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Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo
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Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance
Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance
3 hours ago
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Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone
Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone
3 hours ago
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Jul 22, 9:15 AM
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Haruchan- Jul 30, 11:34 AM
It's been a while! Same here, I only come here to update my list, but nowadays I don't read a lot of mangas, so I really don't come here often 😥
Yaaas! How's summer break for you? I had an internship in june, but now I'm working ahah. On my few days off, I try to go out with friends and family! I went to a korean street market last weekend, it was really nice, i ate a lot of food ahaha.
Yaaaas, he came last month, on june 29th 😍It was so LIT 🔥Dean is so handsome in real life 😍It was my first kpop concert!! They come to canada, but rarely in my city, so I don't really have a chance to see them 😢 Yeah I heard it, he sang it at the concert!!
Yeeees <333 My favorite song of the album is minhyun's solo tho, i had it on repeats for months ❤️
OMG chungha's song is so good 😍 For the recent new songs, I really like Heize's comeback and Baekhyun's debut!

Ahaha same, I signed up for the manga challenge and that's my motivation to read mangas. Ohh ahaha I see!
Oh it really sucks to have work to do during summer break T__T Ahahah, finally did you get a job?

Omg that's so random ahaha. I had a fb account that I used for games and all, and I think she added me there, we used to talk a bit, but it was like some small talk (like hi, how are you, bye - same thing the next day 😅) I think she found my insta and followed me. But now she unfollowed me, so i unfollowed her 😅
Ecstrinsic May 26, 2:50 AM
Aww, why not? His was the best tho (imo). XD And yes, Yoosung was quite... annoying.
Yes! I did~ I loved every route in DMMd!
That's true. It's like listening to different versions and different interpretations of a song.
You could add Mafumafu in there, and several others. There's also this artist I've discovered recently, which is Eve. He makes catchy songs with symbolistic-ish meanings.
Yeah, with a big group like ours, we were pretty much strictly supervised during the day. But we were able to "sneak out" at night and go to different restaurants and malls. XD
I totally love iced coffee, but I doubt I'll rather drink an iced coffee over a hot one during a very cold season. Fufu

The popular BL webtoons/manhwa's you're talking about are probably finished. Killing Stalking is also done, that's why you're not seeing them lately. You must catch up to them soon~ (well, SNK is kinda draggy with their releases but I'm still surprised they could remain their top seats in MAL every season)
Well, I'm just currently studying it as a hobby... But I'm planning to get actual lessons for JP soon since I'm planning to work there sometime, hopefully. Tbh, they do get confusing. Some characters have different meanings in CN and JP, but it doesn't hurt that much to know both
I think the donghua/manhua industry of Chinese is getting more and more popular these days. I've watched Quanzhi Gaoshou, though I never finished it. I actually watched this Chinese drama, "Love O2O" and I loved it, lol. And the main guy in there will be the lead for the upcoming Chinese drama adaptation of Quanzhi Gaoshou! <3
The ones I gave you are the actual story (not sure what you meant by fanmade) but they're originals. Annnnd, yes I love SY~ I think you're mind is gonna explode while reading it. Too many information in one seating. XD
Haruchan- May 7, 2:22 PM
ahaha really? but that's nice, it's not too good to be too focused on age!
Oh damn, so it's starting soon!! So you must be busy studying these days 😣
Forreal, it's always like that LOL Weather always have a bad timing 🙄Ahahaha I was more stressed af cuz I had an exam that day LOL i think it was a final and i didn't want to be late.
No, I don't really watch anime anymore 😕, but I restart reading mangas! But yeah, I'm more invested in kdramas 😂 also I read a lot of webtoons! For mobile games, not really, I still play sif once in a while, but other than that, not really.
What about you?
Btw I remember you liking NU'EST! Do you still listen to them? Their recent comeback and minhyun's solo huhuhu ❤️
Thank youu!! Yepp, since we had so many exams, I got used to it after a while ahah.
Thankss ~~ For trips and all, we haven't planned something yet, but this summer, I'm going to see DEAN 😍❤️
And you? Do you have anything planned yet?
Really cuute profile btw 💖
Ecstrinsic May 7, 10:33 AM
Ohhh, I miss 707.
Yeah, that's true. It's been a long time, isn't it? I've rarely been listening to utaite and vocaloid songs nowadays. Most Japanese singers have been creating their own music instead of singing other's now.
Must've been real fun, especially you guys aren't that many. We used to have a field trip where the whole batch (100~200) went to Singapore. It was kinda awkward, and definitely hard to maintain. Iced coffee on -19C? You an ice woman or something? LOL
Yup, this 50~60 was most likely due to El Nino. We definitely did not have any rain for 2-3 months. It was insane! >_> But it has been raining for a week now, all is perfectly good.

I am doing great---- until I got into Chinese BL novels... MDZS's rating is mostly biased, and I kinda want to keep it that way. LOL. I've been studying JP for years now, and seeing these novels and dongua, I suddenly got the urge to study CN. (i feel like i got into a trap) Not sure if you're a novel person, but I recommend you The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System (人渣反派自救系统) and The Husky and His White Cat Shizun (二哈和他的白猫师尊). XD

Aiyah, well better savor up your time studying. Working is a little bit exhausting (forever).
I'm doing good so far. I got to admit, I went to work for 2 days but didn't do aynthing but read novels.... (guilty)
Haruchan- Apr 29, 7:39 PM
Ahahah yeah, train 2! yup, feels kinda weird o;
Aww no, i hope you still find stuff to do on the side. But i wish you luck for your finals! ❤️ fighting 💪🏼
Yaaas, finally good weather!! It's still a bit cold here tho, but at least snow is FINALLY all gone (believe it or not, but we had a snowstorm in the middle of april 😰)
I actually just finished my finals last week!! Today is my first day of ''vacation'' ~
I have 4 weeks off then 4 weeks of internship and then finally summer break 🤩
Haruchan- Apr 28, 5:34 PM
aww thanks Roorin!! <33
I miss talking with you, how have you been these days?
Ecstrinsic Apr 27, 9:53 AM
You noticed?! Lmao! I did change it for a while, then realized I loved the first one I used.
That's good to hear~ Was China a class-thing or you guys just decided to go together?
Woah, really? Sounds like I'm gonna gain lots of weight if I go there! But definitely I'm going to die with that kind of cold... XD Meanwhile, here, we're having a bit of El Nino and we've been reaching 50-60 Celsius... No kidding... >_>

I am planning to, but the question is, will I be able to? XD Goodluck with your exams, btw.
Oh cool, so it'll be your last year in Bachelor's then? Do you plan on studying for Master's? :o
MaMayonnaisu Mar 27, 2:16 PM
Very well appreciated
Yours also has some charm to it
Ecstrinsic Mar 20, 1:56 AM
I know right! I am not aware of masteranime (I just searched it just now) but it seems to be running? Or am I looking at the wrong site? XD

Wow, amazing! How was studying/living there felt like?
Hmm, well. It's just full of programming and coding applications. :)
It's more of a coincidence, because you followed at the same time I was looking for BF accounts. I didn't really give much thought about it. LOL
Yeah, I do it every year and deliberately fail on each one of them (b-but it was MAL's fault...). I plan on finishing it this time! *huff*
Aw... You're still busy I guess? How many years you got left, btw?
cyruz Mar 7, 8:31 AM
Hey, hi! That's a really good choice. If you enjoy those types of anime, it's definitely a good pick. Glad to hear you're enjoying it!
Ecstrinsic Mar 3, 2:08 AM
Oh, where did you go study?
Same here! I lost my will when MAL had this long maintenance and had most of their functionalities not working (esp. forums).

Yes, I'm working as a developer~ Now I can live my life indulging in anime (dies).
Honestly, didn't know that you followed me. I was following several Banana Fish accounts, and I thought you were one of them. XD But yes, I watch a lot since I'm doing the challenge (and have a lot of free time........). @_@
Ecstrinsic Feb 20, 1:58 AM
Oh! Welcome back~ It has really been a long time.
What's made you come back recently (tho I'm not really sure for how long you were gone)?

Congrats on your exam! I'm a working *cough* adult *cough* for about half a year now and everything's going fine.
Ecstrinsic Jan 22, 3:24 AM
Hiiiiiii. I don't know if you still remember me.
I never thought I left messages around my profile for about a year or two (talk about lazy, alright).

How are you doing lately? c:
Stadtfeld May 11, 2018 2:54 PM
:D Thanks so much for explaining all this stuff about kancolle for me ^~^ definitely sounds like something i can get into once i get tired of my current mobile games @.@

I guess last question would be, is there any paid stuff in the game? If so, is it just cosmetic stuff, or what? :o

And I hope you're doing well studying for your finals :D Sorry for the late response, things have been really crazy at the office @.@
Stadtfeld Apr 19, 2018 7:26 PM
Ooh, having the quests translated sounds like it would help a lot :D In my head playing KC would just be constantly having to glance at the guide to translate the different UI elements or quest prompts or whatever. @.@

so it sounds like you play because you enjoy actually playing the game, and not really the shipgirls? :o how grindy does it feel? is there some kind of energy system that limits how much you can play? do you feel like there's enough "reward" for the time you put into it?

even if i can't understand the voice lines, i *love* the art :D i think the art and the quality of the voices would be appealing enough for me to sink some time into it~