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Gikiseima Jun 23, 12:28 PM
oh ternyata bisa
Gikiseima Jun 23, 12:28 PM
tes komen
Yuki_Nonaka May 13, 6:55 PM
Arsene_Lucifer May 6, 5:59 PM
Holy that's a lot of stuff you're currently watching XD. The most I would tackle is probably around 10 anime at once. I see one of them is Bungo Stray Dogs season 2. I wasn't a fan of season 1. Felt like it meander about too much, and didn't do anything productive for most of the episodes. What job do you have?

My current job is working at food processing. Basically, make sure stuff like bacon is good to ship out for consumers, and make sure nothing bad gets in the product. It sucks since I'm one of the few reliable people working in the plant. Something that's infuriating since I'm primarily working who just are lazy at their job, and just don't care about their job. I could complain about them a lot. Like how the lack of organization kills me on the inside. The company also loves to make me work weekends constantly so, they're currently the biggest pain in my life. Hey, at least it pays the bills.

Only say one episode of Persona 5 The Animation. Thought the first episode was ok, and didn't give me much hope the other will turn out better. Still plan on watching it. Waiting for Makoto to make become part of the main cast before watching it. I am also watching an anime called Lostorage Conflated Wixoss which is the 4th season in the WIXOSS franchise. I liked the first two seasons, but season 3 was bad. Season 4 is an improvement at the moment, but the convoluted writing is getting irritating as it goes on. I do like this one character in the series called Mizushima Kiyoi who has the best backstory in the series which keeps me watching season 4.

I do write, but it's currently on blog. Don't get much readers on it, though I don't update frequently so complaining about it ain't justifiable on my end XD. I haven't posted anything on that blog on here because the anime stuff I did write I don't consider reviews. Their more like impression pieces where I just ramble on random things on a certain anime. Their easier to write than reviews, but I rather prefer writing reviews since I'm challenge to organize my thoughts, having to articulate them, and convey them in a way that makes sense.

Here's my blog:

Whenever possible, I'm also dabbling in writing original stories. There some stuff in the past two years that didn't take off, and had to cancel on them. Basically, I was planning on making a comic with some other people, but scheduling conflicts, and creative difference made it not worth pursuing so we stopped it. My ideas were nearly always shot down. Some of them I can understand since it conflicted with the type of story we wanted to do, but at other time it didn't. I wanted more characterization which would mean the artist would to draw more panels of characters talking, while other wanted more action which I was oppose too. Ironically, since that departure I'm the only who's trying to write a complete story of their own. The other sometime ask for my feedback, but they never send me their stuff XD.

Well on that MAL rating system, we gotta make that better!
Yuki_Nonaka May 4, 1:47 AM
Strollas Apr 27, 4:49 PM
literally just because Ryuuou no Oshigoto! has a few clips of lolis does not mean the show is entirely that. your review definitely proves you haven't watched the show. the plot is pretty good and shows the mental development and challenges that various characters face and how they overcome them later on. it's like march comes in a like a lion except that you remove the loner part and instead add comedy and lolis. You then keep all the plot and character development the same as well their mentality when it comes to conducting shogi matches and you have the show. it is heavily misjudged and slandered upon just because it has a couple of lolis. smh.
Adam07 Apr 26, 7:15 PM
wanna play a game
just for fun ^^
Adam07 Apr 26, 5:27 AM
im ready
Adam07 Apr 26, 5:26 AM
send me game link
Adam07 Apr 25, 3:06 AM
nice to meet you

tell me when you be ready to play

MrXboxdylan Apr 22, 5:18 PM
Thank you. Glad you were able to appreciate the review I put lots of thought and love into it.
Mishukax Apr 20, 7:51 PM
Yes yes o/
Arsene_Lucifer Apr 18, 7:28 PM
I know it has XD, but going to be a bit more active here. So, I'm no longer going to be a ghost!

How you been doing?
HireASamurai Apr 16, 5:25 PM
Sounds good with me, whenever we see each other then