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May 29, 2019
Story: 10
Art: 9
Characters: 8
Enjoyment: 10
Overall: 9

I really enjoyed this movie. It made me cry, smile, laugh and cry more. The characters were really relatable, something you don't see a lot in anime. Overall I'm giving it a 9. Haven't enjoyed a movie this much in a long time. My only issue with the movie was how Shoko didn't have a real personality besides not being able to hear. It was only more towards the end that we see her having an actual personality. (which is why I gave an 8 for characters instead of a 9)
Nov 8, 2017
I really really loved this movie so much! I bought the blu ray on Amazon even though I didn't see it yet, I just heard so many good things about it!

Story: 10. It gets a 10, simply cause the story was interesting and I was focused the whole time which doesn't happen a lot :p

Art: 10: I really liked the artstyle, enough said.

Character: 9. I really liked the characters but they were kinda basic, nothing to special about them but still interesting enough.

Overall: A 10. I do not regret buying this movie. It's totally a movie I'm gonna re-watch multiple times.
Mar 27, 2017
I just love this so much. I even loved season 2 more than season 1. (I'm really hoping for a season 3 by the way, there's enough source material so yea)

Story: 9
The story is just great. It doesn't really have this one big storyline but some things from the first season came back (like the Raj stuff) etc. I just simply loved it.

Art: 10
I love the art way to much.

Character: 10
The characters are what makes this anime so great to be honest. Serious characters, funny characters. This anime has them all. The development is also great. Raj who became friends with Shirayuki for example.

Enjoyment: read more
Mar 7, 2017
Since the first time I watched this movie, I finally re-watched it (after like 7 years I think?)

Story: 8
I really liked the story. I do think it should have explained this future Paradox was talking about better but now that we saw a futuristic Duel Academy in Arc-V, he maybe meant that?

Art: 10
I just loved the art :p

Characters: 8
I was super nice seeing Yugi, Jaden and Yusei interacting and working together. I've always loved crossovers for exactly this reason. There's nothing better seeing characters from different series/era's working together and fighting the same villain. And even though this movie is clearly focused on Yusei read more
Mar 6, 2017
I usually don't write reviews cause I suck but I still wanted to write a review for this movie...

The plot was absolutely garbage. I gave it a 3 but I feel like that's still to much. It kinda felt like the same plot from Yu-Gi-Oh: The Movie (which also sucked).

The art was absolutely fantastic. Can't say anything bad about it to be honest.

It was such a nice feeling to see all the older characters back. Kaiba is still that douchebag, Joey is still a dork, etc. I feel like they should have used characters like Joey, Tristan and Thea more though.
The villain read more