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Aug 21, 2016
Henai Heroism (Manga) add
Henai Heroism is made of chapter-long stories (one exception, two chapters), in which the overall canvas is exceedingly simple, a young man and woman overcome an obstacle and have either more or better/quality sex.

These are the details that make it magical: here, sex is more than just copulation, it’s a means of conveying or confirming feelings, a way to build bridges between souls. Here, the stories are either simple vanilla (happy sex with lots of loving, with optionally comedy), or some stories are even emotional, beautifully moving, as we (well, I, at least) read/watched with a wide smile… humans suffering from solitude and lack of ...
Jun 19, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Shino might be a science teacher, but her specialty really lies in teaching her students about their sexual chemistry! Whether it’s guiding two virgins through their first time or teaching a tough guy what it really means to make love, this sultry Professor has all the gentle advice and sexual skill to make a man out of anyone.

Even though her sex education is second to none, Shino has needs, too. She aches to find that special someone who can help her achieve the fulfillment that she teaches to others. How many lustful encounters will she have before she finds someone who can please both her ...
Jun 9, 2015
Gakuen Shimai (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Sousuke is a geek who loves to take candid photos of pretty girls, especially when it comes to his school idols Arisa and Mika Nanase. His chances of ever speaking to, let only getting with either of them are near nonexistent, but it seems fate has finally smiled upon him. His father and their mother have suddenly decided to get married. The Nanase sisters are moving into his house! Now Sousuke’s wildest dreams are suddenly coming true.


In this hentai we have our typical high-school male lead that’s somehow is able to have sex with beautiful, decidedly out of his league girls, Gakuen Shimai is ...
Jun 7, 2015
Mangaka Fue brings you one of the hottest ero-manga that you can read right now in the market titled Fella Pure: Mitarashi-san Chi no Jijou.

Mitarai Keiko the perfect school council president have a secret that both her classmates and parents don’t know. Since childhood she has a daily ritual with her brother.

What is that ritual?


Jun 7, 2015
Junk Land (Manga) add
Junk Land is a full tank made of 10 chapters and of those 10, 8 are independent chapters so there's quite a collection of material in there. This h-book has a range of stories for varied tastes. There’s some vanilla, some torture, some BDSM with black-mailing, anal, group sex, voyeurism, Yuri and even shota. Before you say meh!! I think I pass because it has torture and BDSM chapters, fear not those are for pure comedy and very light. I can’t say any more without spoiling the story.

The only drawback that I could find for this manga is that if you are ...
Jun 6, 2015
Mixed Feelings
I like the prequel of Class Reunion Again that goes by the name Class Reunion: Yesterday Once More although I didn’t agree with the ending but that another story for another time…

Class Reunion Again is made up of two episodes that share the same premises but are totally unrelated. Both stories begin in a class reunion, with Tatsuya focusing his attention on a certain girl.


1. Tatsuya and Mizuho see each other after a long time and discover that both of them have remained unattached over the years. Sparks fly and the two develop a relationship during the course of a ski trip which their class ...
Jun 6, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Our main protagonist Narifumi has gotten himself into quite the pinch!


If being seduced by his girlfriend’s sister Shizuku wasn’t bad enough, now she’s gone to another world in an effort to obtain an evil power to rule the earth! Using an ancient gate only she and her sister Kasumi can open, she’s going to give her body over to the demons on the other side in an effort to further her ambitions. Kasumi is not about to just let her acquire the power though, and she’s going to have to rally her friends and fellow protectors of the gate to help her stop her sister’s ...
Jun 2, 2015
This is anime based on an NTR ero-game by Team Goblin Orcsoft and drawing by Torajirou-sensei. The story here is pretty basic the protagonist’s (Kazuhiro Sayama) is in love. Who is his first love? Well his first love is the sweet and applied Erika Sakurai. However, Erika has a secret: is a nymphomaniac. In his free time she dedicated herself to "hunt men”, and have sex without any shame.

How will Kazuhiro react when he discover the true face of his beloved?


The MC end in disappointment when she told his secret but he agree (key word here {agree}) and began helping her, fulfilling ...
May 31, 2015
I enjoyed the anime and I thought let me give the manga a chance and let me tell you the h-manga didn’t disappoint…


Chapter 1-4
A guy (High school student) is caught up in some funny scenarios with a Teacher, flight attendant, class mates, 3 woman {who are friends (Sportswoman, pervert, wife)}, friend, a complete tribe and a scientist.

Chapter 5
In this chapter we have a college student trying to be in a date, get a girlfriend or score with a woman via online dating services.

In conclusion Boy Meets Harem is a must read for fans of this genre and everyone who dreamed having sex ...
May 27, 2015
Offside Girl (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
I saw the animation... I was like "Who give the green light to this piece of crap?" It was just so bad. In my opinion the worst hentai of all time! Avoid watching it!

But the manga is a different story I was afraid of the NTR tag (I can tolerated NTR but is not my thing.)

*** Spoilers***

1.Offside Girl Childhood friend setup was more cheating than stealing the one you love (The stealing never happen) then again when the two of them (MC & Heroine) did the same thing plus they don’t mind shearing each other I can’t even consider that cheating…

2. Honest ...

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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