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Apr 6, 2018
[Short Anime Review]

Escha Chron tells the story about two cute girls named Escha and Chron (surprise-surprise). They had no parents, no family and know nothing about the world, so apparently they are aliens. The episode open with both characters gone hang out in modern Tokyo and Chron finds herself in professional musician house and making acquaintances with him, but things were rough for the musician at the moment.

Despite named for the title and being the titular and easily distinguishable characters from the series. The series is never about Escha and Chron, The basic concept of the series is similar to alike of Natsume Yuujinchou or read more
Mar 26, 2018
First of all this anime is accepting pedophilia. You get the first episode the main dude falling down with naked nine-year old loli. Second episode where having him sleepover with three more loli. Third episode where dude become a fiancé to the loli and the fourth episode where he having more disciple who yet another nine year old girl. I really have no idea why this is could be a thing, even aired as exclusive content on Animax.

There not much to say about the story. The overall plot just following the conventional style of slice of life anime you already seen many many read more
Mar 25, 2018
Kokkoku (Anime) add (All reviews)
MOD EDIT: *The review contains spoilers*

There’s a reason why average amount of anime audiences tend to choose, common, less-risky and visually appealing type of show for their seasonal line-ups rather than the irregular one, because sometimes you’ll get something like Kokkoku: Weird, Slow, and simply put a fucking waste of time. The anime really doesn’t deserve more attention it needed to be.

That doesn’t to say this is kind of stuff that is hard to get into. In fact the anime has pretty straightforward idea: it got superpower, it got alternate world and it got basic tales of good and evil where the good guy trying read more
Mar 4, 2018
I’m not generalizing, but it seems to me that there’s some predicament from some people that if something is Masaaki Yuasa anime, it automatically bonded to be something good. Don’t get me wrong, most of his works are exceptional and I liked most of it. I think “The night is short” itself wasn’t a bad movie/ It had many good aspect to the point I can understand people to liking it, but It also just had fair and share problem to ever called it good and recommendable.

The First one is that it is hardly accessible for anyone who aren't familiar with anime and probably read more
Mar 1, 2018
One thing to note is that Kakegurui never trying to be a smart. It isn’t exactly gambling show like Kaiji where the attention to detail is high. The games are more akin to the sorts of things teens make up for overnight school trips rather than what you’d see in a proper casino, the anime main feature is just to shows people acts unrealistically with an addition seeing female gets sexually aroused by the excitement of of gamble. It was cringy to watch, but you can’t deny quite possibly other people would find charms on its style.

Having said that, despite being rather more onto stylish read more
Jan 9, 2018
[Anime Short Review]

Traveling Daru is a short 10-minute film about a young girl who loses her plush toy as her family leaves for America and the journey the toy named Daru takes to reunite with her. It’s extremely sentimental in that the journey visits many sites while also cutting to the girl as she grows up. The loss of the toy has a profound effect on her life as she vividly remembers what it looked like even as she goes into running her own business. Daru’s journey is at times uplifting and depressing, but it wonderfully works out in the end after having traveled the read more
Dec 28, 2017
I’m not sure why I picked Just Because! But anyway it turned out to be a pleasant surprise.

The series at its core is a character-centric; which mean that no matter how the characters became; whether they're reach their goals or not, it is became a part of and affecting the story. There’s no big overarching plot to draw the viewers in actually. It’s pretty much about these five Student, and how their lives will play out over the next few months. The story essentially played out by the struggling of this character facing the transition to adulthood and also the problem they get when read more
Dec 12, 2017
[Anime Short Review]

The night on Taneyamagahara open with the conversation of the four workers in the night around a campfire. Three of them are talking about their experience during their life as workers. The story then move on to the conversation about weeds and oak trees about the season and their surround environment.

on the visual section, Simply put, The Night on Taneyamagahara is a brilliant piece of arts. Everything is hand-drawn, with fluid color almost as if it is a canvas painting animated. The backgrounds are detailed and encapsulate perfectly what japan is on the rural era.

The story however, Is a mixed bag. Taneyamagahara’s presentation read more
Sep 26, 2016
Servamp (Anime) add (All reviews)
I have seen plenty of Josei anime to the point I can surely say what makes it quite distinguishing from other genre is that most of the time, it consisting characters driven story and has high attention to the realism. Servamp caught my interest because it happens to fallen to be one of the genres and it ended up to be exceptional. Exceptional that it is so badly done that ends up being counterproductive.

The story of Servamp follows Mahiru... actually; the main story is pretty much covered in the synopsis, so there isn't much reason for me to regurgitate the same thing in different words. read more
Jun 21, 2016
Joker Game is certainly breath of fresh air but it is not a must see. It is one of those animes where every now and then you start thinking: 'Hey, this stuff looks promising” only to be hammered in the face a frame later on as you progress with the show.

Set in 1937 when the beginnings of World War II are starting to brew. The story follows the exploits of a small special spy organization called “D-Agency.” It started with the (supposed) main character who a new recruit of D-Agency without any special training got tricked by his spy-mates with something called “Joker Game”. It read more