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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

Despite being two very different genres on a surface level, I felt Bokurano and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica to be so similar in theme, story and atmosphere that I decided I had to make the only recommendation I've ever made. In Bokurano we are presented with the appearance of a show about a Mecha piloted by a group of kids, but very early in the show harsh circumstance teaches them they've gotten involved in an event far larger than themselves, and not necessarily in a heroic way, nor in a traditional mecha way. In Madoka, we see an identical situation, with the anime giving the false appearance of a Magical Girl series, though it is something so much more dangerous, with only its art remaining as its only relation to the Mahou Shoujo staple. The juxtapositioning used in both of these series will bowl you right out of your seats, and the overwhelming sense of helplessness in both cases leaves you clawing for more, empathising with the characters and their cruel fates they've gotten thrown into without realizing. Though you could consider one show a mecha, and the other a mahou shoujo - two very different genres, both of these anime use those genres as a facade to hide their agonising plots that are one in the same. So if it was the atmosphere of Madoka that you enjoyed, I highly recommend Bokurano, and Vica Versa.