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Mar 28, 2012
Another (Anime) add (All reviews)
The following review will more than likely contain shows for the anime Another.

Another is an anime about this guy who goes to a new school which, if the opening can be believed, has blood on the surrounding fence. Seems legit, right? Well apparently his mother went to this school or something and failed to mention the fact that fucked up shit happens all the time such as people dying and everyone pretending someone doesn't exist as a foolproof means to trick the universe itself that there isn't too many people there so the universe doesn't start killing them off like a final destination movie; a read more
Mar 27, 2012
Note that there most likely will be spoilers to the series Bakuman and Bakuman 2 ahead. There will not be spoilers to other series besides this (I wont do what I did on my BS Pirates [see what I did there?] review is what I'm trying to get at).

Now I have heard from countless people who haven't watched this series that the only reason they won't watch it is because all it is is about writing manga and that there is no way something a brief description of the general premise they read once could possibly leave out details. By the way they will also read more
Mar 26, 2012
Hey guys, this is my first review and the only reason I'm writing one is because everyone else who gave this show a shitty rating like myself put little to no effort into it so I thought "It's 12:30am, I'm half asleep and I still think I can pull it off better than these guys!" So following that thought I pulled my ass out of bed, picked up my laptop and here I am now, about to deal out a review of a shitty show I had high hopes for. Oh and before I start I think you should know THERE WILL BE SPOILERS TO read more