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Apr 20, 2014
Sousei no Onmyouji. At first I thought this was only a mere exorcism story that was only about fight, friendship, and stuff which are rather crap nowadays but it's nothing like that. This 4th work from manga author Yoshiaki Sukeno has emerged to be quite phenomenal in its unique traits.

The story revolves in a world where exorcists fight demon-like creature called as "impurities" or "kegare". Basically Kegare are residents of another world called Magano which then cross into human world in order to massacre humans just for power. They have been responsible for killing humans in the last one thousand years since the war began. read more
Apr 14, 2014
Harmonie, as indeed as it sounds, beautiful yet puzzling this anime allows me to enter deep inside the imaginary world in their story. Leaving its trace to become unforgettable experience.

Ok, basically this Anime is quite short for a movie, about 25 minutes without OP & ED. Regarding the short duration it doesn't affect the quality story at all. On the contrary it wouldn't be better even if it had longer duration, The story is just perfectly wrapped in 25 minute long duration.

Story 8/10
Some of you maybe don't understand what's exactly going on about the story, peculiar, enigmatic, and little psychological as a short movie read more