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Xeleton Jan 5, 2018 8:02 AM
youre completely right. Althoguh they had no ulterior motives, I was just denying the fact that im not that crazy in that 'mode' so they just had to prove it :D I still like the unpredictablelity of the life though, it bring excitement and joy when we dont expect it. (positive thinking here XD) oh, I didnt watch the anime, I read the manga, is anime any good?
nice, you seem still fortunate though. I cant imagine myself breaking anywhere, how does it feel? do you feel intense pain regularly? are you klutz :o?
that was not the answer I was expecting, please me more precise and detail! like I did.

I guess if it was free, most of the people would choose it nontheless and getting there would be really really hard. (positive thinking here) Its still too much though. But it is also worth it imo. My roommate was studying filmmaking and photography at the same time and I was so envious of him :D I wanted to go to language in school in japan when I graduated but retrained the act because it was 'quite' expensive. instead of that i bought lotsa things and travelled instead. Which choice do you desire atm?

yes, but I think I got some wordings wrong. I think we should decide a time for our weekly studies together, after reading your animo intro, I think you will be my motivation. so, yoroshiku!

Xeleton Jan 5, 2018 2:12 AM
its not funny! its more like embrassing uncontrolled moved, not professional at all! Seriously one time it happened when we were playing TABU with friends, and I dont even remember doing some thing that have been mentioned, they even took video of me getting angry. 'never make yourself dependent on other' seems good, but its hard to actually do it. But its quite wrong to be dependent as well, anything can happen in life, we are humans after all, gotta be prepared. Samurai's dying is completely diffrent issue though, they mostly do it because emotions interfere their relationships/motivation to their lods (especially in Senogoku Era in japan) but Aika is acting like that despite having feelings. Because of that, she feels dishonest to me...
nah not secret superman, but i know that im resillient on lotsa things. Whenever accident happens(when playing basketball/football n such) wheneer I collide with someone, its always the other person getting injury not me, haha. Doctors said that I have a strong bone structure in my body.
Reason? ooh okay? now im curious about it. Is it the 'excitement,tension,adrenaline' you feel throughout your body?

Urahara is a character that no matter what he turns out (king of soul society, or he is actually espada! and such) he will always stay the same goofy shinighami to me. Youre curious about spoilers arent you ? :d I can feel it. Just know that the show is similiar to Naruto, nothing big plot-twist happening , well maybe except Neji death.
well its not about crying and such, I also sometimes think not choosing scientist path but musician path as well. Its hella tiring and when you fail on something, its really frustuating, right now im on a lunch break and I've been researching since morning... Imagine I was practicing my piano intead, waaay better. Whats your aim right now for studying?

ouch that sucks. I live in İzmir,Turkey so i am around 2 hours late than you. I usually return home from uni around 6pm on weekdays so its 4pm for you. rabbit is not nesscary though, we can use other platforms, but watching anime would still suck x.x

some people started to follow me but on diffrent aminos, diffrent follower count. Also in japaneese school they want me to change my name for student. I dont know whats happening what the hell! You dont have to feel bad, it was the best choice.

Xeleton Jan 4, 2018 12:37 PM
I agree with honest asshole but im not sure about mafia myself haha, I rather always choose options without a fight except when Im really angry rarely, my friends mention that I become like a butthurt 10 year old kid who loves to fight, so embrassing lol. I only listen to myself? well isnt that great, I only realized that is the best option for me last year. Until then, it was catastrophy. In my opinion, Aika was a person who never doubted herself and her choices, just imagine she started crying after she made her choice to die, it would be normal because she has feeling as a human and cant fight it. But no, she is just calm/cool about it which is insane. how can you keep that face after that decision? Guess she really supports her choices and never ever doubts herself.
well its not crazy at all, actually one of the characters in my list, 'Sheryl Nome' has a great voice actor and songs, her voice...makes me go crazy and forget about the world. There is actually one memory regarding that. I love to listen her songs while im walking and I lose myself while listening to her. One time, since I was focusing on her awesome voice, I forgot the fact that I was walking on the road and car hit me (I couldnt even hear horns-imagine how I lost myself to her voice) even tho I flew in the air, nothing major happened XD but I stopped listening to her except when I'm home. I didnt read any one-shot or doushinji about my favorite but creating one with Orochi must be easy, with his extending tounge(easy one-shot material)/abilities lol. Show it to me when you feel it then :p

I love dandy characters and for some reason, I liked his guts, his ideas/motivation. His ideology. His stupidity what made his character loveable in my opinion. some characters tend to fail/die , but if he were smart, he wouldnt become this dandy and loveable dont you agree? Ouch that Gin spoiler, but yeah, I also was shocked BEEP BEEP BEEP! (spoiler protection) just keep watching i guesss...
oh yeah, I am Nanoscience and Nanotechnology M.Sc student, recently I am busy with reading artciles for research, in order to start my grad. thesis experiment. Science is fun and never ending, the pleasure and the pain at the same time when you find something is another guilty pleasure of mine. I actually forgot about Kabuto, surprising. maybe this character/face is forgettable XD I remember him being strong though.

I dont wanna spoil but I want Ozaki's death moments to be strong in my story, and that will affect Seishin's judgement. He will try to make Sunako to understand humans once again but fail and itll lead into a war. Im not quite sure about the ending though.
oh yea, well I got in, joined to some rooms, and also japaneese school but theres lotsa questions regarding this amino... just join my room and we'll chat there (ill send to the link via message)

and again you got it right. those are not easy sentences at all. And in my opinion, you just need to talk this with someone. I had a japannese friend once and thats to him I got my confidence, sadly he left me because we argued :/ you coulda replied with
' ii desu ne, comedy anime wa jouzu sentaku desu! (er... I think I got some parts wrong myself XD)
Xeleton Jan 4, 2018 8:18 AM
haha yeah just realized that, its really a great luck to find you. Sometimes I have hardships connecting with people and I am easily misunderstood. People misunderstand that I have ulterior motives or I am being unfriendly. lets see... I personally like hakaze more... but....I not use my pitchfork XD I honest didnt like Aika because she was too perfect and I wished her to show her emotions more, like Hakaze. The first part of the anime was really magical and great till Hakaze got revived. She is smart, emotional, little tsundere and never gives up :D Sadly I couldnt understand Aikai im not that smart.
orochimaru? ahh..uh.... um.... (why him?)... SURE! it would be unfair if you didnt show me your fangirl power.

my other favs are .. hmm... Renji, Amagi Shuusuke(filler arc new 3rd captain) and Pesche Guatiche!!!! I MEAN, LOOK AT HIS AWESOME LIGHTSABER !! yeahh, he is better then Nel, but since he loves her, he hides his true power! what bout you? As a scientist like Orochimaru, I can relate to that, I'm sure hes having difficulties but having Mitsuki motivates him in my opinion. He coulda done things better in his lifetime( at least he didnt join akatsuki XD) Entertaining him... hmm, what would he require though? using your body i guess

that would be quite late... maybe few years if you can wait for it XD But since I said I will do it, I will. you should also write one and dont leave me alone here! I was thinking of changing to story a bit, making Shiki win but humans resisting... trying to escape from 'blood' slavery(survivors are being used as slaves for human blood, periodic blood sucking without killing them) and such, and the leader is, Muroi, after realizing what is right for humans, he fights for peaceful solution between humans-shiki, fights agaisnt his love Sunako

so I finally created account with my MAL name on Amino, what now? XD All I see is lotsa things , but theres lotsa things to enjoy here! It feels like upgraded version of MAL. Please help mee!! Also motivate me for studying japaneese! onegai!

Laatorii Jan 3, 2018 3:48 PM

dein Profil verrät mir, dass du Deutsch beherrscht und tatsächlich mal jemand deutsches bist, bei dem ich das Gefühl hab, dass sich das anschreiben lohnt.
Da du außerdem noch nicht so lange auf MAL bist, dachte ich, ich schreib dich einfach mal an.
Deine Animeliste sieht überrasched gut aus und du hast viel zu viel gutes Zeug gesehen, dass ich mir bereits seit Ewigkeiten vornehme, vielleicht hast du ja 'ne Empfelung womit ich da am besten anfangen könnte.
(Wobei du wahrscheinlich eh Steins; Gate sagen wirst, dass ich schon ewig vor mich hin schiebe :x)

Außerdem finde ichs witzig, dass du genau aus dem Grund gerne Japanisch studieren würdest, aus dem ich es tatsächlich tue seit diesem Herbst. Es ist ein wunderbares, aber auch wahnsinnig schwieriges Fach. Japanische Dozenten sind die Hölle was Strenge angeht, aber vielleicht hast du dahingehend ja auch Fragen an mich, die ich vielleicht beantworten könnte, wenn du es tatsächlich studieren möchtest.
Bin zwar selbst noch nicht der größte Experte was die Sprache angeht, aber einiges hab ich in den paar Monaten (+mein Vorwissen von voher) doch schon gelernt.
Würde mich auf jeden Fall freuen, wenn man sich mal austauschen könnte ^-^
Xeleton Jan 3, 2018 2:54 PM
Hmm really? I thought I understood you a bit from writings. Sometimes it feels like even if I spent countless words, its not enough, its quite nice to talk to a person who understands me easy :p If this is how you express while writing, i cannot imagine ‘body-talking’ version. Do you do martial arts then :o? I do have the same opinion as you but my reason is diffrent, its just faking things is hard to maintain, seriously instead of thinking about those fake ‘plays’ I just prefer thinking about anime instead haha. Lets see... question question ... ok this is what I’m curious of, since you have Zetsuen no Tempest in your favorites, which character you like more, Hakaze or Aika? *prepares for combat* Sure, I can take them all, show me the power of fangirl , i shall not easily impressed ho ho ho

I can understand what you mean, I also searched for some character’s endings before I started anime, or just few episodes in, but my main reason was mostly ‘who ends up with who’ in romance focused anime, if the ending is with character I like, I throughly enjoyed that show. Hahaha you serious? Ikkkaku is one of my favorite minor character in bleach, I remember reading lotsa forums on ‘how strong Ikkaku is’ is he captain level and such, and watching his youtube vids... I love his badass bankai. Raw power! YEAHH! Yes, the same reasons, nice analysis. The rest male characters are like that, the female ones are just my personal prefferance. Especially, Aigis, will probably my favorite for a loooong time. I also like Kenpachi and Orochimaru from your favorites. Especially orochimaru, for some reason, I always wanted him to survive coz I reasoned with his cause. I’ glad to see him back in Boruto.

Yeah I think so too, youre the most friendly random person I ever seen in this forums. I guess I won the lottery. My personal suggestion would be ‘casual discussion’ there is some CRAZY topics going on that will make you forget about all those IRL stress haha.

Pfft of course I am mean! I do like being on the right side! The feeling of ‘victory’ in argument is nice feeling, even though I lose, I get the change to watch great anime, its a win-win situation. Sadly though, I have few anime friends and they only watched few, so hard comptetition. I actually have few tries but its quite time consuming to become good, and to be honest, I realized this hobby of mine quite late, but I will be back in writing in the future, when I have the luxury for it. Hmm, that was the same situation with me, I started watching anime at my last year of highschool and it was a blast, I had bad grades but watching animes motivated me so I mostly studied in order to watch more anime( study reward = anime, that kind of mindscape) Maybe people with similiar anime favorites have similiar life after all :D

So far I only learned through books, so I greatly appreciate any kind of support on ‘how to’ on internet/app from you. I searched through Animo app this evening but instead I found lotsa app called animo which are diffrent. Do you have full name or link I can use? It would be also great if we could speak japanese through the app. Thats what studying together is for :D , and yes, you got it right, it meant confidence.

Kyou no tenki wa zutto ame deshita. Ame ga daisuki desu. Anata wa?
Xeleton Jan 3, 2018 5:54 AM
Haha, its not like its bad or anything, its just I feel its hard to put it in words, most people have hard time understanding my explanations, at least you understood. Maybe you do like ‘uncertainity’ ? Not being able to determine what would happen, couldnt determine which side to take... something unique. ‘thrilling and hurting’ and you like?? Hahah its my first time seeing someone admitting it instead of calling them disgusting.(we both know people who call them disgusting are just faking it, they all love it :D) How bout your fanboy moments?

I always refrain from anime youtube top10 videos because I want to avoid spoilers, but yeah, her dying words before her death was captivating. ‘you guys are boring, never changing, you should die’
My favorite characters were Muroi and Seishin, since they support both their philosophies until the end. But after rewatching it, it changed to Natsuno. Seriosuly his strong will always amazes me. Even though he was turned, he stil didnt give up on this aim and worked towards it. Remember his argument with Tatsumi? ‘why are you doing this! Youre one of us! It doesnt matter who I am or who I am going to kill, this is just what I want ‘ BADASS !! I love characters who never gives up no matter what, I admire them. Honorable mention to Sunako though, she was the best character who portrayed the main idea of ‘Shiki’.

Oh, wait, I didnt know you recently joined, also I was your first friend? XD Anyways, I also dont know abou those colouful weird extreme decorations, but learning about spoilers is easy. Just go to the page where you wrote your own ‘about me’ section. Then, under that box, there is ‘BBC code’ where it explains how colouring,spoiler or making letters big/diffrent type work. It gets kinda complicated at first, but its not that hard. You can go community > users section(top side of MAL), whereas you can see recently random online people on MAL. I do it when im bored. Finding you was random coincidence since there is thousands online everytime. I use forum games on forums and read anime suggestions/news, sometimes ‘casual discussion’ section for weird topics. Theres lots to explore here, I will do my best to answer your questions.

Yep, thats what I feel. Thats also the reason why I rewatch great animes, I want to feel its emotion if I couldnt before. I also try to enjoy the stupidy comedy animes, it seriously becomes funny once you become one with it :D I love watching those with someone else instead of alone. FMA? Nice, did you know fullmetal alchemist:brotherhood is considered the best anime all time? You should also check that out when you can, I might also rewatch it sometime.You think so? I am just checking them out to prove that those animes suck XD aaaaand, fail.
You gotta give credit to Miroku, he basicly had strongest thing in Inuyasha world(black hole) and he was honest till the end(his perverted impulses) I always thought that he would end up with someone who accepts his perverted attitude normally, instead of tsundere Sango. I stil remember that scene where he was fainted but stil grabbing Sango’s butt while unconcious. I would gladly read your Shiki fanfic, same characters but diffrent relations/ending, it would be aweome. Though times I gotta say, but you dont seem quite negative or depressed about it, which is a great bonus for you :D I also had to cut my anime/manga times in my few years in university, the important point is, creating free time for anime/manga, I hope youll manage.

I’ll check the app thanks. I said practice not teach haha. Its also great for motivation to talk someone who studies kanji with you. Like ‘hey I learned 10 kanji today’ me ‘ , what would I do,?study 10 as well. I took beginner japaneese course before I left so I know the basics. Now I’m only studying the intermediate version of the book I studied for beginners.

Xeleton Jan 2, 2018 12:19 PM
haha you think so? lets see... ok fanboy mode on

same goes for me. I cannot understand how can people follow 10 animes weekly, my brain cant even comprehend 3 diffrent animes haha. I dont know who is forcing you to do it, but I would congratulate that person, those animes are simply masterpiece, and if you enjoyed Shiki, you will love those. I mostly finish animes because I always 'hope' that series will get better. I tried many people to watch Shiki but most ppl left the anime because it had slow start :(
Yeah, I could blame you haha, prejudging is bad. (says the person who thought mecha/vampire animes suck XD)
I think pausing one year for mainstream series like Bleach was a correct choice. I also personally dont want to wait One-Piece every week so I stopped watching 3 years ago, then I will watch it like the wind. Who was your favorite character of Inuyasha?
No, I dont write fanfics but I do love reading them with creative stories, like same plot but diffrent characters. Imagine diffrent protagonists in Lord of the rings world, or One-Piece/Bleach world and such... that kind. I also love murder mystery stories, short heartwarming ones too. If you have one, I would be glad to read.
seems like we are at same level. I can speak japaneese normally(not fluently) too. But this Kanji thingy, seriously is like a big wall that stops me from going further. Which book(I am using a book series called 'Minna no Nihongo') or sites are you using to learn Kanji? we can also study together for motivation haha.
Xeleton Jan 2, 2018 7:50 AM
great :D I would fanboy over Shiki alot but ill restrain. The reason I added you was I thought youre kinda similiar to me, seems I was right.
Your favorite characters are mostly badass smart villians, im surprised you dont have Makishima like me. (oh just realized you recently started Psycho-pass-thought you finished since its on your list) Ergo proxy too? well well, your choices are awesome. Even though inuyasha was not my favorite all time, I liked the anime (kikyou was my favorite character overall). Do you write your fanfics in english? How far have you studied japaneese?
same to you. happy new years