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Dec 6, 2019
I really enjoyed Kamisama. It really sparked a happiness in me and I finished it pretty quickly. It was so much fun to watch and the characters were so attachable. The story line also hooked me pretty quickly, and though I have incredibly low standards for anime (lol) I think this one is pretty good. I was intenstly invested in Tomoe and Nanami's relationship, and the heartbreak of the taboo was hard for me to handle. I think that the really good anime are the one that make you feel as if you were in their shoes, and feel emotional over the characters and their read more
Nov 3, 2019
I loved Alice and Wonderland since I was a kid, because getting lost in a world of fantasy is something I love to do. By chance I got hold of the manga when a library was giving away books. I fell in love with it right away. The personified characters were amazing, and the twists and changes and more realistic spin-off right away hooked me. When I found out there was a movie for this, I was really excited. However, the movie was rather dissapointing compared to the manga. Their is pretty much zero plot and it jumps scenes without any explanation and left me read more
Oct 29, 2019
Free! (Anime) add (All reviews)
I really enjoyed this show. The story arc was very well done and I got very attached to the characters. I love how passionate the characters are. It made me want to start swimming! I really got into it. I'm not a huge fan of the fandom nor am I a big part of it because I don't ship the characters together. That is a HUGE part of the fandom and it can get pretty crazy when someone says they don't ship Nagisa and Rei. There were some moments that the animation was a bit weird, but I don't really have. a problem with that. read more
Oct 28, 2019
I really enjoyed this anime. It was very well done and I enjoyed the contrasting and bright colors in the art. It also was absolutely hilarious at times and even a little sad a couple of times. The characters are so amusing and it's fun to follow along besides them. This show had very little bad things in it, aside from a few times some characters use a minor swear word, this show had nothing bad in it. I might even let younger kids watch it. It's funny and light-hearted while explaining certain cells in the body and what they do. It was interesting too, read more
Oct 28, 2019
It took me a long time to finish this anime, but when I got to the end I felt very satisfied. The story line can be a bit confusing at times, and there was one point that it felt like a lot of random things were being thrown in out of nowhere in the middle of the show. It almost was like throwing in a brand new plot right in the middle of the series, which was somewhat confusing. But it's smoothed out in the end and is othewise a very good anime. It was very sad and just really makes you think about humanitiy read more
Oct 21, 2019
This was a very engaging anime, I really enjoyed it. It's elements of suspense were very well done and the character and plot development was not too slow or too fast. I really enjoyed the characters, they're very attachable and I was rooting for them every step of the way. There is a lot of heartache in this show. My heart was being ripped to pieces pretty much every moment after the first episode. It really seems like nothing is going their way at times, but that makes it all the more enjoyable to see if they will overcome everything in the end. I cried read more
Sep 30, 2019
I really loved this anime. The characters were immediately attachable and you instantly become captivated in the story. There is very appropriate dress and hardly any bad words or any other problems. The plot line doesn't get old, which I'm really grateful for. And it's very engaging to see them so close and so far away to falling in love and being together. There is a lot of very good character development and not too many characters, so you can easily become attached to them all without losing track of them, as I do in some other anime. It was very short, sadly enough, but read more
Sep 30, 2019
I really enjoyed Elfen Lied. The story was fascinating, and wove together really well, giving you no background information at the beginning, and letting you in on little pieces of information at a time. It's also very suspenseful because you know things that the main character does not, and the tension rises as he comes closer and closer to discovering it. There are not as many episodes as I would have liked, it was very short and that was sad to me, but overall it was a very good story. I would not recommend watching this to anyone under the age of 18, it's rated read more
Sep 25, 2019
Fairy Tail has been my favorite anime so far (although I haven't watched very many). I've only been in the anime community for about 4 years, but Fairy Tail and Fullmoon wo sagashite are the two that really got me into anime. I'm very excited for Final season to reach it's end, as well as sad. Fairy Tail has been an emotional and amazing journey and highly recommend it! The characters are very attachable and I know some people aren't big on fillers but I really enjoyed even the fillers. And the action was always amazing. You can really get into the characters and the read more