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Happy Sugar Life
Happy Sugar Life
Sep 21, 12:50 PM
Watching 11/12 · Scored 7
Satsuriku no Tenshi
Satsuriku no Tenshi
Sep 20, 3:17 PM
Watching 11/12 · Scored 7
Banana Fish
Banana Fish
Sep 20, 2:24 PM
Watching 12/24 · Scored 10
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Happy Sugar Life
Happy Sugar Life
10 hours ago
Reading 38/? · Scored 8
Made in Abyss
Made in Abyss
Sep 20, 9:05 AM
Reading 48/? · Scored 9
Online: The Comic
Online: The Comic
Sep 18, 4:06 PM
Reading 35/? · Scored 8


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ArtG1 Sep 21, 2:40 PM
Right? This was already painful... ://

I was so hooked on the story, the animation didn't bother me at all :p, so that was a big plus. Same! So I was really surprised ! Did you also get the feeling that they were trying to 'force' us to sympathize with Lins childhood friend ? He was a backstabber and I'm glad he died. I know he did have a rough childhood but so did Lin.

Smart! Did you watch the latest episode? It really felt like a final episode! I really want another season! I want it so bad! Too many interesting characters!

Yeah you get it! Muscles make everything better :D
Shino Sep 11, 7:59 PM
Yeah, I guess you can put it that way. Discovering Shotan made me realize that even I can fall for something I have never imagined I would, as well as widen my perspective towards alot of stuffs. For instance, I started to try and make my unfulfilled dreams come true, instead of just leaving them as merely 'dreams' in my life. Even if I failed after I tried, then at least I won't be feeling bad for not even wanting to try once when I get old.

HAHAH! It's good to know that we are not the only one who does that (o´▽`o) Do you guys watch anime together often? My fiance would always ask me to watch some stupid shows (such as Grand Blue and Asobi Asobase) whenever I went over to his house because he keeps on claiming that those shows reminds him of me. orz

Nooooo Ritshiro, please don't ever start it! Though it might be a good remedy if you are having hard time to sleep at night /shots/ Ffs please let Shotan get a good role other than his usual idol roles, I honestly think that he has even more potential than what's being shown. ;____; Ahhh on a side note -- The concert ballot results came out yesterday and I was able to purchase the tickets!! I kept on refreshing the fanclub page sharp at 3PM Japan time just to check if I won it because they didn't send me any mails regarding the result by then. By the time I received a notification mail from them, I have already done paying for my tickets lmao ;; I still can't believe that I will be seeing him irl next year... SOMEONE PLEASE SLAP MY FACE AND TELL ME THIS IS NOT JUST A DREAM BKJNSQLSJWA HOW SHOULD I REACT ON THE ACTUAL DAY ESPECIALLY IF HE IS JUST SINGING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME?! AQSJKDLJEKDH

I don't know how marriage works for westerners but for us Asian, majority of the female had to leave their house and stay with their husband or his parents (if you still can't afford to buy a house of your own) instead. Besides, my fiance has been telling me that he wanted kids for quite some time already... As for myself, I am not too fancy or having a kid of my own because I know how hard and troublesome it is to raise a kid; while on the other hand... I guess I am just afraid that my son or daughter might end up be someone like me, which sometimes even me can't stand myself. Maybe things are different for you and your boyfriend, since it seems that you guys have been living under the same roof for quite awhile now. Wedding ceremony isn't really a necessary thing in life, it's only important because some people view it as one. What's important is that you are happy and comfortable living around with your other half.

So.... Does the weather become colder at your country as autumn strikes? I believe that mostly of the European countries are under hear during simmer this year (; ̄Д ̄) I seriously have no idea on how do you guys made it through when with no air conditioner in the buildings.
ArtG1 Sep 11, 4:03 PM
I know!! It was kinda foreshadowed, but it was still too much !!! They didn't deserve this hell. Couldn't keep it dry that episode.

Nice!! :D What do you think about their series? Didn't think I would enjoy Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens that much. I found it by accident :p.
Feel u, I've many more favourite characters but it just doesn't fit.
Sousuke is a big guy with a big heart, I love him <33 And thank you !! :)
Yess we def need more Sousuke this season, only 3 eps to go tho :(.
I think Sousuke will get some screen time in this week's episode
Also, bless Kyoani for their animation and the muscles ~~ GOD they're hot, I'm just lowkey Gou all the time.
Bowie Sep 9, 3:52 PM
Mgs = metal gear solid.
i love the game so much. it's like reeeeeeeee
also the dudes in it are sexy af :3 but also the story is really interesting and shit
anyways go play metal gear solid
Bowie Sep 8, 9:05 PM
play mgs!
Bowie Sep 8, 2:11 PM
Bowie Sep 8, 1:58 PM
yeah pornhub has awards:
this is so fucking to read but knowing it's like legit is kinda sad

also :3 no i mean gimme the quote code for like put the text like yours next to the img bro!

Bowie Sep 8, 1:47 PM
did you know that pornhub has awards? an awards show? did you know this? i feel like god is truly dead
Bowie Sep 8, 1:46 PM
i mean the quote!
also yeah bro im thriving again
Bowie Sep 8, 9:24 AM
Bro what's the code you use for formatting shit beside your sig pic again? My dumbass forgot what it was
Shino Sep 2, 8:54 PM
The reason why I am into idols are not just because they are all adorable bishies and sparkling though. I have only fallen this hard for them especially after seeing how mostly of them (especially Shotan) have always been trying their best to achieve whatever they wanted and try to make their fans happy no matter how tiring their job is. Indeed, my fiance influenced me in alot of things I do these days - He will always check titles of anime which is going to air next season when the current season is near end, and tell me whichever title that might spark my interest by I never really did watch most of them because it's as you said, majority of the anime which consists of tons of guys are actually kinda disappointing. I recently watched Senjyushi and didn't even bother to add it into my list because it's so bad urghhhhh I wonder why can't Shotan just get a good role in a decent anime for once urghhh

Sometimes I wonder why am I outside even though I planned to stay at home originally... I just had a three days holiday for the past week and poof, now it's gone again. (″ロ゛) I don't want next year to come so soon as I don't think I am fully prepared to be a married person yet ffffff I have no idea why do most girls in my country even looking forward to marriage anyway djsdhjkdhdksdhl

Does that means you don't have classes for the entire summer or something...? Σ(O_O) Or you are just enjoying this hot weather generally Though I don't think it actually affect you as much (except for the fact that you won't be having much free time now) since you don't have to go to a proper school for classes?

The result will be out after 1 week+ now... WHAT DO I DO IF I DIDN'T GET THE BALLOT?! DO I HAVE TO BECOME A MIDDLE AGE JIJI WITH REGRETS!? H E L P my kokoro is not ready for it. (ノД`゚)゚。 /clings on you/

I also see that ufotable is going to make a MV for ZOOL's new song on their Twitter the other day. FINALLY A PROPER MV FOR ZOOL I AM SOOO HAPPY FOR THEM AHHHHH ;A;
Shino Aug 22, 7:22 PM
Thank you so much for the reminder Shiro-chan (o´∀`o) I will definitely make sure myself complete the specials first! For some reasons I just can't seems to be into anime with sports anime with tons of guys in it as much I do with idol boys, and you'd be surprised how my fiance is actually the one who influenced me to even start watching anime like Free and YOI. I will make sure to catch them on during my free time! Although recently it has always feel like I have none even when I have holidays around since I usually spend more time outside... I just wanna stay home and rot ffs

I hope that you have been doing all well too! Ehhhh why? Σ(O_O) Is there anything wrong with the month of September? I am actually praying for it to come sooner since I will be able to know the ballot results till then. Please lemme get the ticket and see Japan before I am heading into the path of becoming a real middle age jiji.

↓ Also this is a really pretty illustration therefore I decided to leave it here:

carrappuccino Aug 17, 10:00 AM

late card delivery

Runa Rune
gon freecss' birthday - cards
-gon's pic is from pixiv if not mistaken
-for the name change, rly sorry can't help you to change it since i have already deleted the files
-solo edition will be coming soon.
cards made & delivered by: carrappuccino (skyfer)
AngelHana Aug 17, 12:49 AM

Anime Watching Challenges
Freeze! 5000+ Are Under Arrest Edition
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Please save and re-host within 14 days.
If there's anything wrong with cards, let me know.
Thanks for requesting

Shino Aug 6, 1:28 AM
Hataraku Saibou is basically like a chapter of biology being portrayed in shounen manga style. It's pretty interesting imo, though knowing that it is actually based on what's happening inside your body might made you not able to take the show seriously. :P Owh, I will still need to catch up with it's second season and eventually watch the movie before I can start watching the third season.... But most of my time has been occupied by other stuffs so I don't know when's even the time for me to be catching up with these anime now. ;_; It's surely hard to become an actual jiji irl