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Gallery Fake
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Hyouge Mono

Both series revolve around the themes of characters deeply invested in the art-world. It is interesting to note, which in the practical sense, art is mostly used as a background piece to most shows, not the focal aspect of the anime. Which is why I recommended Hyouge Mono. There is simply not many shows out there which fulfill this niche. Chances are, if you're drawn to a show like Gallery Fake, you may enjoy Hyouge Mono as well, much like I have. Funnily enough, both the protagonists of the respective shows despite one having 'character growth', place a huge emphasis on the money that can be gained from art, especially selling them. Both creatively manipulate and act on their masterplans to achieve that. Whilst I would say Gallery Fake puts more time into the technicalities behind the creation, maintenance ; both series in fact whimsically play out the subterfuge behind the selling and procurement of artworks.