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Apr 22, 2020
I know this anime gets a lot of smack for it's content and especially for the leading lady Tomoko. Personally I love this anime.

Watamote is adapted from the first 3 volumes of the manga and half of the 4th volume, just not in the same order as the chapters.

As someone with social anxiety this anime made me feel better about myself. While other people cringe due to seeing themselves in Tomoko, I was happy seeing in comparison that I wasn't as bad as Tomoko which made me feel less ashamed of my disability.

As an anime it's a decent slice of life show about ...
Feb 28, 2020
This was the first pokemon manga I ever read. I didn't think I'd like pokemon in manga, but this made me want to start collecting the series and other film manga.

When it comes being an adaptation of the movie it's pretty good. There are some changes like for example instead of Gallade getting Alice's attention that something is warping the garden like in the movie, it is a chimchar in the manga. Also Palkia's shoulder gem isn't cracked like in the movie his shoulder is just scuffed or bruised.

Other than those changes it's basically scene for scene, which should be expected it is an ...
Feb 23, 2020
This is where the dip in quality for pokemon movies begins.

I'm not saying Rise of Darkrai is a bad film, far from it, this movie does a lot of things right. Like not having so many annoying characters, the animation is great, soundtrack is awesome, as well as the story and characters are pretty consistent.

Although I wish Team Rocket wasn't in the film as they served no purpose other than being annoying cut away gags to pad out the film's runtime. They do literally nothing other than being the annoying caricatures they have been since the end of the gen 3 anime.

The basic summary ...
Feb 13, 2020
Hideout (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Reading this...I feel like I've seen well over a few horror movies with a similar plots elements in this manga.

This manga did creep me out, the art does a great job as the imagery is disturbing. The story though....I don't think it's fair to call it just feels I've seen a couple horror movies that shared things story wise with this manga.

Things I can't list due to spoilers reason, if you frequently watch horror movies you'll understand what I mean.

I understand I didn't like it due to the overwhelming sense of familiarity that makes this manga a disappointment to me. I never ...
Feb 13, 2020
This second season of Hell Girl takes place where the first season left off. Ai is still working as Jigoku Shoujo.
The formula for the show is the same, yet a tad different after the first couple episodes.

This season is still somewhat of an anthology, but it focuses less on the victim being tormented and focuses more on Ai and her crew. You see how they investigate their client and targets by going undercover and working temp jobs. Ai even helps with going under cover and I laughed when I saw her as a postal worker asking payment for a package.

You learn more about ...
Oct 27, 2019
This was one of the worst animes I have ever seen. The plot was so predictable and insulting!

If they wanted the audience to cry they shouldn't have explained what happens to a giftia when they expire so close to the beginning!

common sense of "why can't they transfer a Giftia's memories to a new model? We do the same with computers" tears this anime apart.


This show is a tear jerking trap. Crying scenes are supposed to be earned.

Oct 25, 2019
It's very refreshing to read a manga that's about adults living on their own, rather than a teen going though the mundane journey known as high-school. (or middle school)

This story is about a young woman named Machi who is in a charade of a same sex marriage with her best friend Hana to get her parents to stop forcing suitors onto her.
Hana did confess back in high-school she has a lesbian crush on Machi, so it's a little awkward for Machi.
Hana is so cute, she's a carefree commission artist and she does act polite and a little awkward towards Machi.

This manga does touch a little ...
Aug 27, 2019
This is such a great coming of age story!

Kiki is a young witch carrying on the tradition of leaving home at the age of 13 to train on her own.
Kiki leaves a little unprepared as she's a clumsy flyer and she hasn't really chosen her skill/craft as a witch before leaving home.
So, not only is she discovering who she is as an independent young lady she's discovering her purpose as a residential witch while making friends who help her during her training away from home.

This is a classic and I believe it is a must have for a kid growing up.

I recently watched this ...
Aug 26, 2019
This was an endurance test.....This anime is just bad.....Purely awful...

I'm fully aware of when this anime was made so there's not "present bias" in my review.

To get a nitpick out of the way.....Why is it called 'Amazing Nurse Nanako'?
She's not a nurse and she sure as hell isn't amazing….Nanako is a very incompetent maid that sucks at doing her job.

Nitpick over...

One thing I really hated was the sound.
Aug 24, 2019
This was a horrible adaptation.

For anyone who wants to watch this to avoid reading the manga because the Omnibus is so thick....DON'T!
If you haven't read the manga you're going to be lost when watching this.

I couldn't tell what was going on since everything was so vague.
I assumed they changed things for this OVA adaptation and thought Tomie was a vengeful spirit seeking revenge for her murder.

The art and animation was okay except for the censorship.
It was so annoying seeing black streaks taking up most of the screen.

It’s time to ditch the text file.
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