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Dec 19, 2014
Story (2/10): Terra Formars – the show that has absolutely nothing to offer but death. There is no real story here, folks, just death. Some people get sent to Mars to capture some cockroaches and then it’s episode upon episode of people/cockroaches getting smashed to pieces. That’s it. The show even decided to be about nothing all the way to the very end when the show actually ended in the middle of a fight. This is then accompanied by a narrator that constantly spouts facts about what is going on, animal traits, how lightning works and other stuff that pretty much makes it look like read more
Sep 19, 2014
Before you start reading this, you should know that I am a person that greatly hates the idol genre. Most of what I have written here would probably be considered useful information only in the eyes of those who dislike the idol genre as well.

Story (9/10): In all fairness, Locodol has nothing particularly great about it in regards to a story. The reason for my scoring is because Locodol is an idol anime of its own instead of trying to be the same old stretched out stereotypical idol anime. I believe the greatest point about Locodol is the fact that Yukari and Nanako aren't idols read more
Sep 16, 2014
Rail Wars! was one of those shows that everybody had high hopes for prior to the new season. Within one episode, the sound of crushed hopes were heard all over the world. However, those with only tits and ass on their minds were blessed.

Story (2/10): The title is fairly misleading. You expect a show about Japan's massive train system (finally) to get ecchi bullshit with a cast of teens doing mundane crap completely unrelated to trains. Sure, you get a bunch of train shots and information on trains, but the main group of kids don't actually drive them. So there is no sign of a read more
Jun 2, 2014
Before beginning, I'd like to say that this review will focus largely on the sound. As important as the other aspects of a show are, I simply do not care because the sound is astonishing and I believe it needs to be covered in more detail than anything else.

Story (9/10): I thoroughly enjoy the whole "last of the human race" idea. In saying that, I am aware that Sidonia no Kishi is basically a rehash of Shingeki no Kyojin but in space which I gave a 7 (other reasons (although Sidonia no Kishi's manga did begin before Shingeki no Kyojin, so really, it's Shingeki no read more
Mar 2, 2014
Story (3/10): Oh god. People praise this as one of- No. THE best shounen anime out there. HAHAHAHAHAHA, no way dude. I swear, the writers follow a step by step process on a poster hung up in their office when creating this. This is what the poster reads: 1. Fairy Tail is aware of some evil people. 2. The regular Natsu, Lucy, and Happy group, sometimes with Gray and Erza, set out for adventure and to beat the bad people. 3. They find the bad dudes, and these bad dudes are seriously bad dudes. 5. A guild member (usually Lucy) is put in danger 5. read more