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Shino Yesterday, 8:42 PM
Nah, don't feel bad about it. Everyone has overdue comments to reply now and it's not just you. Glad that the comments finally came back after a month and I can still talk to my MAL friends here and end up losing contact with most of them ufufufu.

It's actually just a little part from the Chinese's culture so I am not surprised when people who aren't Chinese have no idea about it. For some countries(such as Taiwan), they even require you to give those red packets to children during Lunar New Year once you started working. If you were to compare, the 'rule' we are having here doesn't really consider as too soon unless you are getting married at a really young age. At the end, I don't have to give them out during next year's new year since my wedding will be at the end of the year.

Speaking about i7, they recently announced that there will be live viewing for live the concert in certain countries too... However my country isn't on the list and I somewhat feel disappointed about it since we previously have LL live viewing here. I guess the fanbase here for i7 just isn't as huge or even passionate as other countries listed. /sighs/

Girls who like BL are weirdos here :/

Make no sense for me tbh??? But then again I guess not everyone like seeing naked bodies of 2D men like us do.

If only you have plenty of money to spend, then yes. I obviously wouldn't want a life where I spent all my money on merchandises every month without any savings for myself... Though at one point you can say that I have been throwing my money at idol boys for nearly every month now /looks at all these i7 and Shotan merchandises helplessly/

Hmm, but 2 years old is still consider as quite young for a dog no? My office dog surely acts like some stubborn old man at times... But it can't be helped when it's already like 6 years old my boss adopted it. It's previous owner abandoned it at a pet shop which owned by my boss' relative, probably after knowing that the dog had a weak body back then or something. :/

What's more important is whether your current government is doing their job nicely after kicking out the old one? Oh regarding the election at my country, the opposition(which is our current gov now)ended up winning by alot of votes because most of the people ended up waiting OUTSIDE the voting station until they finish counting the votes to prevent them from using dirty tricks to win this time. I think there were still some cases where they managed to sneak in, but most of them were stopped even before they could get into the building.

It totally surprise me whenever people actually cares about the tiny details I added in everytime. Although I don't think of it as something really detailed as some of the users here but it still means something to me. :'D Looking back at our conversation, it also made me realized that I haven't actually send out your Ichimatsu keychain since my fiance went to other state for work fffffff orz
Shino May 3, 9:14 PM
I am finally here to reply your comments after nearly a month... Please spare me since I am sort of busy during weekends these days and was most likely procrastinating on a weekday night (; ̄Д ̄)

That's because we have this tradition that people who are married will need to give these red packets to people who don't, so since I will be getting married by next year I wonder if it's still legit for me to be receiving them by next year's new year. Probably after you found a proper job which is enough to feed yourself with it? ∑(O_O;) I stopped asking for money from my parents ever since I started working since I often feel that it's a waste of money for them to dedicate their money to me every month back when I wasn't working.

Yeah... To think that there will be another two weeks until I can see those boys again surely makes me feel kinda impatient here. Glad that I now have Tenn's figurine to welcome me home everyday so I don't have to feel so lonely now ohoho (*꒦ິ꒳꒦ີ) Huh!? So you are basically telling me that at the place you are living, GL is actually more common than BL? That's surely a first to hear for me... Most likely because I am living in a place where I often feel that I am being surrounded by tons of fujoshi nowadays. Undeniably. one of the reason why i7 seems to sell really well is because those DVD often comes with lottery tickets to their live/fan meeting event... I really wish to go for one if it isn't because of my busy schedule nowadays, though. /sighs/ BUT YEAH I HOPE THAT THEY WOULD AT LEAST MAKE ANOTHER SEASON FOR THE ANIME SO THAT I GET TO SEE MOMO GETTING ANIMATED TOO AHHH <33

Instead of money I am actually more concern about the total time they actually spent on the game You know how crazy some of those Japanese can be when it comes to their fav characters, right? I have seen people dedicating their rooms and filled it with army of anime characters they like. /sweats/ Personally I don't think those in English server are even comparable to Japan's, in terms of craziness that is.

That sounds really adorable! Did you teach or train it back when your dog is still small? Sometimes I have a hard time to teach my office dog to do what I asked since my boss only adopted him like 2-3 years ago. It will listens whenever it wants to; but on the other hand will ignore you on purpose when you said something it doesn't like to hear.

Will there be another election for your country within this year? It sure sucks when none of the parties seems to be a 'better' choice... Our country's election will finally be here within 5 days and I seriously hope that the opposition party would win it for real this time although our government has already started to pull some dirty tricks here and there to increase their odds for winning urghhh like who the hell would set an election date on the middle of a weekday if they seriously want everyone to come back and vote for our country?!

You said you were surprised but I am pretty sure that I have included you even in my previous layouts as well (×_×)⌒☆ Besides I don't get it when people start thanking me for putting their names on my layout - I do it because I wanted to since it's just a way of me to show my appreciation to you guys (´ ω `♡) I will send your stuff out by the end of this week and give you the tracking number for it through Discord alright?
Tatsuta-Hime Apr 24, 8:16 PM
Thank you so much for the cards! ♥
fannyfantasy Apr 24, 6:57 PM
Thanks a lot for the card..!! :D
Shino Apr 22, 11:50 PM
I don't know man, hopefully I still have enough time to invest on more idol boys by the time comes since I will most likely be busy with my wedding preparation by then... It seems that they have some reason cute looking guys within those groups too. *^*
Phraze Apr 22, 7:09 PM
haha I'm glad for u xD ik what it feels like tho smtimes I derped an entire edition lol... /w\;

asdflkj thanks a lot <33 that was fast ~
Phraze Apr 22, 7:41 AM
ermmm about the staff fav games edition in LSK... I probs made a typo or smthing lol. actually wanted card 2 ;w;
if its ok..can u name card 2? *deletes card1* >w>;
Shino Apr 20, 9:57 AM
I have been wondering what it is as well... I tried to translate the Twitter description but still failed to get a slight information on it. :<
ShiraNoYume Apr 20, 7:49 AM
Thanks you for the nices cards! :3
Lumecyow Apr 20, 6:59 AM
Thanks for the cards, and cool layout !
Shino Apr 19, 11:54 PM

Shino Apr 18, 7:17 PM
Well... I just couldn't help myself but to make a Mezzo layout since this layout will probably be on my page for 1-2 months (April/May) considering how I will be busy next month. Also will try to reply your long comment before I get busy just so that you wouldn't have to wait for another month until I actually respond or something. 。゚(。ノωヽ。)゚。
soaru Apr 7, 1:32 AM
Ricchan :)
Shino Mar 27, 9:16 PM
Thinking back, I guess the family visiting this year is fine to me now since it's technically my last year to get pocket money from my family and relatives now (×﹏×) But yeah, it's still a shame that I didn't go to Thailand at the end...

Certainly! I seriously don't get why does the series seems so underrated here since it's probably the only idol series which I truly enjoy watching aside from Love Live... Perhaps the anime community in western countries are different from us Asian after all? I don't really hear people talk about i7 much in the place I am staying either, but I am pretty sure that it has a huge fanbase in countries like Japan or Taiwan. I bet you must be referring to that episode where Tamaki is being voted as one of the ' Most want to be hugged by' male artist which Nagi found it unacceptable.

It pretty much depends on what kinda event there are having in game, I usually will only participate in events where you can gain materials for awakening URs without getting into certain rank(s). We all know how hard izzit to get an UR in i7 for now, but I don't think they are going to make things easier for us anytime soon. Unfortunately, I spent all my gems and got both Gaku/Ryuu's SSR but Tenn never come to me at the end. :<

Well, I am not surprised with that list at all given that you have both Miyano Mamoru and Suzuki Tatsuhisa on your fav list. (´ ε ` )♡

I assume that your dog is a very obedient one? („ಡωಡ„) But yeah I think you really should move some of those photos or videos onto your laptop! It's basically just a copy paste job.

That's a pretty common thing to do, isn't it? Some people just tend to vote for the other party because they are not happy or being satisfied with their current situation. Most of the time, the politician you choose to vote for just doesn't seems to be doing their job well after being elected. Though honestly speaking, I would really be glad if our current prime minister could finally GTFO after this year's election.

I kinda regret for procrastinating that much for the previous months when I had time since I now have others sudden priorities in life now ( ; ω ; ) I actually started a new layout two weeks ago but now I hardly have any time or motivation to work on it... AND YEAH THAT'S YOUR NAME ON MY LAYOUT! I hope that you are happy with it since I made a decision to put on names of people I am usually talking to on MAL while making my layout (*´▽`*)

Eh? I am glad that you actually think that way too however it's pretty sad that I am not as smart as Iori irl. Well, you know how Iori always tend to overthinking and predict stuffs that might happen to the group or towards Riku before anyone else and before the actual thing even happened? I am also someone like that... I don't think of this personality of mine as a bad thing; but it's certainly not a good thing as well.....

Aw that sucks, especially when you couldn't do anything to avoid from be using such suckish postal service. /pats/ AHHH BTW, SINCE I HAVE THIS ONE EXTRA ICHIMATSU STRAP TO SPARE, I WONDER IF YOU ARE ACTUALLY INTERESTED IN IT - BY ANY CHANCE?

I suddenly remembered about this one tiny incident that happened back to 6-7 years ago, where one of my friend posted a long ass rant, openly flaming her boyfriend on Facebook and I merely asked her to 'be more mature and try to solve things privately with the bf instead of posting it on Facebook.' Which at the end, she got trigged and wrote another huge wall of text asking me to go date her boyfriend ffs. ME:

Sorry but your boyfriend isn't even my type to begin with, girl.
Shino Mar 25, 7:34 PM
So he ended up showing me that episode and I wanted to say that I have no regrets if this is how King Records choose to advertise him. I think I remind people of penguins and Shotan whenever they saw me nowadays :'D Also I will try my best to reply your longer comment soon since I will most likely gonna be busy for the next few months.

Also thank you so much for the birthday wish Ritshiro! (o´▽`o)