is frighteningly true.
I've always been about creation. When I play a game, I play not for combat, but to optimize the gear on my character. For me, it was never about learning combo, as much as it was analyzing how many options I can cover, and how can i build more diversely. Which is probably why I prefer strategy games, or even deck-building games like Magic the Gathering. Competitive as I was, I was always going for a control-based strategy in every game I played: I was always about having an answer to everything my opponent does. While I was practicing karate, katas were always my forte as well; it was never about beating my opponent down face to face, but more having a better-built movement, and perfected technique. Same as when I make music; it's never about the raw aggression of metal that most people associate the genre with. It's that exploration of sound and the sheer creativity of the genre that I envy the most, and that i try to incorporate as much of.
So it was predictable programming would be my area. Even today I love coming back to my old codings and improving upon them, making them work cleaner and adding new features. Hence why Java absorbed me so much as a programming language.

Sure, on a national level, Spielberg would be considered a rival. But the movies they made were too different to be compared, as you said. However, Kubrick and Tarkovski have a lot in common, especially considering the types of movies they make, but their approach was entirely different. Tarkovsky even said that he despises 2001, which is why he made Solaris in the first place, as an answer to Kubrick's magnum opus. It's debatable that it's far weaker than 2001, but I think Nostalgia and Mirror outclass it by a mile. It might sound fanboyish of me, but that's a title I won't even try to deny.

Tarkovsky's movies, as i said, are very... different. His approach to filmmaking is rather unusual, and his films may seem incomprehensible at times. So it's probably the best if you ease in with his "more common" movies, like Ivan's Childhood, or maybe even Stalker. These are by far his most accessible films, but they are still pretty amazing. After that you could go to Solaris or Andrei, and then watch the rest in any order. Though watching them in chronological order as he made them will give you an amazing outlook on his life, as each holds a very genuine part of its creator deep within it.

Well, there's always a chance that you somehow stumbled upon bad analysis articles on the movies, which there are a lot of. But I'm not gonna link any that i consider good simply because it would be disrespectful to diminish your opinion based on what review you read, cause there's definitely more to it than that. And it's perfectly fine if you don't enjoy the film, or understand the whole thing and still don't give two shits about it. I've seen Kubrick's Shining countless times and I still firmly believe it's one of his weakest works. And so far, nobody was able to give me any strong enough evidence, or actually, any evidence at all. However, it always leaves spot open for a discussion, which is always fun. So in case you ever wanted to discuss Annihilation, you know what profile to crash.

Yeah, it does appear to be a controversial hobby, especially when you have the whole family having to put up with your practices before the rehearsal. But it's something I absolutely enjoy. I've actually had several live performances in the city, and they all worked out very well. I was hoping to schedule another gig with the band, but the quarantine took us unprepared.
Sorry to hear about your condition though. That must be tough. I know i wouldn't endure a day without headphones in my ears.
I never really had stage fright. I was a very extrovert kid, and I attended acting classes regularly even before elementary school. I had some minor performances as a kid, and though I never really pursued an acting career, it sure helped me a lot when it comes to public speaking. Presenting to the crowd feels more natural to me than practicing the presentation alone. Stage fuels me up with heat, so my performances are quite energetic, which works well for the atmosphere. I mean, just the idea of being stage fright and having to scream like a wild animal in front of people is something you absolutely can't put together.
anna1010 Yesterday, 8:48 AM
no i never watch star wars before (′▽`〃)
ooh and its fine that you dont know about acrylics (′▽`〃)
AestheticOnion Yesterday, 4:46 AM
I definitely see where that is coming from. I can't remember what exactly sparked my interest for the subgenre, but I was fascinated with technology from a very young age. There are actually countless pictures of 2 year old me staring at the desktop, completely fascinated by the flashy Windows 98 startup. It's really no surprise that programming was the career path I chose. I'm actually on my second year of college right now, studying computer engineering.
Though what really gets me going for the genre is just how inspirational and creative it can be at times. Visionary ideas and futuristic dilemmas blended with limitless ability of visual storytelling is just as good as it can get, if done well. I will agree that some ideas lose their merit when visualized, and some are actually never meant to be; most of Lovecraftian horror actually plays with the idea of unimaginable. He goes way beyond humanity's fear of not understanding, and makes us face something that's not even comprehensible. I sure do enjoy Star Wars' politics and flashy action, but even though I'm a fan of the work, that's not what truly gets me going for the genre.

I'm a simple man. Hastur is unmatched.

Kubrick is good, but his rival was always higher up my scale. Though I haven't seen Solaris, which is supposed to be Tarkovsky's answer to Kubrick's 2001, his other creations, such as Mirror, Sacrifice and Nostalgia are some of the finest pieces of film that the silver screen ever saw. There's just something about the man's idea of filmmaking that makes watching his films a completely different experience. A whole new philosophy of filmmaking, and a drastically different approach to storytelling. Definitely check his works out if you haven't already.
I have seen Ex Machina, and it was pretty good. However, I think Garland shines way more in Annihilation, which is one of the best examples of symbolism and scifi fused together, and easily the best Netflix original yet. And it's probably among the most successful attempts at Lovecraftian horror on film. Again, something you should definitely check out.

Black metal is an experience for itself. It's actually my favorite genre, followed up by fusion jazz, strangely enough. I've actually been doing black metal vocals for several years now, and so far I've been in several bands, one of which is currently active, though postponed due to quarantine. Definitely among the more creative genres of music, with countless subgenres, all quite different from each other.

I've read both Animal Farm and 1984, including Haruhi Murakami's take on the second one, all amazing books. I will check out Heart of Darkness though. Also, I might be getting it wrong, but I think you meant George Orwell, the writer of said book, and not Carlin, the comedian. Though I guess he would have lots to say as well.