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Aug 14, 2016
Well after I binged read tihis manga .
I came to an understanding that this manga easily turned to my number one in romance and drama.
I applause to Yuki Obata for making me cry endless chapters .
For making me binge read it ,because I couldn't stop flipping the page to see what is next.
Don't think I read it half way not think I stopped endings when Yano moved away. I kept reading it and I loved it.
Makes me believe love at first sight .Even if it hurst me .
Yuki Obata really knows how to develop her characters especially Nanami and Yano.( Who went through so much read more
May 7, 2014
Have you caught up from the first series?! Little Buster?!

Well get ready for the second part!
The opening and ending is still a great things to hear.

In this case your upto date ,I know it is only 13 episodes but it is worth watching!!
Get ready for a twist of fate because even I didn't expect it,but it happened.
One thing is don't regret being with your friends.the bonds you created and times you spent .
Well for me if you watched until the ending of the Little Busters , this season will makes sence,watching it will make you think and guess ,what happened?!
What is the secret to this read more
May 7, 2014
Do you feel disconnected to this world?!
Do you want to belong somewhere?! then come join the little busters!!

This amazing production by Key is very well adapted into this show that so excellently executed .

Little busters was created by the leader Ryousuke Natsume and his sister Rin Natsume.
From the opening to the ending this is a show that will leave you a smile.
I love the fact that the main Character Riki tries so much for his friends no matter what the problem.
In this case they are many individual character arcs in order for them to join the little busters.
In order to realize the story that is read more
Apr 7, 2014
Want to know everyone's secret ?! What they hide what they worry about?!
What you love and care for in this city ,you are a piece in the game of chess,Chinese checkers,checkers and such being ruled over a really smart guy.

Who is this guy ,guys?!
Having a large cast is great and in a big city it gets even more interesting,their are many different stories in each episode that is worth watching because it all matches up in the end.
You are just glad that the opening tells you the names of the characters ,well at least I was.
The entertainment in this show is flying off the charts,the read more
Jul 15, 2013
Some people may not know this but the reason why I started seeing Valrave was because of the fact that Katsura Hoshino design the characters, D Gray Man author,another show I love.
Do notice this show is R + 17 = profanity and violence, and I mean a whole lot of it.

I am a fan of mecha eversince ,Fullmetal Panic, Code : Geasse ,Guilty Crown,Broken Blade!!

What can I say the story is really interesting, that you just got-too see ,and opefully get interested,many mysteries in the first and through out the anime . Some may be answered ,some are saved until the next season. Which read more
Nov 30, 2012
Practically a guy who doesn't show his eyes in school who rapes girls.
Rapes girls so far : 7
Viginities taken : 6
Punished :2
Natorare: 1
Video taped while having sex: 1
Boob shots : lost count
Blowing: 8
Overall the girls are weak and can't fight back to this guy for what I've seened
Enjoyment 10/ 10
Nov 11, 2012
FIRST OF ALL MUST SEE SENGOKU BASARA !! Before watching this season!!

I saw the first season which was really awesome!!
But this seasons comes up with more territory war against one another again.
Ones to expect:
1. New characters
2. Return of some chracters
3. More fights that are a must see!!
4. One recovering tiger cub throughout the season ( finding himself to face Date once again)
5.Date's english gives you great expectations!!( if your seeing sub)
6.More action based on Date Masamune, even team work with someone who is similar to him.

Story 10/10:
Back to where they left off...Tiger of kai Sanada vs Date....
Later on Date's right eye is a certain read more
Aug 18, 2012
Magico (Manga) add (All reviews)
Magico a really well done manga by Iwamoto Naoki,it's a different kind of shounen with romance. A whole bunch of cute characters!!
I for one love Shion and Emma since they first met and I don't know what people meant by this seems more shojo when it isn't ,I read a whole bunch and this isn't corny as shojo manga.this has it's limits but it's so sweet and you just wish for the best for them.

The comedy in this manga is the best,a lot of nose bleeds from Shion and many other characters that will leave you laughing too.
The main story is too lift up the read more
Jul 28, 2012
Is this truly... a love that can never be?through love....and death...

I know and we know the story of Romeo x Juliet Shakespear's version with the strange " oh art thou" well no of that is in this sweet touching loving story.
The whole reason why I wanted to watch this was for the of the characters not talking weired,I read the story I seened the play and if you didn't understand the story there like I didn't I decided to watch the anime see if they are the same. A total twist of fate for me because I never thought I would love this version better read more
Jul 15, 2012
Saint Seiya : The Lost Canvas- Myth of Hades-

Story:10: 10
This anime OVA takes place in Italy 18th century, Where three orphan friends grew up together until one day, the girl Sasha was adopted and a reincarnation of the goddess of war, Athena.The story twist once Sasha's brother changes personality and Tenma two of the siblings best -friend decides to be one of Athena's saints. Alone, Tenma's and. Sasha's friend loves to paint and is pure hearted and doesn't believe solving a problem with violence, a good pure heart perfect for a reincarnation of Hades king of the underworld.his friends try to save him, Alone from read more