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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken Part 8: JoJolion
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Nana to Kaoru
Jul 12, 2021 3:14 PM
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PirateRanD May 15, 11:42 AM
One Pace is just an edited version of One Piece, they cut all the extra stuff that they use to increase the length of the anime and make it closely follow the anime with that. It's actually quite well done. For instance Dressrosa in the anime is 117 episodes. But with One Pace it's 48 episodes. Just really well done.
I never watched Guren the anime (since well it's H....) ? If you meany Tengenn Toppa Gurren Lagann, I don't know why I kinda like that anime. No special reason why.
I'm barely interested about Boruto though. It has some good stuff, but I don't like the entire new gen of ninja. The old generation is made to look a lot weaker in Boruto, which makes me hate it. They have gone through insane hardship to get to their level. But the new gen just somehow are made to be stronger with considerably less effort.
Chaka-chan May 15, 11:36 AM
Would you really like to spar with me? It can be dangerous.... because I'd sooooo love to beat you up!!!
Essyn May 15, 11:12 AM
I mean those chips that I mentioned are exported so they're way more expensive. Almost everything from US is pretty expensive here at least when it comes to food. Weeell, I guess stuff is pretty expensive here overall..

I didn't but I just read about it. ^^

I couldn't believe in something just for the fun of it. I also wouldn't say I was too invested in those conspiracy theories.. Like I don't go out my way to look for them but I wouldn't mind watching a documentary about them or a youtube vid. I think all of them baffle me to a different extend.. some way more than others such as flat earth theories.

People as just paranoid and want to believe in something that simply isn't there. It's insanity. And people are ruining their lives to find these magical creatures. There are way better things to be passionate about and this ain't it chief.. I can't say I believe in ghosts either but that at least is a more novel concept. I wouldn't argue with someone who told me they think ghosts are real.

I always think that people are just too busy to reply. I don't really overthink it -- unless you were supposed to meet someone and then they ghost you for days and later reply some reason why they couldn't see you. I find that to be rude and I don't have anyone who would do that to me anymore.
But I find this conversation we're having to be relaxing in a way since I don't have to hurry with my answers.

For the longest time I felt the same way.. That there isn't a group for me.. or anyone.. I always made those compromises with people and changed myself just to fit in.. but that becomes so tiring and you realize you can't live like that.

Wait a sec.. yes we do have clubs? When did I say this? :-D I guess I meant that we don't have after school clubs or something? I'm confused. @_@

I just like when people are passionately explaining about their interests and you can sense that they're really excited, that gets me. It doesn't really matter if it's something you enjoy or not. It's just fascinating.

Nah that didn't sound cold at all. And I'm more blunt with my words than you are. ^^' It can be also the way I type, I wouldn't say I was this blunt in person (?) I'm really honest and maybe that can also sound that I'm more blunt than I actually am.. bluntbluntblunt what a weird ramble. d:
I'm not sure if it's a good thing to think that all your conversations might be the last with someone. It feels a bit fearful..? There also can't be too much trust if you're constantly afraid that someone might leave your side. I'm confused again D:

Podcasts are just a background noise to me in the end. I like to listen to them when I'm doing something at the same time like cooking. You don't have to pay too much of your energy and concentration when you listen to them.

I haven't. I'm not sure if you even could get it anywhere? and well I don't drink coffee or tea either ^^

I'm sorry that you haven't been sleeping well, that's too bad. ;s
Oh yeah, you were the fan of Silent Hill series. Happy times!
I'm not sure about losing my sleep but that does sound like fun maybe I'll risk it.. c:
mishh_ May 15, 3:22 AM

Oh dam! That's a hella suspicious swear but hilarious at the same time haha. No probs man, I’m a very patient guy and don't mind late replies and whatnot; I also expect the same patience from the other side too.

Well, it seems like she’s a bitch by default smh. You will only have things to gain by leaving that job. Working at a bookstore? Wow that sounds really fun, especially if - like you - you’re really into literature. It would be lovely to talk to customers about stories and experiences with books :) Ig a library would also be similarly wonderful. I hope you find a job that you love, soon :D

Hahaha, I think the reason is: As you know, it originally means “WIN”, and if I’m not wrong, since people have been shortening all kinds of words that too was shortened into just “W”; But “W” when spoken is longer than “win” haha, so “double you” was shortened to “doub” [dub]. ← that’s what I think lol, I haven't looked up any actual reasons. Oh that’s nice to hear! Personally not the most interested in debates per se, but I can see how/why one would be interested in it. Once again, good luck :)

Hmmmmm. It is true that anime has become significantly more popular than it has ever been, and as you said that is both a boon and a bane. With popularity comes more profits and recognition for more works that deserve it, but at the same time it leads to shows and the medium as a whole being increasingly commercialized. Like you said with SAO, once they realize the potential of a “formula”, it's overused to the point of no return. Every season there are multiple shows, all of which are literally the same show but with minor tweaks in between. But at the same time, on the bright side, this popularity also brings in tons of merits as I said, whether it being shows getting more recognition, works being more profitable for the people behind it, there being an increase in the amount of people you can talk about these shows to, etc. Look on the bright side ^ ^

That’s kind of what I felt too before this new found love for the medium. I didn't think a page with drawings would bring me the same kind of enjoyment and fun as an episode/film with colors, movement, music, voice acting and more. But as I mentioned, once I found a footing in what kind of mangas I like, the ride got real smooth. Well if I had to recommend some, I would suggest - based on recent reads - I would say:

-The Girl From The Other Side (ayy, it seems you’ve already seen its anime adaptation and seems like you really like it, so if you are eager to explore that enchanting world and cast more, then surely check out the manga).

- Spirit Circle. [A very well crafted and rounded story about the idea of reincarnation which was fully utilized. Starts off a bit slow as we get introduced to the cast & the world's systems but quickly garners pace and carries it throughout. Takes you through various civilizations and eras of time as we explore the mc's different incarnations. Has a beautiful, fulfilling and wholly satisfactory ending that ties everything together]

- Dead Dead Demons DeDeDeDe Destruction [My first Inio Asano work and a good read. A story that effortlessly blends in elements of slice-of-life, some cgdct and a sprinkle of light hearted sci-fi. Thematically strong with a sound sense of social commentary, and also satiric at times. Has gorgeous art and an equally lovely cast, carried throughout the story]

- 20th Century Boys [arguably the most well written mystery in the entire sphere of animanga. Urasawa Naoki is a master at thrills and mystery - I think you already know that from his opus ‘Monster’- and this is the culmination of his prowess in the latter. A conspiracy so large and haunting, that it sucks you into a journey so unputdownable that you won't ever forget. Also features a fantastically explored cast, terrific villain, and some solid art. An all time fav]

- Onani Master Kurosawa [Although its premise may throw you off - did for me at least - the actual read surprisingly ends up being delightful - despite some intentionally cringey and disgusting beginnings. An expertly executed coming-of-age tale with a very believable cast of teenagers, esp the protag. Really overlooked]

Regarding seasonals, this season and the upcoming ones are both really stacked. The current one has SpyXFamily and Kaguya Sama S3, both of which are giving me some great time. I’m also checking out some not so familiar titles like Ao Ashi and Summertime Render, both have been decent so far. But the Fall 2022 season is going to be THE ONE. Because my god does it have some bangers: Mob Psycho S3, Uzumaki, Blue Lock, SpyXFamily S2, Stone Ocean Part 2, To Your Eternity S2, and very likely Chainsaw Man. That season maybe a little too stacked lmao. Can't wait!!

Hehe, what a coincidence! (or is it??? XD). I haven't heard of Black Summer before, but I guess that’s because I’m personally not the biggest fan of zombie-apocalypse type of shows, I never understood the appeal of them, *shrug*. Checking out 3% - the synopsis i mean - it kinda seems like every other teen dystopian story with forced teen drama and cringe moments lol, but hey that's just from the synopsis, the actual show could be good. Oh nice “Peaky Blinders”, I remember watching the 1st season and found it to be pretty solid; don't know why I never went back lol. And “Twin Peaks” is something I’ve been wanting to check out for soo long, I love Lynch's works and this being considered one of his all time best is enough of a reason for me to check out, will do soon haha. Nice, make sure to give me your thoughts on Severance once you’ve completed it!

Same, the film was very well shot. Easily the one with the most camera movements and dynamics, compared to previous installments in the MCU. While I did enjoy its overall style and aesthetics, I think as I said in the previous message, I came in with too many expectations. Due to both it being directed by Raimi and all the hype it garnered. The topic of the marvel multiverse is soo creatively expandable and free that I thought they would put it to major use, but I felt that was the case here. But credit where it's due, the movie had some spectacular CGi and vfx work, and although some fights were underwhelming, the musical notes one was really creative. No Way Home was far better than MoM imo, ik the story wasn't anything special, but their execution of it was spot on! They gave everything we had wanted and more. And no I wasn't comparing MoM to movies outside MCU, in the spectrum of marvel movies itself, MoM was a let down for me :( Oh ‘Blade’?! I have heard of it - good things - but have never seen it tho. I believe he is making a reappearance soon in MCU, that would be quite exciting for you right? XD

Have a wonderful day/night !!
Chaka-chan May 14, 7:26 PM
As soon as I saw your comment I was like Man!!!!!!!!!!! You are so effing right bro!!!!!!!! But don't worry! Me, mommy and my daddy will always get it.
Chaka-chan May 14, 1:00 PM
Thanks. My friend Scott Pederson thinks so too. (๑^ლ^๑)
Sh1ro_ May 14, 9:32 AM
Korey, dear, I don't like being late with anything haha. But this time I was faster than lightning >:)

Yeah and in some cases, not only rich people. Basically everyone who loves money a lot lol. It's actually funny how I'll buy everything my loved ones want but when it comes to myself, well, I don't mind spending just a bit less xD

Aw, man. I was looking forward to try eggnog :/ Have you ever drank eggs? According to some people (especially those who go to the gym) they're super healthy.
Pumpkin pie is my favourite too!! I literally can't wait for fall season so I can have some again :D I can understand being reluctant to try it though, pumpkin probably sounds like a weird flavour for people.

I really didn't know you could watch One Piece like that :o I'm interested in Luffy's character but honestly, I'm too scared to start an 1000 episode show lol. But maybe I should read the manga the way you suggested 🤔 Which one would you recommend? Anime or manga?
Haha, the poses are so iconic! Though I initially thought they were simply fashionable, without any other inspiration.

Ooh you bet I know a bit about the way their brain works! It is weird because it's different from our own brains and can't help but be more curious about them. But as you said, it is indeed sad, for us normal people who observe them.

>>by accepting love, I can be mentally cared for, which brings me both pratical, and theoretical happiness. Sometimes you have to drop the logistics and just be human.
Aww, this is so true. Humans have to act like humans after all.

>>Do you know how many deaths there would be if that was the case?
Okay, this really makes sense. Since no one ever died from this, we can just assume we're safe for now lol. if you ever find evidence, share it with me please

Um, sorry but that looks kinda creepy O.O No, actually not kinda. It really is creepy haha.
Yeah, at least that's what she told me but even I can't believe it 100% ^^; Let's just say it's true for now.

Oh how the hell did I forget about the food? Of course it was amazing! Ever tried churros? As for the people, I'd say so-so. Some were nice, some were less nice. But maybe that was because we were kids, or rather pre-teens so you can imagine what kind of drama was there lol.

To be fair, I said one of your favourite movies is nothing special. That was quite rude and a poor choice of words, now that I think about it. But I can be a bit blunt sometimes lol.

Well, people compare Griffith with Johan in terms of how well-written they are. So if that's the case, I'm sure I can appreciate Griffith's character too.

You don't really need to fill all spots, at least I don't think I can. Just put what I remembered to like lol.

Okay, I'll try to make a mini list with things worth watching then! ^^
Really? I've only discovered Bokurano because of Lumi, she wants to read the manga so I figured I might as well too, haha. And yeah, I do remember most of the things you had in your list before, but I didn't know Bokurano was there too. Good, I will check it out as well.

Haha, as an introvert I find it super fun! Though I have to admit, when I don't agree with the hype/opinions it's a bit more tiring. Thankfully, I learnt to just watch stuff and don't pay attention to what people say xD

>>I may be being a bit too nit-picky with Vinland lol, and if the second season comes out and is good I'll raise my original rating.
Oh, if I remember correctly, I might have read this in your tag. Nice, hope the sequel is just as good. Some people compare it with Vagabond so that must count for something.

Yay, hope you will enjoy it!
_cryo May 14, 6:19 AM
let's just say they were crazy and leave it at that lmao.
Fair enough lol. You still talk to them or blocked / unfriended?

I can make another giant wall of text about what you've said
Oh come on. You actually proceeded to make one. We talk about DS1 more than I want to, after all, I'm not that fond of the game.
We have our differences, you LOVE DS1, which is fine. I don't think it's a bad game either I just think it's your average brawler with a slightly better presentation.

it's tends to be ignored
Ummmm, alright. If you think so?

implies that what I'm saying afterwards is false
It really doesn't. Don't think I understood this correctly (English is my second language man) but did you say that I purposedly ignore what you said about DS1? You say some of the most obvious stuff sometimes do you simply need me to...write an entire paragraph, like you do, over the smallest things? I'm really sorry if I understood this wrong, but I don't have the energy for something like that. We are different beings, you love to write mountains of paragraphs I bet you never had a problem in English class.

I'm not bringing up other good points - which I'd argue on a hill is incorrect
Anything you said about DS1 is correct. I'm just not fond of it. I've said multiple times, MULTIPLE times man. Good concept, terrible execution? Do you remember that?

you're dodging a lot of questions I'm asking and seem to be dodging almost all advice I give about the game, the areas, and its mechanics
You're giving me tips, I'm grateful for them...but as I told you, about my memory corruption? I don't have DS1 anymore and I'm not even thinking of playing it again soon. You're giving me tips, but there's no way I could test if what you say is true??? So I'll just take your word for it. If I ever get to play DS1 again I'll play the magician or wizard or whatever was called, you said it was the cheapest class in the game. I take your word for it. And all the other things.

continuing this conversation about Souls 1 doesn't seem to benefit anyone, I'm not learning anything and it doesn't seem you are either
Finally we come to an agreement. Let's just get over with this. I'm tired to talk about stuff I don't enjoy! Reminds me of the time we talked about Evangelion, you love it and I hate it, our opinions clash, we don't listen to what we have to say, you know, it's a fucking mess. Except that's a little more different. I've talked about DS1 way more than I thought I would. But, I should've expected this. I'm talking to you, out of all people. The one who would write a ten feet paragraph about a five second ad.
I'm done with this. You love it, fine by me. I don't love it, you're writing me paragraphs about how I played it wrong and the mechanics are too complex for me and how I would love the game to hold my hand, which highly isn't the case. Korey, I am not the only one "glossing over" you're the one doing the same. Maybe it's because you do the same as I did or something? You said in your latest reply. But I've told you, difficulty is not my problem. It's just how janky the game feels, how awful the controls are. Why do we have to write entire paragraphs about this game, when it could have resolved MUCH easier.
"The game's janky"
"Oh, it was intended"
"Cool, I wish the execution was better though"
Instead, we're resolting to this clusterfuck of a conversation that doesn't benefit anyone of us and even worse, wastes our time more than it needs to. Hell I could learn for my Bacalaureate and instead, what the fuck am I doing with my life? Jesus, man. I'm arguing with someone on the internet, about a game I didn't even enjoy. I could be watching the second season of Breaking Bad, the last episode ended in such a cliffhanger and instead I'm replying to you.

I put 800 hours into it.
800 fucking hours? That's insane. Even my most played game, San Andreas. I've barely put like what, 200 on it? As for Steam, it's a fucking fighting game that I don't even have 70 hours played.

they are quite possibly insane
He said DS1 felt more tedious than 2.

Our console can actually be used OFFLINE!
Sega used to be crazy ass company. Still is, just nowhere near as much as it was.
Essyn May 14, 1:51 AM
I've never had Doritos but Takis I tried once and they're pretty spicy, but in the best way. They're just so damn expensive here. Flaming Hot Cheetos I liked too! I don't care for just salted chips unless I have a tasty dip to go with them. Sour cream and Onion is a safe bet but I love me some barbeque flavor. :p

I'm double vaccinated too. I'm not a doctor by any means, but it seems that you should be just fine as it is. I trust your judgment it's no one else's choice after all when comes to dealing with this issue.. ^^ I find conspiracies fascinating but for weird reasons. I'm interested in finding out why someone thinks the way the do, even if it's so far off how I personally view things.

Have you asked you're friend what's up? Doesn't really help you to come up with weird conclusions that might be the farthest from the actual truth. Or maybe you have too different interests. It even could be that you really haven't met the right people who share those same interests as you do. Don't beat yourself up for it. It might take a longer time than you expect to find that great group of friends or even that one friend who you can share your passions with and who you can be yourself around with. I'm rooting for you! ^^

Yayh happy for you! I'm sure you'll do great debating! I forgot you had clubs in US. DnD club sounds cool. I wish we had something like that here..

Okay my best aspect is being private. Hoorayh! I kinda figured you were making them with everyone.. I hope you don't overthink my words too much tho. I can be an overthinker too and most of the time it ends up hurting me. So I've tried to chill out a bit. I'm fine with you writing a lot, but it just takes me a good while to reply back at you.

I guess they talk about anime too and it was supposed to be the main point when they started but I don't see it as some "anime podcast" really. They do have themed episodes where they're discussing about anime culture. I'm still not sure if you'd really care for that channel tho.

There aren't too many females I follow on Youtube either. Topics that I'm interested in are mostly covered by males. I'm not the type of girl who likes to watch vids about "girly things" or drama. I'm not saying those are bad things to be into. Just not my cup of tea.
This Sarah Z sounds like someone I might check out. I'll keep her in mind.

I'm happy that I met you too (⁎˃ᆺ˂ )
_cryo May 13, 10:46 PM
I don't enjoy the notion of someone calling out all of my flaws. . . in a private message. . . from years ago
What's this guy's deal anyway?

You don't really have to run, in fact, if you're skilled enough, you can do it legitimately despite having the odds against you sometimes
That's why I said as a new player.

you say the game doesn't reward you for being skilled and you're put at a disadvantage when the game rewards multiple types of skills
It doesn't. You're rewarded, indeed, if you mechanically learn the place and the game's janky mechanics. That's just my opinion and I have said why DS1 doesn't reward skill multiple times, you don't have to agree to me.

How are we going to define "cheap"?
When the player, on his first approaches, literally does not know what to do. I've even gave examples, but I know you love the game so there's no need in this pointless argument.

1. Bloodborne
2. Sekiro
3. Dark Souls 3.

Bloodborne huh. Wonder if that ever gets a PC release

Dark Souls 2 yet - because that's where the game is ACTUALLY CHEAP!
You serious? Talked with a friend who really loves DS2 and he said its way less janky than DS1, and as you may know, I don't like DS1 because it's janky.

Did you know the iframes attached to your rolls, were attached to how heavy your gear was?
Yup, I do. It even says in the game.

that man talks like half his face is asleep.
Lmao. Had to put on my English subtitles when I was watching Rocky.

Nintendont? I'm not familiar with that axiom haha?
Do you remember the console wars? Sega did an advertisement where they said "The Genesis does, what Nintendon't".

you think that may have more to say about you
Alright, it's almost like my last comment was a joke.
lostinwvnderland May 13, 6:59 PM
Yeah. I am excited. I haven't been to Mexico in forever. The last time I went to Mexico was like when I was 11/12.

I thought it was pretty good and wbu?
I wasn't into Dr. Strange much when I saw the first movie. It wasn't until Infinity War that I was more interested in seeing Dr. Strange so I was able to enjoy this movie a lot more than I did with the first 1. I also love Scarlett Witch so it makes me love the movie extra more. Now I am excited to see Love and Thunder. I think my favorite MCU film tend to be the movies where the other characters join in as well like Captain America: Civil War.
Sh1ro_ May 13, 11:04 AM
Heyy Korey! Sorry for the super late reply, I realised I had quite a lot of pending replies lately, that's why it took me a while ^^;

I may not be good at math, but even I know that's a lot xD But omg, 30 billion dollars every single day? Every day?? What the helllll O.O I think I read that wrong the first time lol. So that's why rich people are also kind of stingy.

I would definitely try all kinds of things if I ever get to America haha. Oh and I imagine, though the way I keep seeing s'mores in movies makes me want to try them. Another one is eggnog, I want to try and make it myself cause egg liquior sure sounds interesting.
Wow, I didn't know that. Not even hamburgers?? Or apple pie? Now that's a plot twist :o
And speaking of, do you have a favourite type of pie?

He doesn't respect part skippers, haha. Are you like that too? I was always curious about Jolyne, so I don't mind waiting a bit more for part 7.
You know what I like the most about Araki's manga? The art, plus everything is colored! I wish all manga were like that :o

Is it weird to say that psychopaths are fascinating? Cause they certainly are lol. A few years ago I've seen a very interesting documentary about them on tv. There was this guy who made his whole family (including his parents) take a psychopath test and after it was done he went to collect the results himself, he was so sure one of them was indeed a psychopath and what a surprise it was, when he learnt he was actually the one. Now, I don't know how much of this is true and how much is fiction, or how accurate those tests were, but it must have been quite the shock.

Americans and Romanians are quite different, but that's what makes them interesting :>

Ah even I like to think that's not the case with true love, it would be a bit sad >.< I mean, how are we different from, say, robots then? Cause we're made of flesh instead of metal? Truly sad.

>>i've always wanted to encounter a paranormal event - I'd sit down, and ask calmy if I can have an interview as well as record it.
Hahaha that's so you! I can already imagine it xD Honestly, I would be kind of scared to have such an encounter but at the same time, it would be so cool :o
This reminds me, I had a friend who said she can sense ghosts. And I asked her to describe the feeling so she said it's kind of like you're being watched, pretty weird.

Spain was nice, I remember being fond of the weather lol. It's not even half as cold as it is here in Romania haha. But not only that, the landscapes were breathtaking! The village we were living in was beautiful, but some of the houses weren't in a very good condition. I feel like I could appreciate it even more, if I went back to visit it now. After all, I was a kid back then and it annoyed me so much that everyone told me I need to learn the language. Let me tell you, not being able to speak in your mother tongue is a pain xD Conclusion? I treasure the time I spent there and I will definitely be visiting it again someday. Man, I wish I could travel through all of Europe one day, haha.

Haha, that's alright. I don't mind when someone explains why they actually love something in such details. In fact, that's better than just blindly loving something just cause everyone else says so.

Wait, doesn't everyone agree that Griffith is an evil piece of shit? And now you're saying you'll do the same thing? I don't know the details about him, but should I worry? xD

So this Ornstein guy is a tragic character, right? You seem to like these types a lot. They're mostly like true heroes to be honest.

I see you already chose your top 10 anime/manga, did you know that now you can add companies too? Like studios for example.

Let me know if you ever need one or two recommendations, I've seen my fair share of new shows over the years :) I'm so glad you liked Sonny Boy! I feel like it's truly underappeciated, but honestly it's one of best things Madhouse has made in recent years. How did you like Bokurano?
Understandable, but watching a show when it's currently airing is super fun. At least, it is easier for me. Watching an episode per week gives me something to look forward to, if I enjoy the show, which is nice.
Yeah, I'm actually taking part in those challenges they have now! And another thing I like about the interest stacks is that you can find lots of cool shows you might've ignored otherwise :o

>>Vinland Saga was very good, but I felt as if it looked a bit too "clean", and I admittedly found the soundtrack lacking
The first opening song was amazing though! It still remains one of my favourites, so epic.

>>I would say overall my favorite was actually Totsukuni no Shoujo, I very much enjoyed its avant-garde art style
You should read the manga then! It's amazing, the story progresses in a way you wouldn't normally have thought it will in the beginning.
mishh_ May 13, 9:34 AM
LMFAOOOOO XDD That has to be the best opening in any response I’ve ever gotten lol!! You’ve nothing to be sorry about man, I understand your situation and it’s totally okay that you missed my last message, you already get tons of replies almost everyday haha. I was just checking on you since you seemed less busier lately.

OKAY, what she is doing is some total bs, she is the one who deserves to lose her job tbh, surely not you. Any idea why she is behaving like this to you? Is it just you, or is she just like this to everyone else at the job? Anyway what you did there was some real cool ass shit man XD Knowing how talented and disciplined you are, you definitely deserve a waaay better job w/ better working conditions; and one such job is prolly out there just waiting for you !! Go get it :)) Good luck!!

Daaamn daniel Korey, a huge dub no matter how you look. CONGRATULATIONS!! You really deserve it. Guess the seeds of your hard work are bearing all the fruits. Seriously man, getting a [almost] full scholarship is some serious business and I just hope you have many many more wins throughout your entire educational ventures :DD I hope I get something like that in the future to help with my higher studies. *fingers crossed*.

Hmm, that’s really an interesting motivation to check out animes. After completing over 2000 animes, you most likely have seen most of the best the medium has to offer from all sectors, so your general standard for shows is comparatively high; I wonder how some of the recently released big shot shows stand up to it ? And ig yah, even if you have seen that much shows - which when compared my meagerly small 396 completed is really high - there’s still SOOO MUCH MORE anime to be experienced, and in those less popular or even really popular shows you may have missed or went under your radar, there maybe maybe a show that could turn out to become one your all time favs..also there’s just going to be more more more animes going to be flushed into our screens as time passes.

Regarding my recent undertakings, since school began I haven't had much time in my hands and thus my anime watching amount has substantially decreased. But still wanting to experience stories from the land of nippon, I decided to take a detour into the medium of manga, which before I wasn't all that into: I always saw myself as someone who enjoyed audiovisual mediums more than just a visual level one, but after going through SBR and having some of the most fun I’ve had recently with experiencing any story, I decided to follow up and consume some more. And after a short while I quickly got the grip of the medium and have been having a great time. Among the ones I’ve read recently, there have been the good, the bad and the ugly and even some new favorites. That said, just this week I’ve started to watch some more anime (outside seasonals), and the main motivation is to reach that sweet “400 Completed” mark lol. Not only will seeing the number go from three nine nine to four zero zero give me some dopamine release, but also I had said that once I reach that mark I would pick one piece back up, to my one piece stan friends lmao. So there’s that.

Leaving all that, how’s stuff with your western media consumptions? Anything good recently? Personally I finished season one of “Severance'' - don't know if you’ve heard of it, its on Apple TV - and it has quickly become one of my top favs. Its just so tightly written and presented, with some terrific performances from all of the cast. Check it out if you haven't yet. I also experienced the new Dr.Strange film in theaters and tbh it was quite disappointing. I guess I went into it with too much expectations and hope, that I was let down. The film is good, but not what I had hoped for. A lot of MADNESS and very less MULTIVERSE. No Way Home was the last “great” MCU film in my eyes. Hope the future of the MCU is colorful.

Woow that was a lot haha, feels great to catch up on you. Hope you have a great day/night !! :D

Essyn May 13, 9:13 AM
To be real I don't care for overly sweet stuff. I'd always take a pack of chips over some candy. But drinks I like to be sweet or rather refreshing.. I wonder what kind of recipes you'd be into? :D

I've been seeing that many of Americans aren't too fond of the vaccine and think that there's some strange conspiracy behind it. I know people who think that too and it's frustrating to talk about the whole covid thing with them.. I just let it slide <.<

I'm sorry to hear that you're friends are a troubled group. Not sure if troubled is a good term for it.. lol.. I just get a feeling that they're not into same stuff as you, perhaps? And maybe they're not too trustworthy to be told about everything. I'm just speculating.
Not trying to sound mean just to make sure~ Correct me if you want ^^
I'm just saying this 'cause I find it so important to be surrounded by people who share the same ideology and values as you.
I could see you as a dungeon master too! You'd be great, try it out sometime!

Private person here again keeping things to myself rather than telling everything to everyone. o/ I'm not thinking that I'm intelligent in any way.. for me it's common sense really to operate like this. That case was a peculiar one for sure.. They surely had too much time on their hands. I guess it's just a vibe really it's not like looking in the mirror lol.
Thank you Reli! (Can I call you that?)

Ahh, I don't think I'm that good at anything. :D I'm kinda good at cooking and drawing.. maybe? But nothing to rave about. Best aspects.. I have no idea? I really care for those who are dear to me? Even to my own detriment.. I'm terrible at mathematics and geography too. I also have an awful sense of direction so I get lost quite easily. My short-term memory is pretty bad too. Are you making a case study of me hehee?

You can't really blame the man for giving up on his book series.. There might be too much pressure to meet up with his standards and please his fans at the same time. It's a shame though but if that's what he wants I can respect him for doing so.

I actually watched his video Super Mario Odyssey - It's No Masterpiece and really enjoyed it. Such a well made analysis. Dunkey is awesome and I've been watching him for years. I can't watch that video since I'm scared to be spoiled. I've been avoiding all Elden Ring videos. I want to go in to that game knowing as little as possible :d
Trash Taste isn't really about anime/manga to be frank. It's just three mates having opinions and sometimes arguing about them. It's nothing deep, pretentious or too complicated but maybe that's why I enjoy them.
I don't really know about Jontron's political beliefs tbh, but his videos are great and that's what really matters to me.

What makes appealing to chat in MAL then? Since most people here are pretty much obsessed about anime and manga. Just curious~
_cryo May 13, 8:14 AM
Yo, Korey. Yo boy's back :) (with a new name and anything, you can still call me Brau if you want dw) How've you been? I myself was and still am quite busy with exams. Big bozos coming up soon, you feel me?

create a mini psychoanalytic profolio of me along with a freakshow menagerie of things about my character. . . from things. . . gained. . . about me. . . two years ago.
That's fucking weird dawg. Why he said that?

Frankly, their analysis of me was so mundane I'd rather watch a few seasons of Riverdale
Yoooo, my man out for blood. LMFAO
You seen Riverdale? It was basically every white girl who's a regular Starbucks' show in like...2016?

You're my friend and for that I value what you have to say, I don't want to bombard you too much with the things I say lol
I'm already used to that. You go on and on like a Monogatari character, but I'm fine with it, really. Say what you feel like saying

It's okay to run and live another day rather than try to fight a losing battle
Good point. If that's your thing, be my guest. I don't really like to have impossible fights that you cannot win that only thing you can do as a new player is run. It's fun to test your reactions, but in DS1 you basically get punished for things that you barely even have time to think of...sometimes not even that, you literally die from getting pushed by the enemy's hurtbox unless you don't constantly walk, and if you're in a tight place, just walking itself is something dangerous. You literally fall of the bridge and die and lose all of your souls because you were a notch off the terrible hitbox that the bridge has. At this point, you're not learning the game's mechanics but you're mechanically learning the level so you don't screw up by the stupidest parts.
I understand and it's a neat concept to make the game needlessly hard because you're supposed to be a weakling but the execution was awful.
All in all, I'm not going to say I don't like DS1 because it's a challenging game, that's stupid. The reason as to why I don't like DS1 is because of this, you die from cheap deaths and tricks not from the lack of skill or the game's difficulty. It sure is hard, yes. But that's one of the better things I've found in DS1. I already knew what I would get into before I played DS1, so I would be a pussy to say "nah I hate this game because it's too hard and I'm shit at it". I didn't expect Dark Souls to pull cheap tricks up they sleeve.

Dark Souls 1 isn't even in my top 3 souls games
Now I'm curious, what are your favorite Souls?
I've honestly thought about dropping DS1 and start DS2. You know, what recently happened to my HDD, how it got corrupted, yadda yadda you know what I'm talking about. Dropping DS1 like, ummm... I played 1/4 of it, am I fine on DS2? Or do I need to finish it?

Did you know rolling gives you iframes?
Rolling is for me one of the worst mechanics in DS1 because it's incredibly slow, you're like...a handful of frames behind. Gives the enemy so much more advantage, I've heard they're fixing the rolling issue in later games.

I'm not Goku, just have an uncanny talent for savagery and skill
Hmmmmm... Let me think for a sec, pal.
Yep, found it. If you're not Goku, then you're Rocky. Fits your description perfectly.

But I think you need to slow down there, Kratos
Ffs man :)))

Are you guys starving over there?!
OHHHH HELL NOOOOO THE EXPIRED MILK AND FLAVOURLESS CROISSANT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You're bringing me PTSD, man. I'm glad I'm in high school now and I don't have to eat that shit anymore. We fr used to eat that, well they did. I would get that shit in my bag and if it wasn't expired I would feed it to my dogs. Just for the record, the milk wasn't expired usually, it was just very bad in taste. Like a very cheap milk.

Who would pay 30 bucks for that?
30 bucks??? For an old game? That's some Nintendont level of marketing.

But I want to go to bed.
You remind me of that part in Nightmare in Dreamland's gameover screen where Kirby wants to sleep and when you press continue he gets pushed by a giant hand. It's like you're Kirby and I'm the hand, waking you up making you go to work, haha. Sorry bro.

because Kirby is the embodiment of happiness and is seeing the world through the eyes of a child
Makes even more sense considering Kirby actually is a kid, lmao. It's a surprisingly good theory, yeah. Your friend came up with it? Or did you also sprinkled it a bit with a bit of "Korey's usual psychoanalysis"?

That's why the girls in Bakemonogatari are so virtually flawless looking like dolls. They're just exaggerations
Dawg even the guys in Monogatari are attractive, like Meme a fine ass dude. You sure Araragi's straight or he tryna tell us something? 👀👀