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Oct 1, 2020
I believe works of animation should stand in their own feet and the constant comparisions with their original media (in Re:Zero's case, light novels) can be done and are fruitful but can become a cage that makes our enjoyment of anime feel like a chore.

I'll be honest: somewhere alongside episode 2 or 3, I started to lose emotional engagement with Subaru. I *understand* the themes of loneliness, self-loathing and the importance of bounds between friends and SOs that this series seems to go for. It's unfortunate that this series constantly hammers this point in my head, specially in its final 3 episodes) in a way read more
May 3, 2020
As you may noticed this is a personal story about part of the transition process that author has been through so my 9 on Story is mostly for how the whole thing is presented to us.

Sometimes playful, sometimes frightening and all around informative, this manga reads almost like a Trans For Dummies and I say it with the best of intentions - it's a great work to show to that trans-ally you all either have or are in a circle of friends or co-workers.

It is FILLED with information regarding the Sex Reassigment Surgery and many of its post-op issues - even legal ones - all read more
Apr 29, 2020
I've watche the uncut and uncensored version and it's pretty clear that this was the original intention of the creators.

Episodes are ~5min long so all 12 should give you over half an hour of either suffering for dubiously framed consensual straight sexual acts (fingering and intercourse, no bj for the monk) or joy for poorly paced "plot" between sex scenes.

To keep it short: monk picks main girl at a class reunion (presumed) proceeds to take her home and finger her until climax and sleep. Next day he takes her to his house to present her as his fianceé without her prior knowledge. She gets kinda read more
Dec 27, 2019
English here, Portuguese below:


First of all I LOVE Netoyome. I'm currently reading the novels and I actually think the anime despite its many flaws managed to convey the core message of friendship and bounds over virtual realities.

That's way it pains me to say that I don't like the manga at all. The art is at best uninspired and amateurish at its worse. It doesn't convey the feelings of its characters properly (except a couple of times at vol 1 and 2), doesn't take perspective into account when posing its characters in the backgrounds and manages to make Ako kinda ugly which is a big no read more
Nov 14, 2019
(Português BR abaixo - portuguese version below)

I'll keep it short since I decided to write this in two languages and there isn't a lot to talk about here.

I liked the art - it's NOT amazing in any way and only ero when it counts (like when we look at Sensei through teenage MC's eyes) but it is soft and the compositions flow very naturally.

That said it was axed and it shows. Author decided to go meta and poorly wrap everything by making Sensei got her manga axed too. It's a shame. It wasn't a great history nor new and any of its premises and developments read more
Oct 7, 2019
I saw it on mdex and thought "hey a slight ecchi comedy about workplace in modern Japan! Maybe like Service x Service but racier? Nice!"
And then I was betrayed.

It doesn't work as a comedy since the only gag is that MC will do anything to be the best at her job and this always leads to erotic situations. The lead up to them is weak at best and terrible-is-this-low-tier-hentai at its worst.

And then I came here and found out that this magazine publishes porn!
So maybe Onna Shunin Kishi Mieko can the read as softcore porn, like Cinemax erotica or something like that?
What she DOES read more
Nov 6, 2018
Non-spoiler review below:

"Gender bender" is one of my favorite troupes and its tag is always on my radar. That said, not all of them are Boku Girl or Bokura no Hentai.

Yuri na Watashi to Akuma na Kanojo (?) tells the story of Yashiro Nonoyama, a girl that has androphobia that discovers her first love transfered into her class and is named Mikoto Saionji. Mikoto immediately recognizes Yashiro and starts to hang out with her. Oh, they make out too because why not?

She says there's a deep reason for it tho..

...and that's it, as far as non-spoiler goes.

Let me tell you right now that if you read more
May 22, 2018
It's my first review here and I decided to start with something simple. For starters, I like fanservice. Even this on-your-face-no-brakes-allowed fanservice that exists in works like To-Love-Ru and... here.

Fanservice is the best (and probably only) reason anyone would read ths, since it's well drawn, sexy and the "teens are horny yo" vibe works very well with its characters.

So far, the supernatural element is hinted at and used mainly as:
a) occasional nekomini
b) what passes for characterization

Art and fanservice are the only positives.

STORY is a typical bland harem series with generous amounts of fanservice that pushes the boundaries of what can be published in read more